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.net Developer Resume

Center Valley, PA


  • Microsoft .Net Professional with 7 years of experience in Information Systems, involved with the Design, Development, Integration and Implementation of complex Client/Server and web based n - tier Architecture Systems/ Business Applications with Object-Oriented Analysis (OOA), Design (OOD), and Programming (OOP).
  • In depth knowledge and extensively worked on Microsoft .NET Framework including C#, ASP.NET, MVC,ADO.NET, AJAX, HTML5, Java Script, SQL Server 2005/2012, Web Services, Remoting, Microsoft FrontPage 98,ASP, ADO, and MS SQL Server 2000.
  • Experience in the .Net Platform, Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012 , Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 and ADO.NET
  • Expertise in writing business solutions using Object Oriented concepts of .NET.
  • Worked in designing frameworks and implementation for Web Services and Web Method.
  • Extensive working knowledge of writing Complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Dynamic SQL Creating Tables, Triggers, Views and User Defined Functions.
  • Experienced using ASP.NET User Controls, Server Control, Master Pages and Ajax Control Toolkit.
  • Competent in Various Object Relational Mapping (ORM) technologies such as ADO.NET, Entity Framework 5 and LINQ to Entity.
  • Strong knowledge in implementing N-Tier architecture applications using OOP Techniques.
  • Worked as part of an AGILE development team to create and modify software solutions that reduced time to delivery and improved quality.
  • Experience in Waterfall methodology
  • Familiar with XML and JSON
  • Good working experience with MVC and View Model patterns/ in creating and managing Views, Partial Views, View Models, Web APIs using ASP.NET MVC, Custom Error Pages. Familiar with MVVM.
  • Proficient in using different tools for creating SSRS Reports
  • Created complex SSIS Packages for Data Migration and transformation; Experience in data migration from Excel sheets to SQL Server 2010
  • Familiar in designing the application using Kendo UI.
  • Adept with implementing Nunit to write test cases to test a small module
  • Proficient in creating WCF/ Web Services using ASP.NET. Consumed WCF/Web Services from both Windows forms and ASP.NET web applications.
  • Adept with implementing Exception Handling to handle errors
  • Proficient in coordinating with teams and provide necessary support to executive staff.
  • Able to effectively communicate with wide range of clients and coworkers.
  • Strong background with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Excellent analytical, organizational and problem solving skills


Languages: C#, .NET

Scripting Language: JavaScript, JQUERY ADO.NET, CSS, Master pages, Web Services, Web APIs, WCF, LINQ,WPF

Web Development Tools: ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC 3/4, HTML, CSS, JQuery, XML, SOAP, AJAX

Development IDE: Visual Studio .NET 2008,2010,2012

Databases: MS SQL Server 2008, 2012

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/03, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

Version Control: TFS (Team Foundation Server)

Reporting Tools: Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SSIS

Testing Tools: NUnit


Confidential, Center valley, PA

.Net developer


  • Implemented asynchronous pattern in services and clients to enable easy execution of long running operations.
  • Developed web Application using ASP.NET with MVC Framework.
  • For UI used HTML5, Java Scripts and AngularJS.
  • Involved in developing the requirements as per the Business Rules.
  • Coordinating with team to complete the tasks within the given time.
  • Developed window based applications using WPF.
  • Designed Database tables for enhancements for various intranet applications.
  • Created SSIS packages to import export historical data in to existing database tables.
  • Implemented JavaScript client side functions for custom validators
  • Implemented JQUERY auto complete feature for rich user experience.
  • Implemented AJAX controls for better user experience.
  • Created reports in SSRS for reports module.

Environment: C#.Net, ASP.Net 3.5/4, ADO.Net, SQL 2008/2012, T-SQL, .Net Web Services, MVC, WPF, Visual Studio 2012/2013, XML, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, IIS 5/6, Windows 2003, AJAX

Confidential, Union, NJ

.Net developer


  • Responsible for design and development of user interface and core middle tier business components
  • Responsible for integration design and Production support of application on a regular basis.
  • Developingmodules using Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS as source Control, C#, ASP.NET, ASP
  • Implemented Data Access with Packages and Stored Procedures
  • Implemented ADO.Net Entity Framework.
  • Implemented JQUERY auto complete feature for rich user experience.
  • Implemented AJAX for partial page updates for better user experience.
  • Created and consumed ASP.Net Web services.
  • Implemented REST full Web API/WCF services for service layer.
  • Created Action filters and Exception filters to implement REST API.
  • Enhancements made to the existing Asp web site.
  • Implemented Data Access with Packages and Stored Procedures.
  • Created SSIS packages to import export historical data in to existing database tables.

Environment: C#. Net, MVC, ADO.Net Entity Framework, ASP. Net, classic asp, ADO. Net SQL Server 2008,2012, T-SQL, .Net Web Services, Visual Studio.Net 2010, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, IIS 5/6, Team Foundation server( TFS), Windows 2003, AJAX

Confidential, New York, NY

.Net Developer


  • Designed and implemented Event Management which had the workflow - Event Metadata, Client/Vendor Info, Venue Info, Sponsored Participants and Event Services.
  • I was involved in the design and development of an Event Management System that track and manage Events.
  • Created a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Event Management System with ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor Engine, Entity Framework, HTML, CSS, JQuery and AJAX in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Used JQuery functionality, HTML and CSS throughout the application to add content rich and interactive web pages.
  • Used Partial pages to implement fragment caching and refreshing partial page without refreshing whole page
  • Utilized Entity Framework’s Database First approach with C# to handle database models
  • Performed Exceptional Handling using simple Try catch block and Exceptions/Custom Views for Error display.
  • Created and consumed Web APIs for listing events.
  • Used Web Grid/JSON/AJAX Helper Classes to implement asynchronous calls to the server to update the changes.
  • Implemented online editing on Web grid for CRUD operations in conjunction with AJAX using JQuery.
  • Implemented Server Side Validations using Data Annotations and Client Side using JQuery to check whether all required fields are entered otherwise disable the Save button.
  • Used Form authentication then set up cookies. Created User Controls to add values.
  • Implemented the Popup using dialog box, which renders a partial view.
  • Followed N-Tier architecture (UI-BAL-DAL-DB). Within DAL did LINQ to Entities to query Database.

Environment: . Net Framework 4.0, ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor Engine, Entity Framework, C#, JQuery, LINQ, Web APIs, HTML, CSS, Web Forms, AJAX, SQL Server 2008, Web grid, Visual Studio 2010

Confidential, Jamesburg, NJ

ASP.NET C# Developer


  • Developed a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a server-side web application using the ASP.NET 3.5 Repeater Class, ASP.NET Server Controls, HTML, CSS, and AJAX Toolkit Controls in Visual Studio 2008.
  • Utilized ADO.NET with C# in Visual Studio 2008 to establish connections between server-side web application and a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database using Dataset, Data Reader and Data Adapter.
  • Created content rich and interactive Web Pages using Master Pages in ASP. NET.
  • Created Auto Complete Ajax Control for textboxes using both Web Services and Web Method
  • Used Dynamic SQL to handle different sets of incoming data that were to be processed by a series of stored procedures in a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database.
  • Analyzed, designed, coded and documented new features and ensured full functionality and successful integration.
  • Used AJAX Tab control / Update panel on the server side web application using ASP.Net along with Grid View control to perform CRUD on the server data for a smoother uninterrupted data display. Used Edit Item-Templates and Footer Templates extensively for editing and adding rows.
  • Implemented caching for server-side web application, which cached commonly used datasets (i.e. product list) to improve database performance.
  • Used Repeater control to display item list using Dataset from cache.
  • Created CSS classes for designing WebPages
  • Client Side Validation was performed using JQuery and JavaScript
  • Performed Exceptional Handling using simple Try catch block
  • Followed N-Tier architecture (UI-BAL-DAL-DB).

Environment: ASP.NET 3.5, C#, HTML, CSS, Web Forms, AJAX, WCF, Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, JQuery, JavaScript


.Net developer


  • Active part in the Development and Testing phases of SDLC.
  • Involved in User Interface development using HTML and ASP.NET2.0.
  • Developed the modules in VS 2005 using ASP.NET, C#.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and ADO.NET.
  • Client side validation of pages done in and JavaScript and validation controls were incorporated for server side validation.
  • Involved in development and usage of user controls in various web pages.
  • Involved in implementation of the session management for the application.
  • Involved in the integration of Microsoft Enterprise Library into the application
  • Involved in writing stored procedures at the database end.
  • Used Datasets and Data Grids to retrieve and display the data in the required format.
  • Involved in transferring the data to the new system using DTS.
  • Created Views and Triggers and Joins to manipulate the data.
  • Used Crystal Reports for the reporting part of the application.
  • Involved in Unit and Integration testing for quality assurance purpose.
  • Visual Source Safe was used as a source control.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET2.0, IIS, Java Script, Crystal Reports, XML, Web services, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server2005 and Visual Source Safe.

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