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Sr. Developer Resume

Pittsburg, PA


  • Over 10+ years of experience Microsoft.Net technologies.
  • Extensive experience in .NET using C#, ASP.NET MVC, REST/Web API, Entity Framework Windows Communication Foundation, Web Services, multithreading, Reflection and windows bases applications.
  • 6 years of experience in Sitecore Content management system.
  • Worked on web applications based on Sitecore 8.2,8.1,7.2,6.6 and 6.5 versions where I Implemented most of the Sitecore CMS features like Pipeline Customization, custom fields, Custom Workflows, Experience editor, component creation, Sitecore WFFM Module, Sitecore DMS and Helix architecture.
  • Implemented Lucene and Elastic search to enhance the search capabilities of the website.
  • Developed web applications that use AngularJS. Implemented the SPA (Single Page Application) with Asp.Net MVC.
  • Experience in Powershell scripting to automate migration of content in CMS from external system.
  • Hands on experience on implementing Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Cursors, Triggers, Views and Constraints.
  • Has strong experience in design patterns and architecture. Implemented Factory, Abstract Factory, Decorator, Façade, Adapter and Repository patterns in projects.
  • Performed performance analysis of the website and done performance tuning of the Sitecore CMS.
  • Handled the Responsibility of deploying of the code and configuration to production and pre production environment.
  • Experienced using version control tools like Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Github and SVN and Sitecore TDS.
  • Experienced in developing windows based applications using C#.Net, Windows forms, Graphics, multithreading, MSMQ and networking programming.
  • Experienced in developing applications in OOP / OOD in n - tier and MVC architecture.
  • Strong experience in Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Planning, Development, Testing, Debugging, Implementation and Support of web applications.
  • Experienced working in a SCRUM environment and Agile methodology.


.NET Framework Technologies: .Net Framework 4.5 to 2.0, MVC RAZOR, Web Forms (ASP. Net), Web Api,Windows Forms, Web Services,WCF

Environment: Visual Studio 2015,2012,2010,2008,2005

Languages: C#.NET,MVC, ASP.NET, HTML, Angular JS, Javascript

Databases: SQL Server (2012,2008 R2,2005,2000), MongoDB

CMS: Sitecore 8.2,7.2,6.5,6.6

Other Tools: Microsoft mock and moles for unit testing, TDS, Resharper, ILspy, Confluence and JIRA, ANTS Profiler,Doxygen,Fxcop,Optimizilla

Source Control: Team Foundation Server, Team development for Sitecore, Git, SVN

Scripting: Windows Powershell and Sitecore Powershell

Search Api: Lucene Search and Elastic Search


Confidential - Pittsburg PA

Sr. Developer

Environment: C#, MVC, Sitecore 8.2 and 7.2,Multisite and Multi lingual solution, Web API, Lucene search,Log4net,Glassmappper ORM,TDS(Team development for Sitecore),.Net framework 4.5,Nuget, Assembla as ticketing tool


  • Sitecore reusable components were implemented, which were used in common and specific scenarios using C# code in MVC framework.
  • Created Multisite and multilingual microsites targeted to different geographical locations.
  • Developed Lucene search module to in corporate search functionality in websites.
  • Implemented repository pattern and façade pattern to get the product data and used in Sitecore CMS to get extra information of the product.
  • Incorporated Sitecore bucketing features for enhancing search capabilities with facets.
  • Amazon CloudFront CDN was used for Sitecore media content.
  • Used Sitecore dictionary for content localization and Sitecore powershell modules for the content creation and migration.
  • Customized Sitecore features like UI,workflows, pipeline and WFFM.
  • Worked in Sitecore Helix architecture in a new project module.
  • Implemented code to create a PDF of the prescription information and download it.
  • Created a module to migrate the external data to and from Sitecore CMS.
  • Taking care of the SEO related configuration for each site like alt tags, Meta tags and Google analytics.
  • Created a POC for mongo db interaction in Sitecore.
  • Using TFS as source control tool.
  • Using TDS for the deployment in the dev and QA environment. Deploying Sitecore data using serialization, packages.
  • Using Façade, Factory pattern and Castle Windsor IOC as design patterns.
  • Taking care of Performance related issues in the site.
  • Fixing bugs in production and development environment and used optimizilla tool for optimizing image quality.

Confidential -Pittsburg PA

Sr Developer

Environment: VS 2012, .NET framework 4.5, SQL server 2012, C#, MVC, Web API, Angular Js 1.0


  • Converting the application in C# MVC and angular Js 1.0.
  • Coding in C# MVC razor and Angular JS.
  • Web API were implemented to get required data from the application.
  • Entity framework was used to get the data from database.
  • Implemented layered approach in developing the application.
  • Created and used stored procedures.

Confidential -Phoenix Arizona

Environment: VS 2012, .NET framework 4.0, SQL Server 2008, C#, Web forms, Sitecore 6.6, FxCop Jira tool, Sitecore Rocks


  • Configuring the Sitecore tree to handle data in efficient way.
  • Used Asp.Net Webforms with Sitecore CMS as content management system.
  • Creating data access layers and wrapper methods to access Sitecore API.
  • Created multisite architecture to manage content of different regions.
  • Used Sitecore WFFM (web forms for marketers) as a way to interact with the customers.
  • Sitecore pipelines was customized to handle error pages based on different sites.
  • Customized Sitecore workflow and events for specific scenarios.
  • Sitecore Dictionary was used to make the content localization.
  • Used Sitecore media library to store and retrieve Pdf and images.
  • Fxcop was used to tool to do analysis of the code.
  • Created packages and anti packages of the Sitecore and project data using Sitecore rocks.
  • Configured Sitecore to handle Omniture tags analysis for tracking user behavior.
  • Redirection module in Sitecore was used to redirect to particular pages.
  • Used ANTS profiler for code analysis.
  • Performance related issues Fixed.
  • Fixing the bugs in QA environment.


Senior Software Developer and Individual contributor

Environment: Visual Studio 2008, Sitecore CMS 6.5,SQL Server 2008,ASP.NET, Lucene search, WCF, RESTful API, AJAX, Web Services, Entity Framework, AWS Cloud environment for development,TFS,SCRUM, Agile methodology, windows server 2008 r2,Configuration tools like Jira and Confulence,Footprint for Ticket management.


  • Setting the machine for Development in Amazon provided cloud machines.
  • Installation of Sitecore CMS and configured TFS for dev environment
  • Started Working on my Module from the scratch.
  • Used Layered solution architecture based on MVP Model view presenter (MVP) pattern.
  • Implemented design patterns like Facade, abstract factory and singleton pattern.
  • Used Castle Windsor as dependency injection IOC.
  • Taking decision about how the data will be efficiently kept in Sitecore CMS and writing c# code to extract data from sitecore CMS.
  • Customized Sitecore media library to in corporate particular structure in content tree.
  • Developing a Lucene based search module for the Qiagen products.
  • Customized the sitecore pipelines, events and methods and using sitecore multilingual capabilities to create a multilingual site.
  • Writing unit test cases using Microsoft Mock and moles framework.
  • Worked in the support of the Qiagen website after the development which gives better understanding about the Customer and users.
  • Used configuration tools like Jira and confluence and Footprint for ticket management.
  • Putting Logging and exception handling capabilities in the methods.
  • Written PowerShell scripts for product migration from provided Excel data.
  • Writing code to communicate to existing product related web services.
  • Enhanced Lucene search module to handle searching of new class of products.


Senior Software Developer

Environment: Visual Studio 2005, .NET Framework 3.0, C#, Windows forms, PowerShell and Cisco simulator


  • Writing C# code to create PowerShell cmdlets to manage cisco Data center resources.
  • Written PowerShell scripting automation framework to test the cmdlets and produce report in html format.
  • Used C# reflection and generics.
  • Used putty tool for connecting to different systems.


Software Developer

Environment: VS2005,SQl Server 2005, C#, C++, Windows form, Console applications, Computer Graphics, Multithreading, MSMQ(Microsoft message queuing model),TCP communication, DDS (Data distribution center)


  • Creating solution from the scratch.
  • Implemented mathematical algorithms in C# windows application which shows the output and navigation using Computer graphics.
  • Creating a simulator for Navy Training.
  • Created many graphical screens to understand the system.
  • Sending Messages to other system using TCP/IP communication and Microsoft MSMQ.
  • Used C# Multithreading and delegates and timer functions.
  • Send simulation data in specific format to a middleware DDS which will send data to server.
  • Went to Client place to deploy the application and gave the proper information to use the application.
  • Created the deployment setup to be deployed in client environment.

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