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Big Data/vsphere Architect Resume

Houston, TX


  • Linux software/systems engineer with over two decades of software, networking, OS, and hardware experience. Seeking a Python/Perl development position at an institution that can provide a fun, challenging and team driven environment.


Main Programming Languages: Python, Perl, Bash


Confidential - Houston, TX

Big Data/Vsphere Architect


  • Using Satlstack/Ansible/Cloudify/Docker solely built test lab within large vSphere environment
  • Built working environments for each consumer that was self contained and protected
  • Helped build test networks for evaluating hostile code or launching attacks against test lab assets
  • Architected all aspects of construction including network, routing, systems, etc ..
  • Automated aspects of daily management including updates and state checking of systems
  • Daily management and writing of playbooks and sls files for automation purposes
  • Leveraged container systems to help with fast deploying specific attack surfaces for testing
  • Helped security analyst and data scientists with formulation of scenario simulation for attacks
  • Evaluated daily CVE and update impacts on systems, hypervisors and network


Big Data/Software Engineer


  • Using satlstack developed a monitoring/automation solution that leverages the saltstack transport
  • Created a monitoring program that can be used to send monitoring data to masters
  • Designed a system that can be used to listen for this event data and store it in any DB/schema on master
  • Using this system I am able to monitor system statistics, resource usage, network information in real time
  • Designed in a way that salt is not being called to do any action to start the monitoring state it remands idle
  • Developed salt sls files to take advantage of this monitoring data being sent over the saltstack transport
  • Using this system saltstack only actions events it sees from the monitoring data or supplement data
  • Saltstack remains idle as the software solution ties into the transport only
  • This system leaves saltstack in a usable state and not in state lock
  • Developed sls files, grains, pillars, scheduler events and runners for day to day use
  • Developed targeting grains for more granular control
  • Created runners to be used with scheduled events to send results back over transport and into the DB
  • All actions of the saltstack are monitored and stored in a DB for PCI compliance
  • Created and maintained Kubernetes cluster to help with data warehouse processing
  • Developed a solution that can dynamically analyze large sets of Snort rules and construct a DB
  • Developed command line tools that are used by security researchers during authoring of snort rules


Software Engineer


  • Engineered/created AI software in Perl to automate 80% of the support department’s work loadIntegration of threading into AI to work unlimited amount of sensors in parallel
  • Created modules to wrap interactions with Salesforce and SSH to assist the administration of over 6000 sensors
  • Made a dynamic module to work with DBI for interfacing with MySQL server
  • Developed a module to query and acquire work payloads that interfaces with the alarming system
  • Produced a module to govern and stabilize AI operations
  • Programmed a full set of command line utilities to interface Salesforce and Force.com ticketing platforms
  • Created custom module to interface with PagerDuty using WebService::PagerDuty
  • Developed software to assist in monitoring the health of the sensors and to perform various system checks
  • Wrote software to assist with generating reports from custom internal data stores, PagerDuty, and New Relic


Linux Administrator


  • Duties include providing end-user support for shared/vps and dedicated offeringsCross trained in security/monitoring and phone admin
  • Helped configure multiple CMS software offerings, fine tuning of network services/servers
  • Focused on quality customer service, pre-emptive support and end user satisfaction

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