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Sr. Dot Net Developer Resume Profile


  • Overall 8 years of experience working as Senior Software Engineer Application Programmer Analyst in software industry encompassing web development database / application development testing and maintenance with sound background in computer programming. Able to quickly grasp new software and apply its full range of capabilities. An effective team member with proven abilities to be a part of the team during the project phase in multiple domains Manufacturing Trading Media management oil and gas.
  • Hands On experience in development of Microsoft technologies. Web Applications Windows Applications development using ASP.NET Win Forms C .Net MVC WCF Web Services WPF and VB.Net.
  • Experience working with project teams delivering software through various Software Development Life Cycle SDLC phases like Requirement Gathering Analysis Designing Coding Testing and Implementing software and preparing documentation.
  • Proven Experience in developing applications using C VB.NET ASP.NET html JavaScript CSS MVC LINQ SQL Server Oracle ADO.NET and XML.
  • Worked on SOA Service Oriented Architecture and consuming WCF web services and WPF. Worked on CSLA Component based scalable logical Architecture framework.
  • Efficient Database skills in Oracle 9i/10g/11g SQL Server 2000/2005/2008. Worked on Database Design Normalization Developing Queries Views Stored Procedure Packages Functions.
  • Good Understanding of Object Oriented Analysis Design OOAD Design Patterns Architectural Patterns MVC and CSLA.net framework.
  • Experience with application development maintenance and support activities of enterprise applications. Ability to work as a team player with good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Possess excellent Problem Solving Analytical Skills. Good written Communication Skills Interpersonal Skills Self-motivated and Quick learner.



C VB.net ASP.net 1.1 2.0 3.5 4.0 LINQ

Windows GUI

Winforms WPF

Web Application

MVC ASP.NET 2.0 3.5 4.0 web forms html JavaScript JQuery CSS IIS 6 7 xml xslt


Web Services WCF Services


SQL Server 2008 2005 2000 Oracle 11g 10g 9i PL/SQL TOAD


.NET Framework 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.0 1.1 1.0 XAML LINQ ADO.NET Entity Framework XML

Application Development Tools

TFS Visual SourceSafe Telerik controls Infragistics Radcontrols MS Office Lync

Development IDE

Visual Studio.NET 2012 2010 2008 2005 2003 Expression Blend 2

Operating Systems

Windows 7 98 2000 XP Vista


Crystal Report IX X and SQL Server Reporting Service SSRS

Architecture Framework

CSLA Component based scalable logical Architecture

Web CMS Tools

Kentico Ektron



Jan 2014 till Date

Project Modernization Project of Premium Computation software

NYSIF is having variety of insurance products which they are migrating from mainframe technology to Dot net JavaScript XSLT as front end and Oracle 11g as database. The projects are like Billing Claims for worker s compensation disability benefits etc. These products i.e. billing claims etc. which is created based on the prototype designed by the technical teams after getting it approved from the client.

Role Sr. Dot Net Developer


  • - Study the existing system and understand the workflow.
  • - Design and create the web pages as per the client s customized framework develop the code for these pages and writing the middle layer logic for communicating to the database.
  • - creating custom controls as per the requirement and applying them in the solution.
  • - Creating tables packages and writing Stored Procedures functions for loading the existing data from the mainframe database to the newly created Oracle 11g database.
  • - coordinating with the team members for the project status and getting the modules completed on time.
  • - Performing Unit testing and integration testing code review. Attending daily standing meeting for the tasks allocation.
  • - Used TFS for the source control repository and Innotas for project time management.
  • - Fixing the issues arising at the time of deployment and provide support enhancement post production.

Skills VS 2010/2012 C ASP.net 3.5 HTML CSS JavaScript JQuery XML XSLT Web Services Oracle 11g PL/SQL Innotas TFS


Project Deployment Improvement Project

  • Deployment Improvement project is a customized Tool created for automatic deploying changes to server machines and all other business components as part of the deployment process of all the applications for this client throughout the locations. This deployment tool will replace the manual deployment process to automated process to a maximum level. It has two component applications
  • 1 . The GRiDS Global Risks Distributed System application. Here the Updater Service runs on each machine and polls the database for the latest changes. The GRiDS Updater Editor configures deployments and marks them to deploy.
  • 2 . TABS Task and Bug System is an intranet web application. This system maintains a list of tasks work items or TABS items that result in changes to an application. Each task can have a set of database changes associated with it.

Role Sr. Dot Net Developer


  • - Study the BRD Business requirement document provided by the client and analyzing it. Discuss the same with the client and the coordinator for changes if required and get the approval.
  • - Create the Win Forms develop the code for these Forms using the SRS components/specifications using CSLA architecture as per the architectural standards using asp.net 3.5 features like generics dynamic variables expressions
  • - Used MVC pattern where created views using HTML helper classes JavaScript CSS for displaying the data to the user. Writing routing for the Controllers and Views writing action methods for Get Create and Delete. Validating the Model classes.
  • - create user control and custom control for the Win forms using CSLA enhance the existing code and optimize it. Code review and regress Unit testing.
  • - used JavaScript for client validation and created Web Services WCF services and consumed those services from the client interaction by adding reference for the services.
  • - Used TFS for the source control repository and bug tracking and code integration.
  • - create Stored Procedures and functions complex Transactional queries in the database using SQL server 2008
  • - maintain timelines as per the estimate and finishing it on time with quality.
  • - Daily status meetings with manager and client for the project/tasks status updates.
  • - deploying the code and fixing the issues raised at the time of deployment.

Skills VS 2012 C VB.net ASP.net 3.5 MVC HTML CSS JavaScript Web Services WCF CSLA Component based scalable logical Architecture SQL Server 2008 TFS


Project Global Management System Project GMS

GMS is a rig-based application designed to help reduce the daily administrative time to capture and report information and improve the efficiency and safety of rig operations. It was designed to efficiently manage the reporting of our rigs in operations. It integrates Operations Personnel QHSE Training and Marine reporting modules enabling company policies procedures and approval workflows into a robust and intuitive system.

Role Sr. Dot Net Developer/Analyst


  • - Involved in the SRS review with the coordinator and suggest for changes if required and get the approval.
  • - understanding the flow of the project and modules in it.
  • - Create new Views Controllers using MVC 3 created Model classes update the user controls and develop the code as per the designed architecture. Changed the Views design using Html and CSS
  • - used JavaScript and JQuery for Client validation
  • - writing complex business modules which involves dot net oops principles.
  • - Updating the Web Services and WCF services which involve changing Operation Contracts and Service Contracts. Updating these services.
  • - mapping the code from the user interface to the business objects and interacting with database using MS Entity Framework entity data model using Database first approach
  • - created Stored Procedure and Functions altered table schema. Writing dynamic and Transactional SQL queries and Stored Procedures for SSRS reports using SQL Server 2008 as database and T-SQL
  • - Task management and tracking time to avoid delays.
  • - managing the change request during the milestones shared with the coordinator in the status meeting calls.
  • - Test and review the code developed and fix the bugs if any. Used TFS for code repository and issue resolving.
  • - performing final integration testing before handling the developed code to the onsite coordinator.
  • - providing support for the delivered modules to smoothly deploy at the client side and provide support after the deployment.

Skills VS 2010 C VB.net ASP.net.3.5 MVC Custom User Controls JavaScript HTML CSS Web Services WCF CSLA Component based scalable logical Architecture SQL Server 2008 MS T-SQL Entity Framework SSRS 2008 TFS


Project Integrated Tax Platform ITP

This is the leading company for taxation process in the USA. Prepare and consumer tax return is made in our application. This project includes four application layer web core calc and database. I m part of core layer which is an interface between web calc and database. Core takes the output from calc engine and implements the business logic and sends the data to web UI and also sends the data form fields filled from web UI to the calc and so on. We use WCF services for applying the business logic. Also distributed WCF services from client side are used for fetching some important data.

Role Sr. Software Developer.


  • - review the requirement documents from the client and distribute them into small parts.
  • - Design and review the flow diagram for the application as per the project architecture.
  • - Created Views using MVC and asp.net 3.5 and write Controller action methods for the business logic. Use JavaScript and JQuery for client validation.
  • - Created and developed WCF services for the project in accordance with the SRS. Accessed the client s web services for address validations.
  • - Creating the entity data models from the database and getting the created classes mapped to those models. This process maps the application data to the database through the entity data models using database first approach.
  • - modifying and updating the Stores procedures writing Transactional queries dynamic queries for search functionality in the UI using SQL Server 2008 as database and T-SQL
  • - Handled all the Change requests issues and break fixes during the testing and code review.
  • - worked on complex calculation parts from getting it migrated to dot net code from their legacy tools.
  • - Bug fixing and working on Change requests from the production issues.
  • - Share good ideas and important project phases with internal team member.
  • - Attend weekly status meeting calls and follow the agile methodology for task development.

Skills VS 2010 C MVC asp.net 3.5 HTML JavaScript JQuery WCF Web Services Entity Framework SQL Server 2008 T-SQL TFS


Project IamProheart

IamProheart is a website for BHC Bayer Health Care USA on internet. ProHeart is a place to connect with heart attack survivors and their loved ones. A chance to learn all about the diseases and their cures. An opportunity to take charge explore the stories of real survivors and then share your own.

Also there are promotions which are displayed on this website which are integrated with Facebook so that the users can take benefits from them. And this website has its Facebook community through which they create and manage the promotions.

Role Sr. Software Developer.


  • -Executing the design development troubleshooting and debugging of the software. -Understanding user requirements mapping them to system requirements and incorporating changes in the project as required.
  • -Creating Views Controllers and models using MVC and writing business logic to accomplish the business requirements. ORM like Entity Framework is used for mapping. Used LINQ for applying the business logic.
  • - used JavaScript and HTML CSS for designing the views for this web site and client side validations.
  • -generating entity data models in entity framework from the database using SQL Server 2005. Mapping the relations between those models according to the requirements.
  • -Managing various technical aspects like software design coding of modules monitoring critical issue s taking appropriate actions carrying out interface redesigning and application maintenance etc.
  • - Following the status with the coordinator to meet the timeline. Attend weekly teleconference meeting with client to follow-up the project progress.

Skills VS 2010 C MVC ASP.net 3.5 JavaScript J-Query Entity Framework SQL 2005 LINQ JavaScript HTML CSS TFS.

Confidential ValStat application is a computer system WPF Application intended to provide information on the current status of all CCR s validation master plans and validation protocol documents in a plant. It will capture and process VP s validation protocols VMP s Validation Master Plan CCR s Changed Control Request and associated documents i.e. CRS and SPR . It will list each design element for entering data format of the data functions to track the status or the documents and the reporting features required to make this information available to the business community. The system will also capture basic data about the documents owners requestors and business area affected by the content.

Project Events Management

Marketing and Sales team of Bayer Technology Services Americas organize the Engineering and Technology Symposium on a frequent basis. A web site/ web page is required that can be hosted in internet DMZ zone to let team manage the events and participants can register online.

The event management and registration will provide the effective interface to the event managers to track and manage events and its participants. The participants will be easily able to register to the event.

Project Sustainability Dashboard

The vision of this solution is to migrate the current Excel based Sustainability Dashboard to ASP.NET provide an easy to use data entry interface and implement an Oracle database to maintain the sustainability data with the flexibility for future enhancements. This new solution should maintain the core functionality of the current workbook while implementing a new data entry interface role management and a contact manager.

Project Pipeline Index

Application Pipeline Index is used to maintain the complete pipeline information and progress tracking on the projects executed in Bayer BTS Americas Bayer Technology Services .

Pipeline index aims to be a Windows based WPF application with easy to use features for maintaining and managing project wise pipe and associated commodities data.

System should provide features like General System features Master Data management Pipeline Data Management Reports Audit trail

Role Sr. Software Developer.


  • - Study and analyze the System Requirement Specifications for all the above applications. Design the Database Schema and the Interface screens. This application is developed with N-tier model using C .Net as the front end and Oracle 10g as the database.
  • - Plan and give the estimation of the modules in project with milestones to the client.
  • - Create and enhance Win forms Web Pages client side scripts views using MVC JavaScript technologies and stored procedures database tables with Oracle 10g as DB using TOAD as PL/SQL tool.
  • - used Telerik controls like Data grid list view etc. for binding the data objects and displaying to the user on the Forms
  • - Coordinating with team members and interacting with clients for the status updates of the project.
  • - Attend weekly meeting with the clients.
  • - Test the module and perform code review. Also fix the issues after User Acceptance Testing is done and implement the project on the client side.

Skills C ASP.net 2.0/3.5 MVC Win Forms VB.net Web Services JavaScript SQL 2005 Oracle 10g TOAD PL/SQL Rad-Controls VSS TFS



Role Software Developer.


Design and develop the application and database. This application is N-tiered developed using C as the front end and SQL 2005 as the database along with Web Services. Create and enhance WPF forms views using XAML. Writing functions and stored procedures database tables using SQL Server 2005. Used MS Blend tool to design the WPF Forms. Test the module. Create Web services and publish them on the server and consume it in the client by creating the Proxy classes of the Web Services. This package is implemented successfully on client s side in UK India.

Skills C ASP.net 2.0/3.0 XAML Web Services SQL 2005 WPF MS Blend VSS.


Role Software Developer.


Design and develop the application and database. This application is N-tiered developed using C as the front end and SQL 2005 as the database along with Web Services. Create and enhance forms views with XAML functions and stored procedures database tables. Writing complex queries in SQL server with SQL Server 2005. Create Web services and publish them on the server and consumed at the client end.

Skills C ASP.net 2.0 Web Services SQL 2005 WPF MS Blend VSS.



Role Software Developer.


Design and develop the application and database. This application is N-tiered developed using ASP.Net as the front end and SQL 2005 as the database. Created Web Pages and user controls using asp.net 2.0. Create and enhance functions and stored procedures database tables using SQL Server 2005. Testing the code and fixing the issues. Crystal reports have been used for reporting. Created Crystal Reports and mapped the objects to the report.

Skills C ASP.net 2.0 SQL 2005 Ajax Xml Crystal Reports IX.


Role Software Analyst.


Design and develop the application and database. This application is N-tiered developed using VB.Net ASP.Net as the front end and Oracle 9i MS Access as the database. Updated the existing Web Pages with asp.net 2.0. Create and enhance functions and stored procedures database tables with Oracle 9i. Used Infragistics Tool for data controls like data-grid text boxes and masked text boxes. Testing the code and fixing the issues. We used crystal reports for reporting.

Skills VB.net ASP.net 2.0 Oracle 9i PL/SQL TOAD MS Access Infragistics.

Role Software Analyst


Design and develop the application and database. This application is N-tiered built using ASP.Net 2.0 as front end for creating the Web Pages and Oracle 9i as the database. Used SQL Server 2000 to Create and enhance the database functions and stored procedures. Perform Code review and unit testing of the developed code. An intranet application Insured Procure Coverage IPC was enhanced for internal use of the company using classic ASP as front end and SQL 2000 as database.

Skills VB.net ASP.net 2.0 ASP Oracle 9i PL/SQL TOAD SQL 2000 Crystal Reports XI Infragistics.

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