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Software Developer Resume

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Buffalo, NY


  • 11 years of experience in teh IT industry including experience in Healthcare Services, Supply Chain and Finance Services
  • About 7 years of experience in .NET development including team lead & Dev experience in developing Windows Applications using C#, Winforms, Console based, WPF, Telerik, DevExpress Controls, ADO.NET, Visual Studio.NET and .NET Framework and backend using SQL Server 2005/2008
  • Extensive experience in developing ASP.NET Web Applications and Web Services using ASP.NET (Visual Studio .NET), ADO.NET using C# as code - behind and SQL Server 2005/2008
  • Wrote unit test case libraries using C# & NUnit and also experienced in writing test cases and test plans for QA, UAT, FQA and RQA and executing test cases (Black Box & White Box testing) using Selenium and C# scripts for automation
  • Experienced in writing SQL queries, Stored Procedures and functions using MS SQL Server and Oracle
  • 8 years of experience in writing Technical Specification Documents and Screen Notes based on Functional Requirement Documents and Business Requirement Documents including experience in using software & data modeling tools like Visio & DB Designer
  • 2 years of experience as a Software Engineer with experience in developing applications/features using Object Oriented Programming Languages like C++
  • Have been a customer advocate for more TEMPthan 4 years and bringing in customer perspective in various cross vertical initiatives run by PayPal technology
  • Extensive experience in all phases of SDLC including project estimation, design, development, QA and Live support for features/applications with experience in development using version control tools like Visual SourceSafe, Team Foundation Server (TFS) and ClearCase
  • Have also been developer, team lead and project co-coordinator of teh RISK-Compliance domain in Covansys-PayPal that designs, implements and releases features to minimize PayPal fraud and Compliance losses
  • Experienced on working projects based on Agile Methodology (Scrum) to meet timelines with quality deliverables


Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Java

.NET Technologies: .NET Framework 4.0/3.5/3.0, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WPF

Scripting Languages: Perl, JavaScript, Python, tcsh/bash Unix shell script

Testing Tools: NUnit, Selenium, Telerik, Xamarin Studio (MonoDevelop)

ORM: nHibernate, Entity Framework (DB First Modelling), LINQ to SQL

Design Pattern: MVVM, MVC (client NEC framework) and MVC 4

Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, PHP

RDBMS: SQL Server 2005/2008, Sybase (SqlDb & RapidSQL tool), Oracle 8i/9i, MS Access, Postgres

Software Modeling: MS Visio 2003/2007, UML, Rational Rose, OOAD

SCM Tools: Clear Case, MS Visual SourceSafe, Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Defect Tracking Tool: ClearQuest, JIRA

IDE Tools: MS Visual Studio, Visual Slick Edit

Operating Systems: WIN NT Server/2000/XP/Vista, UNIX, Linux - Red Hat 6.0


Confidential, Buffalo, NY

Software Developer


  • Wrote 834 Outbound application by which 834 Outbound files in X12 format are sent to teh New York State containing data about members/subscribers being terminated or cancelled or TEMPeffectuated or reinstated
  • Also incorporated Facets Member/Subscriber Data Model in 834 Outbound code
  • 834 Outbound application is written as C# Console application that is run daily in Automic workflow
  • Wrote Stored Procedures and T-SQL queries in SqlDbx (tool for Sybase database)
  • Optimized Stored Proc for performance in SqlDbx setting showplan and displaying execution plan; minimizing table scans by adding indexes and index hints
  • In 834 Outbound code, implemented creation of Excel Exception Report with multiple tabs using EPPlus and also MS Office Interop Excel Library and wrote code for emailing (SMTP) teh Excel file
  • Design & Development: Rewrote legacy VB 6 Application to .NET C# Console Application and using Rapid SQL (IDE for SQL Development) as Backend
  • No source code for VB 6 application available; Used Decompiler: RedGate’s .NET Reflector and Telerik Decompiler to extract VB 6 source code
  • Creation of excel files based on incoming flat text files and adding email functionality at teh end of excel file created and run as batch/daily process through Automic workflow
  • Development of ASP.NET Application using C# as code-behind for Employee Security Application using SQL Server as backend
  • Wrote 9 applications in MS Access DB that is used by agents on field to track patients under treatment for specific diseases
  • Enhancements and bug fixing on existing VB 6 legacy application (proprietary application like Rainbow - Provider and members transportation scheduler)
  • Worked with MS Access DB Application (both UI and DB side) with macros and modules. Enhancement of teh existing MS Access DB (.mdb) applications
  • Writing stored procedures and queries in Rapid SQL and SQL Server
  • Responsible for Development, Code Review, Testing (Unit Testing), QA Support, Deployment to PROD and supporting CAB approvals

Environment: C#, MS Visual Studio 2012, FACETS UI, FACETS Data Model (Member/Subscriber Data Model), SqlDbx, Sybase, Automic tool, HP ALM, Agile methodology, EPPlus, MS Office Interop Excel Library, Team Foundation Server, ASP.NET 4.0, Visual Basic 6 (VB 6), MS Access (DB), Rapid SQL (SQL IDE), SQL Server 2010, RedGate .NET Reflector, Telerik Decompiler

Confidential, Round Rock, TX

Automation/Quality Engineer


  • Worked as Automation/Quality Engineer for Feature Team: Security
  • Wrote automation test scripts (main and reusable test scripts) using Telerik in MS VS and C# as teh coded steps for Feature Requirements in Security module for DSA (web application) and used MS TFS as Version Control
  • Created and executed test scripts (for functional, regression and smoke testing) both locally through MS VS and also scheduled runs using MS Test Manager on select build and machine (manual and automated)
  • Fine tuning existing test scripts for better performance and trouble-shooting failed test scripts
  • Part of migrating test scripts from Telerik to Selenium (C# - Web Driver)
  • Created and tracked defects in MS TFS space for different environments such as DIT, SIT, VPOD and PROD
  • QE approval and elevation process: 24 X 7 coverage to test, verify and approve code elevation/deployment between environments
  • Created automation test scripts for smoke test suite that is run for approval for elevation/deployment using MS Test Manager
  • Stringent deliverables using Agile methodology with Daily Standup (SCRUM) and biweekly sprint
  • Worked in colocation environment (with Dev team) and also global environment with team in India, Ireland and Malaysia

Environment: C#, MS Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate with Telerik plugin, Telerik Test Studio, MS Test Manager, MS TFS, Selenium (C# web driver code)

Confidential, Austin, TX

Team Leader / .NET Developer & QA


  • Major milestone: Lead for ATP DCC Move: Migrating ATP Application Server and ATP DB Server for both QA and PROD as Data Center is moved from Austin to Atlanta
  • Enhancement and maintenance of ATP Backend Application (C# with heavy business logic in Stored Procedures in SQL Server) as per requirement from business
  • Developed as per change request on ATP UI Application using C#, WPF (XAML) with Telerik controls and MVVM design
  • Implemented ADO.NET in data access layer in both ATP UI Application (C# Windows WPF Application) and ATP Backend Application (pure C# Console Application)
  • Wrote unit test class libraries in C# for testing modules in ATP Backend Console Application using NUnit framework and ran unit tests using NUnit GUI Runner Application
  • Modified Stored Procedures, Views and Functions according to Change Request/Bug using SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Created new views in SQL Server 2008 R2 for Business User team to run reports
  • For DCC move: Wrote and executed test cases in MS Test Manager for ATP UI Application and ATP Backend Application in both QA (also UAT testing) and PROD environment for DCC Move
  • Used MS Test Step Editor in running and capturing result of test cases that were written using MS Test Manager
  • Modified .bat and Perl scripts to accommodate server move/name changes
  • Used MS Team Foundation Server (TFS) for Version Control
  • Wrote documentation on ATP System Setup and ATP Account Setup

Environment: C#, MS Visual Studio.NET 2008 R2, WPF, MVVM design pattern, XAML, .NET 4.0, NUnit, ADO.NET, IIS, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, MS Test Manager, MS Test Step Editor, MS TFS

Confidential, Austin, TX

Software Engineer / Developer Technical Services Engineer


  • Developed Windows and Web applications integrating PayPal APIs (APIs in PayPal products such as Adaptive Payments, Adaptive Accounts, Account Authentication and Permissions) using C#, VC#.NET and ASP.NET for internal debugging and understanding
  • Wrote C# Console Application and C# Windows Application using Winforms and consumed Web Services (svcs.paypal.com) providing services such as Pay, PaymentDetails, Preapproval, Refund, ConvertCurrency, etc., using bindings Name-Value pair, XML, JSON and SOAP
  • Developed and approved ASP.NET application with MVC 4 for PayPal mid-sized clients (client side application)
  • Used XSLT for presentation and transferring of data from XML file into HTML pages
  • Wrote unit test libraries in C# using NUnit framework and also used Selenium C# script for browser based testing
  • Wrote PHP files integrating PayPal API stated above with NVP binding
  • Helped client & client developers design their application business logic and high-level architecture and database design and wat PayPal product and APIs can be used for their application according to their business requirements
  • Debugged and corrected C#, VC#.NET, PHP, ASP.NET code/application sent by client developers and halp them run their application in Live
  • Working noledge of Entity Framework, nHibernate and LINQ to SQL
  • Utilized ADO.NET technology extensively for data retrieving, querying, storage and manipulation
  • Certified developer applications by providing halp with application submission and approval process that involves business logic review abiding developer policies
  • Created and ran SQL queries and stored procedures using MS SQL Server for generating report on client’s app status and approval
  • Used JQuery in JIRA to query on bugs and for generating reports and exporting to Excel
  • Provided live support to mainly small and medium sized businesses and also large merchants globally and also provided direct support to certified PayPal developers
  • Identify, investigate and resolve top issues for PayPal’s client developers and internal team (Account Management, Sales, Business Unit, and occasional Exec escalations)
  • Identified, verified and filed bugs on irregularities in PayPal API functionality using ClearQuest and JIRA

Environment: C#, Visual Studio.NET, Winforms, Web Services, ASP.NET, MVC 4, ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, nHibernate, NUnit, Selenium, MS SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET, PHP, HTTP/HTML, XML, XSLT, ClearQuest, JIRA, JQuery

Confidential, Irving, TX

.NET Developer


  • Designed modules DayPickList and Purchase Summary Recap and presentation layer using winforms
  • Designed and developed business logic layer and data access layer for teh above mentioned modules with MVC design and using C#
  • Implemented and consumed Web Services (SOAP, WSDL and UDDI) to communicate with wrapper class on data access layer using SOA concepts
  • Designed and developed batch process Update Balance On Hand to create and implement functionalities in business and data access layer using C# and SQL Server
  • Used typed DataSet as a container to pass teh data retrieved from teh server side to teh client side
  • Implemented Data access layer using ADO.NET to connect and retrieve and manipulate database information
  • Wrote Stored Procedures and SQL queries for data retrieval and update for teh 3 modules using SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005
  • Designed teh sequence diagrams using MS Visio, and class diagrams using Visual Studio following teh 7-Eleven Technical Specifications Template
  • Wrote teh Functional Checklist and system test cases for DayPickList, Recap and Update BalanceOnHand modules
  • Wrote teh Technical Specification Document, for three out of five modules and reviewed it at teh approval meeting with Product and teh Business Team
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for Version Control
  • Followed Agile development methodologies (SCRUM) with a close, daily cooperation between business team and developers
  • Involved in Unit Testing and Integration Testing of different modules using NUnit
  • Created Data Model using DB Designer

Environment: C#, MS Visio, MS Visual Studio.NET, NUnit, Web Services, MVC, SOAP, WSDL, XML, SQL Server 2005, DB Designer, TFS, Windows NT/2003

Confidential - Irving, TX

Software Developer


  • Developed Web forms using ASP.NET controls and C# as teh code-behind language
  • Wrote Stored Procedures and Queries using SQL in MS SQL Server
  • Designed teh classes and database structure using MS Visio
  • Extensively used GridViews to list teh files and assets and to add new / edit / delete records
  • Implemented editable GridViews along with validation
  • Implemented Pop up functionality and document upload and download through teh web pages using user defined control in ASP.NET
  • Developed custom controls with specific functionalities and validations such as validation on every web form for already existing records, max/min length, regular expressions, not null etc.,
  • Implemented Data access layer using ADO.NET to connect and retrieve and manipulate database information
  • Used Visual SourceSafe for Version Control
  • Created unit tests and documenting test case results for different modules
  • Using Report Viewer to generate reports for sales orders and invoices

Environment: Visual Studio.NET, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, MS SQL Server, MS Visio, Visual SourceSafe


Project Associate (Unix/Linux based C++ Applications)


  • Developer in Virtual Debit Card feature and a team lead, leading from 3 to 6 people in all teh other projects, taking responsibility for design, development, testing, demo and live support.
  • Designed all teh features except Virtual Debit Card - wrote Technical Design Documents and approved by Product and PayPal Operations (OPS). Teh design accommodates C++ coding changes, class and flow diagrams, web development changes and creation and alteration of tables
  • Designed and developed new classes and APIs using C++ with methods to implement and support teh required business logic for new and existing modules in applications (webscr and admin) that supports validation of funds transaction, fraud protection and risk management
  • Designed and developed a new batch program using C++ that would parse CSV files, decrypt, extract fields and store values in database, write report and finally encrypt and dump file into dumping location that is scheduled for purging
  • Virtual Debit Card: Developed a server program (blimpserv), to which requests are sent from a CGI-Binary which is integrated with Apache Tomcat. Teh third party application (Orbiscom Client) sends requests to teh PayPal code-base as WSDL file and teh request are handled by teh CGI-binary and calls teh appropriate APIs of teh server.
  • Worked out SDLC of teh feature in three different Unix servers - ClearCase (for checking-in & out files-SCM), Hyper (for building modules) and Playground (for deploying and testing modules)
  • Wrote tcsh shell scripts and also Perl and Python Scripts. Python Scripts were written to prepare test conditions and data in local dev-test environment to setup particular account types and conditions
  • Researched, analyzed and wrote optimized SQL queries that would need to be fired on new and existing tables for coding in C++ as well as to analyze for capacity evaluation purposes
  • Raised and tracked tickets for creating permissions for teh above modules, SQL review and Capacity evaluation
  • Wrote teh Technical Design Document, reviewed and approved by Product, QA, webdev and architects; Wrote Batch Supplement Document and Product Handover Document for teh new batch written
  • Reviewed product’s functional specification and webdev’s UI design document
  • Interacted and coordinated with webdev team to develop, synchronize and test new mechanisms to teh new templates teh webdev have developed for teh features
  • Wrote unit test cases and also supported QA’s Functional and Regression testing
  • Did design, development, testing, webdev coordination, delivery and live support of features

Environment: C++, Clear Case, ClearQuest, Visual Slick Editor, Visio, TORA, SQL, UNIX, Oracle, Apache Tomcat, SOAP architecture, XML

Confidential - Irving, TX

Documentum Resource


  • Held major responsibility in analyzing, installing, stabilizing and maintaining EchoWeb; as well had to directly interact with teh Documentum Administrator, Network Manager, Director App. Dev. and DATA Center Infrastructure Director to accomplish teh project in a short duration of limited budget
  • Installed and maintained WebTop 5.2
  • Clean installed Documentum Content Server 5.2 and migrated teh custom jobs and methods from teh backup
  • Upgraded and migrated from Documentum Content Server 5.2 to Server 5.2.5
  • Upgraded and migrated from WebTop 5.2.2 to WebTop 5.2.5, DFC 5.2a to DFC 5.2.5
  • Used DQL, Sever Methods and APIs for generating reports, monitoring and trouble shooting on daily basis
  • Managed and monitored jobs and methods using Documentum Administrator 5.2.2
  • Responsible for gathering scripts and then executing teh (dmclean and dmfilescan) utilities for DocBase cleaning (Removing Orphaned Content Files)

Environment: Documentum Administrator 5.2.2/5.2.5 SP4, DFC 5.2a/5.2.5 SP4, Documentum Desktop 5.2, Documentum Server 5.2/5.2.5 SP4, WebTop 5.2.2/5.2.5 SP4, Apache ANT, Apache Tomcat 4.0.6, Apache HTTP Server 2.0.47, IDQL32, IAPI32, JDK 1.3.1 / 1.4.2


Database Developer


  • Data acquisition for Maintenance Services
  • Maintenance of TMA system by which Work Orders and Entity Reports were generated
  • Designed and customized forms and reports in Developer 2000 to support new parameters and functionalities established for recording HVAC equipment data
  • Customer / work support
  • Requirement gathering, interacting with workgroup and technical support
  • 3D model buildings from teh 2D floor plans using AUTOCAD 2000.
  • Onsite work ranges from regular checking of major HVAC equipment for proper information and condition, tagging teh equipment and acquiring information on teh location of teh equipment.
  • Draw teh location of major HVAC equipment on teh building floor plans using AUTOCAD 2000
  • Designing, preparing and issuing monthly magazine on Physical Plant using Adobe Illustrator and Acrobat.
  • Project Leader: Polylining Project (AutoCAD). Lead a team of 6 members. Project duration - December 2002 to January 2003

Environment: Developer 2000, Oracle, Windows NT Server, MS Office, AUTOCAD 2000, TMA Enterprise, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access

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