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O/s Embedded Software Developer-intern Resume

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  • A resourceful team player with over 6 years of experience in software development. I possess strong analytical and troubleshooting skills to understand and tackle complex problems of any scale.


High Level Languages: C, C++, Java, C #, CUDA - C, SQL, SCOPE, PowerShell

Operating Systems: Ubuntu, CentOS, QNX and Windows.

IDEs: Visual Studio, Eclipse, QNX Momentics IDE.

Tools: WireShark, Perforce, Doxygen, VMware, XPERT.

Multimedia Standards: H.264, H.263, MPEG-2 and MPEG4.




  • Windows 8.1 Telemetry with COSMOS (Big Data)
  • Developed telemetry points and updated Windows-8.1 OS code (C++) with telemetric events for data analysis.
  • Developed scripts in C# and SQL to handle events in COSMOS (Microsoft's Big Data).
  • Generated reports using Power BI and VizFX tools for various Windows teams.
  • Received appreciation across different teams for producing excellent reports on time.
  • Effectively collaborate with the PM, Dev and Testing teams to ensure successful release of the features.
  • Windows 8.1 Personal Hotspot (WiFi drivers)
  • Worked on the design, implementation, testing, releasing (Windows 8, 8.1) and maintaining various Wi-Fi features.
  • Feature owner of “Tethering Interop” i.e “Hotspot” - sharing of an active cellular connection as a Wi-Fi network to other devices for Windows8.1 OS.
  • Developed investigation platform in C# for Tethering features for Windows8.1 OS. Platform was used extensively to investigate performance issues across different hardware configurations.
  • Developed a Parser application in C# to efficiently parse WTT (XML format) files and upload results to SQL DB for reporting. The application was used by various to implement their reporting.
  • Developed SQL queries for Windows WiFi reporting and updated old queries to make reporting faster up to 20%.


O/S Embedded Software Developer-Intern


  • Worked on critical features in BB7 OS, bug fixing, and maintaining the existing feature designs which required object oriented analysis and design skills
  • Developed “PMIC GUI” tool in C# to effectively configure GPIO’s in Blackberry’s power management chip.
  • Developed PERL scripts to examine performance in BB7-OS.


Specialist Engineer


  • Juniper Network Security Manager Software
  • Worked as the lead java engineer on the design, implementation, testing and releasing various Juniper’s NSM features.
  • Developed the VPN module for Juniper’s routers in NSM.
  • Worked on test failure investigations, automation tools and test infrastructure improvements.
  • Worked on agile development methodology and was mentor for new engineers.


Senior Software Engineer


  • Bitrate modifier for H.264 Video Codec
  • Designed and developed efficient module to perform bit-rate conversion of compressed video stream. Module achieved reduction in MCPS by quantizing data in transform domain, thereby removing the need to convert data to spatial domain.This lead to increase of 7% efficiency.
  • Error Detection in H.264 Decoder
  • Designed and developed standalone module to detect and conceal errors in H.264 video decoder.
  • H.264 Encoder
  • Performed optimizations on prediction modules in H.264 video encoder including bit rate control algorithm to handle cases of overflow and underflow in final bitstream for H.264 encoder.

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