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Developer / Coordinator Resume

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  • All Outlook solutions mentioned below (both VB6 and .Net) utilized Redemption.dll and required the navigation of such Outlook objects as the Outlook Explorer, Outlook Folders, Outlook Inspector, MailItems.
  • Attachment objects and ContactItems including associated event triggers. All Outlook solutions (both VB6 and .Net) mentioned below also required Win32 API implementations in order to ensure that custom forms.
  • WinForms remained coupled with the Outlook application as parent as well as staying on top of the Outlook parent application, if required, such as with a modeless form / WinForm. The Outlook work, at times, also required the interaction with such renowned authors as Ken Slovak as well as correspondence with Dmitry Streblechenko, owner of dimastr.com and author of Redemption.dll.



Developer / Coordinator


  • Analysis of historical global IPO data (MS Excel, VBA, .Net, Bloomberg, etc.) including coordination of offshore resources.
  • Mentored junior team members including Excel VBA and provided best practices with code samples, books, written materials, web links, etc.
  • Debugged and refactored proprietary production tools written in VBA or VB.NET for Excel or PowerPoint.
  • Created localized VB.NET version of reporting tool for Emptoris (a supply and contract management firm). Web server output was parsed to generate reports in Excel and XML. The .NET component exposed a COM API.
  • Refactored, localized for the German language and supported legacy Excel solution written in VBA. Mentored junior personnel in software development and best practices including VBA.


Software Engineer / Web Developer (Remote)


  • VB6 Outlook plug - in using VB.NET. Email data and attachments were routed via web services after navigating such. Internet Explorer automation via VBA provided integration with the ASP.NET application.
  • Twice consulted for Encryptomatic (an email encryption firm in Moorhead, MN) on their C#, WinForms, Outlook commercial product in an effort to stabilize and extend the solution.
  • Performed R&D for a stealth startup looking to build an Outlook add-in which would allow users to send text messages to cell phones for free. Worked with the MS Office Ribbon along with the Custom UI Editor in relation to MS Word which is often the interface of choice when working with Outlook message creation. The project was ultimately dropped when the market changed via unlimited offerings for text messaging.
  • Completely refactored Sugar CRM’s (a Silicon Valley - based CRM company) VB6 Outlook prototype to turn it into a commercially viable product. The solution implemented web services (SOAP), MD5 encryption and 3rd party Redemption.dll.
  • Migrated Sugar CRM’s (a Silicon Valley - based CRM company) Outlook product (FLCD) to C# / .Net. The SOAP methodology was replaced by consuming web services utilizing pure .Net architecture and referencing the WSDL.
  • Lead developer stabilizing and maintaining desktop solutions for Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin (a financial institution in Los Angeles, CA). Commenced the process of professional software development strategies and .NET rewrite. Stabilized their MS Word add-in written in VBA.
  • Assisted former Confidential colleague who had moved to Salesforce.com with VBA instructions for an MS Word add-in. Former colleague was part of two man team that built the real-time market data MS Excel add-in for Tibco-Reuters. He created the commercial MS Word and MS Outlook tools for Salesforce.com

Confidential, Mountain View, CA

Windows Software Engineer


  • Architected commercial real-time messaging software called LiveSheet. The product, built on top of the HTTP, WinInet and Winsock API, used a smart client approach to allow Excel users to send and receive data over a network or internet.
  • Constructed algorithms which boosted event data arrival and processing performance in Excel by over 50 times.
  • Implemented event queue to ensure incoming data would not be lost if processing was interrupted via client-side Excel editing.
  • Created COM API used by VBA developers to create custom solutions using Confidential ActiveX .dll.
  • Developed custom Excel spreadsheet formula to allow Confidential event data to be used in spreadsheet formulas.
  • Provided onsite professional services and phone support to clients such as Breakwater Trading and Fujitsu PC. Breakwater Trading used the product for market data while Fujitsu PC for Oracle to Excel sales force rollups.
  • Built a VB.Net RTD server and interface for Excel that was used as a comparison against LiveSheet functionality.
  • Created Confidential interfaces in Word and PowerPoint used for Confidential event data streams.
  • Worked with web developers using Javascript and HTML to create browser consumer of Confidential Excel event data.
  • Worked with QA team and Technical Document Writer to produce the Quickstart and User’s Guide technical writing.

Confidential, New York, NY

Desktop Solutions Developer


  • Lead Visual Basic Developer / VBA for Real Time Financial Modeling, (a financial services-oriented training and consulting firm located in New York, New York) during the creation of Excel financial skills assessment application originally intended to be coupled with a book.
  • Co-created Word templates with Senior VB Developer for Pfizer (a pharmaceutical company) that generates protected documents with form fields.
  • Participated on the Windows 2000 / Office 2000 development and rollout team. Supported New York headquarters departments such as the trading floor and IBD plus onsite at regional locations for rollout assistance; some technical writing.
  • Carried out automated reports that validated the integrity of business critical Excel financial models on the new platform.
  • Pioneered and documented advanced charting, formula, page layout, and formatting techniques that were later automated or adopted into the training curriculum. Participant in the Windows 95 / Office 95 and Windows 98 / Office 97 migrations.
  • Acted as troubleshooter to the floor support team; received any issues relating to Office Suite functionality that bankers, end users and floor support could not resolve.
  • Member of Windows 95 / Office 95 and Windows 98 / Office 97 migration teams.

Confidential, New York, NY

Creative Services


  • Contributing member of Creative Services support department for IBD during and after initial Windows rollout.
  • Developed Wang glossaries (Wang equivalent to VBA) for various projects.
  • Trained others on MS Word; heavy use of MS Office Suite and Visio.


Primary Languages: C#, VB.NET, VB6, VBA, XML (RibbonX)

Tools and Platforms: Visual Studio .NET 2003-2010, Visual Studio 6.0, VMWare

Libraries and Components: Win32 API, SOAP, Redemption.dll, MAPI, CDO, Web Services

Methodologies Exposure: Design Patterns (MVC, Façade, Adaptor, etc.), Agile / Iterative Development

Primary Project Types: COM add-ins (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)VBA add-ins (.xla, .xlam .dot, .dotm, .pot, .potm)WinForms, ActiveX controls

Source Control: Subversion, Perforce, CVS, Vault, Visual SourceSafe

Key Texts: VBA Developer’s Handbook by Ken Getz and Mike Gilbert

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