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Software/firmware Developer Resume


Experienced in embedded software/firmware development for different hardware platforms. Developed and implemented algorithms for various embedded - system applications, such as IoT devices, Indoor Mobile Robot, Structural Health Monitoring, etc. Representing these works, obtained multiple publications in Journals, as well as in IEEE Conferences.


Programming Language: C/C++, Python, VHDL, MATLAB, Simulink, Ladder Logic, LABVIEW.

Software: Xilinx, Quartus, Vision, Express PCB, Cooja, OrCAD.

Hardware: FPGA, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, TI- MSP430, CC2420, OPAMP 8-32-ARM-cortex.

Operating System: Linux, ContikiOS, Windows.

Technical Skills: RTOS, OOP, Digital Signal Processing, SPI, I2C, UART, USB, A/D, Ethernet, GCC, GIT, IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GNU MAKE, CAN, TCP/IP, UDP, IPv4/IPv6, Cloud-Platform(ThingWorx, ThingSpeak), CCNA.



Software/Firmware Developer


  • Developed algorithms using C programming for ContikiRPL (the default Contiki IPv6/6lowpan Routing Protocol) to address energy-efficiency and reliability in routing.
  • Studied IETF and Zigbee protocols IoT. Worked on the IETF standardized network-protocol stack’s network layer. For multitasking aid, ContikiOS was used as the RTOS.
  • Developed a transmission power control algorithm for an IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF CC2420.
  • Performed simulations on Cooja to validate the algorithm for Tmote-sky platform, which is operated on Linux. The considered radio environment was Multi-Path Ray Tracer Medium.
  • Programmed P3-DX robot using MATLAB. Figured out
  • Implemented Kalman filter on sensors’ data to improve the robot’s navigational accuracy.
  • Sensor-fusion of Kinect and Ultrasonic was used to avoid obstacles.
  • Two microcontrollers (Arduino) were used, which are communicating using UART. One of these two microcontrollers was communicating with a MCP I/O expander via I2C.
  • Designed a Digital Logic-Circuit with 36 two-input AND gates, which was controlled by the microcontrollers and I/O expander set-up.
  • Microcontrollers were able to control the pattern and frequency of the vibration of 36 DC-motors (vibration), arranged in an array of 6x6.
  • Prepared a prototype.
  • Python was used to code SunFounder’s Raspberry Pi Car.
  • The distance data collected using ultrasonic sensors was sent to an IoT platform, named ThingSpeak, which makes the decisions for the movement of the car, such as stopping, turning right/left etc.
  • Using GIT, performed version control and created a remote repository at www.hithub.com/AnamMahmud.
  • Designed a prototype.
  • Data collected from physical structures using (Piezoelectric) PZT sensors.
  • Used MATLAB to analyze the data sets such as FFT, filtering, applying mathematical models, etc.
  • Python was used to program a Raspberry pi to collect sensors’ (Temperature and Humidity) data.
  • Real-time information was sent to the ThingWorx and visualized.
  • MATLAB was used to Performed lossy image compression.
  • Signal Processing techniques applied: Discrete Cosine Transform (DST), Convolutional Encoding, Interleaving, Run Length Encoding (RLE), Zig-Zag order, and Huffman encoding.
  • 82% of the image size was reduced before transmission.
  • Wireless media considered Rayleigh Fading Channel with three path.
  • Performance of different filter was analyzed and finally MLSE for was used for reconstructing the signal.
  • Everything was done using MATLAB.

Research Assistant



  • Assisted my research advisor on his ongoing research about routing protocol for Internet of Things.
  • Mentored his NSF funded Research Experience for Teachers (RET) team and high school student.

Teaching Assistant



  • Prepared and improved lab-manuals for lab classes.
  • Assisted student for doing their lab works such as MATLAB simulation, FPGA-VHDL, Electronic Circuit LAB.
  • Helped student to solve their homework problem.
  • Graded homework.

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