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Full Stack .net Developer Resume

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Needham, MA


  • Overall 6+ years of experience in design and development of Web and Windows applications using Microsoft technologies. Good experience in developing various applications using .Net Framework 3.5/4.0, C#, ADO.Net, XML, JavaScript, AngularJS 1.5, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, IIS, Web Services, WCF, Web API.
  • Good understanding of OOPS concepts wif hands - on experience in implementing concepts such as Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstract classes and Interfaces, etc.
  • Involved in teh complete lifecycle (SDLC) of teh project in Design, Development, Implementation, testing and Support and Production Maintenance.
  • Experience wif Software Development Processes & Models: Agile, Waterfall, & Scrum Model.
  • Experience designing and developing Winforms and Webforms.
  • Expertise in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC 2.0/3.0/4.0, ADO.NET, ASP.NET Web Services, WCF, WEB API.
  • Experience writing AngularJS code for developing Single page applications (SPA), used several built-in and custom directives, expressions and modules.
  • Experience wif UI skills like HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS and AJAX.
  • Experience in working wif databases like SQL Server 2008/2012.
  • Experience in Database design and programming: writing Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Views, Joins, performing Query Optimization and Performance Tuning.
  • Extensive usage of Delegates and Events to establish communication between theWinforms.
  • Extensively used web technologies like ASP.NET server controls, C#, JavaScript, XML, HTML, Bootstrap in designing and developing teh web projects.
  • Extensive Experience in LINQ, Lambda Expressions, Entity Framework, ORM.
  • Worked on different Design Patterns including Dependency Injection, Repository, Factory, Singleton Patterns.
  • Worked on .NET Security features such as Forms-based Autantication and Role-based Authorization.
  • Good experience on Versioning tools like TFS (Team Foundation Server) and GIT.
  • Strong experience in teh Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of multi-tier web based applications and distributed applications using WCF/Web services/REST Standards based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Expertise wif working on AJAX toolkit controls wif ASP.NET Web applications.
  • Experience in working wif SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) using Visual Studio.


Languages: C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, HTML5, AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, T-SQL, CSS3, Java, PHP, C, C++, Python, VB, PHP

Frameworks: ASP.NET Web 5.0/4.5, Entity Framework, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC 5.0/4.0, Web Services, ADO.NET, LINQ, WCF

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008 , Oracle MySQL

Tools: Visual Studio 2015/2012/2008 , Fiddler, Microsoft SQL Management Studio, NetBeans IDE, PyCharm, Fiddler, Aptana

Operating Systems: Windows XP/7/8.1/10, Ubuntu, OS X

Technologies: ADO.NET Entity Framework, SQL, Razor, WCF, CSS3, LINQ


Confidential, Needham, MA

Full Stack .NET Developer


  • Worked on creating Single Page application (SPA) using AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap & JavaScript.
  • Created Multiple reusable UI Directives by defining AngularJS Directives, Attaching Event Listeners, Controllers & Updating DOM elements.
  • AngularJS Factory, Services & Providers created for different modules.
  • AngularJS ui-grid, ng-repeat used for showing Tabular Data.
  • All teh CRUD operations were performed wif teh help of AngularJS $http & $q wif respect to database.
  • Use $sessionStorage, $localStorage and $cookieStore to store data in browser.
  • On teh server side, created and used Restful Web API endpoints for CRUD operations for dis AngularJS project.
  • Created & Exposed Restful Web API endpoints using HTTP verbs of GET, PUT, POST & DELETE.
  • Created multiple Controllers, Models, View Models and Filters in Web API solution.
  • Created Data Access Layer, and Business Logic Layer Classes in Model using C#.
  • Write down Complex Stored Procedures, SQL Queries, and User-Defined Functions in SQL Server database.
  • Performed all Server Side Validations wif Data Annotations in Web API on Model using C#.
  • Used Entity Framework ORM tool.
  • Used Fiddler Tools for Web API endpoints testing.
  • Responsible for maintaining versions of source code using Team Foundation Server.
  • Worked in Agile Methodologies.

Environment: AngularJS, WebAPI, C#, VS 2013, SQL Server 2008, T-SQL, Entity Framework, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JSON, TFS, Fiddler, Agile (Scrum).

Confidential, New Brunswick, NJ

.NET Developer


  • Developed MVC razor views, partial views, view model repository pattern layers.
  • Involved in gathering teh requirements and UI design.
  • Used ASP.NET MVC Page Controller pattern to add functionality to individual pages such that to accept input from teh page request invoke teh requested actions.
  • Implemented Entity Frameworks for Lazy loading, Table splitting, Table hierarchy techniques.
  • Developed WCF services to communicate between DAL and other business components and to access teh application catalog and search related functionalities.
  • Implemented LINQ for querying, sorting, filtering teh complex objects.
  • Involved in teh design of data access layer, business logic layer and worked wif ADO.NET Entity Framework components.
  • Designed and developed teh user interfaces for various tools and implemented JavaScript client side validation and server side validation using data annotations.
  • Implemented role based autantication which controls teh access of site section and gives a report of teh pages.
  • Worked wif .NET’s features like event handling, error handling, caching.
  • Worked wif SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for Reporting.

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2010, Microsoft Visio, SQL Server Data Tool 2010, .NET Framework, MVC, T-SQL, ADO .NET, ASP .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, JSON, TFS, Entity Framework.

Confidential, Clinton, NY

.NET Developer


  • Involved in Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML (Unified Modeling Language) techniques such as use case, activity, sequence, class and component diagrams using Microsoft Visio.
  • Developed Web Pages using ASP.NET MVC and C#.
  • Responsible for designing Rich User Interface Applications using JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML.
  • Used Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework for Base Styling of HTML elements.
  • Implemented Entity Frameworks to work wif relational data using domain-specific objects.
  • Used ViewBag, ViewData, ViewModel, TempData for passing data between Controllers and Views.
  • Implemented MVC WebGrid wif paging and sorting for displaying various data in tabular form.
  • Implemented WebGrid wif teh jQuery inline update, delete and reflecting teh database.
  • Implemented WebGrid loading wif jQuary.ajax(), success error methods.
  • Implemented jQuery popup forms and TEMPeffects.
  • Implemented security policies including Autantication and authorization.
  • Involved in testing like Unit test, Integration test, Acceptance test and Regression testing using NUnit and responsible for writing test scripts and scenarios.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for Version Control.
Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server, Microsoft Visio, .NET Framework, MVC, T-SQL, ADO .NET, ASP .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, JSON, TFS, Entity Framework, ITextSharp


ASP.NET Developer

  • Used Agile Software Development principles to enable high-quality software development.
  • Worked wif ASP.NET web forms, Master Pages, Web Services, Server Controls, User Controls, State Management, Caching features, Configuring Optimizations and securing teh web application.
  • Created Grid Views to display data and formatted wif Sorting and Paging features, implemented inline editing for teh GridView to edit table data from frontend.
  • Have created and used Winforms.
  • Worked on ADO.NET components SQL Connection Object, Command Object, DataReader, DataAdapter, DataSet and DataView to provide communication to teh database.
  • Used ASP.NET ajax() extensively for calling Web Services wifout writing alot of custom JavaScript code to handle teh request and response messages.
  • Used Custom Cascading Style Sheets (Custom CSS) to attain uniformity of all web pages and to control teh layout and look of teh page easily and involved in designing of User Interface wif CSS, HTML, and DHTML.
  • Implemented features of ASP.NET such as Compare Controls, Repeater Control and Security using form autantication and used ASP.NET validation controls to do server-side validations.
  • Used SOAP to Implement Web Services and Consumed and published XML web services in teh application.
  • Developed extensive Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL Server 2008.

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, Winforms, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP .NET, WebForms, AJAX, SOAP

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