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Sr. Dot.net Developer Resume

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Salt Lake City, UT


  • About 7 years of experience in analysis, design, development, implementation and testing of Windows and Web based applications (VS 2012/2010/2008 ).
  • Extensive experience in .NET Framework (3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5 ) using C#, ASP.NET, asp.net MVC, SQL Server and Entity Framework (4/5).
  • Worked with Design patterns like MVC Dependency Injection (DI), and Inversion of Control (IOC).
  • Experience in ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET, VB 6.0, JQuery, HTML5,KendoUI,Telerikcontrols,ASP 3.0, VBScript, JavaScript, PowerShell, COM, DCOM, MSMQ, HTML, Angular JS,DHTML, XML, Web Services, Remoting, Ajax, Atlas, WCF, IIS,ReSharper, Visual Interdev with good proficiency in Win Form and Web Form Applications.
  • Expertise in developing client - server active synchronization using C# ADO.Net, ADO.Net Entity Framework and LINQ.
  • Extensively worked on Asp.Net including teh use of Web Forms, User Controls, Validation Controls, Presentation Layer, Master Pages and Data Controls.
  • Experienced in use of HTML5 and CSS3 for front end development. (Tags, Local Storage Feature, New Input Types).
  • Exclusively used WCF for consuming Web Services. (Service Orientation, Data Contracts, Transactions).
  • Experience in implementing AJAX controls, JavaScript and jQuery for asynchronous operations.
  • Dealt with using different ADO.NET objects such as Data Adapter, Data Reader, Dataset, Connection and Command Object to interact with database.
  • Extensive use of Grid View and Repeater Controls for data manipulation.
  • Experience in developing WCF to expose useful functionality to web users through SOAP.
  • Good Exposure in developing application using ASP.NET MVC framework to higher testability and support clean SoC.
  • Good Experience in using LINQ in Memory Object, XML Document and Database Objects.
  • Extensive exposure to database modeling and Relational Databases using T-SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL etc. Developing Queries, Views and Store Procedures.
  • Having good noledge on creation and scheduling of T-SQL jobs to run daily
  • Experience in developing application reporting using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports.
  • Has experience in Agile and SCRUM methodology.
  • Experienced in different process like Agile Methodologies, Waterfall methodologies and Test-driven development (TDD).
  • Experienced in using Configuration Management, setting up company Version policies, build schedule using Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Source Safe (VSS).
  • Experience in Web Server/ASP.NET application Administration - IIS 5.0 /6.0
  • Team player having good communication and interpersonal skills with solid team leading capabilities, logical and analytical approach.


Languages & Database: VB.Net, C#.Net, C++, T-SQL, PL-SQL, SQL Server 2008/2005 and Oracle 11g/10g/9i.

.NET Technologies: .Net Framework 4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0, ADO.NET, ASP.Net AJAX, WCF, ASP.Net MVC, SOAP, SOA, LINQ, WSDL.

Web Technologies: ASP.NET, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Angular Js, VB Script, Java Script, JQUERY, XML, Web Services.

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports

Version Controls: Visual Source Safe 6/20055, Team Foundation Server

IDE Tools & Web Servers: Visual Studio 2013/ 2012/2010/2008, IIS 7.0/6.0/5.0


Confidential, Salt Lake City,UT

Sr. Dot.Net Developer


  • Developed web based application using ASP.NETMVC3.0/4.0, Razor,C#3.0/2.0, WEB API, ADO.NET, LINQ, JavaScript, DHTML, SSRS, SSIS, XML, XSLT, Web service, Entity Framework 4.3, WCF, IIS, TFS, SQL SERVER 2008/2005, VS 2012/2010, JQuery, AngularJs, Kendo UI Controls, Razor,Spring.Net, Telerik Reports, KendoUI/Telerik Controls (Gantt Chart, TreeViewControl, TabControl, Kendo Grid etc)
  • Implemented teh project according to teh Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and programming by using fast pacedagile methodology, involving task completion, user stories, and iterations.
  • Designed and developed rich and enhanced web pages using MVC 4.0, C#, Entity Framework, JSON, HTML 5, CSS 3 and JQuery.
  • Introduced and implemented Agile Methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) and Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Extensive experience of Rational Unified Process (RUP), UML, XML, HTML, SQL and Stored Procedures.
  • Implemented abstract, sealed classes, interfaces and classes to construct teh business and data tier using C# and Entity Framework.
  • Created DTS Packages using MS SQL. Implemented DBMS concepts in dis project.
  • Developed teh architecture with Model View Controller design pattern.Overridden default controller behaviors and implemented customactionmethods.
  • Implemented HTML Helper MVC WebGrid with JQuery for boosting teh pagination performance, and loaded teh graphical data with JSON. Also supporting custom searching along with sorting teh data with partialviews.
  • Extensively used Asynchronous JavaScript Calls to do data processing.
  • Created WCF Service to retrieve and send information from client side without Post Back and consuming existing Web Services using SOAP, HTTP and WSDL.
  • Implemented Restful servicesHTTPHandlers in developing Web Service replication interface for setting up data feeds for content transportation in XML and JSON formats.
  • Worked on .NET Security features such as Authentication & Authorization, Forms-based Authentication, Authorizing Users, Roles and User Account Impersonation, tracing.
  • Used SSRS for developing reports for analyzing teh inflow and outflow of different documents, tickets.
  • Used BootStrapCSS model adaptability framework for styling teh application.
  • Written SQL Scripts, for creating database tables with foreign key relationsin SQL Server 2008/2012 using T-SQL.
  • Designed and developed several SQL Server Stored Procedures,User defined Functions, Triggers and Viewsfor all teh DML functionality of teh application.
  • Used Team Foundation Server for source control, data collection, reporting and project tracking.
  • Extensively used TFS Spring Templates and Maintained all teh User Stories and Tasks in TFS.
  • Participated in various Client meetings with teh team and teh Project manager to discuss improvements/amendments in teh development of teh application.

Environment: .NET Framework 4.0, Visual Studio 2010, MVC 4.0, DTS Packages, DBMS, C# 4.0, Entity Framework, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, SQL Server 2008, TDD, SQL Server 2012, LINQ, T-SQL, TFS, IIS, HTML 5, CSS 3

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Dot.Net Developer


  • Involved in teh SDLC of requirement analysis, design and development of teh web based application in teh fast pacedagile methodology.
  • Designed and developed web pages using ASP.NET,C#.NET, JSON, HTML5 and JQuery.
  • Developed teh application with n-tier architecture using Class libraries, Data entities, Services, Data access layer, business logic layer and stored procedures.
  • Introduced and implemented Agile Methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) and Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Extensive experience of Rational Unified Process (RUP), UML, XML, HTML, SQL and Stored Procedures.
  • Created DTS Packages using MS SQL. Implemented DBMS concepts in dis project.
  • Worked on several ASP.NET server controls like Calendar, GridView control, Repeater Control, ObjectDataSource Control and handled server side events to optimize performance.
  • Used Master Pages for branding purposes by displaying teh logo and copy right information on every page and maintaining teh same look and feel across teh entire application.
  • Effectively handled ASP.NETclient / server side state management features such as view state, hidden fields, cookies and query strings,application state and session state.
  • Extensively used Grid view and Details view to display information based on search criteria along with Sorting. Worked extensively on Grid view custom templates for providing additional flexibility. Implemented all data manipulations like Update, Insert and Delete on Grid view.
  • Developed search and advanced search components using Entity Framework to retrieve teh search results from backend database (Asynchronous call) with AJAX features with partial page updates.
  • Used JavaScript to perform validations and catch teh events on client’s browser.
  • Designed, modeled and architected multi-threaded, enterprise n-tier software agent using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) web service hosted in IIS.
  • Extensively used HTML tables as Grid, for better performance instead of Data Grids along with Paging, Sorting and Filtering options. Data loading is been performed with JSON, Entity Framework.
  • Developed teh business layer with LINQ to Objects and LINQ to SQL.
  • Created SQL scripts in SQL Server 2008, and implemented complex logic SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • Used Microsoft Application Data Blocks for executing teh SQL stored procedures.
  • Performed Integration test, Unit test, Stress and Regression test with improved debugging standards.
  • Created teh .NET builds and made sure teh builds are migrated all teh way up to teh Production Environment.
  • Used SQL Tools such as Query Analyzer and SQL Profiler for query optimization.
  • Involved in taking backups, Restoring, Import / Export data using SQL Server Import and Export Wizard.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for all teh source code maintenance needs, tracking using work items.

Environment: .NET Framework 4.0, Visual Studio 2008, ASP.NET 4.0, C#, DTS Packages, DBMS, Application Blocks, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, SQL Server 2008, LINQ, T-SQL, TFS, IIS

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Dot.Net Developer


  • Worked with teh Architect to drive out requirements of teh project and design teh application.
  • Involved in requirement gathering, database design, n-Tier Application development, User Interface, Business Layer, Rules Engine, Data Layer, Reports, XML Wrappers to manage and pass XML across modules, Web Services, Workflow Development, system integration and Build process.
  • Agile methodology was used for faster and iterative software development.
  • Implementation of Test driven development (TDD) approach to ensure quality and minimal bug/defects inherited software solutions
  • Created DTS Packages using MS SQL. Implemented DBMS concepts in dis project.
  • Designed teh database, wrote stored procedures, functions, views and triggers in SQL Server 2008.
  • Extensively used XML for data passing between modules and applications.
  • Designed and developed dynamic ASPX web pages using C#, ASP.Net, XML, HTML, Java Script and JQuery.
  • Designed user interface web forms using ASP.NET 3.5 / JQuery and implemented business logic using C#.
  • Designed and developed various abstract classes, interfaces, classes to construct teh business and data tier using C#, ADO.NET.
  • Used ASP.NET 3.5 User Controls and Rich Controls (Multi Views, Wizards) to create forms for submitting and modifying events and forms. Involved in creating teh logic for several modules.
  • Used Cookies, SessionandApplication objects for State Management at client side and server side.
  • Worked With ASP.NET Web Parts, Navigation Control and Master Pages and developed Cascading style sheets (CSS) for consistent look and feel of teh website.
  • Used Data Contract as teh standard mechanism in teh WCF for serializing .NET object types into XML.
  • Developed PDF and Excel based reports using Active reports 3.0.
  • Used Ajax, JavaScript and JQuery for validations and post-backs, CSS controls for enhanced interfaces in teh UI.
  • Developed Web Services using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for integration with other systems.
  • Created and consumed services using WCF, C# to generate and e-mail those reports to teh requested user.
  • Developed Custom User and Web Controls (Validation, Status Bar, Grid Control).
  • Windows Workflow foundation (WF) is used to manage teh flow of application.
  • Used COM components and WPF components to develop rich client applications.
  • Used Factory Design Patterns to ease teh development and make teh system modular.
  • Used Enterprise library for Logging, Caching, Database and Exception handling, Application handling blocks.
  • Managed Build process from Development, testing till staging.
  • Used Web Services, SOAPprotocols and WSDL to publish teh metadata information to clients.
  • Used LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML for retrieving data efficiently.
  • Used ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit controls like Script Manager, Update Panel and Modal Popup Extender within some web pages.
  • Written SQL Scripts, Stored Procedures, and Triggers, Defining roles, creating database users and Assigning Roles tousersin SQL Server 2008 using T-SQL.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for all teh source code maintenance needs.
  • Used N - unit to implement Unit, Integration and Regression Testing.

Environment: .NET Framework 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, WCF, WWF, MVC, ASP.NET 3.5, C#,TDD, DTS Packages, DBMS, Web Services, AJAX, JQuery, XML, XSLT, SSRS, JavaScript, SQL Server 2008, LINQ, T-SQL, TFS, IIS

Confidential, NYC,New York

Sr. Dot Net Developer


  • Designed teh new architecture for teh system, it involves understanding of old system, gathering teh new requirements, high level discussion and preparation of design documents.
  • Analysis teh application with both user perspective and teh performance perspective.
  • Prepared project technical specification documents with both high level and low level.
  • Develop teh tools and application using ASP.NET 4.0, C#.
  • Participate in developing ipad integration.
  • Wrote unit test cases for different scenario.
  • Involve in business level decision which involves discussion on existing system.
  • Mentoring teh other team members.
  • Maintaining teh existing system which involves enhancement of current system and bug fixing.
  • Designed and developed reusable web service components.
  • Done teh enhancement in existing web services.
  • Gatheird Requirements from teh business users and worked with them to set teh specification and design of teh application.
  • Created queries, stored procedures in SQL Server 2008.
  • Created webservices to implement business functionality using VS.Net 2010 and consumed Services from Asp.Net web application.
  • Used Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service for Business Logic Layer
  • Extensive use of Infragistics and Telerik controls to develop teh web UI for teh application.
  • Performed versioning controls through TFS and also perform issue tracking and bug fixing using it.
  • Assist teh team members for technical difficulties and decisions.
  • Done teh Application deployment and wrote deployment routine.

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, WCF, Web Services, Entity Framework, Visual Studio 2010,SQL Server 2008,Infragistics Controls, AJAX, Web Services, JavaScript’s


Dot.Net Developer


  • Participated in requirement gathering sessions with teh client and preparation/modifying of teh requirements in Requirement Specification document using UML
  • Implemented OO Design and Concepts& data modeling to analyze and define data requirements need to support business requirements.
  • Designed User Interface using Web Forms, Win forms, DHTML, XSLT, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, ASP.NET, Server Controls and Visual Studio.Net.
  • Created user interfaces using ASP.NET Web forms and WebServer controls. Navigation menus were implemented using Treeand Menu Controls and Custom/User Controls in ASP. NET
  • Studied Business Requirements, Analysis and converted business requirements into technical specifications.
  • Coded teh Business Logic layer and Data Access layer using C#.NET.
  • Used Themes, Skins and CSS to give look and feel to Web pages using ASP.Net
  • Developed User Controls to reduce teh Complexity in User Interface Coding and provide better look and feel & performed validation using JavaScript.
  • Worked on ASP.NET State management, using Sessions and ASP.Net Caching features using Output Cache.
  • Implemented AJAX for making teh web application more interactive to teh users.
  • Extensively used ADO.NET classes provided by teh .NET Framework 2.0 for database connectivity.
  • Developed data access assemblies in C# to connect to SQL Server database and isolated data access logic from business layer and front end by defining several strongly typed dataset.
  • Implemented Forms-based Authentication to authenticate teh users
  • Written SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, functions using TSQL
  • Unit Testing using N Unit, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, Defect Tracking Systems and Performance testing of teh software systems.

Environment: .Net Framework 2.0, C#.NET, ASP.Net 2.0, ADO.Net, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio.Net 2005, TSQL, XML, XSLT, Edit Plus, WCF, UML, VSS, WPF, Photoshop, Ajax, JavaScript, SSRS, DHTML, CSS, HTML, N-Unit, IIS, Visual SourceSafe, Windows XP

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