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Sr. Systems Developer Resume Profile


I am seeking a career in a challenging team oriented atmosphere and looking to bring innovativeness and creative problem solving abilities as a Software Developer/Application Architect to a fast paced result driven environment. I have excellent communication skills and am very dedicated and driven to succeed. I have twelve years of experience developing enterprise solutions utilizing all aspects of the Microsoft development technology stack.

Areas of expertise

  • Programming the .NET Framework versions 1.0-4.5 with C /VB.NET/F /LINQ Entity Framework utilizing Visual Studio all versions through 2013
  • OOA/OOD/OOP Methodologies and Extensive Design Pattern Knowledge
  • Building Enterprise Web Applications with ASP.NET/JavaScript/Ajax/JSON/MVC/Web API WCF Services Multi-Threading Parallelism TPL Distributed Components XML SOAP XSLT ADO.NET/.NET Remoting/.Net Enterprise Services WCF/LINQ MSMQ
  • Windows Server 2000-2012/IIS 5.0-8.5 Deployment and Production Debugging Performance Tuning
  • SQL Server 7.0-2012 Database Design/Administration and Stored Procedure Development with T-SQL
  • Developing Data Movement/Integration/Visualization Solutions with DTS/SSIS and SSRS
  • Microsoft Solutions Framework and Application Architecture
  • Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft .NET Prescription Architecture Guidance
  • Implementing Enterprise Collaboration Solutions with Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Prior to the Release of .NET VB6/ASP/VBScript Programming and Development
  • Full SDLC Implementation with Both Waterfall and Agile/Scrum Methodologies
  • Extensive Debugging in both Development and Production Scenarios via Visual Studio and Remote Debugging
  • Visual Studio 6-Visual Studio 2013 All Versions /VSS/TFS Coding and Debugging



Sr. Systems Developer

  • Reported directly to Regina Martin Global Applications Technical Lead eCommerce and Retail Integrations
  • Served as lead developer/architect on a variety of integrations and web applications leading a team of developers and DBA s providing solutions integrating into 3rd party application portfolio as well as into the core ERP system provided by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 CU7/R3.
  • Architected and implemented an Asp.Net MVC 5 n-tier solution which replaced a legacy payroll system for our Sealy plant software. This software supported approx. 600 factory floor workers with their day to day time tracking needs as they performed various functions on the assembly line. Throughout their shift they would accumulate a book of chits barcodes which would then need to be scanned at the end of the day at terminals located throughout the plant floor. Various other codes were keyed in as well the complex calculations of which ultimately generated various reports and worksheets that were fed into workflows to ensure specific payroll departments within the plants received correct payroll info. Scanning of chits and the subsequent response times presented an interesting challenge due to the near real-time requirements needed by the plant workers. Response time was engineered to be < .10/second due to aggressive caching algorithms and SQL Server callbacks/triggers. The system processed approx.10 000 transactions/day and was integrated into other modules via MSMQ event triggers to facilitate the workflow processing. Note I have a detailed architectural document for this application available upon request . I lead a team of 3 developers a DBA and a dedicated BA. SQL Server 2012 was used as the persistence layer with a mixture of LINQ and T-SQL stored procedures for data persistence and IIS 8.5 on Windows 2012 was used as the application host.
  • Architected an over-arching Payment Gateway system to facilitate eCommerce payment solutions for both web based eCommerce purchases using ShopVisible and DemandWare as the frontend web solutions as well as POS payments processed in stores. Payment processing was offloaded to CyberSource Tempus and TeleCheck as our 3rd party vendors. Payments could be processed at one of three endpoints
  • o On the web via our eCommerce solutions.
  • o From a POS terminal inside store locations.
  • o Via Dynamics AX 2012 for our call center.
  • All transaction ultimately were funneled via various SDK s and custom services into one centralized Payment Gateway which was implemented as a WCF service endpoint sitting just inside the DMZ. The service had another outward facing endpoint on the outside of the DMZ which facilitated transaction processing with the 3rd party payment providers. A series of reports were developed using SSRS for transaction tracking order history and various other bookkeeping functionality. Custom AIF services were also developed within Dynamics AX allowing integration into the core AX workflows for our business users.
  • Served as lead developer for our core integrations product developed in house known as Plug n Play. This software was a custom WCF/MSMQ service acting as a fa ade into various AX AIF services and served as a conduit for passing around various XML messages with complex transformations as these messages flowed from system to system. What Payment Gateway was for payment information Plug n Play was to order management and tracking from our various 3rd party eCommerce solutions into the AX ERP system.


Sr. Systems Developer Homecare Homebase

  • Reported directly to Kevin Heslin Systems Architect
  • Complete overhaul and rearchitecture of 2 legacy critical line of business Asp.Net webforms applications into Asp.Net/MVC utilizing C as the programming language SQL Server 2008 R2 for the persistence layer and optimizing these sites for a seamless user experience across both desktop and mobile browsing scenarios. Rewrote all middle tier components as WCF service calls into the data access layer to allow sharing of core functionality with other departmental applications.
  • Served as technical lead for a conversion project involving integration of 3rd party vendor applications into existing application infrastructure. Integration strategy included building modules that integrated with the vendor s SOAP API for messaging with our main customer portal providing a consistent user experience across the entire web application portfolio.


Software Engineer Blood Horse Publications

  • Reported directly to Courtney Bearse Director of Information Systems
  • Designed and implemented numerous CMS websites based on SQL Server 2008 R2 as the backend and Asp.Net/MVC as the front end. These sites have regular traffic of more than 100 000 users/day. Designed and implemented SEO strategies for marketing and advertising. Implemented caching strategy that lightened the web server load by over 80 .


Software Engineer

  • Reported directly to Steven Welch Director of Information Systems and Technology
  • Overhaul of existing general ledger system from Excel based spreadsheets into an n-tier system based on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as the data repository utilizing Asp.Net for the presentation layer.
  • Automation of numerous manual processes into .Net libraries which facilitated financial jobs into scheduled tasks into a reporting database utilizing SQL Server Analysis Services and construction of a data warehouse for reporting and accounting departmental usage and analysis.
  • Sr. Software Engineer Confidential
  • Reported directly to Allen Emerick director of Applications and Integration
  • Served as Lead Developer for a variety of .Net solution initiatives utilizing Asp.Net for the presentation layer and SQL Server as the data provider hosted in IIS.
  • Designed and implemented ISO 14001 tracking system for Environmental Health and Safety business unit which was essential in helping Skanska attain ISO 14001 certification via Asp.Net web solution SQL Server 2005 Migrated to SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Designed and implemented external career candidate tracking portal to facilitate tracking of potential resources for Skanska HR via Asp.Net web solution SQL Server 2005 Migrated to SQL Server 2008 R2 .
  • Designed and implemented web service/SOA infrastructure for our Business to Business initiative both intradepartmental and external clients via .Net Remoting and WCF.
  • Served as dedicated tier 3 support on a rotational on-call basis to handle support escalations concerning custom applications.
  • Performed complex application integration tasks to align our architecture with existing 3rd party product portfolio via SSIS packages extending 3rd party components and building a web services layer for intra-app communication.
  • Performed routine maintenance on our overall Service Oriented Architecture for the enterprise including a service layer that transformed complex XML schemas into equivalent RDBMS schemas for enhanced data storage and mining as well as transitioning from .Net Remoting to WCF.
  • Completed extensive on the job training for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and served as secondary MOSS administrator for the enterprise. The SharePoint environment consisted of approximately 2 000 sites each active project being serviced by Skanska had a project portal.
  • Served as secondary DBA on an on-rotation or as needed basis ensuring regular backups of enterprise databases configured security and performed production level SQL Server troubleshooting.

Independent Consultant Confidential

  • Participated in a variety of solution delivery projects utilizing virtually all facets of the .Net framework technology specialties listed in Areas of Expertise specializing mainly in custom enterprise portal/collaboration solutions built on the Community Server platform a product from Telligent Systems. Most recently I was awarded MVP status by Telligent for my outstanding contributions to the core Community Server code base and add-ons as well as fielding over 1400 questions on their support forums.
  • .NET Application Developer Confidential
  • Reported directly to Ken Dennis Manager of Systems Development
  • Development maintenance and performance tuning of corporate e-systems utilizing ASP.NET and SQL Server technologies in a clustered/load balanced environment hosted in IIS.
  • Developed a centralized exception management/error reporting system facilitating quicker time to production issue resolution and better overall systems health monitoring leading to a more proactive approach to production support issues.
  • Complete overhaul of corporate data access layer to include transactional support substantially decreasing the number of production data integrity issues. Performance tuning of corporate data access layer to better utilize intrinsic .NET connection pooling reducing the amount of wasted SQL Server resources by up to 50
  • Participated in the initial planning and architecture of an automated loan prequalification system utilizing extensive use of ASP.NET user controls .NET XML web services and XML parsing the end goal being to increase loan pre-approvals significantly and thus increase overall revenue via higher loan throughput.
  • Automation of manual ASP.NET batch file parsing jobs by developing a centralized Windows service coordinator utilizing .NET reflection to facilitate a plug in type architecture for assemblies whose business rules changed frequently thus avoiding complete recompilation of ASP.NET e-system applications.
  • Ensured timely response and resolution to critical/complex business application support issues.

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