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Solution Architect Resume Profile

SUMMARY Leading people and teams turning big ideas into valuable experiences.

SKILLS Leadership

  • o Interviewing candidates and assembling teams.
  • o Leading teams to design and deliver innovative features and products.
  • o Inspiring a shared vision.
  • o Giving both technical and business presentations.
  • o Improving culture, values, morale, skills and productivity.

Software Architecture Engineering

  • o Full stack, service oriented architecture and development with continuous delivery.
  • o Designing systems leveraging both cutting edge and time tested technologies.
  • o Leading engineers to plan implementation and testing strategies.
  • o Coaching engineers and reviewing code.


  • o Enthusiastic team player.
  • o Building culture, morale, values, inspiring people teams, coaching.
  • o Quick to learn leverage new technologies.


o Web, Social Mobile Apps, Sustainability, Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Charities, Entertainment, Scientific Research, Data Mining, Security, Diagrams, Computational Linguistics, eLearning, eCommerce, Search Engines, Energy Utilities, Network Protocols, Surveys, Usability

Languages Technologies

o Azure, C , ASP.Net, MVC, MVVM, AWS, Python, JavaScript, BI, CSS, JQuery, JSON, Java, Command Line Interfaces, Mobile, NoSQL, Node.js, Perl, R, REST, Regex, SOA, SQL, Statistical Data Analysis, Vi, Visual Studio, Eclipse, XML, iOS, Apache, Mongo, LINQ, MySQL, Autofac, Bootstrap, ESBs, OOP, Angular.js, TFS, Unity, Big Data, Visual Studio, HTML5/CSS3/JS/JQuery, WCF, Queues, Linux, IIS, Redis


Solution Architect


Roles: Solution Architect Vendor for multiple project teams. Extensive experience designing, building and automating deployment of Azure cloud systems and applications. Led engineering teams to deliver products with quality attributes like usability, extensibility, security, privacy, reliability performance using best practices and the latest design patterns. Collaborated with leadership, customers, engineers, other architects, product managers, owners, graphic and ux designers and business analysts. Guided projects through security and privacy reviews, threat modeling, UAT and production IT handoff. Interviewed and hired engineers and architects.

Applications Designed / Developed:

o Microsoft Apportals -

o SAM Partner Workspace Business critical tool enabling Microsoft to help enterprise customers come into compliance with their complex software licensing requirements.

Confidential Design Patterns / Methodologies: Cloud Patterns, SOA, Component Based, PaaS, Cloud First, Mobile First, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, TDD, DI, IoC, Pair Programming. C , .Net, MVC, MVVM, LINQ, WebAPI, WCF, XAML, Fakes, MSBuild, Refactoring, Security

Confidential Roles: Senior Applied Architect for web, loyalty, credit. Communication and Collaboration Practice lead for Engineering Excellence Center.

Applications designed / developed:

o Credit Led the team responsible for credit, debit and gift card processing for Nordstrom, Nordstrom.com, Nordstrom Canada, NordstromRack.com.

o Loyalty / Rewards Leadership role aligning architecture and development across multiple teams delivering Nordstrom's next generation Customer Loyalty and Rewards Platform.

o Easy / Lightweight Registration Led the team designing a detailed technical solution for leveraging multiple social networks and identity providers to optimize the user registration process on Nordstrom.com.

o Social Shopping Led the team designing a solution for socially relevant enhancements to the shopping experience to increase page views, search engine rankings and conversion rate.

o Parallel Command Processor Led the team designing and developing a distributed, scalable system combining parallel worker apps, database clusters and web uis for executing arbitrary commands, reading and publishing to social networks in near real time.

o Social API Led the team designing and developing a secure external facing API and system for reading data from and publishing activities to social networks and responding to update notifications from social networks in near real time.

o Product Videos Led the team designing and developing enhancements to the production design workflow to accommodate product videos.

Languages / Technologies: .Net 4.5 with C , AJAX, APIs, AWS, Angular.js, Autofac, DynaTrace, ETag, JIRA, JQuery, JSON, JSONP, JavaScript, MVC, Mashery, MongoDB, NoSQL / Document Storage, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Python, REST, Regex, SQL Partitioning / Batch Jobs, Task Parallel Library, Unity, WebAPI, XML, jQuery

Design Patterns / Methodologies: Multi-client, distributed, service oriented architecture. Agile / XP, TDD, Usability, DI / IOC, cache strategies, service virtualization. ESB, queues, MVC, timing, concurrency. Clusters, monitoring, operations, continuous delivery.

Confidential Roles: Architect and lead developer for consumer and business critical distributed applications in the Search division.

Languages / Platforms: .Net 4.0 with C , JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, Linq, T-SQL, Regex, REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, Linux, MySQL, Perl, LAMP, Class::DBI, LWP::UserAgent

Applications designed / developed:

o Content Discovery Data Acquisition Platform Distributed, scalable, redundant system combining multi-threaded services, database clusters and web uis continuously gathering billions of business intelligence data points from hundreds of millions of sources for use in applications analyzing link structure, sculpting and driving traffic to one of the world's most popular network of web sites including eHow.com, LIVESTRONG.com, Cracked.com, typeF.com, Trails.com, Golflink.com, Answerbag.com, essortment.com, etc

o Domain Parking Multi-Domain application serving targeted content and ads on millions of websites. Integration with JavaScript and XML ad feeds from Google, Yahoo and dozens of other partners.

o HotKeys.com Domain name monetization portal. Management interface for domain portfolio owners and account administrators. Used to optimize the configuration of domain parking.

o Numerous ancillary multi-threaded test tools, windows services, Perl scripts, bots, bot detection systems, information retrieval, scraping, SEO, semantic categorization applications.

Design Patterns / Methodologies: Multithreaded patterns including chain of responsibility, command, guarded suspension, strategy, synchronization, locking, sleeping, timing, scheduling, concurrency, asynchronous events, queues. Clusters, monitoring, hardware and operations. Role/task based security, object to XML mapping, delegates, unit and regression testing, workflows, process and management layers, multi-tier architecture, UX, usability and UI.

Confidential Roles: Architect and lead developer for consumer and business critical distributed applications.

Languages / Platforms: .Net with C , Ajax and Java.

Clients: Microsoft, ATandT/Cingular, Screenplay Inc, BellaSara, Banc Investment Group.

Applications designed / developed:

o Microsoft Hohm Energy Management System.

o Financial report portal with content and user management system.

o Content management system for streaming media.

o Project management application

o Trading Card Game BellaSara

Design Patterns / Methodologies: Agile/scrum, waterfall SDLC, role based security, ORM, data access layers, manufacturer pattern, MVC, dependency injection / management, component based design CBD , test driven development TDD , pair programming, framework and application development.

Confidential Windows Live ID

Designed and developed desktop and web applications in C . Had a major impact on API design for new SDKs. Authored API reference and conceptual development guides for Windows Live ID partners including Live.com, Hotmail, MSN Messenger, XBOX Live and more. Authored Windows Live ID's first publicly available SDKs for incorporating authentication and personalization into web, desktop and mobile applications. As developer champion, fielded support and feature requests from partners and fostered a community of developers around Windows Live ID.

Windows Mobile

Designed and developed applications in C , VB and C . Authored API reference and conceptual development guides for Windows CE, PocketPC and Smartphone SDK, OEM and Mobile Operator documentation.

.Net Framework

Designed and developed applications in C and VB.Net. Authored API reference and conceptual development guides. Advanced experience with .Net development, Visual Studio.Net, ASP.Net, .Net configuration and management APIs.

Patterns and Practices

Published a technical article prominently featured on MSDN aimed at Software Developers and Architects involved with Enterprise Application Integration EAI . Advanced experience with COM, Interop, Code Access Security CAS , Global Assembly Cache GAC , signed assemblies, Web Services, SOAP, XML and the facade pattern.

Protocol Program

Designed and developed applications in VB.Net, C and C . Authored SDK reference documentation and conceptual development guides for a number of proprietary TCP/IP network protocols to comply with the Department of Justice consent decree. Advanced experience with monitoring and testing network activity, Visual Studio .NET, C and C .

Software Architect and Developer

Designed and developed applications for clients including:

o Disney

o The NBA



o The Gallup Organization

o Microsoft

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