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Vb.net Developer Resume Profile


With extensive information technology experience, I analyzed and defined object-oriented architecture and developed web and database applications for diverse clients using a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. Effectively managed software projects from requirements gathering, analysis through testing to implementation and support within multi-platform requirements. Continued to keep abreast of new technology that would improve customers' business processes. Performed hands on architecture and coding with minimal supervision.

Technical Skills


C , VB.Net, Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 2.0, VB, ASP,VBScript

Software Technologies

Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012, stored procedures, SSIS, database design and management, Oracle 9i 11i, package

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

.Net Framework Feature: Lamda, LINQ, Dynamic Data, Entity Framework, Task Parallel Library, Extension Method, HttpListener, Restful WCF service

Third party controls: Telerik Ajax Controls, Farpoint Spread, Aspose Cells, GetRight, WebSuperGoo AbcPdf, JWPlayer, Fancybox

E-Commerce: Authorize.Net, Stripe

Others: Object Oriented Programming, IIS, ASP.Net, WCF, Web Services, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, XML, JSON, Ajax, Crystal Report, Design Patterns, MP4 video



  • Researched, architected and developed a new credit card application that also handled manual checks, ACH payment and refunds from initial concepts to production releases for over 2,200 buildings using Stripe and Authorize.Net payment providers. This implementation is similar to Apple Pay's partnership with Stripe for processing credit card transactions.
  • 1. Evaluated and selected third party API to process credit card payments and refunds.
  • 2. Developed functionality for user authentication, authorization, payment transactions, payment confirmations, dynamic default amount populations, manual check payments, email notifications for payments and refunds. These functionalities are provided to the building staffs, residents and administrators.
  • 3. Incorporated increased security using OAuth 2.0 and security token for credit card transactions with Stripe.
  • 4. Implemented payment and refund functionality to handle international currencies transactions.
  • 5. Developed user friendly UI using HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery.
  • 6. Utilized object oriented and advanced programming in .net framework 4.5, AJAX, .net framework 4.5, Entity Framework, SQL Server
  • Enhanced web application to scan license using Ambir scanner in Windows 8 and 7. Resolved permission and software update issue with Clickonce deployment for a license scanner using VB.Net, HttpListener with Windows 8 and 7 using techniques like Url Reservation and signing application executable with certificate.
  • Rewrote Way2Call auto dialer using Exceletel Teletools TAPI in javascript to enable Buildinlink.com to use the latest IE browser feature. Enabled building managers to make phone calls by clicking the phone numbers on the web page. Implemented the solution to the live site successfully for over 2,100 buildings.
  • Rewrote Dymo label printing process with the latest Javascript API to use the latest browser functionality.
  • Debugged and modified Shuttle bus navigation tracking and display that used Google map and Restful WCF services.
  • Researched and developed a process to enable external users to automatically download tenant data by typing a URL on the browser using VB.Net, Aspose Cells and GetRight.
  • Evaluated multiple spreadsheet software that work on the web and provide recommendation on the best software product that meet the business requirements.


  • Researched and developed a working drag and drop functionality to select and drag shows/programs from programs' search module and drop them onto scheduler module.
  • Designed and developed a window services using multi-threading to dequeue messages for keeping multiple relevant systems' data up to date.
  • Developed windows application feature, to replace a manual EXCEL process to manage and schedule non-linear shows and programs.
  • The technology being used ranged from .Net Framework 4.0, VB.Net, C , Farpoint Spread and SQL Server 2008


  • Designed, developed and maintained intranet sites that provide after trading support to Merrill Lynch. Installed over 50 intranet sites that used various technology in IIS 7.5 web server. Worked independently to ensure that all necessary ODBC drivers, dlls, application pools and site authentication are properly installed and set. Debugged and tested on all intranet sites to provide quality software.
  • Converted multiple sites using classic ASP to .Net Framework 4.0 and sites using .Net Framework 2.0 to 4.0. Implemented processes to prevent cross site scripting and anti-forgery requests.
  • The technology being used ranged from classic ASP, javascript, MVC 3.0, COM , .Net Framework 2.0 to .Net Framework 4.0, C , MVC 3.0, JQuery, C , VB.Net, SQL Server, Main Frame and Oracle.

Technical Specialist - Confidential

  • Lead developer to provide software development life cycle solution from initial requirement gathering, application design to hands on development, production implementation and wrote technical specifications. Designed and developed an intranet web application to automate and effectively manage Biometric data from multiple government organizations. Coordinated and communicated cross functional activities among development, testing and system administrator teams to bring the web application online. Utilized 3-tier architecture, design patterns and object oriented techniques to improve coding efficiency and reliability. Mentored and provided guidance to other developers in developing industry standard and high performance software.
  • Redesigned and developed a new US Army personnel deployment and tracking web application to provide a user friendly interface and significantly improve the performance of existing application. Implemented data security using Sql Server 2008 encryption and decryption. Applied role based security to grant feature access based on user roles.
  • Designed and developed a secure internet application to manage inventory for the government. Recommended and developed high performance capability to search and display hundreds of thousands of records in a matter of a second using custom paging technique and added sub-query and sorting functionality on the search results. Built Excel file upload capability to the database, import and export data files in XML, tab and bar delimited formats.
  • The technology environment includes: Visual Studio 2010, .Net Framework 4.0, Dynamic Data, WCF, Web Services, MVC 3.0, Parallel Programming Task Process Library, PLINQ , AJAX, Telerik RAD controls, ASP.Net 4.0, Javascript, SSIS, SQL Server 2008, stored procedures, functions, triggers, SQL Server Reporting Services and design patterns.

Senior Programmer Analyst - Confidential

  • Led, architected and developed a Corporate Group Broker Portal web site to enable client companies secure access to manage their employees' health insurance. Proactively identified and applied enhancements that improved systems performance by 25 . I mentored a team of 4 members, which included senior consultants.
  • Designed and developed an internet web application to produce and manage health insurance proposals for GHI agents and client companies to improve the insurance renewal process.
  • Designed and developed an intranet application to automate purchasing requests. Developed interface process to complete the product purchases by submitting requests to the product fulfillment system.
  • The technology environment includes: Visual Studio 2005, C , ASP.Net 2.0, Net Framework 2.0, Javascript, AJAX, SQL Server 2005, design patterns, stored procedures, triggers and functions.

Senior Consultant, Confidential

  • Technical lead to architect, design, develop and document a .Net Winform application to provide Gross Margin analysis reports across Coach's business units.
  • Designed, developed and enhanced web applications to effectively manage product specifications to enable easy access to these specifications for the vendors using .Net, XML and XSLT.

Senior Consultant, Confidential

Lead developer to design and develop a web application to manage events planning, budgeting and credit card payment for the global users. I provided technical guidance and instruction to ensure quality deliverable. The development environment includes: VS.Net 2003, ASP.Net 1.0, C , VB.Net, ADO.Net, Web Services, .Net Framework 1.0, ASP, VB, DHTML and SQL Server.

Senior Consultant, Confidential

Designed, developed and supported multiple HR applications in different technology simultaneously. Designed and developed a reporting and distribution intranet site for inventory and space management. Developed and supported a performance incentive and a stock option award web application and then converted the application from SQL Server to Oracle 9i to improve performance and reduce cost. Developed and supported an incident tracking intranet site to manage all Altria facilities' incidents. The development environment includes: VS.Net 2003, ASP.Net 1.0, C , VB.Net, ADO.Net, Web Services, .Net Framework 1.0, ASP, VB, DHTML and SQL Server.

Senior Internet Consultant, Confidential

Lead developer to design, develop and implement a web portal site to provide analysis reports and data mapping functionality for the Sales and Marketing organization. These reports were used to analyze how the company's products are performing in the market place and to enable it to design strategies to improve overall sales. Set up development and version control standard for the team and provided technical guidance and solutions. The development environment includes: VS.Net 2003, ADO.Net, ASP.Net 1.0, C , Web Service, .Net Framework 1.0, VBScript, Javascript and SQL Server 2000.

Designed and developed a dynamic query wizard UI to enable corporate management to build any query to get the information they need from the Human Resource database.

Senior Internet Consultant, Confidential

  • Lead developer in design and development of an internet web site called ezStart, which turned sales leads into completed orders. As a result of the tremendous increase in order requests, ADP had to increase staff to meet the ordering demand. ADP had a partnership with AOL to offer ezStart to millions of AOL customers. Designed the SQL Server database to handle referential integrity and to achieve optimal performance. Designed and built stored procedures to manipulate data and apply business rules.
  • Lead developer to design, develop and maintain an intranet site to manage Novartis' marketing expenses for the Sales and Marketing organization. Rewrote a long running reporting system that frequently caused system crashes. After detail analysis, recommended measures and developed a new reporting system that significantly improved its performance, accuracy and reliability by 50 . Eliminated inefficient overnight data extract, rewrote inefficient ASP, Visual Basic/COM and static SQL with efficient ASP and PL/SQL stored procedures in Oracle 8i.
  • Lead developer to design, develop and maintain web sites that improve corporate communications. I implemented standards and instructed fellow consultants and client employees on the best practices to develop scalable and efficient web sites. These sites were eventually licensed to clients of Clarke Associates. Their client list included Lucent Technologies, AT T, Verizon and Johnson Johnson. Converted several web sites from SQL Server to Oracle 8i database and provided instructions on how to use Oracle 8i without changing any ASP code.
  • Designed, developed and enhanced GORP'S website to promote and attract people who are interested in outdoor activities. I significantly improved the stability and performance of the advanced search features that query trails by 50 . Redesigned and developed a user friendly interface to enable paging and sorting through the result. Developed the process to dynamically modify the web pages, query and update data without having to modify any HTML code. Designed and developed an administration web site for Gorp to add, update and maintain the database. Performed complex data conversion from Microsoft Access to SQL Server.
  • The development and production environment included Windows NT 4.0, IIS 4.0, Visual Studio, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, ADO, COM, VB, MTS, CSS and DHTML, Stored Procedures and Oracle 8i.

Systems Designer, Confidential

  • Developed an automated system to reward A P customers with frequent flyer mileage points. Utilized Microsoft Exchange, CDO, VB COM objects and Windows registry to locate email transactions, send email confirmations and format data files to process the transactions. Quickly learned and applied the new technology and completed the assignment on schedule. The system received over 20,000 enrollments on the first week in production.
  • Developed an automated system to manage product returns for Siemens medical products. Utilizing the Collaboration Data Object CDO , Microsoft Exchange VB and COM to retrieve the product return information via an Outlook form, created an analysis report that could be printed automatically to any network printer.
  • Provided a full project life cycle solution to develop an intranet application for product management. Eliminated double data entry and improved operation efficiency. I led a team to design, develop and implement the web site. Wrote a thorough technical specification for the application and set up the development environment and instructed team members on the various Intranet technologies.
  • Designed and developed an editing process to ensure data quality for broadcasting stocks and mutual funds information using Visual C 6.0. I analyzed the feasibility and recommended the use of the BRIDGE data feed for replacing an existing feed.
  • Developed and implemented a critical web based product approval system. Redesigned system processes to improve development effort and maintainability. Recommended and implemented methods that resulted in system performance and efficiency improvement.

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