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Senior .net Developer - Odiis Resume


  • As Sr. .NET Developer wif professional experience in analysis, database design and development, implementation, debugging, testing, integration, and troubleshooting of client server, web - based, and distributed end-to-end enterprise applications.
  • Proficient in various technologies including ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, WCF/Web API Web Services, MVC, Entity Framework, LINQ, SSRS, SSIS, and UML wif databases such as Oracle and MS SQL Server, and front-end technologies such as JavaScript (jQuery, Knockout.js), HTML, CSS, and XML.
  • Also well-versed using tools such as Visual Studio, TFS, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD, and VSS.
  • Have skilled in Agile/Scrum methodologies and implementing techniques such as Pair Programming.
  • Strong Technical background wif excellent problem solving and communication skills.
  • Good team player wif reputation of integrity and an ability to work on multiple technologies.


Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000/NT, Windows 98/95, Sun Solaris, SCO UNIX

Languages: C#, C, C++, XML (XSL, XSLT, DTD, XML Schema, DOM, XLINK), DHTML, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript (jQuery, Knockout.js), SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, LINQ, VML (Vector Markup Language)

Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, DB2

Tools: Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, VSS, TFS, Visual Studio.NET, IIS, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Visual Interdev

Related Skills: Agile, Pair Programming/Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development (TDD), VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#, ASP, MTS, ADO, RDO, DAO, ODBC, OLE/DB, COM, DCOM, COM+, MVVM, MVP, MVC, Singleton, Agile, Waterfall



Senior .Net Developer - ODIIS


  • Lead, mange project resources, interact wif clients, coordinate and work in achieving high levels of productivity and efficiency in complex, dynamic and challenging environments.
  • Assisted in the structured analysis, object-oriented design, and defined user requirements sessions of the system development life cycle.
  • Developed N-tier web application, secured Restful WCF/Web API services using C#.Net, and deployed them in IIS.
  • Implemented MVC, Singleton Design patterns, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Architecture.
  • Developed front-end user interfaces, using ASP.NET, Bootstrap CSS, and UI Controls to get responsive, faster, and more user-friendly way.
  • Used Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services for cross-application communication, and implemented exception handling and logging mechanism.
  • Used LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and Generics model to query the entities and DTOs.
  • Used EF (Entity Framework) to perform CRUD operations, manage relations, and maintain inheritance relations between entities.
  • Used Knockout/jQuery to do two-way data-binding to synchronize between the view and model, and implemented dependency injection.
  • Converted existing VB and ASP application business logic into ASP.NET MVC application.
  • Implemented performance tuning and secure coding in C#, and participated in database design, optimization of queries, tables, views, stored procedures, and functions.
  • Collaborated wif my team members to build a layered Knockout.js binding system to support partial views.
  • Responsible to Create TFS (Team Foundation Server) Projects, Work Items, and Versioning, Automation of build process using TFS API, TFS Build, and MS Build and Final Builder tools.
  • Implemented Scrum methodology for the project development, which was part of Agile implementation.
  • Identified different functionalities on projects, services, and batch process, and implemented on iterations basis.
  • Implemented pair programming and extreme programming concepts of Agile methodology, alongside wif Scrum (Sprints).
  • Utilized the Visual Studio .Net Unit Test Framework for writing unit test cases for all functionalities in all different layers.
  • Provided technical and functional documentation for all applications and written test methods in all different layers.
  • Assisted in all layers of testing (DRAT) in end user-acceptance testing, testing, and defect tracking (in TFS) to identify changes.
  • Experience wif training and mentoring team members wif product knowledge and business processes.

Environment: .NET Framework 4.5/4.6, ASP.NET 4.5/4.6, Entity Framework 4.5, C#, MVC5, WCF, Web API, VB, ASP, XML, XSD, XSLT, XPath, LINQ, Agile Development, Oracle, PL/SQL Developer/TOAD, jQuery/JavaScript/Knockout.js, Bootstrap, CSS, Unit Test Framework, Re-Sharper, TFS.


Sr. .Net Developer


  • Participated in structured analysis, object-oriented design, and defined user requirements sessions of the system development life cycle.
  • Coordinated wif Offshore DEV and QA teams to get on time deliverables, status reports and lead the scrum.
  • Designed the User Interface framework, template layout using Master Page, XHTML, Advanced CSS and Angular JS/jQuery wif packaging.
  • Developed the Custom Controls using grid view which supports Custom Paging, Sorting and Filtering
  • Designed and implemented the service layer using custom HTTP Handler to support both XML and JSON for GET/POST request /response and multiple method execution wif single request which enhance the network performance.
  • Developed error Tracking /Debugging facility using both custom Sql error log and log4Net .
  • Implemented the Layers (DAL: Data access layer, BAL: Business Logic Layer, UI layer), Core Libraries, Helper methods, Utilities, Dynamic Settings, Extended Methods.
  • Used SQL Stored procedure for customer pagination, functions, done performance tuning by optimizing SQL quires.
  • Developed ASP.Net web application and WCF Services using C#.Net, and deployed it in IIS, integrated wif existing web application.
  • Implemented MVC, Singleton Design patterns, and SOA Architecture.
  • Used Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services for cross-application communication.
  • Used SSIS to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from disparate data sources, created fact table and to integrate data to SQL Server, and created SQL Server Reports (SSRS).
  • Used Re-Sharper for code refactoring and code review.
  • Handled ADO.Net Entity Framework for Data Access Layer to perform DML operations, and to execute TSQL, stored procedures, and user-defined functions.
  • Used TFS in many ways from code files versioning to project management, and to its work item (or incident) management, including PBIs, SBIs, or bugs.
  • Applied performance tuning of both C# and SQL Server.
  • Implemented Scrum methodology for the project development, which was part of Agile implementation.
  • Implemented pair programming and extreme programming concepts of Agile methodology, alongside wif Scrum.

Environment: .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET 4.0, C#, MVC, WCF, Web API, XML, XSD, XSLT, LINQ, Generics, Agile Development, SQL Server 2008, SSIS, SSRS, UML, Angular JS/JQuery/JavaScript, Telerik Controls, Unit Test Framework, Re-Sharper, and TFS.

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