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.net Lead/system Analyst - Consultant Resume

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Holland, MI


  • Dedicated, accomplishment of software solution technical engineer, designer and developer using a .Net/Web based including Manufacturing, government, insurance, healthcare, financial, accounting and commercial that was experienced me into UML or Agile of Scrum and full SDLC of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation of Applications that I was using object oriented technologies, Visual Studio.Net, MVC, IIS, ODBC, DB2, Oracle, AS400 and RDMS.


Confidential - Holland, MI

.Net Lead/System Analyst - Consultant


  • Worked as administrating/engineering/architecturing of IIS or SDLC to develop, design, analyze, debug, convert and maintain the calculation of functionalities and sites (15%) as Agile/Spring/Scrum.
  • Used (10%) SSMA/SSDT and SSIS/SSRS to create the Schema and abstract the data and also must modify the scripting or others as triggers, tables, types, functions, views, BLOB, CLOB, link, merge or etc from Oracle to SQL Server and also created Power Shell Scripting to execute the daily jobs.
  • Converted/developed new web projects (65%) of current sites as Internet /Intranet/Mobile from Java/Oracle/DB2/ODBC/AS400/Onbase to MVC/SQL/Mobile/SSDT/SSMA/SSIS/SSRS on Development, Staging and Production as LOB, BOM, Blog, Firebug/debugger, Web Logic, Active Directory, VB6.0/C#/VB.Net, MVC/Html5/Bootstrap, Css, Pdf, Adobe Photoshop, Excel, JavaScript/JQuery, Imaging/EDI, XML, Power Shell Script, Visual Studio 2012/13, IIS, TFS, ODBC, ELMAH/RedGate and SQL 2008 R2/2012/2014, web Client, Console/Web/Windows Services, Web UI and etc.
  • Rotated or carried cell phone (10%) 24/7 for technical support, defects and solution after hours.

Confidential - Assumption, IL

Software Developer - Full-Time


  • Used the Agile/Scrum in SOA for Grain System in analysis, design, development, maintenance, complex component based (SDLC) business layers in a Wins/Web-Enable/UI, Client-Server Environment including MicroSoft.NET Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio, ADO.NET, C#/VB.NET/, Excel, ASP.NET, HTML, XML, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, IIS, PL/SQL Server, Java script, stored procedures, BOM, SAP, MVC/Html5, Serena Dimensions and converted Classic ASP/VBA/PHP/VB6.0 to .NET windows/webs.
  • Merged feature, Grain System Code Sets, Power Shell Script, ETL/SSIS/ SSMA/TFS, ELMAH, Adobe Photoshop, Socket, SSL, URL, TCP/IP, JQuery/JavaScript, Ms Charting and security: PKI of decryption and encryption, supporting production’s daily issues with multi-thread.
  • Implemented the system analysis/design to manipulate all plants to meet architect’s BOM/DOM into the PI/SAP as data warehouse, standard-format EDI, and intranet/internet and windows applications.
  • Compiled the all phrases, transaction processing and developing to research over 6.7 billion dollars assets and other requires including global as Southeast Asian, Europe and so on or Dealer Information.
  • Lead/enhanced the web/wins, assisted the transition sale, financial & research, developed all phases reports, system architect, navigation, on-line transparent, Nunit & utilizing the BI, abstracted data, RDBMS, Web Services, QA, Development, Staging & Production to meet Grain System Projects’ deadlines.

Confidential, Franklin, TN

Software Developer - Consultant


  • Used the Agile/Scrum in SOA of web/windows in design, analyze, implement, Dashboard, Infragistic, VB6.0/C#/VB.NET, MSS, SSRS, FTP/TFS, XML, CSS, SSRS, JavaScript/VBScripting & Crystal Reports.
  • Designed, analyzed and developed patterns claims X12 4010 & 5010 for 270 /276 /835 & 271/277/278/837 from RDBMS to manipulate the EDI transaction to access GUI, Dashboard, Dataset, Data Reader, EDS, Socket, Web Services, Connector and Data Adapter to convert X12 and EDI from Emdeon, Medata, Eligibility, TPA, Medicaid, Commercial, CHIP, Medicare and File Batch and immigrated Classic ASP/VB 6/VBA applications to .Net.
  • Lead/built the applications for all Payers to response and request or claims (X12 270/276/835 and 271/277/278/837) for most healthcares and insurances.
  • Used MSMQ/Web Services/Socket/Shell Script between Facets, Web UI, MSI, MSMQ, Client requested, processed, services, transaction post, created client response, created external request, sent request to connector and valid external response, set billing, cascaded, messaged, multi-thread and errors.
  • Implemented the analysis/design patterns the database layers of MSMQ into Connector in direct/clearing house to manipulate database, intranet and internet. Compiled the Unit Testing and utilized the BI and PL/SQL/RDBMS or Oracle meets QA, Development, Staging and Production.

Confidential - Fenton, MO

Reporting Developer - Consultant


  • Used the Agile of Scrum of SOA with project in design, analyze, support and implement Win or Web projects of GUI, Dashboard, Excel, JQuery, C#, WPF, WCF, SQL Server, SSRS, FTP, HTML, XML, MSS, CSS, XSLT, JavaScript, MOSS & Crystal Reports. Leaded the designed and developed pilot with summarized cube dimension to RDBMS (LINQ) from SQL Store Procedure in box to manipulate the RDBMS level of survey parameter reporting to access GUI, Dashboard, Chart FX, SSRS, Telerik, Dataset, Reader, Adapter and converted reports to PDF, Excel, XML, CSV, TIFF of Poly serve within Shell Script, VSS, Log4Net, Infragistics 8.3, Adobe Photoshop, Nunit and Web Services.
  • Lead/built brand new web reporting as Web UI as Equest and Everest Framework for Liberty Mutual Insurance, created a SSIS package, Nsort and Checksum for American Family Insurance for daily data loading, converted the web project 2007 to 2008 for Morgan Stanley with New Study ID, developed 1st and 2nd Quarter 2009 for Scottrade, modified the new Ad Hoc functionalities and web media presentation for UBS and modified reports for Sovereign Bank with wealth management.
  • Used AJAX Tool Kit to implement the browsers and media control, design patterns and generated the database layers surveys, complied the Try Catch with Debugging Problem Solving and utilized BI to applications management and PL/SQL/RDBMS for Development, Staging and Production.

Confidential – Baton Rouge, LA 05

Programmer Analyst – Consultant


  • Architected, designed and developed applications to communicate the Log4Net using wins form, VB.Net, Adobe Photoshop, MOSS, ADO.NET, Xpath, XQuery, Dataset, Reader, Adapter, Business to Business, design pattern for data conversion, translator, Plainview and validation as EDI.
  • Created, supported, debugged, maintained and executed all phrases in FEP, ITS and REG in term of AJAX, SSRS, ADO.NET, PL/T-SQL, SQL Stored Procedure, JavaScript, Fusion Chart, Crystal Report, DTS, ETL, SSIS, SQL Server, Oracle, VB 6.0, VB.NET and SOA in HIPAA to trigger or validation all properties solution and enterprise various via within the .NET Framework, Facet, MS Access, Excel, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL/SQL Server, Oracle, EAI, CDE, AJAX, IIS, Nunit and VSS of HL7.
  • Leaded the projects, design patterns and architected the healthcare applications to database layers, compiled HIPAA and utilized class diagram, followed iterative the SDLC and UML, business module, UI, QA and Production and RDBMS to Paper and EDI with TCP/IP or Win|Web Forms & Web Services.

Confidential – Milwaukee, WI

Software Developer - Consultant


  • Worked in financial department to Fixed Assets, Payroll, Account Analysis, Quick Care and Achieve, Trial Balance Download, Re-class & Adjustment File, Facility Master, Vendor Listing, GL Accounts, AR Accounts, Patient Day & Labor Reports, Aging, Ancillary Invoices, Codes, Ms Access Files, Labor Reports and Depreciation of Facet system.
  • Merged the SQL Server scripting and source code management to integrate the healthcare application to generate the database layers with Dataset, Data Reader and Data Adapter. Complied the HIPAA, X12, EDI, Paper and utilized Microsoft foundation class libraries, followed iterative development principles the UML, did data modeling, backup, tuning, analysis and design, implementation, test, data encryption and deployment the Win|Web Forms, Wins Services, SOA, RDBMS, Facets and health care business to business with health research, MSS, IIS, VSS, Adobe Photoshop, and AJAX Tool Kit.
  • Used C# to integrate a .NET compliant language and built objects (sql, triggers, functions, Web UI and etc) and enabled the executable .NET code in which pulled the PL/SQL/RDBMS advantage and debugged data reports, SSDT, boxing, un-boxing, merge, fetch, maintenance and enhancement the GUI, HL7, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB 6, VB.Net, EAI, SSRS, XSD, Fusion Chart, MOSS/VSS, Crystal Reports, ETL, Log4Net, SSIS, Oracle and also converted VBA to .Net System Tracking.
  • Developed with service broker, socket and AJAX to handle messaging between a sender and receiver for the greatly expands the capabilities data-driven applications and OpenSource to meet solution and Nunit.

Confidential, West Allis, WI

User Interface Developer – Consultant


  • Worked as integrated numerous government projects. Key projects were: Ascent Capture and IBM Content Manager where deployed DTS, COM, DCOM, Web UI, integration of core government systems using SSIS, ADO, SQL Server, Excel, Crystal Reports, IIS, Web Services and .Net and ECF using C#, GUI, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, UML, XSD, Fusion, XML, MOSS, Adobe Photoshop, VSS, Nunit and XML.
  • Modified and maintained relational databases for multiple government systems and databases including Ms Access, VB6.0, SSRS, PL/SQL (Oracle/SQL), ODBC, Cares system, HL7 and PACS. Worked with SQL statements, views, ad-hoc queries and database schema configuration in all phrases.

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