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Sr. Full Stack .net Developer Resume

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Austin, TX


  • Seven (7) Years of experience in all phases of Software development life cycle (SDLC), Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Documentation and Maintenance of applications based on windows/web in various domains that includes:
  • Working with ASP.Net MVC and Web Forms for creating web applications. Worked with User Controls/ Partial Views in these applications & Used Data Annotation for validation, MVC Areas for better organization of application.
  • Developing N - tier web applications using Visual Studio, C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, WCF, XML, SOAP, VB.net, Web Services, Web Forms, Win Forms, Microsoft .Net Frameworks, MWF, PowerShell.
  • Developing Web applications under .NET Framework using C#, ASP.NET, ASP.Net Core, ADO.NET, MVC, WPF, Remoting, Web Services and WCF.
  • Coding CSS and ASP.NET, VB.NET Themes for a consistent look throughout the web application.
  • Experience in deploying web applications in Web Servers like IIS 7.0/7.5/8.
  • Integrating third party controls such as Telerik/MVC Telerik, DES, Data tables, JQuery controls, etc.
  • Building JSON RESTful and XML web services using the Web API, WCF and ASMX.
  • Developing web applications using C# and ASP.NET for HIPAA ANSI X12 EDI 5010 development and integration.
  • Around 2 years of experience in Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing development, Azure SQL Server, Azure Storage and Azure Services
  • Creating and consuming Web Services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
  • Utilizing skills proficiency in SQL, TFS and related web technology.
  • Developing a sound understanding of Cross Browsers compatibility issues and tackling them using Developer tools (of all the browsers).
  • Designing and creating databases from scratch incorporating best practices.
  • Creating/altering Tables with constraints/keys and complex relationships between them.
  • Using SQL Views and Stored Procedures for generating dynamic reports.
  • Using SharePoint to upload documents, maintain Lists and Publish pages for Project related sites.
  • Implementing SOA architecture through WCF and Web Services which are used to rapidly build service-oriented applications that communicate across the web and the enterprise with features Serialization, Versioning, Interoperability and hosting.
  • Using CSS3 features for styling borders, text, backgrounds, multiple columns, gradients, etc.
  • Upgrading Autosys Event Servers (Databases) from Oracle 8.1.7 to 9.2.0, Oracle 9.2.0 to 10.2.0, 10.2.0 to 11.2.0 and Autosys Oracle clients from Oracle 8.1.7 to 9.2.0, Oracle 9.2.0 to 10.2 and 10.2.0 to 11.2.0.
  • Working with HTML5, using the new Semantic Tags as well as the new controls. Used the Local Storage for removing the load on the server.
  • Creating and consuming Web Services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
  • Working with JavaScript/JQuery to perform client side operations and making AJAX and Web Service calls, validations, etc. (also used JQuery, UI, JQuery)
  • MVC binding for compressing and subsuming CSS and JavaScript files to increase number of useful requests to the server.
  • Developing applications using Microsoft technologies such as Win Forms, MVC3, and Web Forms.
  • Developing systems built on SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2&Oracle using Tables, Triggers, Views, Packages and Stored Procedures in T-SQL & PL-SQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Implementing J2EE, spring, Hibernate, Web Services (SOAP & REST), JQuery, Oracle, Maven, Angular.JS, and Bootstrap with Entity framework technologies.
  • Performing Server side scripting using Rhino Script and JavaScript.
  • Integrating third party tools for logging and performance analysis such as N Log, Log4Net, Glimpse Profiler, Chirpy, etc.
  • Using Entity Framework’s Database First approach for creating model classes for tables, views and stored procedures and made use of DBC on text generator for generating these models.
  • Using Source Control software’s such as TFS, SVN, VSS.
  • Using Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) query and retrieve data from different data sources (LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to SQL).


Technologies: C, C#, ASP.Net, .Net Framework 3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/4.6 , ADO.Net, LINQ, Entity Framework, Python, WCF

Web Technologies: ASP.Net, Web Services, Web Forms, Win Forms, AJAX, ASP.Net MVC.

Scripting Technologies: HTML5/DHTML, XML, JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular JS, Word press, CSS3, JQuery

Databases: SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2

Software & Tools: ESRI Maps, Test link, Fiddler, Developer Tool, Firebug, SQL Profiler, Glimpse Profiler, Chirpy, IIS, TDD, Visual Studio.Net, SQL Server Management Studio, Maven, MS word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, StarLims V9, V10, Crystal Reports.

Reporting & Integration Tools: SSRS, SSIS

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/7/2008Server

Version Control: TFS, SVN, VSS

Application Server: IIS 6 /7/8

Design Pattern: MVC


Confidential, Austin, TX

Sr. Full stack .Net Developer


  • Working on an application "Projects maintenance Dashboard" to track the statuses and Time lines of ongoing projects using ASP.Net Core framework and AngularJS responsible for developing the UI pages using HTML5, CSS3, D3 Visualization, Canvas Charts, Bootstrap, JSON, jQuery, Ajax.
  • Implemented the applications using MVC, MVVM, Factory patterns and N-Tier architecture.
  • Worked on analysis, design, implementation, unit testing, integration testing, UAT, production support and fixing bugs etc.
  • Code deployed in Amazon Cloud Service(AWS).
  • Developed the preview services using the REST based Web Services (JAX-RS).
  • Used Ajax and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the project server to fetch data on the fly.
  • Created User Controls, pages and master pages.
  • Used in Angular.js, JavaScript, JQuery, JAJAX, JavaScript, Lodash, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Kendo Grid UI, Gulp task.
  • Analyze client workflow and develop a plan to meet their needs and expectations.
  • Used CVS, VTFS, Perforce on UNIX and Windows environment.
  • Implemented Azure Sql Server for storing the data related to the recruitment and extensively worked on queries and stored procedures
  • Participated in User Interface design and business layer implementation using MVVM, C#, JQuery, WCF, Knockout.Js and WEB APIs.
  • Created SQL server database to responsively handle complex queries (T-SQL, triggers, stored procedures, DTS, functions) and .NET data access components.
  • Used Microsoft Web Framework (MWF) to develop the application.
  • Designed ASP web-forms for Inventory and Product management and provided Dynamic and rich UI Controls.
  • Participated in developing Win Forms.
  • Worked on WPF and creating designs in XAML.
  • Developed C# and PowerShell scripts for automating various processes in TFS
  • Created and maintained continuous integration process documentation.
  • Provided continuous integration training as needed.
  • Used JavaScript/JQuery to simplify client-side scripting, effects, modal windows
  • Used repository pattern to interact with the database objects. Implemented autofac dependency injection to interact with these database objects.
  • Used T-SQL to write queries in SQL Server database. Created Stored Procedures in SQL Server.
  • Developed various reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Designed the web UI using ASP.NET, HTML, DHTML, jQuery, Angular JS, Angular 2.0, JavaScript, JSON, CSS, XSL, Web Forms and AJAX controls.
  • Gained experience with next generation technologies like Web API, SOAP and RESTful services.
  • Created Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, and Triggers in SQL Server to access and manipulate the data from the database server
  • Created web games in Phaser.io using WebGL API along with JS
  • Used XSLT for transformation of the XML documents into other XML documents
  • Worked with databases, monitoring and querying tools like Oracle SQL Developer, TOAD and SQL Management Studio.
  • Experience in Cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure and also Amazon Web Services for building, deploying and managing applications and services.
  • SocketIO provided real-time updates to clients as data changed, notifying users of both system and user-driven events.

Environment: C/C#, ASP.Net, MVC, .Net Framework 4.0/4.5/4.6, WPF, PHP, Entity Framework, TDD, xUnit.NET, Maven, HTML5, T-SQL, REST API, ADO.NET, Microsoft Azure, IBM MQ, Win forms, Web Forms, backbone JS, Angular JS, Agile, EmberJS, Unix, CSS3, EDA, Visual Studio 2013/2010, Http, SQL Server 2008, XSLT, NLog, WebAPI, SignalR, Restfull.

Confidential, PA

Sr .Net Developer


  • Analyzing Requirements and Documenting and providing Development Design documents.
  • Created Web pages and User controls.
  • Converted XSL pages to ASP.Net pages.
  • Made use of CSS design patterns for consistent look and feel across apps.
  • Made use Anti Forgery token for Post and AJAX requests
  • Used JavaScript/JQuery to simplify client-side scripting, effects, modal windows
  • Resizing the images to the best quality to display it as different sizes at different pages in the app.
  • Made use of Glimpse Profiler to improve the performance of the pages.
  • Integrated Log4Net into the app for logging the errors.
  • Created Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL Server to access and manipulate the data from the database server
  • Created Azure SQL database, performed monitoring and restoring of Azure SQL database. Performed migration of Microsoft SQL server to Azure SQL database.
  • Implemented AJAX for asynchronous communication of data to server.
  • Implemented Asp.Net validation controls for client side data validation.
  • Managed Session-level events and objects in Global.asx and Configured the web.config file for various application settings including Connection Strings, and trace &debug information.
  • Used SSRS and SSIS for generating reports and charts and integrating data.
  • Used Data Binding, Routed Events, and Dependency Property to make components interactive
  • Used the DES controls for validations.
  • Deploying the applications into the Azure and extracting the data from the Azure cloud services.
  • Used LINQ expressions to filter the data in business objects.
  • Used NPOI to read and write the excel.
  • Developing and implementing technical solutions.
  • Helping colleagues with technical solutions.
  • Performing code reviews.
  • Used ADO.NET Entity Framework to connect, retrieve and manipulated data with database operation by implementing Data Access Layer

Environment: C#, ASP.Net, .Net Framework 4.0, ADO.Net, HTML,CSS, Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2008, WCF, Entity Framework.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

C#/ .Net Developer


  • Engaged in all team meetings and was actively involved in gathering user requirement.
  • Developed .NET core functionality with the ASP.NET (WebForms and MVC), C#.NET, ADO.NET.
  • Created web application using C#, ASP.Net MVC, jQuery and SQL Server 2008.
  • Was responsible for the development of numerous types of interfaces between various systems and SourceMed products including surgery, therapy and radiology specialties.
  • Wrote jQuery plugin to display web application help information dynamically from XML files.
  • Provided group and individual mentoring in ASP.Net MVC, jQuery, LINQ to SQL, debugging and general .Net development practices.
  • Setup TFS server for version control, defect management, change management etc., TFS workflow and work item management.
  • Started to use Azure Cloud Services and continuous integration(CI) with the cloud database.
  • Implemented Azure NOSQL, Azure Storage and Azure Services.
  • Involved in developing Azure Web role and Worker roles.
  • Worked with Kendo UI for Asp.Net MVC application for developing a dashboard which contains the all the data including internet packages, plans, offers, and price for each internet package.
  • Prepared and executed unit test plans for every module.
  • Coded as per the HIPAA and PHI code set standards/rules for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of patient health-related information.
  • Developed applications using Microsoft technologies such as Win Forms, MVC3, and Web Forms.
  • Wrote and ran test plan and Unit test scripts for application and web forms.
  • Worked on MVC 4.0/5.0 applications to build the UI layer.
  • Developed OWIN hosted windows services.
  • Developed new user interface components for different modules using Kendo UI with various controls including Grid controls, and chart controls etc.
  • Implemented Authorization Filters, OAuth and OpenID in DotNetOpenAuth library for authorization of third-party log in such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Designed and implemented User Interface Layer using WPF.
  • Articulated reasoning of data model design decisions and strategically incorporated team member feedback to produce high quality data models
  • Analyzed the requirements and prepared the technical and functional specification documents.
  • Used XML, JSON for transporting and storing data.
  • Gained knowledge on HIPPA and HL7 messages.
  • Worked in Microsoft Web Framework with MVC to develop the application.
  • Performed testing of HL7 Message Validation and sending of ADT Messages like ADT-A01, ADT-A02 ADT-A03, ADT-A04 and ADT-A08.
  • Created Windows application in WinForms, C#.
  • Used HL7 Encoding Characters to construct HL7 messages like ADT, ORM.
  • Used HL7 Development Framework (HDF) and HL7 Reference Information Model (RIM) to develop CDA documents like Discharge Summary, Imaging Report, History & Physical, and Pathology Report.
  • Developed solutions for diverse programming scenarios in C#, employing Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts such as: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction and Design patterns like Abstract factory.
  • Worked on support maintenance of Scanners related to Healthcare Records.
  • Used SQL Server for migrating the data from one version of application to other which includes customizations.
  • Configured interfaces to integrate multiple Health Information Management Software Packages.
  • Used SQL and T-SQL for communicating with the SQL Server database.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures and Functions.
  • Worked on Go Live activities for different facilities for different RDC’s.
  • Gained knowledge and experience on SSIS.

Environment: NET Framework 4.0, Visual Studio 2013/2010, Microsoft Azure, CDA, Web services, PHP, WPF, jQuery, REST, SOAP, Angular.JS, ASP.NET 3.5/4.0(core), T-SQL, WPF, MVC 4.0/5.0 ADO.NET, HL7, HIPPA, XML, SQL Server 2008, PL/SQL, SignalR, AJAX and NUnit.


.Net Developer


  • Participated in the gathering and preparation of requirements specification documents and regular interaction with the Business Analysts on project updates.
  • Used Agile Methodology in the development of the project, which is based on iterative development.
  • Participated in designing and developing various Web Forms & Class Libraries in .NET core & C#.
  • Developed the application as a Three-Tier application with UI in the presentation layer, business logic in the middle layer using C#. NET and database activity in the backend.
  • Involved in developing web applications using ASP.NET AJAX toolkit.
  • Applied Master Pages and CSS, Navigation Controls, HTML, XML, WPF for a consistent look and feel for page design.
  • Developed new user interface components for different modules using Kendo UI.
  • Worked on WinForms, WPF AND C# under Windows Platforms.
  • Used WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) in many applications.
  • Designed and developed various abstract classes, interfaces, classes to construct the business logic using C#, the middle tier contained all the business logic
  • Conducted data model internal team review meetings and obtained data architect's approval.
  • Coordinated with the DBA and submitted electronic forms in successful creation of databases.
  • Generated DDL's from Erwin tool for the data models created for multiple projects which are dependent on GIS and submitted to the DBA.
  • Developed Web API 2 using C# and Restful Services.
  • Developed templates for various HTML controls, saving and retrieval of data into these controls using JQuery and Web APIs.
  • Designed the presentation layer using .NET Core standard ASP.NET controls, HTML controls and provided the required functionality by using C#. NET.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures and Functions using SQL language for retrieving data from SQL Server Database.
  • Created stored procedures, PL/SQL Packages, Triggers and Functions and used the advanced features of PL/SQL like Records, Tables, Object types and Dynamic SQL.
  • Prepared Data Context using LINQ to SQL object relation mapping methodology.
  • Worked on WCF services by creating Contracts, configuring end point bindings and hosted on IIS.
  • Developed various reports using Crystal Reports based on the business requirements and export to Excel and PDF files.
  • Used VSS for Version and Source Code control.
  • Participated in production support and used Quality Center for tracking defects.

Environment: C, .Net Framework 3.0, Visual Studio 2008,Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET 3.0, C#, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, Agile, Web Services, XML, T-SQL, WPF, SQL, LINQ,WPF, SQL SERVER 2005, Crystal Reports, VSS,IIS, MS Visio.


.Net Developer


  • Analyzed the requirements and prepared design documents.
  • Developed GUI, Business and Data tier using .Net 3.0, 2.0, C#, ADO.NET.
  • Application designed based on n-tier Architecture.
  • Developed and implemented application using C#, ASP.NET MVC and various .NET Core technologies.
  • Developed custom controls and user controls using ASP.NET 3.0, 2.0.
  • Developed code behind classes and reusable components in C#.
  • Used the ASP.Net controls Grid View, Repeater, and Data List for effective interface design.
  • Implemented AJAX controls.
  • Implemented User Interfaces and HUB calls using MVC 5.0, ASP.Net, C#, LINQ, jQuery, jQuery UI, AngularJS, jQuery Validation, JavaScript, HTML 5.0, and CSS 3.0.
  • Created various views and partial views in ASP.NET and MVC.
  • Tracked the database changes to make sure the data models are in sync with the databases.
  • Used JavaScript and JQuery to perform client side validations.
  • Designed SQL database tables and wrote stored Procedures to store and retrieve model information by using SQL Server 2005.
  • Designed XML Web services description by using the Web services Description Language and System Web Services, Description namespace and related classes.
  • Developed complex Grid Views, Master Pages and Controls using ASP.NET.
  • Used crystal reports for designing reports.
  • Deployed Web Pages on Internet Information Servers.
  • Trained the end users on how to use the product.
Environment: ASP.NET 3.0, 2.0, C, C#, ADO.NET, n-tier Architecture, Microsoft Azure,SQL, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL Server 2005, HTML, Java Script, XML, AJAX, Crystal Reports, IIS 5, VSS

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