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C# .net /ui Developer Resume

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Irving, TX


  • Professional Software Developer with 7+ years of experience in Microsoft technologies; worked for various clients and projects in every phase of Software Development Life Cycle, from business requirement gathering to project delivery.
  • Excellent design and integration problem solving skills.Summary
  • Experience in design and development of Web Applications & Database Design using the technologies ASP .NET, C#, OOPS, MVC, JQuery, Java Script, Ajax, XML, HTML, MS SQL Server.
  • Hands on technology experience of designing and developing software applications with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0/4.5 using C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, MVC 3.0/4.0, Entity Framework.
  • Experience in building rich internet (RIA) web applications using HTML/HTML5, XML, AJAX, JQUERY, JavaScript, Bootstrap and CSS/CSS3.
  • Developed and implemented UI controls and API's with Ext JS.
  • Experience in JavaScript frameworks like Angular JS, Node.JS, EXT.JS, Knockout.JS, Backbone.JSetc.
  • Implemented data retrieval and manipulation using ADO.NET data objects, Entity Framework & LINQ.
  • Experience in building SOA applications using .NET JSON, Web - API, Web services, WCF, WPF, SOAP and REST.
  • Creative Knowledge in art creation, modification and conversion- Logos, print media, and software interface design using Photoshop, Adobe Flash and Illustrator.
  • Experience in working with 3-tier architecture and n-tier architecture using Windows communication foundation.
  • Experience in working with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF).
  • Designing and developing websites on ASP.NET framework through agile development methodology.
  • Vast experience in using third party controls like Telerik Kendo controls.
  • Experience in designing and developing Databases in SQL Server which includes the development of functions, stored procedures and triggers.
  • LINQ experience to work with Datasets, Objects, Entities as well as ADO.NET Entity Framework.
  • Worked on writing test cases using NUnit for testing different layers of the application.
  • Exclusively used ASP.NET Web Parts, Master Pages, User Controls, and Custom Controls to design.
  • Experience using configuration Management Tools such as Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Sub Version (SVN) for version control.
  • Experience in client interaction, coordinating releases to resolve different issues in almost all of the projects.


.NET Technologies: .Net, C#.NET, ADO.NET, ASP, WCF, LINQ

Web Technologies: JQuery, JavaScript, WCF, XML, HTML/HTML5, XHTML, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Node.JS, Ember.JS, Backbone.js, AJAX, JSON & PHP.

Databases: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012 , MS Access

Middleware: Enterprise Library, Entity Framework, LINQ, ADO.NET Web Services

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS 2012/2008/2005 ), Crystal Reports

Application Servers: Windows Server 2010/2008/2003/ NT, Microsoft IIS

Operating Systems: Windows Vista/ XP/2000/2003, Linux, AIX, MAC

IDE: Visual Studio. Net 2003/2005/2008/2010 , SQL Server Management Studio

Frameworks: ASP.Net MVC 5.0, .Net Framework 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5

Tools: NUnit,JIRA, LoadRunner, HP Performance Tester, Bug Tracker.

Source Control: Visual Source Safe, Team Foundation Server, Tortoise SVN

Design Patterns: Model-View-Controller (MVC), MVVM,SOA, Agile Methodology

3rd Party tools: MS Visio, MS FrontPage, Infragistics, Telerik Controls


C# .Net /UI Developer

Confidential - Irving, TX

Environment: Visual Studio 2013, .Net framework 4.5, MVC 5.0, C#.Net,ADO.net, TFS, Entity Framework 5.0, SQL Server 2014, AJAX, XML, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Adobe, JSON, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, MVVM, SOAP, WebAPI, WCF.


  • Worked in an Agile environment to enhance and maintain existing .NET infrastructure and resource.
  • Developed new features based on technical specifications and user stories created by Business Analysts.
  • Created Responsive UI applications for multiple end-user environments and platforms
  • Built the Responsive UI screen using HTML5, CSS 3 and Bootstrap.
  • Used jQuery UI API for the animation and UI development of ASP.NET MVC 5 application.
  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML5/HTML, DHTML, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Involved in extensive HTML5 coding.
  • Developed fast loading images using Adobe Photoshop CS3.
  • Designed GUI using the HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Jquery, Angular.Js and Custom Controls.
  • Involved in developing client side scripting using Angular.JS.
  • Have worked with JQuery Mobile as a part of UI Development.
  • Developed ASP.NET, MVC application in Test Driven Development environment.
  • Worked with various Angular.JS Expressions, Directives, Filters and Controller Developed page layouts, navigation, animation buttons and icons.
  • Designed CSS based page layouts that are cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant.
  • Involved in developing customizations to the Electronic Health Record platform, which is based on SQL Server 2012.
  • Critically evaluated the impact of application design on database performance
  • Worked and Defined high level technology standards, best practices, processes and guidelines
  • Identified opportunities for process and tool improvements and drive those
  • Work closely with next generation architecture development team using cutting edge approaches and technologies
  • Involve in the framework development in core leading technologies
  • Implemented Road Map, Defined and built best Practices for .NET Application Development.
  • Defined the logical, technical and physical architecture of the .NET Application implementation.
  • Worked with ASP.NET MVC Razor Views to create the presentation layer.

.Net/UI Developer

Confidential - Louisville, KY

Environment: Visual Studio 2013, .Net framework 4.5, MVC 5.0/4.0, C#.Net,ADO.net, TFS, Entity Framework 5.0, SQL Server 2012, Bootstrap, AJAX, XML, JavaScript, AngularJS, JSON, jQuery, Kendo Controls, HTML 5 and CSS3.


  • Working in Agile Methodologies for rapid development and regular adaption to the varying requirements and continuous delivery of the working software.
  • Working closely to the client for requirement gathering and analysis and provided desired solution to client in time limits.
  • Involved in implementation of Object Oriented Concepts during the development.
  • Developing the application using MVC, Entity Data Model and RESTful and WCF services.
  • Implemented UI using HTML 5, Kendo Controls, XML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, AJAX and Web Form Controls to create responsive web pages, developed Master Pages.
  • Front-end development utilizing Java Script frameworks such as Angular.js, JQuery UI, Backbone.js and Require.js, as well as front end technologies HTML5, CSS3, AJAX.
  • Developed the User Interface Images using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Using JQuery and JavaScript for implementing client side validations at Controller level.
  • Using JQuery & JSON for dynamic User Interface, retrieval and posting of data.
  • Software maintenance and development for applications implemented in .NET, Web services, and IIS.
  • Hands-on experience in implementing application security using Forms authentication mode.
  • Implemented .Net classes for Business logic Layer using C#.
  • Implemented Data Access Layer using Entity Framework to connect, retrieve and update the data from SQL server.
  • Creating Queries and joins on multiple tables, Functions and Triggers using LINQ in SQL 2012 for inserting/updating/ deleting the data into the relational tables.
  • Developing various Stored Procedures for the data retrieval from the database and generating different types of reports.
  • Utilize and worked on Source control Tools using with the TFS, validate the change sets /code changes, apply the Labeling, Check-in/Out and etc.,

.NET / UI Developer

Confidential - Dallas, TX

Environment: C#, ASP.NET 4.0/4.5, VB.NET, User Controls, Visual Studio 2013, TFS, .Net Framework 4.0/ 4.5, MVC5, VB6, Web Forms, JSON, WPS, Angular JS, AJAX, Microsoft Application Block, XML, C# WINFORM, SOA, Microsoft BA tool. Windows 2008, IIS 8.0, JQUERY and CSS, HTML5, SOAP, Java Script, XSLT, SQL Server 2008/2012, T-SQL/PLSQL, UML, DB2


  • Developed application using ASP.NET 4.0, C#, API, AJAX, SQL Server.
  • Provide a mid-level contribution to a team responsible for the design, development and implementation of critical business enterprise applications using the .NET Framework 3.5/4.0 and SQL Server technologies.
  • GUI was developed using JQUERY with Java script, JSON, CSS, XAML and ASP.NET MVC5, Web APIs, Angular JS.
  • Designed and maintained database in MSSQL Server using SQL Created tables, views, user defined functions, stored procedures and triggers using Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer.
  • Consumed Web services using WCF for online transactions using C# and solve dependency injection problems exposed them through SOAP and HTTP, Support MVVM internal Applications, Web Processing Service.
  • Embedded ASP.Net user controls into Kentico CMS.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems with SQL DB administration, MySQL and storage engines
  • The development and customization of a VB, C# .Net web Forms specialty intranet applications. They will also regularly assure the quality of the software by overseeing testing of the application.
  • Used Team Foundation Server 2008 for Source Code Control, project related document sharing and team collaboration, deploy the updated changes in IIS.
  • Went through the total Project Development Life Cycle and have a clear understanding of various tiers as the project was a multi-tier application.
  • Created WCF services and communicated them with JavaScript to display certain information

.Net/UI Developer

Confidential - Carmel, IN

Environment: Visual Studio .NET 2010, .Net 3.5, C# .NET, ASP.NET MVC 4.0, LINQ, JQUERY, AJAX, XML, SQL Server 2008, Entity Framework, Angular.JS, Backbone.JS, Agile, Web Services, Tortoise SVN.


  • Analyzed business requirements, and participated in Object Oriented design discussions.
  • Responsible for designing the ASP.NET application authentication in 3 tier architecture using .NET Framework, Model View Controller MVC and IIS security model.
  • UI/UX development using JQuery, Backbone.js Angular.js, AJAX& Node.js.
  • Implemented ASP.NET MVC3.5 (Model View Controller) architecture for application development to render different views based on the category and simplify the testing process.
  • Built numerous C# UI components and business modules using MVC 3.5 framework.
  • Used HTML5 and Angular JS for front end development.
  • Responsible for upgrade process of the website to the latest version of Angular.JS Framework.
  • Developed Tabbed pages using Angular.JS directives and used JQuery and Angular.JS for various client side validations.
  • Responsible for upgrade process of the website to the latest version of Angular.JS framework.
  • Worked on adding repositories for different modules and called them in controls.
  • Worked on writing LINQ queries with DB First Entity framework in data access layer for patient and provider modules.
  • Worked on JQUERY lib to post data to MVC action method.
  • Developed modules using RAZOR views and using controls using c#.
  • Involved in Agile methodology for rapid development.
  • Design Business layer, Database layer and implemented transaction management into the existing architecture, created by web pages using ASP.NET.
  • Create and consumed Web API services to get patient benefit data from different carriers using REST.
  • Design and documentation of REST APIs for collection and retrieval of high volume data.
  • Implemented .Net Security features of Authentication and Authorization using .Net Membership.
  • Extensive use of T-SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers to perform the data retrieval from SQL Server 2008.
  • Used Tortoise SVN for the purpose of version Control and source code maintenance needs.
  • Created technical specification documents and gave production support during release time.

.NET/Web Developer

Confidential - Tysons, VA

Environment: C#, ASP.NET 4.0/3.5, C#.NET, Visual Studio .NET 2008, TFS, .Net Framework3.0/ 3.5, MVC3, SharePoint 2013, C# WINFORM, Web Forms, WPS, AJAX, jQuery, CSS, RDBMS, XML, SSO, XSLT, VB6 .NET Architecture Design patterns, IIS 8.0, HTML, SOAP, Java Script, SQL Server 2008, XSLT, T-SQL/PLSQL, UML.


  • Involved in initiation, eliciting, analyzing, recording requirements, design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance of the project in SDLC environment.
  • Designing and Implementing Interfaces and Classes using Object Oriented Programming Structure and Design Patterns.
  • Developed application using C#, ASP.NET MVC4, HTML5, AJAX, SQL Server 2008/2012 from new development and VB6 Applications and Cobol Applications.
  • Implementing Client side validations using JQuery, JSON and ASP.NET MVC Validation implemented at Controller level.
  • Built Single page web application using Angular JS.
  • Involved in creating rich and interactive UI using CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Angular JS
  • Designed and implemented the User Interface using AngularJS MVC framework
  • Responsible for UI developments and custom views using MVC Razor and ASCX, HTML, jQuery, XAML and CSS which interacts with Business layer objects and contents from external source followed agile software development scrum.
  • Designing and Developing Enterprise Framework Assemblies for Data Access, Exception Handling, Logging and Session Management etc.
  • Developed system services SOA application platform for use by all web applications utilizing WCF services (web services) and the ASP.Net provider model.
  • Responsible for designing, developing and implementing solutions to meet global and local legal/business requirements.
  • Work collaboratively with business owners to assist in development of Business Object reports. Tasks including requirement gathering, development, testing and maintenance.
  • Implementing maintenance screen, check entry, tracking the checks by funds and judges payments, implementing check deposit process and records court and judge payer amount
  • Installing, developing and deploying on application/web servers such as IIS administration 8.0 in windows 2012 R2 web server and Web Processing Service (WPS).
  • Designed and implemented Data access layers (model) using LINQ for XML Data, and multi-user interface Used XML, XSLT and defined XML Schema.
  • Designed various web forms using Master Pages for judges and courts, CSS, skins and themes in Worked on .NET formwork 4.5/Visual Studio 2012
  • Coding and Tuning the queries, Stored procedures and functions, Triggers using PL/SQL
  • Developed core functionality with the ASP.NET MVC Framework from visual basic (VB6) Application (C#.NET, Entity Framework 7.0)
  • Optimized data access (Entity Framework) statements for more performance and efficiency.

Web Developer

Confidential - New York, NY

Environment: Visual Studio 2008, C#.net, VB.net and ASP.net, WCF, Java script, Oracle 11g, AJAX Tool kit, TFS


  • Developed UI, Business Layer and Data Access Layer using ASP.NET.
  • Used Grid views and XML to pull the data from the database and display it on the UI
  • Extensively used ADO.NET and data objects such as Dataset, Data Adapter and XML Text Reader/Writer for consistent access to Oracle database.
  • Written complex SQL queries with Joins on multiple tables, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Backup and Restore Database, Define roles and Create database users in Oracle database.
  • Involved in unit testing, bug fixing, code integration and code deployment.
  • Implemented WCF Service to get the data from source systems.
  • Designed and developed new reports, updated old reports as per user's requirements using Crystal Reports.
  • Deploying application on client-side servers and involved in Server Load-balance configuration with Server Admin team.
  • Performed Code Reviews to enforce the project coding standards.

Web Developer


Environment: Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET 4.0, C#, SQL Server 2008, Java Script, ADO.NET, IIS


  • Involved in Coding for Candidate/Employee/Requirement Details Screen, Search Screens for Candidate/Requirement using ASP.NET, C#, Java Script
  • Developed stored procedures using SQL Server 2008
  • Worked on writing C# objects for data access layer and called the stored procedures.
  • Implemented Generic classes for Business Layer and Data Access Layer using C#.
  • Worked on creating web forms and user controls for UI development.
  • Involved in designing screens using Grid view control, menu controls.
  • Involved in writing code behind logic using C#.NET for different webfroms to bind the grids and other server controls.
  • Written Views, User Defined Functions, Stored Procedures, and Triggers for inserting/Updating/Deleting the data into the relational tables.
  • Participated in several Unit testing migration and production releases for software upgrades and version upgrades.

Software Engineer


Environment: C#, ASP.NET, CSS, SQL Server 2005, ADO.NET, Visual studio 2005, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


  • Developed the Graphical User Interface (UI) using C#.NET & ASP.NET Web Forms.
  • Used Data grid and XML to pull the data from the database and display it on the UI
  • Developed and support above applications in C# and ASP.NET.
  • Developed, enhanced and maintained multi-tier ASP.NET and ASP web applications Systems.
  • Use of Object Oriented concepts, analysis and design using visual studio.net.
  • Responsible for Database design, and creating of Stored Procedures, triggers to perform the Data retrieval from multiple tables in SQL Server 2005.
  • Developed web forms and user controls for the web application in ASP.NET, C#.
  • Designed and developed UI for Intranet applications.
  • Wrote HTML, JavaScript and CSS for application.
  • Implemented validations using built-in validation controls and custom validations controls.
  • Using and configuring the IIS application server.
  • Developed, deployed and consumed Web Services.
  • Data grid, data list and repeater server controls are used with ADO.NET to manipulate the data and generate results based on alert types.

Environment: Windows 2003 Server, Visual Studio.NET 2005, C#.net and ASP.net, Java script

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