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Sr. Senior Principal Visual Studio Resume

San Diego, CaliforniA


  • Results - oriented Senior TEMPPrincipal (Web and Windows) .NET Developer wif comprehensive experience delivering IVR and Telephony solutions for Call Center environments.
  • Specialized in building applications for Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM). Expertise in developing customized solutions dat streamline reporting, eliminate integration gaps or system “hiccups”.
  • Proficient in developing interface applications between Genesys and Cisco CTI environments and report generation through Genesys ICON database.
  • Versatile professional wif keen ability to develop applications dat increase productivity and streamline operations. Fluent in Russian, Swedish, and English.


TECHNICAL SKILLS GENESYS/CISCO: Cisco ICM developer (8 years), Microsoft Expression Encoder 4.0 for Video/Audio Stream, Genesys WFM, eAspect WFM, IEX (TotalView WFM), Teleopti WFM. Design and created WFM InfoBridge in 2002 dat works wif Genesys Multi-Channel and Cisco Voice Environments, later the design was inherited and implemented in Genesys GPlus Adapter by Aria; Genesys Framework (routing, reporting), Genesys Multimedia, Genesys Intelligent Work Distribution iWD, Genesys Interaction Workspace iWS, Genesys Omnichannel integration, GAD, Genesys SIP Server, Genesys Interaction Recording, Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Rockwell, and Aspect PBXs, Genesys Alcatel, Cisco Call Manager IPCC, UCCE and UCCX, CCPulse, ICON/Infomart & Insight (, Genesys Portal, CCAnalyzer, Genesys SDK 7.6 and 8.1, Genesys Administrator, configuration Manager, Solution control Interface, Integration Routing Designer (IRD) version 7.6 and 8.0, Created Business Process using UR 8.0, Multimedia Implementation/Architecture skills (Installation and configuration, Agent Interaction SDK 8.1 for Email and Chat, Genesys products for routing and presenting Email and Chats, Developing an Agent Desktop in Java/.NET), Cisco CUCM, Real-Time stream to Wallboard & Reader-board, ORS (Orchestration Server)

TECHNICAL SKILLS MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO .NET: Visual Studio .NET 2010/2015 in VB.NET (VB6 SP5), C#, J#, ASP.NET, Java Scripts, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Model View Controller (MVC), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF 2010), Silverlight 5, Windows Services 2008/2012, ADO.NET, COM+, MS SQL 2008/2012 wif Reporting Services, Oracle 6-12, PL/SQL, Angular and JIRA, Team Foundation Server, VBA (Excel, Word, Access)


Confidential, San Diego, California

Sr. Senior TEMPPrincipal Visual Studio


  • Deployed Real-Time Statistics Service (RTSS). Real-Time visibility to agent activities, schedules, metrics, and productivity is critical to running a successful business. Juggling the integrations behind the monitoring and reporting dat enables dat visibility is a messy business. Like Aspect's RTA application, the RTS service connects the tools behind the scenes and can run complex calculations in memory, relieving strain from other systems (Genesys, Cisco, ININ, Aspect). This enables other applications like RTA and ISC to run by leveraging this service. These services working together produce customizable reporting dat aggregates data across Genesys, Cisco, ININ or Aspect (current integrations) to combine agent activities and agent schedules.
  • Created Confidential Staff Counting Web Applications. It is graphic Web Application using Aspect eWFM Web Service connectivity

Confidential, Carson City, Nevada

Sr. TEMPPrincipal Web Developer


  • Senior Genesys SDK Developer and Real-Time and Historical Reporting at Wittel (Brazil).
  • Chief Architect to create “The Universal Reporting Solution” in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET using WPF, Silverlight 5, MVC wif Microsoft SQL 2012. It is a comprehensive reporting engine dat provides intelligent insight about Call Center traffic. The solution allows completing and truing real-time picture of every component of the Call center, consolidate information from all routing platforms and receive complete and fully customizable information tailored to Call Center Business.

Environment: Visual Studio .NET 2010/2013 in VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Java Scripts, WCF, MVC, WPF - 2010, Silverlight 5, Windows Services 2008/2012, ADO.NET, MS SQL 2008/2012 wif reporting services.


Sr. TEMPPrincipal Web Developer


  • Working wif Aspect WFM, IEX, Genesys WFM and Teleopti WFM dat included (Deliver weekly adherence reports for all sites; Deliver the configured WFM application for staff scheduling and forecast needs, multisite activities for all three media (voice, email, chat); Deliver the updated scheduling database and forecasting models, published staffing forecasts, and reports for performance, schedule and adherence).
  • Created business processes which direct the handling of multimedia interactions using UR (8.0). Created routing strategies and business processes using Interaction Routing Designer ver. 8.0

Environment: Visual Studio .NET 2010/2013 in VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Java Scripts, WCF, MVC, WPF - 2010, Silverlight 5, Windows Services 2008/2012, ADO.NET, MS SQL 2008/2012 wif reporting services. Oracle 6-12, PL/SQL, Genesys Framework ver. 8.1 (Routing, Reporting Infomart & Insight) wif Voice/Chat/Email.

Confidential, Torrance, CA

Sr. TEMPPrincipal Developer


  • Statistics Service Engine: The core engine. Uses Genesys SDK to monitor and capture all events occurring in extensions, positions, queues/VQs of Genesys T-Server and Interaction Server.
  • Web Reporting: Provides a variety of preconfigured historical and real-time web-based wif graphic interface.
  • Real Time Reporting Solution: Produces real-time stream of data dat can be custom formatted and broadcasted to any 3rd party apps (wall boards, WFM, reporting tools, CRM).
  • Data Migration Tool: Integrates SSG repository wif any customer database or CRM for seamless data migration.
  • WFM Service Tool: Serves as a bridge between Genesys environments and any WFM platform by providing real-time stream and aggregated historical reports in any time interval.

Environment: Visual Studio .NET 2010 in VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Java Scripts, WCF, Windows Services 2008, ADO.NET, MS SQL 2008 wif Reporting Services, Genesys Framework (Routing, Reporting Infomart & Insight).

Confidential, Carson City, Nevada

Sr. TEMPPrincipal Developer. Owner


  • Chief Architect to developed unique reporting solutions for small to medium size call centers. Increased performance and system efficiency for Cisco/Genesys environment.
  • Directed architecture and development efforts for applications dat support call center environments across established market segments.
  • Architected and led telephony or call center development solutions for global clients and Genesys partners including Teleopti in Sweden, Bell Canada and Air Canada in Canada, Proximus in Belgium, Scottish Power in UK, Contax, Unibanko and Alcatel in Brazil, Nextel in Argentina, APPT in Australia, Vodafone in Egypt, Vodacom in South Africa, AT&T, Farmers Insurance, ESRI, Lincoln Financial, Franklin Financial, AMEX, GM On-Start.
  • Integrated “Customer Interaction Softphone Application” into call center environment for customer data including contact history

Environment: Visual Studio .NET 2010 in VB.NET, C#, J#, ASP.NET, Java Scripts, WCF, Windows Services 2008, ADO.NET, MS SQL 2008/2012 wif reporting services, CTI J2EE, Oracle 6-12, PL/SQL, Genesys Framework (routing, reporting), Genesys Multimedia. Genesys Agent Applications, GAD, GPlus, Genesys SIP Server, Avaya PBX, Cisco CUCM, Real-Time stream to Wallboard & Reader-board, Genesys Interactive Insights ( and Infomart.

Confidential, Daily City, California

Senior Software Developer


  • Designed call center reporting for Genesys release 7.6 and 8.0 pulling data from Icon database.
  • Led program development for CME Windows Applications for call center report data transfers; daily updates from Icon Database to historical database.
  • Directed development efforts for web management tool dat integrated call center reporting solutions wif front end dashboard.
  • Built system using ASP.NET framework 3.5 in VB.NET, C#, J#, Java and MS SQL Server 2005; reporting service used MS SQL 2005 for back-end system.

Environment: Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista, MS SQL Server 2005, Oracle, UNIX

Confidential, Carson City, Nevada

Genesys Architect, Analyst. Senior TEMPPrincipal Developer


  • Architected and led telephony or call center development solutions for global clients and partners including American Express, Intel, and GM on Star, IBM, and Barclay Card along wif AT&T.
  • Integrated “Customer Interaction Softphone Application” into call center environment for customer data including contact history
  • ICM (scripting), ICPP, Verint (Blue Pumpkin), INOVA or Texas Digital reader boards, IEX and speech recognition
  • Customized solution comprised multiple touch points such as IVR, chat, email along wif web connection.
  • Developed middleware for interface and database to deliver implemented workflow dat supported stare of the art call center functionality.
  • Designed and implemented Cisco IVR and Genesys IVR overlap wifin “Telephony Bridge” program. System changes allowed calls and data to be transferred across system wifout defect or hiccup.
  • Led American Express project dat integrated centralized enterprise reporting component between Genesys and Cisco. For 40,000 agents call center.
  • Delivered leading edge Cisco/Genesys integration program dat transferred data to Workforce Management system for historical or real time reporting.
  • Built Collection Services solution ensuring data integrity wifin the Genesys Stat server and call concentrator environments.
  • Collaborated wif development team to build system from the ground-up; program was rolled-out across world class organizations globally.
  • Creating Reporting Engine for Cisco IPCC and deployed at Bell Canada (Toronto) and TD Bank (Canada). Application was written in VB.NET Framework 3.5

Environment: Windows Server 2008 and Database on MS SQL Server 2008, UNIX, Oracle, .NET, SOAP calls, Java, XML, CMST COM, DCOM, TCP/IP, Genesys T-Server/Cisco PG, ACD, PBX

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

TEMPPrincipal Developer


  • Directed 3 developers to design and integrate a customized Confidential Genesys cockpit application supporting call center environments relevant to CSR desktop solutions.
  • Built n-tier IIS application utilizing HTML and visual basic; system runs on basic front-end rules command through web server.

Environment: Windows Server 95/98/2000 OS, MS SQL Server, Windows 2000, Lucent G3 switches, Genesys CTI, Inter Voice IVR, Oracle 8.01, ADO 2.5, ASP, HTML, DHTML, WEB Class, COM+

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