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Asp.net Developer Resume Profile



Possess more then 20 years of comprehensive Information Systems Technology experience in multiple disciplines including medical financial manufacturing military and others. Excels in finding solutions to difficult problems when other resources fail. Have successfully served in both analytical and technical capacities during the analysis design development and implementation of various large and small-scale applications. An efficiency-driven detail oriented developer comfortable in multifaceted development environments.



Languages C VB.Net Java Assembly C COBOL DHTML Fortran HTML Pascal

RPG II Visual Basic Java Script CGI ASP ASP.Net Visual Interdev Web Services PHP Ajax Linq SOAP WCF

Database SQL/Server Oracle DB2 MySQL Access ADO/ADO.Net/RDO/DAO ODBC SSRS Platforms DOS Linux Novel Windows Unix AS/400 Applications Access Excel Front Page Publisher Word Pervasive Quattro Pro Real World WordPerfect Crystal Reports Source Safe SP2 HL7 HIPPA COM X12 XML UML DIMNS Diver Install Shield/Windows Installer. Other Programming with speech recognition / output applications. PLC s and automation.

IVR Voice Recognition Telephony POS Speech Enabled Applications

Professional Experience


Developed web portal that displayed the status of current production activity. Wrote a SFTP application to send and receive data to claims partners. Developed web services and web interface allowing end users to activate batch processes.

Wrote rules based application to import claims data from multiple sources alleviating the need for one-off applications. Wrote reports using SQL reporting services. Maintained and converted legacy Fox Pro applications.

Environment Asp.Net C Fox Pro SSRS Ajax SQL 2008


Lead a team of 5 developers preformed architect project manager and business annalist duties. Developed a web based work flow application for use by the call center that reduced call handle time by 30 and new hire training by 60 c web services 3270 emulation . Developed web based applications to allow the events management teams to identify and correct issues c . Updated existing CTI computer telephony application adding additional functionality and fixing long standing issues VB6 Avaya Aspect designed and developed an application to automatically notify customer service reps of outage conditions for current customer C web service Saved 1 000 000 in the first year wrote web based C interface so field agents can check live customer equipment status designed and wrote a rules based trending application that

Professional Experience Continued

checks the status of customers equipment for each call and analyzes the data based on business rules to produce alerts indicating possible trouble spots c . Wrote an enterprise email application

that allows multiple sources to send templated emails to customers based on the current activity. Developed a windows service application to monitor database web server and eflows for problems c . Trained/mentored developers to use .NET trained senior staff on new applications train the trainer . Acted as liaison between development and senior management in other departments.

Environment ASP.NET ASP c VB.NET VB6 SQL2005 Business Objects Java Java Script C IIS6 Oracle 11 Ajax


Contract position Updated existing application that generated 1099 s correcting existing issues and ensuring compliance with tax laws c . Wrote several web services allowing more efficient data access between back end systems and and applications such as PeopleSoft and Share Point. Designed a bonus payment application that used complex business rules to analyze multiple revenue sources.


Designed and wrote VB.Net and Java a HIPAA compliance engine that is completely rules based and will evaluate any EDI/X12 transaction for compliance and translate it to an easily human readable format. This system is currently in place to evaluate the 837 submission files of over 150

facilities. I provided programming and technical support to major software vendors and assisted in all aspects of software conversion to HIPAA compliance. Designed implemented and supervised the programming VB.Net of a complete automated clearinghouse system including all aspects of the database design including view and stored procedures. The system included such components as secure file transport parsing and evaluating the contents of the claims files to insure that all claims would pass payer edits and that 100 of the claims where accurately accounted for and a complete web based reporting system. Designed and developed C a complete accounting system to track claims transmitted and payments due to clients partners and intermediaries. Designed and developed an HL7 listener to perform automated eligibility confirmation and conversion to XML for interaction with non-HL7 enabled applications. Wrote a version control system using C / ASP.NET for use by the NSA that was approved to compliance level 5. Converted multiple MS-Access databases applications to MS-SQL/Oracle and converted them to C .Net applications. Supervised development level support and acted as final level support. Developed application deployment packages using Windows Installer and Install Shield. Taught application and programming classes to over 200 students. Created/modified Crystal Reports for medical clients.

Environment VB.Net VB6 COBOL Pervasive HL7 XML Java SQL/Server DB2 MySQL Access ASP ASP.Net C Crystal Reports HTML Java Script Win32 API Install Shield/Windows Installer


Development of Visual Basic VB6/VB.Net applications for the medical community. Development of COM /Active-x controls to integrate windows functionality into COBOL programs. Development of integration Active-x/programs to allow communication between COBOL programs and 3rd party programs. These programs allow the COBOL programs to send and receive data to disparate machines including AS/400 Linux/Unix and Mainframes. Wrote an HL7 system to interface patient and charge data changes in to the existing external billing system and to monitor 72 hour rule compliance as well as LMRP compliance changes. Wrote VB6

Professional Experience Continued

wrappers to allow legacy COBOL programs to be used to generate output for XML/ASP/ASP.Net pages. Headed development level support. Developed a major database intended to handle processing of 50 million plus transactions a day. Acted as mentor for junior developers.

Developed application deployment packages using Windows Installer and Install Shield. Developed a patient accounting package for use in major hospitals. Completed initial project scheduled for 30 days in under 1 hour on first day. Designed and wrote a reporting portal using ASP.NET and Crystal Reports.

Environment VB.Net VB6 C COBOL Pervasive Win32 API HL7 XML SQL/Server ASP ASP.Net Crystal Reports HTML Install Shield/Windows Installer.


I was responsible for a 7-person development team writing client applet and back end server applications in Visual Basic C ASP and DB2. The project involved the use of voice recognition to do transcription and speech I/O for an IVR system. Developed application deployment packages using Windows Installer and Install Shield. Developed a complete A/R system based on web transactions. As the project lead full life cycle and reported directly to the CEO. Supervised and trained 10 member support staff.

Environment VB6 DB2 Telephony C ASP Install Shield/Windows Installer Speech Synthesis Access Java Script HTML


FSA / Lead Programmer -

Responsible for customer support in the area of automation application support and development integration of dissimilar software systems and controlling communications and data flow between an AS/400 Win/NT Win95 and SCO UNIX. I was responsible for writing many different Visual Basic programs for internal and outside sales operations.

Environment VB6 HTML Access SQL/Server


Owner/Operator I was responsible for A/P A/R purchasing advertising and customer relations. Customer base of over 1800 customers. Designed installed and maintained 26 Windows NT networks with 300 stations. Wrote Visual Basic and COBOL software POS A/P A/R Inventory etc. . Ran a vocational school doing training/re-training for the clients of the Employment Security Commission and the Department of Social and Health Services. Annual enrollment of over 100 students. Developed a home and office environments automation system

using a PC lights heating cooling irrigation etc. . Developed and designed many web sites using on line sales.

Environment VB5 VB6 Cobol ASP HTML Access SQL/Server


Design and implementation of a 27 station Novel network. Supervised a 3 person staff. Trained for 89 staff members. Network maintenance development custom software programming reports and writing custom software to automate the manufacturing processes.

Environment COBOL BasicA


Sales and repair of PC s and Custom Programming. Point of contact for internal and external users. Primary support for 4800 customers

Environment COBOL BasicA

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