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Sr. Programmer Resume Profile

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I am a Software Developer having about 13 years professional experience in developing customized software solutions involving Microsoft Business intelligence technologies and Visual Basic including developing code in SQL and Oracle. With a background in Information Systems Management and Accounts I have a comprehensive understanding of software applications. Having worked with different technologies I have got the ability to adapt to work with emerging technologies.

Technical Skills


Key skills

Other skills



VB.Net C Delphi and Java


VBScript ASP HTML and JavaScript


Operating Systems




SQL Server 2008 R2 Oracle

Teradata MS Access





SQL developer Toad

eclipse Tableau DBSOLO JIRA Planet Press

Work Experience


Sr. Programmer/Analyst

SSIS experience

  • Analyzed ETL process that is consolidating the data related to different devices accessories rate plans and services of T-Mobile existing in SQL Server Source and loading to Oracle. Advised the changes required to enhance the process.
  • Modified the SSIS packages and SQL queries where required to fix the errors. Also perform the UAT testing and fixed the errors.
  • Modified and made enhancement to the OrgentitySSIS package to resolve the data integrity issue and extract all the data required
  • Modified and made enhancement to the Offer SSIS package to resolve the discrepancies in the offer prices and make sure that right keys are associated to the right price. The process involved making changes to the package and modifying SQL queries
  • Made enhancements to the Rate Plan SSIS packages to add additional code and data flows to the process
  • Modified the SSIS packages for purchase path changes to create pricing records and product set records for the T-Mobile channel
  • Modified the SSIS packages for purchase path changes to manage market ratings of T-Mobile products and create throttle limit for determining items to display on web page.

SQL Experience

  • Developed and modified SQL queries for the views in SQL Server Database. These views retrieve data from various tables which has got Product catalog information of T-Mobile
  • Developed and modified PL/SQL queries for Oracle database which is the source database for the middleware applications
  • Developed and modified stored procedures and functions in the SQL Server Database for the Product catalog information of T-Mobile.
  • Developed test cases and developed multiple queries to test the validity of the data.

Data Loaders Experience

  • Worked on the sterling data loader of IBM which loads the Product Catalog information of T-Mobile to the Sterling database.
  • Worked on the IBM data loader that loads the data from SQL Server database to the Oracle database. Worked on the different loading processes of the loader and modified the java code related to the calculation of various prices based on different criteria.
  • Analyzed the processes to test the application and made suggestions
  • Worked on creation and modification of XML files that loads data from files to Oracle database
  • Worked on modification of ANT Script which controls the XML files that loads data to Oracle database from files
  • Have a basic understanding of Content Management Center CMC tool to configure prices



SSRS Experience

  • Developed 7-Day Out of Stock trend report that displays out of stock values for each stock item of a Vendor based on each store in a banner.
  • Developed Avg OOS by Day/Week report that displays out of stock values for each day of week for each Vendor of a particular store in a banner over a period of 3 months
  • Developed Vendor Item OOS Trend report that displays out of stock values for each item of a particular vendor of a store in a banner over a period of 3 months
  • Developed Item Movement report that gives hourly breakup of sales average scanned qty for each day of week grouped under category or subcategory
  • Developed Scorecard report to track changes in sales qty and customers for banners over area and districts for a particular period
  • Developed Selling Zones report that gives hourly breakup of employees scheduled and actually worked in a department of a store banner-wise
  • Developed a Variance report that gives a variance of sales qty and customers from Goal for a 6 week average
  • Developed Base Vs Promo Margin report that compares Base and Promotional Sales and margins for current year versus previous year of a particular product with a breakup over category department and division

SSIS Experience

  • Developed SSIS package Item Movement that extracts data from teradata and loads it into SQL Server.
  • Developed SSIS package for Out of Stock that extracts data from oracle and loads to SQL Server
  • Developed SSIS package for Effective Scheduling to extract data from dimension and fact tables and apply business logic to calculate actual labor hours consumed and labor hours scheduled and load that data into SQL Server tables
  • Developed SSIS package for Scorecard to extract data regarding sales quantity and customers and calculating change of scheduled and actual in each store of a banner and loading into SQL Server tables
  • Developed SSIS package to extract sales quantity and customer data from Teradata and load into SQL Server table
  • Developed SSIS package for weather data to download weather data from web using HTTP Connection pivoting the data and loading into SQL Server after making conversions required

SQL/Teradata Experience

Developed SQL queries for the above reports and packages to extract data from SQL Server and teradata and load into SQL Server tables.



SSRS Experience

Designed and developed complex SSRS reports GIM Reports that deal with financial transactions relating to portfolio management and investments. The job involves modifying SQL Queries that extract the financial data from multiple tables in the Oracle database and building groups and calculated fields and creating functions in the code tab to generate the report as per the specification. The job also involves validating the reports so that the data that is generated is in synchronization with the formulas which are in the form of calculated fields or functions. It also involves testing the reports with the given data and make sure that the groups columns and rows are displayed according to the mock reports.




  • Designed and Developed a Master Data Management MDM application that obtains the project/portfolio data from the source systems processes the data using business logic and populating the MDM tables and views.
  • Developed K2 Archival application which transfers data from source tables to target tables by dynamically building the destination connection managers. The parent package invokes the child package by passing the dynamic connection strings to the configuration file of the child package and rolls back in case of failure.
  • Designed and Developed IBS application which retrieves the data from xml file after flattening. The package extracts data from nested nodes into respective columns in the database.
  • Designed and developed BIMET application that collects all execution information from consolidated BI servers and loads into dimension and fact tables. The information is used to measure the BI services. The information is extracted from msdb tables trace logs and audit logs.
  • Developed CIA application which requires sending payment data from SAP to Temporary Validation Area where it will be processed and valid records forwarded to Data Store for reporting by the compliance team. The package parses the output files that are received via MQSeries from SAP complete the missing fields and then send the files again to TVA via MQSeries.
  • Upgraded Lime package from 2005 to 2008 and edited it to give the capability of accessing excel 2007 files


  • Developed Mice Message Interface Configuration Execution reports which are used for interface tracking. Multiple SQL queries were written with the use of parameters to retrieve data from Oracle tables and stored procedures. Developed Oracle stored procedures for the purpose. Search ability and sorting features have been implemented.
  • Developed Oracle patching reports extracting data from Oracle database. A number of SQL queries are built to retrieve the data from Oracle and prepare reports with drill down and sorting capabilities.
  • Developed Tim reports extracting data from SQL tables and create reports with sorting capabilities
  • Developed LMR audit reports extracting data from audit log of performance point server
  • Developed Assignment Tracker project to retrieve planning server operational reports


Developed a cube for BIMET application collects all execution information from consolidated BI servers and loads into dimension and fact tables. The cube displays execution information for different technologies like SSIS SSRS SSAS PPS T-SQL

Involved in the building of a cube that analyzes the trends of sales of one of the products of the client and its competitors and the targets achieved by the product. The cube has been built from seven fact tables and eleven dimension tables



  • Designed and developed an inventory application categorizing the stocks of the company into a 15 digit code. Implemented using Visual Basic/MS Access
  • Developed VB application which with the help of communication through port captures the data from the printer and stores in the file.
  • Developed a Website for a client enabling online transactions between my company and the client. Implemented using Visual Basic/MS Access.
  • Developed various VB Script applications to customize the files generated from mainframes and other sources according to needs of the printing requirements of the clients. Embedding variable information on parking permits generation of OCR numbers for financial documents to assist the printers in enveloping splitting the files according to the enveloping needs to divert the files automatically into respective envelopes customizing the files according to the financial rules .
  • Developed an application in VB.Net that retrieves Job Tickets numbers the postscript filename and other relevant information and upload the file to the ftp server for the printers to print the files.
  • Developed mail sorting application as a plug-in to the printing software Planet Press. This application is developed in Delphi with an interface where the user can send a CSV or XML file to the application. The application parses each record from file into required information and non-required information. The required information is passed to the Satori software for mail sorting. The sorted data returned by Satori will be retrieved and appended to the respective record number containing non-required information.
  • Developed a VB application to generate the ballot paper numbers for UK local elections according to different needs of different councils.


Software Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Developed a custom DLL that provides database access to the VisSim block diagram system modeling and simulation tool. Implemented using ADO in VISUAL C environment and SQL Server 7.0.
  • Automated licensing procedure and record keeping for different types of products of the company using Visual Basic and enhanced the company s website.


Software Developer

  • Automated the business processes of JK Medical Systems a trading organization of medical goods. Implemented using Visual Basic.
  • Developed a Visual Basic application that provides on-line access of e-books to customers with features such as easy chapter and section selection.
  • Implemented generic imported goods tracking system using Visual Basic.
  • Developed a 3-tier architecture that enables the manufacturer to have better control over the sales made by retailers. Implemented using ASP ADO COM SQL Server 7.0
  • Developed websites using ASP ADO HTML JavaScript VBScript and Visual InterDev.


Trainee Developer Developed 3-tier architecture to automate Classified Advertisement Submission and Billing process. Implemented using Visual Basic COM ADO and SQL Server 7.0.


Audit Executive

Reviewed internal control procedures analyzed loan accounts and analyzed working of industrial units financed by the banks to determine the signs of incipient sickness.

Professional Associations

Associate Member of Institution of Analysts and Programmers London

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