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Project Leader Resume Profile

Objective :

Obtain a senior level position of an IT department where I can lead a team of IT professionals investigate, define, design and implement high level enterprise business solutions.



  • Reviewed the ASP.NET client/server solution and document the both client and server implementation processes. Identified each components adherence to standard object oriented structure. In addition to generated a completed Erin database relation diagrams via MS Visio.
  • Generation Object Oriented design solution to reuse/leverage the existing application and convert the system into a Ajax web based system giving the enormously large data flow between web page a server.


Project Leader/AVP

  • Designed, architected, and implemented a SOA oriented solution Web Service that generated XSD formatted XML formed output of the Executive Monitoring System - EMS system with Sybase DBMS rational data persisted on the database server via optimized SQL stored prodcedures. This solution was written in ASP.NET and C of VS 2005 on the web server-side. The presentation side was written using XSL transforms to allow for mobile, JAVA, and HTML presentation of the web service results.
  • Architected Human Resource IT resource T E and project evaluation application for the Global Computing Architecture Team GCAT The system provide performance matrixes for rating and evaluating consultant development staff and the Consultant companies that provide the developer. The technical system was designed using Rational Rose XDE for .NET and Sybase Power Designer 10.0 for the MS SQL Server 2000 database. The web application was implemented in ASP.NET using AJAX and C language. The reporting components integrated Actuate 7.0.
  • Extended aspects of the workflow and data delivery of several Global enterprise processes to more effective and productive MS .NET solutions that both removed Unix servers and related batch processes.
  • Managed 8 members team to implement a full Continuity of Business COB and load balancing strategy
  • Fixed existing production Portal systems with over 68 DTS packages and ASP web server.
  • EMS enhancements and tech mandatory work
  • Distinctions
  • Forth quarter 2004 individual on the stop award and 2004 individual achievement award winner.
  • 2005 multi-month individual achievement award winner
  • Firth quarter 2006 individual On the Spot achievement award winner.


Senior Associate

  • Designed and implemented real-time corporate information portal using a third party API tool provided by Thomson Corporation. Integrated Thomson Research public corporation financial information API utility driven via HTTP protocol web service to provide the client management intranet ASP web site. This system required the development of a XML DOM, XSL sheets, and SOAP protocol.
  • Designed user requirements, functional requirements, and specification for building a automated event registration system. The document created included UML object relation diagrams and a functional prototype website. Implemented a WSDL C .NET Web service solution to manage online KPMG client event portal registration processes that captures and maintains a centralized user profile, and automated server based database system for all current and future marketing online event registration.
  • Implemented the Marketing Initiative Calendar as a fully scalable SQL and ASP website. This project required that I both define and create DBMS tables, store procedures, and views. Implement the HTML, CSS JavaScript DHTML processing and entry validation, both on the client and server side. Implement a customized ad hoc search tool and reporting pages with MS Excel browser content page conversions.
  • Implemented a dynamic marketing wide server based reporting WSDL web service solution. This C .NET web service produces high quality PDF formatted reports documents that could be printed, stored to disk, forwarded electronically. This service was implemented using development of a .NET Framework web service that and the W3C XSL FO specification to except XML file XSD formatted input file to dynamically generate PDF file reports by encapsulating the RenderX XSL-FO PDF document creation API.
  • Architected a customized CRM Enterprise wide solution for Marketing and Communication department to automatically track all customer activity by integrating the Interaction Software Interact v5.1 CRM contact activity COM API with the ASP/SQL Server based high throughput SMTP emailing application system. This solution update the Interact people contact activity whenever e-communication/event invitation emails are sent and whenever authorized user activity on any of the event registration websites.


Software Architect/Team Leader

  • Designed and implemented C .NET In-process component API that will support the extensible approach to third party application integration of software products like Crystal Report, OLAP tool i.e. Dimension's DI-Diver , SAP packages.
  • Implemented ASP.NET Web Service that exposed the retrieval and persistence business objects metadata and schema of the Lab Manager database via the use of XML based DataSet objects.
  • Conversion of ASP and COM of the Beckman Coulter LAO Solution product known as Polaris classic HTML Web application to ASP.net without having to converting the existing HTML pages.
  • Key member of the web tactical strategies and technical requirement for the next release of the Lab Manager application system Which architecture of the designed is based on a Microsoft .NET Framework and IIS server, which would be driven by XML, XSL, C , ASP.NET, and COM components.
  • Implemented the Server ASP and Client JavaScript validation for the Polaris CFR 21 part 11 compliance browser based LIMS product. The Workflow and data management of the was driven by ADO database retrieval/persistence to a Oracle 8.5.7 DBMS.
  • Designed an using UML OOD modeling software enhancement to the Acquisition Server of the Pinnacle system which replaced client server solution formerly implemented, that will conform to the W3C Consortium 2001 revision of the XML schema.
  • Reengineered former CDS and LIMS application solutions client-server programs into a more robust solution in a MS COM approach.
  • Designed a software based COM/DCOM ActiveX server i.e. instrument communication interface control that replaced an existing proprietary hardware instrument interface solution that could not support the current user needs. This control would be used to provide communication services of all NT based Instrument server which could be run on either the Instrument server or run a separate machine s to provide load balancing and distribute the processing.
  • Designed instrument editors, acquisition method editors and business objects that dynamically derived their presentation requirement and validation rules for a given HPLC or GC instrument control from XML XSD Schema DOM files.
  • Designed using UML OOD modeling software COM/DCOM Multithreaded ActiveX EXE that control Agilent HP1100 HPLC instrument that directly communicated, control, and digitally collected data from each of the instruments modules via its low level Ethernet network interface. This EXE was implemented using the software based instrument and dynamic XML DOM architecture described earlier.
  • Implemented the business object class to derived their attributes, operations, and validation rules from XML DOM data persisted in database. In addition, to implementing the instantiation and persisting of user document information generated form the DOM into XML files.
  • The design and implementation of the system was governed by a MS Project plan that I created in advance of the Pinnacle application projects commencement. The Pinnacle Application was comprised of two architects, four project leaders, one project manager, and 20 software engineers. My roles for the project were as architect and project leader with software development responsibilities for several business objects.
  • Designed the server services, servers, components, and database requirements for the Acquisition Window 4.0 NT
  • server system of Pinnacle application, as well as the acquisition Business objects of the client components using the Rational Rose Unified Modeling Language UML Objected oriented software engineering development tools.
  • Implemented the business rules and requirements phase of the design by generating UML sequence and use-case diagram methodologies of the target market. The focus of the design was based on providing a Enterprise Chromatography Data System CDS for the analytical chemistry both research and development and quality control laboratory environments. Once the Chromatography processes and requirement had been defined, the object oriented relationships, operations, attributes, and constraints were generated using the UML object diagrams.
  • Worked with a team of five developers and implemented the server and client acquisition server and client software components based on the UML and software methodology document that defined the user interfaces.
  • Developed the System configuration business object and user interfaces in VB 6.0 of the Pinnacle Client application. This module was responsible for connecting to Oracle 8.0.5 NT database via MDAC 2.5 object of meta-model and application document information. Additionally, this object had to create DCOM connection to acquisition server to update the server configuration and expose the underlying business object to VBA automation.
  • Implemented MS VC 6.0 ATL component that exposed the acquisition server public interfaced to both the client business objects and VBA automation users.


  • Developed an ATL DCOM Multi-threaded communication server using WinSock 2.1 API sockets to communicate asynchronously with Analog liquid and gas chromatographs. The server managed concurrent VB 6.0 client remote instrument-programming request Acquisition method definitions injection queue manipulation and module operations and raw channels data download via the use VC I/O Completion Ports.
  • Implemented a VB 6.0 client application that provided user interface and business object that allow user a mechanism to set/get chromatographic injection method and injection queue processor that accessed the HPLC chromatographic instrument via a DCOM communication server. This application also provided detail information regarding the memory usage and time measures between method request and completion times.
  • Developed a mechanism to measure performance and resource usages of the application components both on the client and the server to help the scalability of the application. The results were generated using WIN32API S and Windows performance monitoring tools.
  • Developed a Virtual chromatographic HPLC instrument application to help simulate high TCP/IP and raw channel data download transfers between client and server processes without having to 20 to 30 which cost approximately 27K to 40K each and require about 25 40 to set per run physically instruments in research and development facility.


Staff Specialist Software Engineer

  • Developed a Visual Basic 5.0 MS Server 4.0 server based system to process user outbound fax requests using DTI FaxMan OCX control. These system scanned network queues for fax requests, which then distributed via a 8 port analog Digi intelligent serial communications board.
  • Developed a GUI windows sales application to automate the order entry and customer data mining processes using a three tier application RAD to access Oracle .5 DBMS data on a UNIX Sparc 4000 SunOS Server via Vantive Sales version 6.0.2 systems.
  • Modified a MS NT 3.51 Server based application written in Visual Basic 4.0 16-bit imaging system to correctly catalog insert and update MS SQL Server Database version 6.0 customer order contracts scanned for achieving and customer claims systems.
  • Enhanced a PowerBuilder 4.0 sales territory management to allow for remote laptop user to view multi-territory database, which was updated and modified via VIM messaging processing. Project leader and lead developer of a field sales automation Pilot project to determine the feasibility of porting from CICS mainframe order processing and fulfillment systems to a remote client/server environment via Vantive On The Go version 6.0.3.
  • Deployed Sybase SQL Anywhere DBMS user data replication environment for 350 users. Configured on established a dual Pentium 200Mhz MS NT Server 4.0 server with mirrored 4GB hot swappable and external 9G mirrored MTI dish array connected via Ultra wide differential Adaptec SCSI controller running to be used as the Consolidated server for a Field automation application server.
  • Administered four MS NT server running NT 4.0 and two server running NT 3.51 support 350 remote user and 200 tethered users via MS Remote administration tools for a MS workstation 4.0 desktop.
  • Developed MSVC 5.0 DLL program to allow PowerBuilder and Micro Focus application to integrate/communicate with cc:Mail version6.0 to synchronize laptop remote users databases with the IBM DB2 Corporate database.


Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Installed and administered a MS Windows NT 4.0 BackOffice 2.0 server with 10 users that login into both NT and Netware 4.11 servers.
  • Developed a serial communication DLL program in MSVC to handle the transmission and received with Flow control over any UART RS-232 serial comm device. The DLL included data integrity via Check Sum validation. Developed a Visual Basic 4.0 imaging application to archive and display document into .tif images and store relevant cross reference information into an MS Access 2.0 database via the VB 3.0 Jet Engine. Images are scanned with Bell Howell 6338 Copiscan scanners and retrieved into the visual basic application via Kofax Image control DLLs which required the use of a Kofax KF-9250 card .
  • Developed a VB based Remittance Processing system that Micro scanned and encoded and Endorsed 60,000 Financial Instruments per hour. The system employed serial communication to transmit and receive commands to a Panini S1 Reader/Sorter workstation.


Senior Programmer/Analyst

Responsible for the implementation and supervision of programmers on the development of an electronic deliverable distributed processing application. Involvement in Distributed Processing can be broken down as follows:

Processing Tier

  • Analyzed, designed and developed client/server underwriting survey system that provide client Win 3.1 with MVS CICS DB2 server data via OS/2 Warp 3.0 CM/2 token ring region servers thought independent LU APPC transaction processes, in order to provide customer service centers support throughout the country.
  • Developed file server application that transferred data packet data using TCP/IP protocol between OS/2 server and UNIX system server via socket programming.

Data Tier

  • Developed a OS/2 server file request processing application that batched customer data for electronic distribution, which was coded in OS/2 CSET2 C Language and MS C version 7.00 Win 3.1 GUI SDK
  • Developed an MS C version 7.00 Win 3.1 GUI SDK communication application that transferred data between an OS/2 Warp Server to a Win 3.1 client over independent LU s , using IWW Irma Workstation Windows APPC communication API s .

Presentation Tier

Developed GUI Win 3.1 MDI client application that allowed ISO customers to electronically view customer requested survey information, which included postscript text data, digital photo, CAD and diagrams that were only available on paper via mail.


Program Analyst

  • Developed relational database applications in Clipper, Date Ease, Informix PC/UNIX to replace manual client tracking and case processing for the Protective Services.
  • Designed and developed multi-User system that generated required static and Ad Hoc reports for admin staff.
  • Designed and developed UNIX multi-user Informix - Online 4GL applications to track social worker certifications and required refresher course s completion mandated by NYS .

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