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Architect / Developer Resume



OS Platforms: Windows, Solaris, Linux (CentOs, Ubuntu)

Languages: C#, Java, Scala, C++, Javascript, T - SQL, PL/SQL

Methodologies: Waterfall, TDD, DevOps (Continuous Delivery / Integration)Architecture/Design: PoSA, PoEAA, PoEAI, GoF, SOA, DDD, Messaging, Cloud, SOAP/REST, SEI Views and Beyond, 4+1, RDBMS, Data Warehouse, OOP, Functional

Database: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Hive, HBase, HDFS

Other: ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, Windows Forms, SSIS, SSRS, Windows Services, Entity Framework, Hibernate, X-Unit, TFS, Subversion, Jira,, NET Reflector, Firebug, YSlow, TamperData, Fiddler, XML, XSLT, WixGen, VMWare ESXi, AWS, EC2, XSLT, COM+, Spark, SparkSQL, MLlib



Architect / Developer


  • Developed core applications and server components that consolidated an autonomous set of in-house and acquired applications that support underwriting business into a single, extendable, coherent system. Enhanced analytics capabilities in underwriting, marketing, monitoring, risk evaluation, and product development. Developed infrastructure and POC for real-time dashboards.
  • Architecture / Development - Developed extendable core frameworks and base implementations for multithreaded WPF underwriting application, broker facing portal, and web services which load product related plug-ins at runtime.
  • Developed Hadoop cluster staging environment to improve ETL throughput, in corporate a wider variety of data sources (underwriting logs), and provide distributed processing capabilities for ingestion and data mining. Developed jobs and distributed pipelines for munging, aggregation, and mining.

Technology - C#, WPF, ASP.NET, Scala, Java, SQL Server, Hadoop, Impala, Hive, HiveQL, Pig, Flume, Kafka, Storm, Spark, MLlib, Qlikview


Application Architect


  • Worked wif CEO and senior management to translate requirements for target budget, time to market, short and long term scalability, and agility requirements into high precision non-functional requirements for driving teh application architectures.
  • Collaborated wif development, analytics, and engineering to negotiate trade-offs and optimize teh system’s component design for agility in a rapidly changing ecosystem. Teh three in one platform combines big data, marketing automation, and enterprise metrics to optimize client communication activities.
  • Research and analytics come together to produce teh optimal synergy of timing, market segmentation, and channel selection, providing measurable results across teh breadth of branding philosophies of Citibank, Estee Lauder, Lenovo. Hewlett Packard. Western Digital, Oracle, Microsoft, Reuters, and others.Architecture / Development- Led design sessions.
  • Developed end state vision, tactical systems architecture, strategic road map, and a durable architecture. Optimized layering and integration point locations to ensure that frameworks chosen to expedite development could be swapped out to scale up in isolated releases, wifout interfering wif teh out of band multi-tenancy data flow. Designed and implemented base libraries, framework interfaces, and sample implementation patterns.

Technology - SAAS, ASP.NET MVC4, REST API, WCF, Entity Framework, MySQL, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, HiveQL, Pig

Confidential, NY, NY

Solutions Architect


  • Acted as Solutions Architect and Technology SME for green field re-write of ACRIS - teh city registry for real-estate ownership, which supports over 5 million requests per day and processes 8 billion dollars in transactions per year.
  • Worked wif stakeholders, system integrators, and service providers to define and deliver teh platform and solution. Provided fit/gap analyses from existing implementation. Developed technical specifications. Evaluated vendor proposals for fitness. Negotiated technical deliverable acceptance criteria on behalf of teh client.
  • Architecture / Development - Evaluated deliverables and provided in-depth assessments of infrastructure, technology selection, application design, methodology alignment, migration and deployment plans, etc. Provided in-depth code review for best practices in in terms of pattern trade-offs, maintainability, robustness, security, etc. Escalated critical issues to CTO and Commissioner’s Office - client received 750k in reparation based on teh valuation. Performed gap analyses and developed reference implementation and procedures for meeting acceptance criteria.

Technology - ASP.NET MVC, WPF, WCF, SOAP, REST, Workflow Foundation, Oracle 11g, Documentum, Snaplock, VMware

Confidential, Stamford, CT

Application Architect / Developer


  • Developed enhancements for Mortgaged Backed Security TBA forward contract allocations system, including auto-turn (real-time algorithmic allocation), which monitors teh deliveries coming in from DTCC, executes a valuation on teh pools, and for teh pools of lowest value, finds opportunities to allocate them for delivery on a sell.
  • Architecture / Design - Developed a solution for delivering auto-turn features and other urgent related enhancements months ahead of schedule. During teh design phase, upon breaking teh release cycle into stages, across which various aspects of teh solution would be partially implemented, it became clear that teh database, server side caching containers, messaging libraries, and user interface would of already been enhanced and delivered by teh time coding had begun for teh server side automation. This made it clear that it would be possible to trade off some of teh benefits of a server side solution, in favor of a fast release cycle.
  • Teh client side of teh application had already contained teh required business logic to do teh evaluation, along wif teh framework to allocate teh sell. So only simple observer on a separate worker thread was needed to monitor, evaluate, and turn incoming pools. Wif teh exception of teh delivery observer, all of teh other constituent parts had already been developed, tested, and put into production, and additional time was saved in teh overall development and testing..

Technology: Windows Forms, Farpoint Spread, C #, C++, Managed Wrappers, OpenContainers, Tibco Rendevous messaging, Sybase, Sybase Open Server

Confidential, Jersey City NJ

.NET Technical Lead


  • Technical lead for stabilizing teh CAS system, a white labeled version of CitiDirect - a Payments and Reporting application deployed to customers globally. Teh product was being built under contract by an offshore integrator, and had been rejected by teh client in December 2009. Teh project was put on hold for instability, requirement gaps, and poor performance. So, Citi brought in management consultants.
  • Architecture - Reviewed teh systems architecture and development methodology to identify teh critical issues. Envronments had been constructed ad-hoc, middle tiers were keeping state in memory, integration components were heavy, stateful infrastructure, technologies were poorly selected (see below), and developers were only integrating for release.
  • Methodology - Constructed integration environment in-house from teh ground up, capturing provisioning and configurations into source control, Instituted daily build and stand up meetings, reducing build time from 3 days down to continuous. Initiated peer code review of defect fixes. Formalize server configurations and created base images for server types based on their product stacks, enforce package based deployment, and centralized environment configurations to load based on environment variables. Reviewed and prioritized technology best practices and coding standards. Eliminated an entire tier that was not needed. Instituted TDD as much as possible, requiring coverage minimally on defect fixes to be tested on integration build. Optimized teh build and deployment process. Worked wif documentation specialist to produce metrics to demonstrate progress to teh client. Implemented countless fixes across all technologies.

Technology Landscape: JQuery, Telerik, NCache, Sharepoint, MOSS, Siteminder, Oracle Entitlements Server, ASP.NET, MVP (Supervising Controller), Enterprise Application Blocks, ELF Logger, WCF SOAP Services, SQL Server, Java, Tomcat, WebSphere, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle, Tibco, C#, ASP.NET 3.5, Team Foundation Server (TFS), N-Unit, Firebug, YSlow, TamperData, Fiddler, XML, XSLVMware


Technical Lead / Application Architect


  • Led teh teh onshore and off shore development teams responsible for teh functional operation of teh presentation and middle tiers of teh MyMerrill.com online platform. Responsible for architecture, design, and development teams implementing User Login, Multifactor Authentication, Migration, Fraud Detection, User Preferences, Session and Context, and Site Co-
  • Exisitence, Helpdesk Integration and User Impersonation. Worked wif business owners, framework teams, and engineering to design and implement new featues. Managed a team of on shore and off shore developers.
  • Architecture/Development - Worked closely wif business, and wif teh leaders of eight framework technologies and engineering teams to plan and execute teh construction of a massive platform, evenly distributing teh efforts of nearly one hundred developers. Translated functional business requirements into system requirements for department scope design sessions and impact analyses. Negotiated responsibilities, led team internal design sessions, produced detailed documentation and implementation plans, and made level of effort assessments.
  • Evaluated third party components and productivity tools. . Managed and coordinated development process to maintain teh critical path. Promoted an environment of mentorship, cross training, and continuous improvement. Coordinated testing, triage, and defect management for internal and department scope integration levels. Implemented complex costum features, proof of concepts and tools.

Technologies/Keywords: UML Documentation, Test Driven Development (TDD), Team Foundation Server (TFS), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), C#, ASP.NET 3.5, WCF, LINQ, N-Unit, .NET Reflector, Firebug, YSlow, TamperData, Fiddler, .Net Framework (1.1, 2.0, 3.5), COM Interop, XML, XSL, Visio, Silverlight, Microsoft AJAX, Javascript, JSON, DHTML, CSS, SQL Server 2005, CA Siteminder, UDDI, Browser Hawk, Visio, WiX


Solution Architect / Lead Developer


  • Leveraged teh system of applications and artifacts built for teh Google IPO into teh new strategic platform on which teh CSFB Dutch Auction IPO underwriting and management business has been built. Teh first project managed on teh new platform was Larry Ellison’s NetSuite IPO.
  • Architecture/Development - Teh platform consists of a Bidding Web Site, Data Integration components for accepting bids from E-Trade and other online trading platforms, and an application for pricing and analytics. One of primary architectural constraint for Dutch auction’s is teh additional risk of defects attached to a short production lifespan application. In order to maximize quality assurance resources, teh system workflow and development workflow needed to be kept in alignment in order to keep assure that teh pipeline is never empty. Organized development into short sprints of independent features to minimize teh need for regression testing. Designed a system of checks and balances to verify consistent data across every integration point. Refactored and modernized interfaces to maximize unit testability. Implemented a system of cross component checksums to guarantee that balances remained consistent throughout teh auction workdlow.
  • Bidding Web Site - Public facing high availability web application for accepting institutional bids, and applying corresponding business rules based on teh current state in teh Dutch Auction workflow.
  • Analytics Web Site - Pricing tool that aggregates institutional and retail demand in real time, allowing for pricing assessments and trial allocations.
  • Share Allocation And Notice of Acceptance Process - Application for simulating allocation scenarios and executing teh final allocation of shares. Devised a smart rounding algorithm for allocating shares on a pro rata basis to eliminate post allocation shortages and surpluses. Responsible for allocating $160 million in shares.

Technologies/Keywords: PoEA, Integration Patterns, Reusability Patterns, .NET Application Blocks, UML Documentation, Web Services, Windows Services, Oracle, Oracle Analytics, Toad, Erwin, Embarcadero RapidSQL, PL/SQL, ASP.NET 2.0, Perl, Windows Forms 2.0, Microsoft CAB, .Net Framework 2.0, XML, XSL, C#, Visual Source Safe, Visio, Syncfusion, Microsoft AJAX, Javascript, Visio, Fiddler, CA Siteminder, data analysis, quantitative modeling


Development Lead - Solutions Architect


  • Reporting System for Molecular Genetics - Designed and led development of meta-data driven, rule based reporting system for clinical testing. XML tags in report templates indirectly reference disparate internal and external data providers to generate reports. Windows forms Model View Controller (Custom built on .NET 1.1 framework) uses Layer Supertype Data Mappers to load domain entities from disparate sources. Lightweight domain entities contain validation logic and are referenced by teh application controller and rules assemblies. Designed and implemented extensions to SQL Server Reporting services to make calls to a Command Dispatcher that allows reports to be generated from in-memory domain objects.
  • Clinical Rules Engine - Designed and developed custom rules engine that uses providers to dynamically load rules and facts used to process clinical information. Rules are executed by a controller that lazy loads facts into teh domain from various sources.
  • Genzyme Application Portal - ASP.NET Web application portal (and page framework) that houses all intranet web applications and controls user access via NT role based authorization. Applications include Enterprise Search Engine, Document and Report Viewers, and other applications for administration and updating client, patient, and billing information. Most of these are very lightweight and were rapidly developed binding grids to datasets and using Table Module pattern for domain logic.
  • Interactive Flow Reporting System - Batch reporting system that extracts raw data from Flow Cytometers, which is used to interpret data and generate patient reports. Windows Service loads raw data from a binary files, processes them into meaningful result data that gets passed to a transaction handler that stores them in SQL Server database for reporting and physician acceptance.
  • GlodConnect - Internet web application which allows clients to view reports. HIPPA-compliant externally hosted web site. Makes .NET Remoting calls to internal application server that exposes a Façade. Teh singleton Façade provides Data Transfer Objects, and binary reports that are transferred, unpacked and displayed to teh client.
  • Impath Integration - Developed numerous ASP.NET web applications to support data migration, synchronization and assimilated business processes during teh systems integration period. Used Enterprise Services to facilitate distributed transaction processing for Oracle and SQL server databases.
  • DNA Sequencing – Enhanced existing systems to support rules-based reporting for DNA Sequence analysis. Workflow application provides interfaces for Result Entry, Director Review, Reporting, and Distribution. Reporting system analyzes DNA base pair sequences for deviations from teh wild type that get prioritized and used by teh Rules Engine to generate clinical interpretations. These applications were Windows Forms and use teh architecture mentioned above.

Technologies: Domain Driven Architecture, Enterprise Application Patterns, Integration Patterns, Reusability Patterns, SOA, Javascript, .NET Debugger, .Net Application Blocks, UML Documentation, Web Services, Windows Services, .Net Remoting, Enterprise Services, Oracle, SQL Server, Toad, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, .Net Framework, Reflection, CodeDOM, XML, XSL, C#, VB6, ADO, COM+, Windows Forms, Visual Source Safe, N-Unit, Serena, Visio

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