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Software Architects Resume Profile


  • Over 17 years of combined hands-on experience in Video development Web development Client-Server development Reports development Database design and development RDBMS and OLAP Private Cloud design and development GIS design and development. Over 4 years in video streaming and video system development. Expert in SCRUM/Agile Processes.
  • Extensive requirements gathering experience combined with understanding of various business areas.
  • Ability to learn quickly and implement solutions to current and future business and/or technical problems.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.


Software Architect Developer DBA and/or Hands-On Product/Brand Manager position that will utilize my analytical problem-solving and communication skills combined with my technical and business experience.



C VB.NET Visual Basic 6.0/5.0/4.0/3.0 VBA T-SQL SQL Javascript VBScript Cold Fusion.


DB Artisan Erwin Visual Studio.NET 2013/2012/2010/2008/2005/2003 Microsoft Expressions Studio Blend Encoder 4 Pro MS Visio 2010/2002/2000 MyGeneration Adobe Acrobat 6.0 SQL Compare MS Visual Studio 6.0 MS Visual InterDev 6.0 MS Visual Basic 6/5/4/3 MS Word 2010/2000/8.0/7.0 MS Excel 2010/2000/8.0/7.0/5.0 MS Access 2010/2000/8.0/7.0/2.0 MS PowerPoint 2000/8.0/7.0 MS FrontPage 2000 VSphere VMWare Workstation 6.5/4.0 XML Spy ReSharper.


SQL Server 2012/2008-R2/2005/2000/7.0/6.5 Sybase System 11 MySql MS Access 2000/8.0/7.0/2.0 DATACOM dBase.


MS SharePoint 2007 SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services SQL Server 2000 Beta2 Analysis Server MS Office 2000 Web Components SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Server Panorama OLAP Server WhiteLight Opportunity Explorer Scanfact/ScanPC Command Language Report Writer Report Runner Component One Report Designer Adobe Acrobat 6.0 AbcPdf Crystal Reports 8.0/7.0/6.0/5.0 Crystal Reports 7.0 ActiveX Web Control MS Access reports MS Excel with Essbase.


Silverlight 5/4/3 WPF WCF Video Players Expressions Encoder 4 Pro and SDK ASP.NET AJAX ASP DHTML/HTML/CSS XML/XSLT XAML XOML RDL UML COM /DCOM/DTC ADSI WSH MS .NET 4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.1 Frameworks DotNetNuke Framework MTS 2.0 Index Server 2.0 WF XOML/XAML - WinFX 2.0/2.2-.NET 3.0 Framework .NET 4.0/3.5/2.0/1.1 Frameworks Clarify CRM InstallShield 7.04 Windows Installer 2.0 MSI/MSM Google Earth ArcGIS and ESRI Software.



Windows 2008/7.0/2003/XP/2000/NT/98/95/3.x DOS VSphere VMWare Workstation 6.5/4.5/4.0 VMWare Server MS Virtual PC MSMQ and BizTalk Server 2000 IIS 7.0/6.0/5.0/4.0 Oreilly s Website Web server MTS 2.0 Index Server 2.0 MS Sharepoint Server 2007 MS Commerce Server 2007.



Software Architect/Developer

  • Designed developed and tested Live Map Viewer sub-systems state-of-the-art video/GIS systems using C
  • ArcMap Google Earth HTML/CSS/Javascript SHP KML WPF VLC WMP C services SQL Server 2008
  • custom messaging framework and databases. Created a custom screen recording program using C .
  • Designed and developed a Live Streaming Virtual Logger system using Silverlight 5 SQL Server 2008 R2
  • WCF MSMQ VLC streaming and various GIS technologies. Troubleshot problems with Silverlight and other
  • relevant sub-systems.
  • Provided technical leadership to the design of the entire Silverlight thin client website TMIMS Tactical MultiMedia Intelligence Management System .
  • Designed developed tested deployed and troubleshot variety of Silverlight modules. Created the SQL Server 2005 search database design and revised the existing database architecture to improve search performance. Troubleshot and fixed various SQL Server 2005 issues.
  • Designed/developed the Silverlight video player timeline search and other modules. Integrated all the modules with ESRI ArcGIS Silverlight map controls. Re-designed the Search WCF web-service implementation. Provided guidance and direction to a team of developers and converted a Graphics Designer to a front-end Silverlight 4 Developer. Re-designed the Silverlight 4 Search backend implementation to speed up searching and implemented paging.
  • Provided guidance leadership and technical assistance to Database developers for creating and maintaining ETL processes database maintenance plans database design and development database administration of various environments troubleshooting locking/blocking issues and performance tuning.
  • Designed/developed/tested the IRC Chat Recorder windows service.
  • Created the Silverlight Video Player Web transcoder sub-system and integrated both in VideoBank asset management sub-systems in the Confidential
  • Designed/developed the Senate Silverlight video player i.e. with video audio and closed caption .
  • Assisted ASP.NET developers on integrating the Silverlight player into various websites. Provided technical direction for the Graphics Designer to integrated his designs into front-end Silverlight code.
  • Created the VideoBank web transcoder system i.e. C transcoder applications WCF web services and SQL Server 2005 Encoder databases . Collaborated with team created Visio 2010 system design to design a distributed MSMQ based web transcoder design that can scale-out to any system requirements. Provided C and SQL Server 2005 technical guidance to Engineers and Developers.
  • Provided technical ideas to team members i.e. researched Silverlight carousel controls timelines cubes keyboard modules video players etc. Provided alternative transcoder options and directed additional research. Researched and provided comparison of different messaging frameworks to team.
  • Managed variety of Database Architecture and DBA tasks/responsibilities.
  • Designed and developed T-SQL scripts to upgrade databases from SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012.
  • Created and updated various logical and physical database designs.
  • Reverse engineered various sub-system database functionality.
  • Created database maintenance scripts using DMV views for a future Decision Support database system.
  • Led technical team to establish a Database release and deployment process. Created the technical design process and sql scripts to implement the best ideas into the company. Designed database schema requirements and collaborated in managing the process of database re-design.
  • Converted all government clients from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 R2 databases. Provided production support to implement these changes at the customer locations.
  • Provided TSQL technical review and performance tuning guidance to all developers.


Senior Developer/DBA

  • Conducted SQL Server 2005 database performance tuning analysis and documented the problems and potential resolutions in the Admin database. Used SQL Server 2005 DMVs to collect the data for the Admin database.
  • Researched and developed the Bing Cashback Integration for 6Ave.com with Bing Merchant Center. Updated the 6ave.com website and its components with Bing Merchant Center s APIs. Designed and developed customized ETL synchronization for Bing Cashback transactions. Collaborated with Microsoft in testing FTP feeds to Bing and the 6ave.com site integration with Bing Merchant Center.
  • Developed tested and scheduled data feeds and FTP scripts for 6Ave SickDeal promotions used by Twitter.
  • Maintained the 6ave.com web site and the database servers. Integrated the SellPoint APIs into 6ave.com site for product tour displays.



  • Deployed and maintained Commerce Server 2007 ASP.NET/C AJAX SQL Server 2005 SSRS 2005 e-Commerce website for SweetStreet.com. Heavy customer interaction - analyzed requirements provided recommendations troubleshooting and technical issues resolution.
  • Developed a C timer job notification and integrated it with InfoPath 2007 and custom MOSS 2007 workflow.
  • Created a C web service for InfoPath 2007 form to retrieve data from Oracle.
  • Redesigned and optimized SSRS 2005 reports RDL and sql. Fixed SSRS 2005 web server configuration.
  • Developed a C /SQL ETL program for transfer of the SQL Server 2005 data to MOSS 2007 calendar events.


Senior Software Engineer

  • Designed developed functionality for Vega the main internal ASP.NET/C system with SQL Server 2005 databases running on Windows 2003 Servers using ScaleOut software for Session Management across web server farms. Used C ASP.NET AJAX SQL Server 2005. Production deployment maintenance and support.
  • Gathered requirements documented use-cases designed Vega Credit Suisse platform implementation. Developed optimized and tested C /ASP.NET/SQL Server 2005 code. Coordinated testing and deployment effort with DBA QA and developers.
  • Vega website conversion for CIPRS the Client Management website. Updated/converted C ASP.NET ASP SQL Server code. Verified code changes with Fiddler. Coordination of the QA scripts automation and testing. Merged the Vega transitioned CIPRS code in SVN version control.
  • Integrated the Search Site the experts search engine website functionality with Vega. Replaced Lucene search with the new Search Site functionality in Vega for quick Search for subject matter experts. Full life cycle support for Vega website/web services/database code modifications and testing.


Technologies Consultant 1

  • Designed/developed the iServe Workflow Framework a generic workflow system using Windows Workflow Foundation .NET 3.0 Framework/WinFx 2.2/2.0 C VB.NET and SQL Server 2005 with SCRUM and Agile Development methodology. Designed SQL Server 2005 logical and physical databases. Conducted performance testing/tuning for ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005. Implemented performance code optimizations. Provided post-implementation support to resolve security and configuration problems.
  • Designed/developed the ADP Security website which stored all ADP security information about applications penetration tests and vulnerabilities. Used ASP.NET VB.NET SQL Server 2000 DotNetNuke Framework MyGeneration Javascript/HTML. Designed the logical and physical ADP Security database.
  • Optimized the data-transfer performance from DATACOM mainframe regional servers. Created a real-time Mainframe DATACOM web-service using C DATACOM SQL Server 2000 that replaced a complex nightly ETL process of DATACOM information imports into SQL Server 2000.
  • Collaborated on development testing and implementation of Magellan Tax-Forms sub-system the web based Payroll/HR software application running on Windows 2003 and 2000 servers. Used Adobe Acrobat 6.0 JavaScript AbcPdf ASP.NET C and SQL Server 2000. Created/updated DDL DML and C code. Received special recognition from upper management for the extra efforts given to the Magellan project.
  • Designed developed tested and implemented the Magellan iSBSEmployee Integration the data transfer application from Magellan s front-end database s to Clarify CRM database s . The system is composed of Provisioning for back-end C dll triggered by MSMQ messages on the Batch Tier on Windows 2003 server and Back-end data-flow.
  • Participated in the full project life cycle development of the most complex Windows Installer deployment tool TCS Backend Installer tool to deploy all Back-end code to any TCS tier and/or environment. This implementation reduced manual deployment from several days to less than half-hour for all Back-end tiers. Used InstallShield Developer 7.04 Windows Installer SDK CAB SDK VB 6.0 Seagate VC SDK ADSI/WMI/SQL DMO/SQL/SMTP/IIS/COM /MSMQ scripting. Created and used VMWare testing environments. Designed and developed all internal code for automating deployment to Back-end tiers. Created a Database installer tool for database restores and upgrades. Created and maintained technical and user documentation. Created UML diagrams in Visio 2000. Architected designed and developed a customized/integrated help system using HTML Help APIs for the Windows Installer files. Devised a compression method for the Database deployment tool . Assumed technical lead for both Back-end installers during the deployment and post-implementation stages. Provided support maintenance and trouble-shooting of the Back-end deployment tools. Collaborated with engineers in resolving various technical issues.
  • Performed DBA duties for various Total Choice SQL Server 2000 databases. Acted as a liaison between ADP and BMS development teams. Coordinated database updates with developers as needed.
  • Participated in the full project life cycle development of TCS iEmployee Integration and TCS iEmployee Synchronization Total Choice Solutions sub-systems systems which provide real-time data-flow and/or compare and synchronize the Total Choice front-end and back-end databases. Designed and developed VB 6.0 COM components IDL type library MSMQ 2.0 interaction SQL Server 2000 DDL and DML scripts. Created UML diagrams in Visio 2000. Provided support and maintenance. Developed a prototype with COM MSMQ and Biztalk Server 2000 to explore alternatives for synchronizing data between the web application and the Back-End systems as well as the Clarify CRM software.


Programmer Analyst

  • Development and implementation of the international Web Based Document Management System for CIBC Virtual Vault Web Based Document Management Application to allow users to set meta-tags for MS Office documents and to retrieve them thru the web. Utilized Erwin 3.5 for forward database engineering. Tangible benefits savings for the company about 1.75 million. Used VB OLE automation to set meta-tags for MS Office documents. Constructed the Web-based document search and retrieval application using ASP ADO SQL VBScript DHTML Index Server 2.0 IIS 4.0.
  • Feasibility study on the OLAP tools for the Credit Portfolio Management. Developed a RDBMS from various data sources used SQL Server 2000 Beta 2 Analysis Server on Windows 2000 Server as the middle-tier to build Multi-Dimensional Data cubes Star Model for trend time series analysis.
  • Development of the Essbase Data Extraction program for the Credit Portfolio Management Middle office. Essbase APIs and Excel OLE automation for update Excel spreadsheets with Essbase data.
  • Design and implementation of the Early Warning Agency Ratings System for S P or Moodys Ratings changes notifications. Used Visual Basic 6.0 WinInet FTP APIs Wscript host on NT 4.0. Uploaded data to Sybase 11on Unix platform. Created the logical and physical Sybase database design.
  • Upgrade of the Portfolio Summary intranet application in ASP JavaScript VBScript Crystal Reports and Sybase System 11 on an IIS 4.0 web server for Internet Explorer 4.0/5.0 browser.
  • Support and maintenance of the RAS Revenue Attribution System client server application using Visual Basic 5.0 Sybase 11 and Crystal Reports 4.5/6.0 and RAS Reports Web Site using ASP Crystal Reports 7.0 ActiveX Viewer JavaScript and Sybase.


Programmer Analyst

  • Converted the Visual Basic 5.0/Crystal Reports 6.0 Scudder and Zomig applications from MS Access 7.0 to SQL Server 6.5. Upgraded code from DAO to RDO. Testing deployment and coordination between end-user client and DBA.
  • Implemented the intranet Phone Directory system using ASP ADO and VBScript for users with Internet Explorer 4.0 using O Reilly Website web server. Heavy user interfacing.
  • Designed/implemented/support the Aldara application a medical information statistical analysis system. Major processing features included import/export of medical information data-warehousing and various reports. The system used VB 5.0 on Windows 95 Access 7.0 on NT 4.0 server and Crystal Reports 6.0. Technical and user documentation help desk personnel training.
  • Developed/deployed the DEVA Data Entry Validation Application client-server system used for various payroll management functions data entry job maintenance employee assignment / maintenance and reporting. Created an interface program to connect DEVA a client-server application to an Intranet application running on IIS 4.0 using Cold Fusion 4.0 SQL HTML and Access 7.0. Used Visual Basic 5.0 Access 7.0 and Crystal Reports 6.0. Provided technical documentation and post implementation support.


Programmer Analyst

  • Developed/ implemented/supported the Order Processing System using Visual Basic 4.0 and Access 7.0. Created tables/ queries/ macros/ reports in Access 7.0. Used OLE Automation to print reports in Access.
  • Participated in the full project life cycle of the TRAC Time Recording Accounting Control System used to store edit update employee s worked hours in a convenient electronic format for transfer to the Payroll System. TRAC used Visual Basic 4.0 with Access 7.0. Created the logical and physical database. Designed coded and tested the front-end and used DDE Dynamic Data Exchange to automate data manipulation.


Account Associate

  • Analyzed and interpreted the Nielsen data for Lipton Marketing Research Managers to facilitate corporate decision-making. Researched and gathered data to complete Lipton s distribution studies and acquisition projects for the beverage and food categories.
  • Utilized the ScanFact Command Language to create and support a variety of Sales Distribution and Financial reports. Developed and maintained Report Writer s Data Dictionaries for various Lipton categories.

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