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Asp.net Developer Resume Profile


  • ASP.NET C A little VB.NET Visual Studio .NET 2003, 2005, 2008 2012 Active Server Pages
  • SQL Server 2000, 2005 2008 ColdFusion PHP Ajax Eclipse Oracle MySQL
  • Dreamweaver CS3 Java JSTL Javascript VBScript Horizon Physicians Portal iForms VGR HEO HTML DHTML JQuery Web API 2 Entity Framework


I am a hard worker and have proven that throughout my career. I have been thrown on projects and had to learn various programming languages on the fly like C , Java and PHP throughout my career. I was still able to meet project deadlines while adhering to proper coding standards. My work ethic always proves I will do what is needed to make sure a project and/or task gets completed. I am looking for my next company to be the last company I ever am hired at. I hope to grow and adapt with the company as the world and technology around us does as well. I am looking to re-locate and that is not a problem as I have already thought that whole process through. I also would not need any type of re-location assistance.



I am currently working on a project for a conceptual android application. This is being written in Java using Eclipse including the NavigationDrawerLayout Activities Intents interaction with internal storage notifications as well as database interactivity. The android application will also be making calls to a .NET Web API 2 application. The .NET Web API 2 application will be utilizing the Authorization through headers to validate requests. The backend for this entire project is using SQL Server 2012 which includes table creation and SP's. The .NET Web API 2 application is utilizing the entity framework with calls being done through the SP's. The .NET Web API 2 wil also be making calls to other 3rd party API's.

Also dove into writing and wrote the following: 1 completed comic book script League of Weaknesses LOW 3 completed movie screenplays The Screenwriters Karma, Moments of Forever and Jonny 2x as well as a TV pilot script Perceptions . All of these have been registered with the Writers Guild as well as 3 of them submitted to the Library of Congress. I only just begun the submission process of these at the end of last year and that will continue to see if any interests are considered for any of these works.


  • - spackled, sanded and re-painting the entire interior walls with at least several coats of white paint.
  • - tearing out an old, burn holed fill carpet and having a new carpet put in.
  • - dry locking the entire foundation walls, outside and inside the basement.
  • - primed and painted basement floors with concrete paint.
  • - ripped out old toilet in basement and replaced with new one.
  • - put in new vinyl tile flooring in basement bathroom and basement washer/dryer room with grout in between.
  • - took down one side of the fenced in yard, took down two areas of shrubs including the root and put up a new wired style fence.
  • - re-planted various areas of the yard with new grass.
  • - replaced some vinyl siding that had come torn.
  • - mulched various areas under the deck and back yard.
  • - concrete spackled some areas of the walk way and primed and painted with concrete paint.


I started working with Visual Studio 2013 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and more with JQuery form validation, Ajax get/posts, html events and other client side events . I was working on getting more familiar with MVC 5, Visual Studio 2013, its new features and gaining more practical experience using and coding in MVC .NET and also using Web API 2. I took an old project concept from a previous employer and adapting that design into the MVC .NET architecture. I have also started refreshing and diving more into Java programming concepts including working with eclipse and the android development tools for mobile application development, MVC, beans and JSTL.


This is a very generic check list that can be found on the google play store. I am currently working on version 5 which will have the tab feature as well as the ability for the user to manage their check list. The functionality includes database interactivity with SQLite activities fragments passing of information via intents using the actionbar and the support libraries for android 2.2 and higher.

Windows Phone 8 Applications Built. Patient Room Checklist - Converted the android application to work with the windows phone 8.0 . The functionality includes database interactivity using LINQ to SQL data context and table entities pivot items to switch between pages click events and context menus functionality in place for future multi-language support. Link to the windows store application will be provided once the application is approved.


Coding done in ColdFusion, .NET C , Ajax and SQL Server 2000, 2005 2008 for backend work. Dreamweaver CS3 and Visual Studio 2008 were used for development. Work included an intranet education site for their OR department to help keep track of employee education. Tests were tracked per user based on the topic material for a specified month and were created using the dynamic form generator. Took a ColdFusion marketplace application and converted it to .NET. A wiki style application was created to be used across multiple departments. The application allowed users to organize content and documents, create edit content and upload documents. The application also allowed for administrators to set privileges for existing or new groups and then assign users to a particular group. Developed a windows form application to pull physician census downtime data. The application allowed the users to filter information out, sort data by individual columns and print out the information being displayed in the data grid. Many other maintenance and site enhancements were and continue to be performed. Technologies also utilized were JQuery for enhanced functionality for drag and drop features for the application below as well as Ajax enabled for a module that was created to auto save each field on the discharge instructions that were given to patients. Queries were pulled directly from the clinical oracle database to pull labs, patient medications, problems listing and order reports such as verbal and telephone orders.

A Medical Reconciliation module was built for the hospitals physician portal that will bring in patient's home/inpatient medications, allow the physicians to modify them accordingly, and then drag and drop the meds that should be continued as their working outpatient list. Code was written in java and grabbing and updating information via Oracle. Physician commenting module was also built and working on a physician progress notes module as well. A new iForm creation process was established to streamline the process. A new iForm template was built to incorporate multiple iForms per practice on one screen with tabs. This new template helped reduce the amount of time physicians dealt with when doing multiple iForms. VGR was used and HEO for getting the OIS numbers. This streamlined process greatly decreased the turnaround time for building new iForms. There was also a pretty decent ROI for building the iForms in house and stream lining the process.


Languages/Software Used: ASP.NET, C , Sharepoint, PHP, SQL Server, VBA, HTML, Visual Studio, Coldfuxion mx

Brought on to develop and maintain various web applications. Front end development was built via the .net framework, C and vb.net, ColdFusion mx and PHP. Backend data was stored in SQL Server 2000 2005, oracle or MySQL. Visual studio 2003 and 2005 were used to build the applications using .net. Projects include developing a content management system in ColdFusion using ColdFusion components built a CMS in PHP using classes creating custom web parts to display project information through SharePoint, creating a web service to populate SharePoint with internal project information including creating VBA code for internal client use to instantiate and call web service and creating a custom web part that pulled task and project related information from project server and displayed, in various formats, in SharePoint. Confidential

Languages/Software Used: Classic ASP, ASP.NET, C , SQL Server, Javascript, HTML

Brought on to redesign and redo existing website to improve current site features and integrate current site into the company's mail order management system. Self-Managing project, creating my own timeline that was used to keep upper management up to date on the progress of the work being completed. The following are some of the tasks being completed: Redesigning the old database structure for the website to be in a more relational format to increase stability. Redesigning current code to be more readable and easier to follow. ASP classic is being used on the front end while SQL Server 2000 is being used to house the data. Stored Procedures, triggers, indexes and views were all created to retrieve/update data and increase overall retrieval speed. DTS Packages were implemented to push internal mail order management data to the website for near real time order tracking. A Migration project from classic ASP to ASP.NET 2.0 was started before I left. Confidential

Languages/Software Used: C , SQL Server, Visual Studio

Built and maintained trade promotional software that was written based off of the CSLA. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 was used to build the code written in C . Technical document was created for the different modules. Unit tested every module that was coded using NUnit test scripts to test that any outside changes to the current module would not affect any coding that was previously coded. SQL Server was the data warehouse used to update and/or retrieve data for the application via stored procedures, views and triggers. Debugged, fixed and tested any in corrections that were found with how the software was spec'd out. Maintained all bug fixes in Defect Resolution documents that explained when, why and how a bug was fixed. Confidential

Languages/Software Used: ASP.NET, C , Perl, Classic ASP, Coldfusion, SQL Server, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, VBScript, IIS, EditPlus

Build and maintained various web sites including coded shopping carts, product sections, various forms and backend utilities. Various programming languages were used such as Perl, asp, ColdFusion, c and .NET and ASP.NET. Databases used were MySQL and SQL Server. Server side and client side JavaScript VBScript validation was used to validate user input. Wrote technical documentation on each piece of the website to eliminate client scope changes and to create a detailed outline of what the application is supposed to be doing. Virtual directories were created in IIS on a Windows 2000 Server for internal web site and development work. Created and maintained MySQL and SQL Server databases for individual applications, both internally and in a production environment. I worked directly and indirectly with clients to come up with solutions to application issues and/or problems. Confidential

Languages/Software Used: Classic ASP, Microsoft Access, Javascript

Six Month contract to design and implement an intranet based Plant Management application. The application was designed using Microsoft Access to house the data store. The user interface was created using Active Server Pages. Microsoft Visual Basic 6 was used to create custom components to retrieve and update data within the data store. The application automated a manual spreadsheet process and greatly improved data accuracy. The application does the following: generates quotes for customers creates and tracks job items tracks employee time for the job items produces payroll reports for the accounting department.

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