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Senior Developer Resume

Chicago, IL


Full stack senior developer with more than a decade experience in Relational Databasement management and Object Oriented programming. Expert on C#.Net, Webforms, Winforms, ASP.net, WPF, WCF/SOA, XML, XSLT, IIS and multithreaded distributed application. Expert on writing SQL Query, Triggers, Stored procedures, SSIS, SSRS as well as relational database design. Equally strong on Front End, Middle tier, and exceptionally strong with Back end development. Has solid experience with jQuery, Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Received expert level understanding and working experience on both Windows service (WCF/SOA) and Web API. Has gained experience working with Azure. Also has worked with Nolio and TFS for continues integration and deployment.


Programming Tools: C#.net 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 ASP.net (VS 2003 - VS 2015), Delphi (Version 3 to 7), Object Oriented Programming, SQL (T-SQL, PL/SQL, ANSI SQL), HTLM, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Json, Soap-WCF web service, XML, Unit testing with extensive use of both NUnit and MS Unit

Database Knowledge: SQL Server (Version, includes SSRS/SSIS), DB2 UDB (8.x, 9.x), Oracle 10g

Other Tools:

Version control: Visual Sourcesafe, Borland star team, Subversion, TFS

Bug tracking: Clarify, Start team Change Request (CR), TFS

3rd party Software: DevExpress (similar to Infragistics), Actipro UIStudio, Resharper

Reports: Working knowledge on Crystal Report, Business Objects, SSRS


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Developer


  • Senior developer among four team members on development of ASP.Net applications on SQL Server 2012/2008 and VS 2015/2013
  • Used TFS and Rally to monitor progress of the development.
  • Used Nolio and TFS for continues integration and deployment
  • Regularly monitor performance of the applications. Perform root cause analysis to resolve performance issues
  • Developed and maintained software for the company that has millions of dollar annual transaction.
  • Used Bootstrap, JQuery, Ajax for Front End, MVC 4/5, XML, and XSLT for Middle tier and backend, WCF, Web API, Entity framework, SQL Sever for Back End.
  • This is a highly secured E-commerce site along with courses and exam launching. Used membership encryption token based authentication and SSL certification to make site more secure. Used OAuth2 and Identity Server 3 for token based authentication
  • Used SpecialTypes for Sql Server to hold coordinates. Used Bing Maps to locate centers.
  • Used both NUnit and Confidential Unit for testing.
  • Used WPF and Winform application for local service center support.
  • Used Azure portal for Test, staging and production deployments. Used TFS Azure for maintaining codes. Some of the test and production databases are maintained in Azure where the whole system runs in a complex database (Azure and Local) structure.

Confidential, Meabows, IL

.NET Developer consultant


  • Asp.net on SQL Server 2012/2008 and VS 2012/2010.
  • Built and hosted book selling website for UIC students.
  • Built web based software for nationally recognized insurance company.
  • The insurance software is supposed to manage Whole Life, Term Life, SPDA (Single premium deferred annuity) and SPIA (Single premium immediate annuity) for their clients.
  • Used MVC3, nHibernate, Entity framework, WCF, Dojo (substiture for JQuery), AJAX, XML, C#

Confidential, West Chicago, IL

Team Lead/ Sr. Application Developer


  • Led a team of 3 developers on Asp.net and Windows Form Development with SQL Server 2008 backend and VS 2010.
  • Planned and ran daily Scrum meetings with bi- weekly agile sprints to move project forward and to plan completion on time. Used TFS to monitor work development
  • Worked as Release Engineer (Solution architect cum team lead) for different websites for Exxon Speedpass, Army and Navy FitFactor, Dexone, Nationwide, Jaguar, LandRover etc.
  • Used Nolio for CI/CD
  • Worked as the lead developer for successful implementation of different websites as well as front end Kiosks (Windows forms) that uses WCF service for synchronizing databases between different local machines and centralized web server.
  • Used MVC3, LINQ, EF, C#, XML, XSLT, WPF (Prism pattern and MVVM layout) in projects.
  • Worked on jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap although on backend C# development was the main responsibility.
  • Mobile programming using mono for Android.
  • Web Service use: One of the projects is DexOne event registration and management. Developed application to allow users to register online where registration is handled by web service. On the event day they can check-in through dedicated Kiosk (similar to airline) where a windows program consumes web service to complete check-in. Users can also check-in through their mobile phones. If a user tries to check-in again through another Kiosk then he finds himself already checked-in as it goes through same web service targeting same database. The Kiosk works on a multi-threaded application where users are minimally affected by slow internet speed.

Confidential, Bolingbrook, IL

Application Developer

Database: Oracle 10g

Programming language: C# (2008) .NET 3.5


  • Product was called Project management control system (in-house program for managing projects as big as billion dollars used around the globe).
  • Developed in C# .NET 3.5, the tool to monitor the development and progress of large and small projects of the company.
  • The company is in energy business around the globe.
  • Developed multithreaded application for backend, as well as UI design, business logic, and database design.

Confidential, Warrenville, IL

Developer, R&D section

Database: DB2 9.1, 9.5; SQL Server 2005 and 2008

Programming languages: C# (visual studio 2005, 2008) .net 3.0, 3.5; For Toad DB2, Toad Core, Toad SQL Server, Toad data analyst for DB2 and SQL Server


  • Developed in C# .NET 3.5, a tool that competes with Confidential ’s Management studio for SQL Server (formerly Enterprise manager) and IBM’s control center for DB2.
  • Requirements are gathered from PMM (Product Marketing Manager), Sales representatives and worldwide end users.
  • I was responsible in technical design, development, coding.
  • Monitored the work of QA testers, groomed and guided overseas junior developers from St Petersburg Russia, and coordinated with document writers.
  • Participated in weekly planning meeting, twice a week status meeting, and every five weeks iteration demo to receive feedback from others and provide feedback to top management.
  • As research developer of nationally recognized database Tools Company, I had to demonstrate accurate and complete understanding of the codes, functionality, high-quality consultation as well as latest of the technologies to stay ahead of the competitors like Confidential and IBM. We had to stay within the deadline of this agile development as the product release use to get national advertisement.
  • This applies to 3 products: TOAD Data Analyst, TOAD DB2 and TOAD SQL Server that can handle huge bulk of data with real-time transaction.
  • C# .NET 3.5 development included writing from the starting Interface, reusable Base classes to intermediate descendant classes and finished with the final sealed classes.
  • All levels of methods starting from Virtual to intermediate overridden /overloaded to final sealed were written, modified and enhanced.
  • XML serialization and XSLT is used for template and html generation. HTLM, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery are used for client side web page processing.
  • Toad has capability to work on robust data and the actions are there under tools menu. It does the reorg of indexes, check referential integrity. It has options like schema compare and schema migration which is comparable to SSIS or DTS. The operations are done through windows services using WCF to minimize network traffic and put the bulk of the load on more powerful servers.
  • Toad ships with a product called ToadSQL AnalysisLUW that uses agent for SQL Analysis. The agent is installed in a different computer with the database server. The SOA environment was followed through WCF, where the agent is a windows service.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Software Engineer/Team Lead

Database: SQL Server 7, 2000

Programming language: ASP.net using C#.net 2.0, Visual Studio 2003 Delphi 5, 7 (Enterprise edition)


  • Developed a Risk monitoring systems to monitor and maintain market data to reduce investors risk in the hedge fund.
  • It acquired end of day trading data of prime brokers, and real time data from IDC and Bloomberg.
  • The trading data included different types of Stocks including future.
  • This was a green project where previous data was maintained in excel and Paradox.
  • The whole SDLC of the program, starting from planning, designing, database creation to development and deployment along with post development end user support is provided as lead developer of a team of 7 developers.
  • The idea and suggestions were acquired from financial analysts who had little or no connection with software development and the suggestions were translated in terms of software design.
  • Demonstrated team lead skill in this timely complete sensitive capital market data maintenance program.
  • Following are the different modules of this software.
  • The program was used to provide demo to new client. It was an excellent tool for marketing as the program was used to maintain different indexes, profit for investors and their daily portfolio management.
  • Contributed in creating popular HFRI index using this program.

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