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Backend Software Engineer Resume


Backend Software Engineer offering more than 10 years in software design and development with a focus on product analyze, design and development. Detail oriented with extensive knowledge of .Net, C#, C++, C, Asp.Net, Asp.Net Web API, SQL, Git, Web Services, WCF, Restful API. Worked Hands - On on building mobile applications based on Android and cross platforms, Flutter. Worked on other systems like Payment, Invoicing system and more.


C#, C++, C, Android, JAVA, Kotlin, ASP.NET, WFC, Web API, Web Services, Restful Services, Cross Platform Development, Flutter

.Net Framework, Visual Studio, Eclipse and Android Studio, MS SQL Server, IIS, Git, GitHub, Multi-Tier Architecture


Payment System, Invoicing System, GPS Tracking System, Customer Request and Quoting System, Work Assignment System



Backend Software Engineer


  • Helped build a web app to fill the gaps between what our finance department needed and what our two sales departments provide.
  • Diagnosed and troubleshoot the system in any stage of delivery.
  • This system was built based on WFC .NET framework, MSSQL database and object-oriented.
  • This system is still under development with new requests.
  • On a team that created a web app to manage work assigned to different users with multiple roles.
  • While designing the app, I lead the way on designing and implementing the app based on weekly meeting with the stakeholders and daily 15 minutes meeting with the team and checking all code to follow our coding standard rules and regulations.
  • Improved process efficiency by 50% and reduced system failure points by 40% by converting a remote sales system from older windows mobile to a new Android application and increased sales by 30%. Developed a web app to let management and finance departments manage the sales.
  • Created, tested, debugged, implemented and designed a GPS service based on Android to locate the device and show the route on the map. Server side designed by .NET and MsSQL, JavaScript.
  • Designed, Developed and deployed a Payment System to production based on Moneris, Global Payment, PayPal.
  • Developed GPS Solution which an application to be run on Android device to get GPS data (Latitude, Longitude, Date and Time) and send them to the server remotely. All data from devices will be queued in a server database. Then, some processes at the server side will get new received data and process and transfer them to the final database. Developed a web application to get data from the final database to match device location with the customers to set a report and then show their route and activity in the city.
  • Designed Set Vacation System to select a supply salesperson and pick two dates for start and the end of the vacation, then system, on the selected date (midnight) could deactivate the PDA and transfer all customers from the original salesperson to the supply one. At the end of the vacation, system reverses all changes.
  • Designed Command Module and Remote Activity System to set commands on the server which will be run on the Android device then send back the result to the server and show on the Android device. Command Module and Remote Activity works based on web services.
  • Developed Credit Card Charge Application on the Android to let salespersons charge their customers by credit card. Salespersons can get credit card information for each customer and Android sends it to the server. Then invoices could be issued, and customer will be charged by credit card. In the server side a process can get received invoice and charge customer’s credit card.
  • If a problem happened to charge the credit card, accounting can set refund, which the amount of the invoice will be returned on the Android device.
  • Designed a Remote Messaging System for PDA and Android. So, with a web application, office can set a message to a selected device or a group of PDA s. Then when PDA and Android did sync to the server, the message will be transferred to the device and will be shown on the device. Finally, a date will be set in the server by the device to show the message has been read.
  • Auto error messages from PDA and Android activities could be set by system as well.


Computer Programmer


  • Created the sophisticated systems using CATI programming system on Windows 2000 server to manage interviewers’ calls to do a 10-minute survey on more than 50000 record calls to collect 2500 surveys across Canada. Includes extensive skip features to permit asking questions depend on the selected options.
  • Prepared modules with VBScript for comparing two tables in Microsoft ACCESS to updating one table depends on the other one.

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