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Asp.net Developer Resume Profile

Career Objective:

To analyze, design and implement high quality, and innovative software solutions using, where appropriate, the latest technologies and with the goal of making these solutions so easy to use that they require little thought in how to use them, and rather than hinder the user, engage them and increase their productivity in ways they never would have imagined was possible.

Work Experience:


  • Work in a small team developing and enhancing a custom Data Access Layer/Framework used in the Mortgage Servicing Industry. This framework exhibits behaviors of the Entity Framework. , dynamically generating applications which perform ETL operations. The framework also includes the creation of custom transforms. Dynamic code generation was done using the .NET framework's CodeDOM. Maintained and enhanced web application in ASP.NET and MVC.NET, the application a dashboard for viewing details about the entities and transformations, which the code generator created. Technologies include MS Test, NUnit for unit testing and integration tests, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2013, Team Foundation Server, CruiseControl.NET and MS Build for automated builds.
  • Developing Web Services and message flows using the IBM Integration Bus IIB formerly called Websphere Message Broker . Using NUnit, and SoapUI for web service testing. Built mediator and web service facades to allow consumer code to easily invoke web services based on a rules engine. Onboarded and mentored new team members.
  • Developed .Net Compute Node, which allows Websphere message broker to interoperate with functionality in applications developed with the .Net framework C .


Vice President

  • Developed Excel plug-in, written in C , for reading trade data, used by traders to help them determine the risk associated with specific trades. Used a library called DNA, which allowed us to map C to Excel. Also introduced the MVC pattern. Used NUnit for testing.
  • Developed and enhanced a Risk Engine viewer application consisting of a desktop client written in WPF and C and a number of Windows Services using WCF and MSMQ. User base spanned the entire globe and consisted of traders on trading desks within the bank.
  • Team used Agile approach and Kanban.
  • Mentored team members and onboarded new developers.
  • Used NUnit, RhinoMocks, Resharper for unit testing.
  • Assisted QA in testing
  • o Exposed Automation testing framework in custom classes using Microsoft UI Automation Framework.
  • o Wrote feature files in Specflow using BDD practices.
  • Responsible for application deployments, weekend releases.
  • o Built deployments using Windows One-click installation deployment.
  • Provided global rotation tech support.

Additional technologies include, .NET 3.5, 4.0, WPF, WCF, MVVM, LINQ, NHibernate, Microsoft Unity Framework, Enterprise Application block framework. Oracle. Subversion, and Team City were used for version control and continuous integration respectively.


  • Developed and maintained online trading software, including mutual funds and trading software.
  • Core developer of the NF Conditional Orders project for a consumer based trading platform application running on IIS. Developed initial prototypes, used JQuery to dynamically change UI as user chose different selections on the screen. Technologies include Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft MVC.Net version 2, JQuery, JavaScript and Web Services.
  • Team Lead for Mutual fund corrections application, which was developed using Silverlight, XAML, C , .Net 3.5, LINQ to SQL, SQL Server and Web Services. Handcoded UI in XAML yes this was before Visual Studio had an editor for XAML . The project made extensive use of the MVVM design pattern as well as other design patterns. Business and data services and Quote Services were developed using TDD/Unit testing approach using NUnit. Worked directly with VP of Mutual funds and similar customers to determine requirements and user needs. Managed meetings, sprint demos, mentored junior team members.
  • Developed the Borrow fully paid BFP plug-in for the Capital Markets group. This plug-in/service extended SunGard's MARTINI trading platform. The service was developed using C and PERL and ran on SUN Solaris UNIX platform. Additional tools included Martini framework, Rogue Wave framework, vi and putty.
  • Converted a suite of 15 web applications to ASP.NET 2.0. Learned how each application worked, Authored test plans, which were actually used by QA in India for their regression testing.
  • Maintained and enhanced a Windows Service, which processed Trade Corrections.
  • Enhanced and supported Workflow Window Services, which were part of a companywide initiative. Services were developed with test driven approach, tools included Spring.net, SQL Server and NHibernate.
  • Additional responsibilities included mentoring team members, advising the group in technologies and performing code reviews. Worked with offshore teams in India.
  • Performed Sys admin tasks on server's including dev, QA and production servers. Set up web sites in IIS, deployed new apps, installed Windows Services, configured servers, installed certificates, Reviewed and approved Security patches on servers.
  • Sys Admin of Source control and kept things 'organized'.
  • Documented many of the team's procedures and processes, as well as tech notes on how particular things work regarding applications, tools and processes.
  • Additional technologies utilized included: NUnit, NAnt, MS Testing Framework, CruiseControl.net, Watir, Watin, Visual Studio 2003 - 2010.


Designed and developed Web Applications. Developed software for assisting in

the collection of Clinical data EDC . Worked on a variety of projects including a custom pdf generator, which generated pdf versions CRFs. A custom Ajax JavaScript resusable object this was prior to the availability of Ajax frameworks such as jquery, so made my own . A deployment tool, which deployed the flagship application based on user specified inputs. This included setting up the IIS folder, permissions, generating the schema from scripts and customizing them by injecting custom scripts using a tool called NVelocity and reading additional inputs from an xml file, which was generated from a design tool for clinical studies. The deploy tool could run in 2 modes: Web Interface and command line. The Web interface used MSMQ to send the job request to a Windows Service, where it was processed. The windows service was built with extensibility in mind, using a plug-in architecture with reflection. This allowed for extending the service to perform other tasks, not necessarily related to deployment. For example one plug-in which was written and used by the company was a long running offline pdf generator. There was discussion about developing a new visual design tool and I participated in the prototyping of that user interface using Flex Builder. Technologies included: .net 1.1, .net 2.0, ASP.Net 2.0, Ajax, C , JavaScript, Microsoft Ajax extensions toolkit, Log4net, MSMQ, NAnt, NUnit, NVelocity, Oracle 10g, Pdf toolkit, Reflection, XPath, Xml, Windows Services,, SQL, custom PDF drawing using GDI API, Windows 2003 Server, Adobe's Flex Builder. These projects were built using NAnt and tested using NUnit.


Developed the JET Job Entry Tracking System for the Creative Service and Promotional Services groups at GlaxoSmithKline. Worked directly with customers to determine features and functionality of application. The application was developed using Filemaker 7, Excel, Photoshop and UNIX. The application is multi-user based and services users at RTP and Philadelphia offices. The system was developed to run on both Windows and Apple OS X operating system platforms.


Provided enhancements to A4's flagship product, Healthmatics EMR, using Delphi, XML, HTML, Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g. I also was the project lead and key developer for a web based scanning application. Developed windows installers for tools using WiX. It was written using a variety of technologies including: C , ASP.NET, ASP, COM/InterOp, Vbscript, WiX, JavaScript, ADO.Net, Lead Tools, Windows System APIs SDK , Oracle. One iteration of this version was as a Smart Client Application using .Net technologies.


Worked in the Sales and Marketing group on the development of applications, which automate, the creation of quarterly Sales Commissions and Sales Adjustments. Included an application that would run queries in SQL Server and then generate sales commissions for each sales rep and create an excel spreadsheet for each rep, deposit the excel sheet in their home folder, and send email notifying them. Worked closely with customers to gather business requirements. Technologies included Visual Basic 6, ADO, Microsoft Access, SQL- Server.


FDA Submissions Automation tools Continued developing automation tools for the user to easily submit electronic submissions of Promotional Items to the FDA. Development was done primarily with Visual Basic 6.0 and some prototyping with Visual Basic.net using the Microsoft .net framework beta. Technologies used: Ole Automation with Adobe Acrobat, Ole Automation with Word, created custom ActiveX component in Visual Basic a special type of tree view component using a User control. Access was used for the database, Shell APIs, Windows APIs, Windows hooks, Access and Oracle, Crystal Reports 6.0, SQL

Electronic Submissions Phase 2a project. The group I worked with wanted to transmit data to other customers outside of the company, essentially a B2B solution. I developed the xml documents, xslt and Schema required to share this information with other companies, in particular, the FDA. I wrote and presented prototypes and tutorials for users and managers to help them understand what XML is and how we could utilize it to streamline their business. Technologies used included: Visual Basic 6.0, MSXML 4.0 parser, DOM, XML, XML Schema and XSLT.

Electronic Submissions project. The project involved analyzing the way the customers performed their business so that solutions could be developed, which would streamline the way they worked. This involved working with users and management. The project included a variety of technologies: HTML, PDF, Adobe Acrobat Plug-in Development low level altering of PDF content on the fly and manipulation of the viewer from Visual Basic, Visual C , Visual Basic 6, RD0, and Access Database.

Filemaker custom Plug-in Development. The project management group of promotional services uses Filemaker Pro 5.5 extensively. I created a custom plug-in using the Filemaker 5.5 SDK and C for Filemaker, which performs a project planning calculation, which is unique to their project planning needs.

Worked as part of a task force and development team to advise the company on ways to enhance an existing Workflow Server product. I performed initial development research using Visual Basic.NET and C , .NET Framework all running on Windows XP. This was to prepare for initial development of a new .Net project and determine the abilities and functionality of the .Net framework. The research included areas in Web Services and .Net Remoting as well as standard Windows Services communicating with an Oracle database utilizing three-tier architecture.

Developed an Adobe Acrobat custom plug-in. The plug-in is used to assist editors and reviewers. It is used by 800 customers throughout the South East. The plug-in performs a handful of useful operations for the users, but most importantly, fixes a significant bug in Acrobat 5.0. This bug Adobe acknowledged but said they would not fix until Acrobat 6.0, so I developed a custom plug-in to circumvent the bug. I also developed prototypes of applications using Digital Signatures and Simultaneous Review both Adobe Technologies . Technologies included: Visual C , Adobe Acrobat SDK and extensive use of the Windows low level system APIs utilized windows hooks and subclassing

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