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Captiva Developer Resume

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Sixteen(16) years of experience of which Eleven(11)+ years of extensive experience in designing, developing, integration and administration of business applications utilizing Documentum and Captiva InputAccel. Additional development skills including Java, JSP, JavaScript, VB/C#.NET, MS - SQL Server and Oracle under AIX, Unix, Linux and Windows environment.


Content Management Tool: EDMS98, Documentum 4i / 5.2.5 / 5.3 / 6.0 / 6.5 / 6.6 / 6.7 , DA, WebTop, WDK, DFC, DFS etc.

Language: C#.NET, VB.NET, Java, JSP, C, C++, JavaScript, SQL, HTML/XML, ASP.NET

Database: MS SQL Server 2003/2008, Oracle 10g/11g

Web/Application server: IIS, Tomcat, Jboss

IDE: Visual Studio, Eclipse

Imaging Solution: InputAccel 5.3/6.0 SP2, Captiva 7/7.1


Confidential, TX

Captiva Developer


  • Create/modify .NET code module
  • Create/modify Capture flow

Confidential, Lakewood, CO

Enterprise Content Management Developer


  • InputAccel system maintenance
  • Daily monitored batches and system logs
  • Investigated and repaired problem batch before work processes are disrupted
  • Troubleshooting with EMC tech support
  • InputAccel development
  • Gathered and analyzed user requirements
  • Designed and implemented imaging solution.
  • Created a Scan cover page template(MS Word) and Data(MS Excel)
  • Pulls a data from a related database and fill up each column with the data for mail merge.
  • Customize a formula to generate a 2D Barcode data(PDF 417)
  • Created a process using Process Developer in Version 6.x
  • Created CaptureFlow, Document Type and profile using Captiva Designer in Captiva 7
  • Created CaptureFlow script(Server-side script) and Profile Script(DLL) in Captiva 7
  • Created Client-side scripting for ScanPlus module(DLL) using C#
  • Created .NET CodeModule(DLL) using C#
  • Connected InputAccel and MFP(Multi Function Printer) using MDW(Multi Directory Watch) module
  • Integrated InputAccel with Documentum
  • Field validation and population with DQL
  • Exporting contents and meta data to Documentum’s repository.
  • Implemented Named Query for field validation in Captiva 7
  • Exporting stats table using ODBC export module for Crystal Reports
  • Converted(and Re-Engineered) Processes in version 6.x to Captiva 7
  • Created Document Type.
  • Utilized Free3 of 9 and PDF417(2D Barcode)
  • Did unit test
  • InputAccel Process Upgrade
  • Version 5.3 to 6.0
  • Version 6.0 SP2 to Captiva 7(Re-Engineering)
  • Participated in RSP(Rapid Success Program) with EMC
  • Documentum Development
  • Webtop customization
  • Advanced Search
  • Custom menu(Link/Unlink Folder, Safe Delete)
  • Login/Logout page
  • Check in/out
  • Created TBO
  • Created Custom Object Type
  • System Integration
  • SharePoint and Documentum with DFS

Environment: Linux, Java, Documentum 6.5/6.7, DFC, DFS, WebTop 6.5, DA 6.5, Tomcat, WebSphere, Oracle, InputAccel 6.0 SP2, Captiva 7, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio, C#.NET, VBA

Confidential, Austin, TX

ECM Documentum Developer


  • Documentum System technical support
  • Identified and resolved application issues effectively and in a timely manner
  • Daily monitored Documentum system & Proactively assessed system health
  • Recognized impending problems and correct them before work processes are disrupted
  • Administering day-to-day troubleshooting and maintenance of Documentum web application
  • Tested/applied Hotfix or patch for better performance
  • Performed on-call duties in rotation with the other team members and follow-up on any problems encountered
  • Documentum System Migration from HP Unix to AIX
  • Development of application
  • Verified technical requirements and detailed design documents for EDM solutions
  • Designed/Developed User Interface
  • Designed/Built custom Permission Set, Object Type and Alias Set using Application Builder
  • Developed and deployed BOF(TBO)
  • Customized/Configured WebTop.
  • Implemented imaging solution utilizing InputAccel
  • Developed custom process
  • Upgraded Captiva InputAccel 4.0 to
  • Modified IACustom.dll(DLL) to validate data
  • Did configuration of modules
  • Performed application maintenance and resolving technical issues
  • Documentum product upgrade (5.2.5 to 5.3 SP2)
  • Upgraded Content Server and WebTop from 5.2.5 to 5.3 SP2
  • Project Management.

Environment: Windows NT/XP/2003, HP, AIX, Java, XML, JSP, JavaScript, Documentum Content Server 5.3, WDK, DFC, WebTop 5.3, DA 5.3, Tomcat 5.0.28, DeskTopClient 5.3, InputAccel 4.0/

Confidential, Minnesota

Documentum Developer


  • Performed migration of Lotus Notes data to Docbase.
  • Performed migration of legacy Intranet web site to DCTM Webtop based web site.
  • Did Staging Data/ Enrichment(Attribute extraction)
  • Did Attributes/folders mapping
  • Developed application for RTF parsing/extracting of attributes using VB.NET
  • Performed extracting attributes from MS-Office file(.ppt, .doc, .xls) using VB.NET
  • Did making XML for uploading
  • Perfomed loading BulkData into Docbase using DIXI(with XML) and DocLoader
  • Did customization/configuration of DAM(Digital Asset Manager).
  • Performed implementation of taxonomy system

Environment: Windows NT/XP, MS-Office, Java, VB.NET, XML, Documentum 5.2.5/5.3, Lotus Notes, WebTop 5.2.5, DAM 5.3, DA5.2.5, MS-SQL Server 2K, DIXI, DocLoader, Content Intelligence Services 5.2.5, Content Rendition Service 5.2.5, IBM Websphere

Confidential, Austin, TX

Technical Support Staff


  • Did monitor and control computer systems.
  • Managed User account(Novel Netware)
  • Helped solving problems.(Troubleshoot& Repair)
  • Did maintenance of management systems.
  • Managed Printing system
  • Installed and maintained S/W, H/W, and Network.

Environment: Windows 98/XP, Novel Netware, MS-Office, MS-Visual Studio, Java, C++,VB/VB.NET, ASP.NET, HTML/XML


Documentum Developer


  • Administered deployment, installation the Documentum for client systems.
  • Gathered and analyzed user requirements and designed systems.
  • Deployed developed application on client systems.
  • Configured, turned code and DQL query.
  • Created script for creation of Object Types and Folder/Cabinet structure on the server.
  • Managed Interaction with users to resolve their queries and helped them in better understanding of applications.
  • Developed Web application using RightSite Server API, DQL, and Various kinds of web application tools.
  • Developed C/S application using VB/C++, DCTM server API, and DFC
  • Did Folder/Cabinet mapping
  • Resolved technical issues pertaining to Applications and Server.
  • Administered day-to-day troubleshooting and maintenance of user applications.
  • Designed & developed some major part of application for Samsung Austin branch.
  • Project management

Environment: Documentum 4i, Windows2000/Unix, WebServer, AutoRender Pro, VB, HTML, Oracle, DQL, Docbasic, RightSite, JavaScript, DCTM API, IIS, VB, MS-SQL Server, Accent Capture, Workflow Manager, DFC, WorkSpace, Java


Documentum Developer


  • Conducted maintenance of system.
  • Managed testing for application.
  • Developed C/S application using Visual Basic.

Environment: Oracle 7, Windows NT 4.0, Visual Basic 5.0, DQL, EDMS98, Documentum API, DocBasic

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