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Lead .net Consultant Architect Resume Profile


  • 8 years of IT experience in the field of C ASP.NET VB.NET ASP Visual Studio.NET HTML DHTML XML JavaScript VB Scripts VB and ASP.
  • Developing experience of client/server architectural applications as well as n-tiered applications.
  • Excellent working experience in .NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5 including C VB.NET ASP.NET ADO.NET MS SQL Server Oracle and XML
  • Strong understanding of Legacy System Application built on Microsoft Technologies Migration to .NET.
  • Experienced in distributed application development using Remoting using TCP and Web Services XML SOAP .
  • Good Experience on Service Oriented Architecture SOA with WCF.
  • Expert in .NET Framework 3.5 like LINQ AJAX REST WCF WPF and Silverlight 1.0/2.0.
  • Experience in web development using ASP Visual Basic COM/DCOM DLL ADO ActiveX HTML CSS Java Script and VB Scripts.
  • Experience in Developing enterprise wide applications using XML XSLT XLink and XPath XQuery XPointer DTD s XSD and XML Parsers.
  • Good experience in working with both traditional/Spiral and Agile / Scrum SDLC methodology.
  • Gained good knowledge in low level software programming by working together in close proximity with Embedded Systems development teams.
  • Experienced in Software Configuration Management tools ClearCase and Visual Source Safe / Team Foundation Server TFS .
  • Experience in modeling UML Use Case Class Diagrams Sequence Diagrams flowcharts using MS VISIO.
  • Professional development of Database application using ODBC OLEDB ADO MS Access MS SQL Server 2000/2005 Transact-SQL Oracle 9i and PL/SQL DB2 and LINQ.
  • Experience in tools like NUnit NDoc and NAnt
  • Expertise with development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio.Net Flash Dream Weaver Front Page Acrobat Suite Rational Tools Visual SourceSafe TFS Vault Client Code Smith MS Office Suite WinCVS and PC Any where.
  • Expertise in web and windows based application development using Object Oriented Approach and Design Code reusability scenarios n-Tier architecture and processes like e-COM and Microsoft Technologies.
  • Self starter with excellent communication skills the ability to work independently and with a team very detail-oriented and performance-driven to achieve timely goals.


Platforms Windows Vista Windows XP/2000/2003 Windows NT 4.0 Windows 9x UNIX

Software MS Office 9x/2000 MS FrontPage MS Interdev Visual Studio.NET .NET Class Libraries MS Visio

Operating Systems Windows 95/98/2000/2003/NT/XP/Vista


Framework .Net Framework 1.1/2.0/3.0

Database Oracle 8i/9i/10g SQL Server 2000/2005 MS Access

Web Technologies ASP.NET ASP HTML DHTML CSS JavaScript

SCM Visual Source Safe TFS Team Foundation Server

Middleware .Net Remoting XML Web Service.

Tools MS Visio Star Team Caliber Quality Center Application Center Test N-Doc N-Unit Mercury Products QTP AppCenter and LoadRunner

Data Access Tools ADO.Net NET Enterprise Library 2.0 and ADO



Lead .Net Consultant Architect / Developer

  • Designed Developed and maintained windows based application responsible for defining rates and parameters. This application is also used to setup different insurance products with different benefits to provide flexibility of options for different companies who provide life insurance for their employees. Products setup by this application are widely used by the companies self service web-based enrollment application which is also used by vast number of companies.
  • Designed Developed and maintained web based application widely known as plane.biz which is fast becoming an industry standard for life insurance enrollments. This website works in both connected and disconnected mode to allow enrollers to perform enrollments and take applications even without internet availability.
  • Designed and developed a custom install application for disconnected application suite which performed tasked related to data and application security local database installations installation of windows services.
  • Designed developed and maintained a worker application responsible for controlling the disconnected suite. This application uses web service extensively and is responsible for downloading and executing updates both at applications and databases level sending and receiving data including product setup information and enrollments and several tools which aids customer service department to fix and debug any problems.

Responsibilities as Architect/Senior Developer

  • Created and maintained corporate intranet that supported the sales force in both connected and disconnected modes to ease the enrollment process and increase business revenue.
  • Designed and implemented online insurance enrollment application with offline capability enabling field agents to work autonomously. This achieved quick sales for agents resulting in faster turn-around times.
  • Headed a team effort to devise and implement an update process to keep application updated with new features and enhancements and a custom install application for disconnected application suite which performed tasks related to data and application security installations of local database and windows services.
  • Designed and developed custom controls to maximize code re-usability and designing/development and Web Services to reduce data overhead and centralizing the data processing by generating XML to communicate with in-house Enterprise Applications.
  • Designed and developed custom user interfaces for data representation to support both different business and customer requirements.
  • Architected back office software services using Managed windows services SOA based web services/ WCF services to perform inter/intra-process communication automated deployment tasks and performance monitoring.
  • Lead a team to design and develop custom update and install routines using web services windows services IIS tasks SQL Server Local Security Policy setting User/Group creation and data encryption using EFS and encrypting algorithms.
  • Generated reports for end users by using SSRS.
  • Developed UI by using Ajax WPF with Silverlight 2.0 Front End .
  • Extensive use of Enterprise Library 2.0 for Database Access Exception Handling Logging.
  • Master Page Design including themes and skins etc.
  • Implement GUI Using Microsoft Silverlight and other third party tools like Infragistics.
  • Worked in exposing and consuming Web services using SOA.
  • Application developed using AGILE SCRUM process.
  • Participated in daily meetings to update progress for implementing Agile methodology
  • Worked with WCF SOA to interact with Peer applications to get feed for PSQ.
  • Worked with Workflow foundation to apply rules.
  • Used windows API calls extensively to perform Impersonation System Reconfigurations setting Local Security Policies.
  • Used active directory programming interface ADAM to perform Users and Groups configuration for applications and MS SQL Server access and execution rights for different objects.
  • Designed and developed custom libraries to communicate with MQ Series utilizing MQ Series .Net libraries and to handle SQL Script implementations for MSDE SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 reducing the development effort and time.
  • Implemented using Model-View-Presenter MVP pattern with 3-layered architecture.
  • Developed the applications in ASP.Net 3.5 C .Net VB.Net Classic ASP and MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Designed and developed User Interface with various WebForms for all the websites using HTML CSS ASP.Net Server side controls Custom Web Controls User Controls etc.
  • Extensively used Java Script for client side controls validations and to handle the events.
  • Implemented database accessing scripts using VB Script for Classic ASP Applications.
  • Designed and implemented WCF Service on Performance Suite to provide various generic services Querying Central Data base to all the client applications running on Performance Suite.
  • Designed and implemented Windows Communication Foundation WCF service to perform logging.
  • Lead and mentored a team of 4 developers to convert a VB 6.0 document and form generation application to .Net reducing the personnel dependency and maintaining high efficiency rates.
  • Designed and developed a reporting engine based on .NET and SQL Server Reporting Services to support vast array of business application and custom reports. The reporting engine supported functions like scheduling report repository storing report parameters for review.
  • Optimized report queries to achieve faster report generation. The report generation times were improved by 300 .
  • Automated sales and forecast report executions based on different development regions sales group and management groups.
  • Used Mercury application suite including Test Director QTP and Load Runner for testing efforts.
  • Created enterprise level and application level reports using SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS in SQL Server 2005 and deployed them to Reporting Server.
  • Played a vital role in managing and converting code to framework 3.0/3.5 and code deployments.
  • Lead a team effort to convert database upgrade from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005.
  • Lead a team effort to move code from MS Visual Source Safe to MS Team Foundation Server.
  • Lead team efforts for code deployments code branching code merging code freezes and application porting.

Environment ASP.Net C .Net 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 Classic ASP Web Services WPF WCF Silverlight 2.0 LINQ SOA Agile Scrum Windows Services XML ADO.NET Win32 API SQL Server 2000/2005 SSRS SSIS MQ Series QTP TestDirector LoadRunner VB Script and JavaScript.


Lead .Net Consultant

Developed an application for a medical company involving all the information regarding their drugs including web application and Windows-based stand alone application. Data manipulation was achieved through XML files and data update was done by Web Services. Stand-alone Windows-based application involved automatic generation of HTML for display as well as different searching methods also it used many custom based controls including Windows Datagrid control context-menu control and custom built browser for application forms to manipulate and show data according to clients needs. Web interface for this application also used intensive use of custom built Datagrid controls as well as intense runtime generation of JavaScript for the menus. Extensive XML documents were created to manage the source and destination specification when maintaining the data for the application. Different mappings between the XML documents were used for data as application s Data source. Same XML documents were used in exchanging information data between the different Users of application.


  • Involved in developing application through the full software development life cycle.
  • Developed complex web application functionalities using the .NET framework C .NET ASP.NET VB.NET ADO.NET JavaScript HTML SQL Server XML and UML.
  • Designed and developed Web Application and Win32 Application custom controls using ASP.NET VB.NET and C .NET.
  • Wrote Unit Tests using VS Unit for the various DAO classes
  • Used ASP.NET 2.0 WebForms Master Pages etc. for the UI
  • Used XML and XSLT to transform data into HTML and a communication mode for Data sharing and update.
  • Used CSS to control styles of various controls used.
  • Involved in requirement gathering sessions by participating in project meetings workshops and interview sessions with key business stakeholders to identify and gather all functional requirements and the business objectives.
  • Performed functional testing pre-deployment testing and system integration testing SIT and User Acceptance Testing UAT to verify product deliverables.
  • Used Web Services throughout the application to transfer and access data more securely and efficiently.
  • Completely object-oriented designed classes and developed UML diagrams.
  • Designed schemas and designed mapping between different Data sources.
  • Designed and developed Data Source Channel by web services to send and receive data for documents within the application.
  • Database Access is accomplished using ADO objects and COM Objects.
  • Involved in designing the database and writing stored procedures views and triggers using SQL.
  • Performed Data analysis Data integration and Data manipulations in SQL.
  • Involved in the development of the COM components.
  • Handled discrepancies between the working of the application in IIS 5.0 in local machine and 6.0 in the development machine windows Server 2003 .
  • Participated in designing and developing the business logic.
  • XML Documents were used in exchanging business and application data between application users at higher level.

Environment C ASP.NET VB.NET Ajax Crystal Reports Com DCom Win Forms Web Services ADO.NET XML UML SQL Server 2000/Scheduler-Stored Procedures JavaScript Windows 2000



  • As part of the Application Development Team responsibilities included identifying business requirements and analyzing designing developing testing and implementing applications to support various Business objectives using ASP.
  • Responsible for document deliverables including Interactive Design Specifications Site Architecture Map Test Plans as well as for conducting usability testing .
  • Designed and developed the system to maximize the reuse of software components and to consolidate data to a common source.
  • Exploring new features of ASP.NET 2.0 for Membership Provider Role Provider and Profile Provider.
  • Framework Design of the Entire application design of multi layered architecture.
  • Modify Enterprise Library for extending it for ADO.NET provider for MS SQL Server 2000.
  • Identified common processes and data within the overall scope of the business module.
  • Integration of modules and common routines of the new system with the existing application infrastructure.
  • Participated in installation and deployment activities of the application.
  • Involved in debugging maintenance and support of the system.
  • Supported system and integration testing that included application walkthroughs review of test scripts test cases bug prioritizing and bug fixes etc.
  • Documented various test plans and test cases to facilitate the client s testing requirements.
  • Used extensive and complex structured code for manipulating implementing and incorporating the functionalities and processes of ASP and VBScript.
  • Designing custom built Include Pages for the database layer/calls and server settings separately to incorporate them into any Active Server Page environment.

Environment ASP / Database driven custom Functions with Stored Procedure Capabilities/Self Posted Single Page functionality for Add/Update VB Script JavaScript SQL Server 2000/Stored Procedures-Scheduler-Backup ADO HTML DHTML and CSS/Content Style-Custom Classes.



  • Actively involved in all phases of development life cycle which included analysis design and development of moderate to large projects web-based business applications and relational databases.
  • Developed complex web application functionality using the .NET framework C .NET ASP.NET VB.NET ADO.NET JavaScript HTML SQL Server XML and UML.
  • MS Visio 2000 was used for presenting technical documentation and explains technical architecture.
  • Performed System related administration tasks including user and database management backup/recovery and overall system maintenance.
  • Used Web Services throughout the application to transfer and access data more securely and efficiently.
  • Debugging maintained and supported major components of the system.
  • Configured and developed web services to send and receive documents reports and data between locations.
  • Mappings were designed to translate data to-and-from SQL Server to XML files.

Environment ASP.NET C / Web Services-Custom Web Controls VB.NET ADO.NET SpeedGen Excel reports Utility SQL Server 2000/Schedular-Stored Procedures Custom JavaScript/Client Side Processing Validation HTML and CSS/Content Style.



  • Used web server controls validation controls and output caching for client and server side.
  • Developed business logic classes using C and created GUI using Web forms with C .
  • Wrote code for Datagrid control for data manipulation using ADO.NET.
  • Used System.Data.SqlClient namespace for accessing ADO.NET classes.
  • Used web controls of .NET and then implemented changes to controls to fulfill applications requirements.
  • Implemented custom datagrid controls through out the application for easier deployment and processing of data.
  • Implemented custom ListView controls for the better presentation of data and using .NET mapping property for the data retrieval.

Environment ASP.NET C / Custom Web Controls-Custom Menu XML ADO.NET MS SQL Server 2000/Scheduler-Stored Procedures-Back up Custom JavaScript/Runtime generated Menu-Validation HTML and CSS/Content Style.



  • Utilized C .NET for writing Web Services.
  • Developed shared .NET assembly members like enumeration and Classes to use with Business Logic Layer and the data.
  • Extensively used .NET framework data classes for data manipulation and access.
  • Coded customized user controls like Calendar Control and Multi-Column Listbox for look up values.
  • Heavily involved in converting Classic VB application to C .NET Windows application.
  • Created GUI using Web Forms with C .
  • Written codes for the Code-behind files and easily involved in manipulating Datasets in the Mid-tier Web Services to add row collection to columns add column collection to Tables and add table collection at runtime using ADO.NET.
  • C .NET was extensively used for creating AIC Application Integration Component .
  • Handled exceptions using a customized exception class that defined specific Application level exceptions.
  • Customized .Net Web Server Controls by changing UI validation script and events to fulfill application requirements.

Environment ASP.NET C / Custom Web Controls-Custom Menu-Security on Menu s ADO.NET SQL Server 2000/Storep Procedures-Back up JavaScript HTML CSS/Content Style.

April 2001 December 2002 MapleTech Systems ON

Programmer / Analyst



  • Involved in analysis design development testing and implementation of the application.
  • Responsible for document deliverables including Interactive Design Specifications Site Architecture Map Test Plans as well as for conducting usability testing using ASP.
  • Used custom built Business Layer Functionalities for the middle-tier ages at one go using ASP.
  • Designed and developed custom built pages for the database layer/calls and server settings separately to incorporate them into any ASP environment using VB Script and ASP.
  • Designed custom setting pages to manipulate Server Variable values.
  • Used JavaScript for client side verification of data.
  • Used sessions extensively throughout the application.
  • Developed custom Stored Procedure functions for ease of Data access.
  • Used ADO for Database connections and Data access.

Environment ASP/Database driven Custom functions with Stored Procedure Capabilities/Document Upload/Directory Structure/Self Posted Single Page functionality for Add/Update VBScript JavaScript MS SQL Server 2000/Stored Procedures-Scheduler-Backup ADO HTML DHTML and CSS/Content Style-Custom Classes.



  • Involved in development and maintenance of web based application and integration with other systems.
  • Identified business requirements and analyzed designed developed tested and implemented application according to client specifications.
  • Devised plan for Code Reusability to improve productivity.
  • Participated in deployment activities.
  • Documented various test plans for client s requirements.
  • Used complex code for manipulating and incorporating the functionalities of ASP.

Environment ASP/Database driven Custom Functions with Stored Procedure Capabilities VBScript and JavaScript MS SQL Server 7.0/Stored Procedures HTML DHTML and CSS/Content Style-Custom Classes.



  • Developed the application as part of the Application Development Team.
  • Responsible for requirement gathering designing business requirements analysis of requirements structuring the development schedule planning User Training sessions and writing documentation.
  • Built custom functions for Data access and manipulation.
  • Designed custom setting pages to manipulate Server Variable values.
  • Used SQL and ODBC for Database connections and Data access.

Environment Visual Basic 6.0 Oracle 7.3 and Window NT

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