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Sr. Software Engineer Resume Profile

Technical Expertise

Domains Retail Healthcare Financial Insurance and Medical

Architecture and Design Object Oriented Design OOD Service Oriented Architecture SOA Web Services ASMX WCF Web API

Core Technologies .NET Framework C ASP.NET MVC3 ASP.NET MVC4 Web API ASP.NET Windows Forms Windows Communication Foundation WCF Entity Framework 4.0 LINQ Java Script JQuery HTML HTML5 TFS VSS SVN Win CVS Client/Server Development using Delphi Versions 1 through 2009

Service Technologies Web API Windows Communication Foundation WCF ASP.NET Web Services ASMX

Languages C Delphi/Object Pascal Java Script JQuery Familiar with Java

Databases SQL Server 2012/2008/2005 Pervasive SQL/Btrieve Oracle


Sr. Software Engineer with FTD Companies Confidential

  • Worked as a Lead developer in implementing Payment Gateway Web Services to process Credit Card transactions. This web service is exposed to 3rd party users for validating and authorizing the credit card transactions. Supports 3 different service providers such as Skipjack Global and Bank of America.
  • Resolved many business critical issues during peak holiday seasons and ensured scalability of systems with load balanced servers using the F5 and monitoring the performance
  • Gained an understanding of the FTD Point of Sale system and software which runs the application. Added features and resolved business issues and tested with QA before release to production using Agile methodology to increase productivity and shorten development cycles
  • Migrated a client/server desktop application to web application using ASP.NET. This platform provides a single point of maintenance to monitor large number of applications and change their configurations as per the business need.
  • Worked with few other Web Services related projects in adding new features and fixing issues.
  • Implemented a Data Migration application in a very short duration using Entity Frame Work 5 and C using VS 2013.

Environment Agile ASP .NET 2.0 ASP.NET 3.5 SQL 2005/2008 C Web Services ASMX and WCF


  • Involved in migrating client/server application written in Delphi to web based application using ASP.NET MVC3
  • Converted complex SQL Stored procedures into easily maintainable LINQ Queries using Entity Framework 4.0
  • Extensively worked on implementing WCF Service layer containing Business Logic Layer BLL Data Access Layer DAL using Entity Framework.
  • Quickly learned Health Information Exchange HIE system requirements and implemented a Proof of Concept project to demonstrate HIE network using Mirth Connect Interface Engine and Hl7 Simulator.

Environment Agile Delphi ASP .NET MVC4 MVC3 HL7 Mirth connect SQL 2008



  • Led a team of 4 to prioritize plan and deliver various enhancements and defects to a virtual microscopy software solution suits implemented using ASP.NET 2.0 Delphi Java.
  • Led module development software installations and integration across 10 applications and major application upgrades.
  • Led the change management and training to several cross-functional teams including sales IT marketing.

Environment Waterfall Methodology ASP.NET C Delphi Java SQL 2005


  • Led on-shore/off-shore coordination project planning task assignment manage task progress. Managed the project through requirements gathering deployment and post-release support.
  • Design and Developed workflow monitor applications in C ADO.NET to monitor the different stages of payment processing for each client and take the appropriate actions.
  • Provided services such as disaster recovery and business continuity setup develop various policies for backup-and-recovery archiving data retention software installations software/hardware installations and upgrades. Mentored and coached co-workers and junior team members Provided training on Delphi Crystal Reports SQL 2000 custom coding in remittance software suite
  • Saved over a Million Dollars by leading in-house development of Payment processing solutions for over 200 retail and wholesale clients for Banco Popular.
  • Designed and implemented Billing System having a complex logic that analyzes the data for each client on a monthly basis and gathers the payment details that could be used to bill the clients. Each client will have its own billing logic and based on it the billing report and external file for processing is generated. This application saved huge amount of time for the accounting department as they had to bill nearly 300 clients for the payment processing service provided by the bank.

Environment C Delphi Crystal Reports mainframe SQL Server FTP servers.


  • Requirement analysis Team lead Lead Developer and Client Interfacing Managing Off shore development.
  • Designed and developed data entry applications using Delphi.
  • Designed and developed reusable user interface components library using Delphi.
  • Designed and developed database schemas for SQL Server.
  • Designed and developed image recognition library using VC to recognize OCR MICR Bar Code and Dollar Amount on the image.
  • Designed and developed image annotation library using VC .
  • Provided development task estimations.
  • Added various features to their product working across all software layers.
  • Developed reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Gathered requirements from customer and documented them.
  • Performed requirements analysis.
  • Provided technical and application production support to customers.
  • Visited numerous customer sites to debug and fix production issues.
  • As an on-site consultant performed application installation user training acceptance testing and production support. Documented production defects and coordinated with offshore development team to resolve them.
  • Special Projects

1. Allstate Insurance implemented a new system to payments and Invoice processing using TMSImage2000 NCR High Speed Transports and Kodak Scanners.

2. EDS Solutions reengineered their Retail and Wholesale payment processing systems using TMSImage SE and NCR High Speed Transports

3. Pennsylvania Department of Revenue implemented a new system to automate their Item processing system using TMSImage 2000 platform and NCR High Speed Transports

4. Crown Solutions implemented a new system to payments and Invoice processing using TMSImage2000 NCR High Speed Transports and Kodak Scanner

5. Banco Popular reengineered their Retail and Wholesale payment processing systems using TMSImage SE and NCR High Speed Transports


  • Lead offshore development team in customizing TMSImage product for Provident Bank Allstate Insurance and lot of other clients
  • Worked as lead developer in design and development for TMSImage SQL Server Edition of the project for a financial institute.
  • Designed and developed data access layer for Client/Server architecture using Delphi ADO and MIDAS.
  • Visited offshore development facility in India to share domain experience discuss requirements and to provide technical support to development team. Helped development team to resolve design issues and reviewed design documents.

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