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Olm Applications Programmer Resume Profile


Net developer using C , VB.net with SQL Server in the creation, modification, and maintenance of Web, console, or Windows form applications.

Summary of Skills:

  • Net 4.5, C .net, VB.net: 6 years experience. The majority of my work was with ASP.Net Web form applications using C or VB.Net, plus Master Pages, HTML, CSS, LINQ, OOP, AJAX.. Also experienced in creating data processing applications in .Net.
  • Some experience with JavaScript and Jquery. I used both in some of my applications for special effects like clickable gridview cell, or scrollable gridview with fixed header. Also knowledge of MVC but never wrote a production app using MVC.
  • SQLServer 2000, 2008 with TSQL, 12 years experience. Basic database administration tasks such as design, create database, tables, queries, stored procedures, user defined functions, backup and restore databases. Created automated DTS Packages.
  • MS Access 98 10 years experience. Created small stand alone data processing applications
  • Analysis and Requirement Specifications: ability to work alone or in a team of developers and/or project managers to identify program requirements and client business rules..
  • Communication: Excellent verbal and writing skills including presentations.
  • Documentation and technical writing: created documentation, user manuals and data dictionaries of systems, applications, and databases.
  • Adept at learning new programs and technologies.
  • Hard worker.

Employment History


OLM Applications Programmer

Duties and accomplishments:

  • Net web development specializing in the creation. maintenance, or modification of scientific web applications in the civil engineering field. The web pages used C or VB.Net in the code behind page. In these applications I used SQL Server as the database back end where I wrote my own queries, and stored procedures using TSQL. These applications monitored the structural integrity of bridges, oil rigs and transformers. The applications used grids, charts, graphs along with alarms, events, and warning email. Another major effort was a web application that monitored the amount of SF6 gas within electrical transformers.
  • Created an internal Shipping application. This web application tracked the shipments outgoing and incoming shipment of users on individual level and department level.



Duties and Accomplishments:

  • Create file processing and data processing applications: Created data processing and file processing applications using VB.Net. Most were stand alone console or Window Forms application. Earlier applications used MS Access as the database, switching later to SQL File types include: text, csv, XML, or Excel formats.
  • EDI file creation: reading and processing including files to clients and the Federal government DEA, Dept Of Commerce, FDA . The government EDI files were reports that pharmaceutical companies have to make to the federal government.
  • Data migration from system to system: migrating data from older UNIX systems to Windows
  • Data cleansing and validation: cleansed and validated files from clients for later use in marketing.
  • System Administrator: Promail by SMA which is an order management system and warehouse management system SendSuite by Pitney Bowes which is a shipping system Johnson Controls by Manhattan, a warehouse environmental system. Duties included install and validate system upgrades, creating users, user groups, documentation, trouble shooting, help desk, defining entities and objects such as offers, inventory, order streams, warehouse waves.
  • Analysis and Requirement Specifications: ability to work alone or in a team of developers and/or project managers to identify program requirements and client business rules.
  • Automation: Automated almost all file processing using FTP, 24X7 scheduler, and SQL Server DTS Packages. Because of automation there was extensive exception handling in my applications.



Duties and Accomplishments:

  • Data Base Administrator for the Standards Department database: Database used was 4th Dimension by ACIUS, a relational database for the Mac operating system. Administered database, created forms, queries, and applications.
  • Developer: Prepared applications for the processing of membership votes on various ISO electrical standards.

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