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Sr. Software Engineer Resume Profile

Summary of Expertise

  • Skilled Solutions-Oriented Information Technology Professional with over 20 years of industry experience and responsibility
  • Demonstrated effectiveness of increasing responsibility in the areas of architecture design development maintenance migrations integrations reporting/tracking and implementation of n-tier Web and Windows applications
  • Established hands-on experience in all stages of SDLC including requirements definition project management architecture design development testing implementation and support
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with all levels of technical and non-technical personnel
  • Architecture/Project Management/Technical and Team Lead/Senior Developer
  • E-Commerce and Windows Based Business MVC SOA SAAS Enterprise Applications using Visual Studio.Net
  • Object Modeling and Object-Oriented Design and Development Skills
  • Strategy Planning Business Process Analysis and Design utilizing established design patterns and practices
  • Well versed in adapting theoretical views to current business scenarios
  • Extensive experience in all versions of the .Net Framework Beta 1.0 through 4.5 tools and methodologies
  • Rational tools to Architect and Design Solutions
  • System Analysis Techniques Use Cases Iterative Waterfall Rational Test Driven and Agile/Scrum development procedures
  • Management of resources deliverables and time constraints throughout entire development process

Technical Summary


  • C .Net/ADO.Net 10 Years VB.Net/ADO.Net 12 Years
  • ASP.Net 12 Years Active Reports 6 Years
  • Ajax.Net 5 Years XML/ XSLT 10 Years
  • CRM / XRM 5 Years Team Suite / TFS 2008/10 5 Years
  • SQL Server /T- SQL 15 Years Oracle /PL-SQL 4 Years
  • SSRS / SSIS 5 Years MVC 4 Years
  • WCF 5 Years


Application System Architecture Object Oriented Design and Development BIDS FetchXML IIS HTML/DHTML/XHTML CSS/Skins Web/Windows Services and Development WSDL WCF WF WPF SOAP ORM Tools such as Entity Framework NHibernate Team Suite Multiple Source Code Repositories providing continuous integration with each of these tools Enterprise Architect MS CRM Visio JavaScript jQuery PHP Eqatec Profiler Sharepoint NUnit Nant NProf Cruise Control nDoc XML/XSLT Visual Basic Classic ASP Crystal Reports Java C C PowerBuilder Visual FoxPro Paradox Delphi FoxPro Ada Pascal COBOL Assembly Basic Fortran DataMirror Dbase Access

Professional Experience


Consulting Sr. Software Engineer

Successfully designed and developed a solution to replace a legacy application which detailed information regarding budgetary allocations and actual funds for numerous resource accounts. This encompasses a fiscal estimate of differences amendments when disbursements occur and the resulting effects of said expenditures with separation for repairs. Included in this system was the creation of an administration section for all necessary supporting data. Error handling was accomplished via MS Exception service. Additionally a generic framework was developed for business operations and polymorphic data access which provides the ability for this functionality to be utilized in future software systems extending for multiple RDMS providers.

Environments Visual Studio 2010 Net 4.5 C .Net ASP.Net jQuery JScript Ajax.Net LINQ Lambda Expressions SQL Server 2008 R2 SSRS RDLC/RDL


Consulting Solutions Provider

As a private consultant enjoyed the opportunity to delve into many aspects of the business community as well as broaden my horizons in the software industry. All projects included the full SDLC from architecture to implementation of applications in C .Net VB.Net WCF MVC WF WPF VBA ASP.Net ADO.Net Entity Framework SSRS RDLC/RDL XML/XSLT HTML5/DHTML CSS jQuery JavaScript FileNet Telerik Controls and various database vendors for small businesses within the triangle area. Representative projects are as follows

Recently the opportunity has been offered to provide solutions utilizing Visual Studio 2012 .Net 4.5 C HTML5 jQuery CSS JavaScript SQL Server 2010 SSRS RDLC/RDL for county school system banking hospital and travel agency and subscription industries to accomplish highly efficient office practices.

Client County School System Designed and developed a common framework to be utilized by consuming applications moving forward which included Master Page User / Server Controls communication with Active Directory dynamically created menu based on ASP menu control with data produced by database xml or sitemap denoted by keys in web configuration file. Environments Visual Studio 2012 C .Net VB.Net Ajax Controls HTML5 CSS jQuery JavaScript SQL Server 2010 and Entity Framework.

Client CenterPoint Solutions - Designed a Windows-based C .Net application and a Windows based service that offers the ability to locate an XML file that has been generated remotely by a tablet PC. Utilizing a newly developed library of configuration settings interfaces base and inherited classes to establish mappings for any database regardless of vendor -- a programmatically created XSLT file is then applied to the XML file transforms this data into appropriate format for input using a modification of Microsoft s Data Access application block an encapsulation of calls to most vendor databases thereby increasing marketability.

Client Pallet Alliance - Developed a Windows-based followed by a web-based order entry and tracking system using VB.Net/ASP.Net. This application allows for order entry customer inventory ship tracing and order fulfillment for the pallet industry. GUI created via ASP.Net business logic and data access in VB.Net and data storage and manipulation resides on SQL Server 2000.

Client Trident Technologies - Created a C .Net system which tracks service agreements and warranty information for statewide fire department equipment. This application offers the ability to trace call-in requests with fulfilling service ticket information as well as regular service maintenance reporting security etc. Has the capability for the technicians to store information remotely on local laptops and sync with the network weekly.


Consulting Sr. Software Engineer

Successfully authored numerous applications for WVOT internal use to provide more efficient business processes while mentoring the team of XRM functionalities and resources. Additionally a legacy system is being utilized by the WV Miners Health Safety and Training agency for daily operations. While meeting with various users of this application requirements were gathered offering the ability for the current task of architecting and leading a development team to provide a solution utilizing XRM / C .Net plugins as well as an ASP / C web application to replace the legacy system with a highly scalable easily maintainable solution which upon implementation will offer a significant increase in staff productivity. It became very apparent within the discovery process to provide a solution an off-line feature was imperative due to sites geographical locations which lacked internet connectivity. The command pattern was therefore implemented enabling the devices utilized in the field such as laptops tablets etc. to store information locally and invoke API or web services calls once internet connectivity could be established. During the performance of these duties was called upon to assist additional teams in the development of a various products.

Environments XRM 2011 SharePoint Visual Studio 2010 Net 4.0 C .Net ASP.Net MVC 4 WCF WF WPF jQuery JScript Ajax.Net LINQ Lambda Expressions SQL Server 2008 R2 SSRS RDLC/RDL SSIS


Technical Architect / Sr. Software Engineer

Architecting designing and developing a SOA solution to provide better business practices for the Lifecycle Planning of National and International Global Trading Controls for Boeing Inc. due to having ITAR credentials. This application includes questionnaire scheduling workflow systems and collection of required information necessary to interface utilizing SAAS strategies with the U.S. Government Department of Commerce Department of State abiding by the rules and regulations set by these authorities as well as various third party systems to facilitate communication integration of data with kindred airlines in order to facilitate tracing aircraft structure or transported materials. Segments of the entire solution are written as SAAS to be available for purchase by interested parties.

Environments Enterprise Architect Visual Studio 2010 Net 4.0 C .Net ASP.Net MVC 2.0 WF Entity Framework MS CRM jQuery JavaScript Ajax.Net LINQ Lambda Expressions Oracle 10g Toad for Oracle WCF Eqatec Profiler


Consulting Software Developer

Successfully performed the role as a technical consultant to introduce Continuous Integration utilizing Cruise Control as the driving force for communications with Subversion ASP.Net MS CRM SharePoint MSBuild Nant PHP and Classic ASP. Additionally providing leadership and guidance in the architecture and design of the new services as well as replacement of the legacy system provided by this organization. In this capacity evaluation of the proper tools was also performed.

Environments Visual Studio 2008 Net 3.5 C .Net ASP.Net Ajax.Net MVC 1.0 WCF WF PHP SQL Server 2008 SSIS SSRS RDLC/RDL SSAS SharePoint MS CRM


Consulting Software Developer

Instrumental in providing a customized Ajax enabled Web-based SOA solution for the ND Secretary of State s office using MS MVC 1.0 and Entity Framework to solve their business processing needs. This solution provides scanning image manipulation record tracking bar coding and contains interfaces to third party software FileNet for image storage ACH / Credit Card Processing systems which utilized embedded software processing and reporting services. This solution was written generically to be purchased as a COTS software application as well as segments of the solution were written as SAAS to be available for purchase by interested parties.

Environments Team Foundation Server Visual Studio 2008 Net 3.5 C .Net ASP.Net Ajax.Net MVC 1.0 WCF

WF WPF Entity Framework jQuery JSon JavaScript NProf LINQ Lambda Expressions SQL Server 2008 SSIS SSRS RDLC/RDL SSAS


Consulting Software Developer

In the capacity of a technical consultant was highly instrumental in the architecture data modeling design and development of an Ajax enabled web-based application which provided management of activities for health care providers throughout the county. The solution tracks the activities license and complaints of physicians for state reporting. This application was designed generically to promote code reuse and ease of maintenance and utilized generics custom and anonymous delegates.

Environments Visual Studio 2008 Net 3.5 C .Net ASP.Net Ajax.Net SQL Server 2005 SSIS SSRS RDLC/RDL SSAS Telerik Controls


Lead Software Architect

While leading a team of 10 engineers 20 members in total was responsible for the architecture and design of a highly configurable Commercial off the Shelf Government product which provides FileONE s clients the Secretaries of State offices throughout the U.S. a solution to their business processing needs. This product designed from SOA architecture perspective was implemented with OOP and developed using Agile/SCRUM methodologies utilizes continuous integration and accommodates distributed environments database agnostic implements design patterns where appropriate and presented with Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon control UI. The architecture of this product also provided an application framework for all software solutions offered by the company in the future. Responsible for the recommendation of product platform company procedure implementation including design and code reviews UML third party tool selection and cost effectiveness of build versus buy solutions.

Additional responsibilities included scalable easily maintainable architecture for a number of viable applications currently utilized for B2B communications electronic document and credit card processing. A variety of applications in C .Net throughout the SDLC from architecture to implementation were also successfully completed. Designed and developed a library of generic plug and play user controls composite server controls C generated DHTML. Additional responsibilities included mentorship and training in the areas of architecture design and development of software systems.

Environments C .Net including WCF MVC WF WPF VB.Net ASP.Net Ajax.Net Team Suite 2008 .Net 3.5 Oracle SQL Server Sharepoint FileNet Nunit Nant NProf Cruise Control nDoc Telerik Controls Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


Consulting Technical Lead / Sr. Developer

In the capacity of a technical consultant for a customized solutions provider was highly instrumental in the architecture design and development of a web-based e-commerce system offering a full array of product ordering load building shipment tracking reporting Excel email exporting invoicing and accounting functionalities. VB.Net C .Net as well as .Net framework classes were utilized to create user and server controls web services business and data access layers. GUI was developed in ASP.Net HTML/DHTML. XML was employed for a variety of data manipulation and dynamic control building tasks. The RDMS was SQL Server 2000 with integration via DataMirror to various vendor databases. Adeptly furnished business requirements in the form of Use Cases Development Stories UML Wire Frames by analyzing a legacy VB/Classic ASP system. Solely responsible for extensive database tasks encompassing performance enhancements data analysis triggers indexes stored procedure tuning and administrative functions. Junior developers were successfully mentored in this role via introduction of design patterns code reviews pair programming db design and administration as well as various other methods.

Environments C .Net VB.Net ASP.Net SQL Server.


Consulting Technical Lead / Team Lead / Senior Software Developer

Role was instrumental in all phases of SDLC from requirements gathering project documentation architecture design development QA user testing implementation post-implementation support of a real-time web-based statewide system using structured design methodology. This system provides for the sell of hunting and fishing licenses and boat registration within government regulations using framework based security presentation user controls and ASP GUI business and data access layer tiers. It replaced multiple legacy systems and was automated utilizing VB.Net ASP.Net ADO.Net SQL Server 2000 as well as integration with 3rd party software for address verification and credit card processing. As Technical / Team lead was solely responsible for all tiers of the financial arena within this application to include tracking funds from initial sell reporting agent payments fund distribution to the State of North Carolina s Accounting System and electronic communication with financial institutions statewide. This required extensive data manipulation using stored procedures triggers DTS packages etc.

Performed successfully in the roles of Team Lead Developer DB Architect in a variety of projects using Powerbuilder to assist in the day to day operations of the organization. Tools utilized included dynamic datawindows stored procedures dynamic SQLs PFC class user objects etc. Provided data interaction with other applications databases and Point of Sale terminals located throughout the state. Supported and maintained C/C embedded software application residing on POS terminals to allow agents to purchase license as well as the uploading and processing of batch scripts that disseminated data to finance fulfillment and warehousing of license purchases. Designed developed and maintained a Classic ASP/VB//HTML/XML e-commerce application that offered the purchase of hunting and fishing license utilizing SQL server stored procedures for data-tier processing.

Environments Visual Studio VB.Net ASP.Net JavaScript HTML/DHTML XML/XSLT IIS Visual SourceSafe PowerBuilder SQL Server C C Visual Basic Classic ASP and Access.


Consulting Developer

Designed developed tuned and maintained PowerBuilder application to monitor an array of film developing envelope issues including but not limited to maintaining base quantity and when necessary ordering inventory from next tier service location shipping receiving costs bar-coding adjustments. Tasks accomplished through datawindows controls PL/SQL stored procedures triggers dynamic SQL s PFC class user objects etc. Responsibility was technical lead in approximately 30 reports to aid in costing inventory ordering and replacement factors within operations. Nationwide application employed by processing plants imprint centers corporate headquarters vendor locations and eventually store fronts. Initial data store utilized SQL Server was instrumental in the migration to Oracle 8x database. An additional achievement was successfully developing software applications for reporting and tracking issues for Quality Assurance Division Kodak Inc in Visual FoxPro. Environments PowerBuilder Object Cycle Visual FoxPro Oracle PL/SQL SQL Server.



Developed software applications which utilized insurance claims filed by area physicians and clinics evaluating them against model health care guidelines established by the American Medical Association AMA for proper treatment regimen laboratory testing for each illness as well as the cost effectiveness of said treatment and profiling or ranking this provider with peers. Menu items provided for reports flexible and standard filters and online help for improved user efficiency. Applications used by Plan s staff for evaluation of relationship with providers.

Environments Visual FoxPro Visual Basic Oracle Access.


Consulting Solutions Provider

Self employed developer serving clients in Steel Chemical and Industrial Manufacturing Banking Hospital industries. Projects included Access and Delphi applications to trace and report training incidents on all individuals employed by a Steel manufacturer and comparison against OSHA regulations identifying training needs and scheduling necessary sessions. Provided PowerBuilder application to establish employee attendance history equipment inventory/tracking and reporting. Also architected and developed a Visual FoxPro SQL Server application for mortgage/banking companies containing loan servicing requirements reporting and on-line help. Additionally was responsible for accounting financial planning and contact management systems in various environments.

Environments Visual FoxPro SQL Server Access Delphi PowerBuilder Visual Basic.


Senior Software Engineer

  • Responsible for several applications in diverse environments which included
  • Paradox employee and downsizing system consisting of factors of seniority multiple skill sets and necessary reporting for industrial manufacturing industry.
  • Access application profiling the cost effectiveness of treatment performed by physicians employed by an area hospital.
  • Designed Internet Web Page using MS Front Page
  • Instruction of courses on Internet applications and over 20 software packages.
  • Also installed and maintained Novell NetWare and Windows NT networks upgrading troubleshooting service and repair of various brands of personal computers.

Environments Access Paradox Delphi Windows NT and Novell Netware


Computer Programmer/Developer

Provided a solution for the U.S. Navy including developing installation and technical support for a complete system to maintain and access history and calibration statistics for entire stock of measurement inventory. Solely responsible for efficient development of FoxPro and Visual FoxPro software to manage all aspects of in house processing to include maintenance of equipment history/inventory that had previously been performed by COBOL applications on Datapoint mainframe.

Environments FoxPro Visual FoxPro COBOL Windows 3.1 for Workgroups Novell Netware Datapoint


Computer Specialist/Supervisory Legal Assistant

Responsible for supervising training administering and providing technical support for legal clerks reviewing workload schedules personnel assignments status of ongoing works. Legal and technical support was provided to the Administrative Law Judges in processing cases for hearings under the applicable laws of the Social Security Act through examining claims for pertinent evidentiary items. Exhibits and rights of objection were presented admitted evidence for record performed technical research composed technical correspondence and drafted preliminary decisions under Federal regulations and current class actions. Projects included multiple program processing administration and management of work data and batch processing telecommunications databases management/programming interactive programming and security.

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