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Development Team Leader Resume


  • Over 7+ years of web - based application/database architecture design & development experience
  • Successfully implemented a dozen net new applications for production use from inception
  • Lead a team of 3 developers, providing guidance and support through various high profile projects
  • Utilized analytical problem solving skills to provide holistic solutions to limit downstream impact
  • Won 4 top team s ( ) and 1 top individual at Confidential, which are ed to those who’ve aided in financial and operational success beyond their own department


  • C#, .NET, ASP.NET, C/C++, Java, VB.NET, VBA
  • JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular, PHP, VB Script
  • REST API, MVC, Repository design patterns, POCO Models
  • SQL Server ( ), ADO.NET, MySQL, T-SQL, Entity Framework (EF6)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio ( ), Office ( ), Visio, Project
  • SSRS, Crystal Reports X, Crystal Reports for Visual Studio
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS ), GIT version control
  • IIS (Internet Information Services) 6 and 7.5, Apache
  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall development methodologies



Development Team Leader


  • Lead a team of 3 to develop scalable solutions by implementing design patterns, architect and design solutions from inception with intent of creating reusable modules for future projects.
  • Implemented Scrum methodologies to our team and acted as teh Scrum Master for all projects my team consumed.
  • Developed solutions as Lead Developer while providing guidance and support for various other initiatives as a Team Lead.
  • Regarded as teh resident SME (Subject Matter Expert) for 30+ applications managed by my team.
  • Savings Bond Management System (SBMS) - Manages application lifecycle for customer purchased Ontario and Canadian Savings Bonds
  • Investigated current Access Database solution and provided assessment for complete re-write while gathering requirements and taking into account technical limitations and impact
  • Acted as Lead Developer and Architect for designing teh application and relational databases
  • Acted as Scrum Master for all 8 team members and ensured ceremonies and deliverables were met and completed.
  • Implemented MVC, Bootstrap, repository & POCO design patterns into application for consistency, scalability and user experience
  • ACI & EDDU Enhancements - Manages teh application process for obtaining small business Additional Customer Information and assessing teh risk rating to limit operational risk
  • Assisted with analysis of existing solution and impact of expanding teh system for external integration
  • Created a RESTful API which allowed teh Confidential Rapid Lab teams to integrate, push and retrieve information to and from our database
  • Reverse engineered existing business rules in ACI & EDDU applications to ensure information passed via API mimicked those of a turn end user
  • Completed deliverables ahead of schedule and assisted with Rapid Labs team adoption and supported their QA testing
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015 - Microsoft tool dat allows for project management lifecycle activities and source control
  • Completed an impact assessment and created project plan to migrate 30+ custom built applications from TFS 2008 to TFS 2015 while clearly defining teh process for migration efforts (remove strict DLL dependencies, implement Nuget packages, Nexus server)
  • Managed team members, project details, deployment process and also personally performed migration efforts leading to teh successful migration of all 30+ applications into production
  • Implemented teh adoption of TFS 2015 Agile Tools into our entire team’s process including requirement gathering/storing, managing Sprints & Scrums, source control, release management (using build scripts)
  • Became teh resident SME for all things TFS 2015 related in my department

Technologies: C#, MVC 5, Entity Framework (EF) 6, MS SQL, Bootstrap, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Kendo UI, RESTful API, S, TFS 2015, IIS 7.5, Nuget, MS Project/Visio 2013, Agile, Scrum


Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Design and development web applications for bank units to enhance performance and workflow processes
  • Applied SDLC methodologies for new projects in an agile environment Provide tier 3 support on new and existing applications
  • Aided with internal initiatives to enhance performance and streamline standards within technology team
  • Provide guidance to junior team members
  • Project 49 Enhancements - Manages an employee’s profile when moving from one position to another within teh bank, including vacancies and complement positions
  • Designed a solution to expand current application (branch employees only) to include non-branch employees and manage various campaigns
  • Changes required changes to both teh application and SSRS reports (20+)
  • I was originally tasked with teh SSRS development which included 4 net new reports, but then was later asked to take teh lead on application development
  • Successfully completed and deployed all necessary changes for App and Reports to production with business acceptance
  • Currency Project - Upgrade applications from old .NET Frameworks and SQL Server to newer versions
  • Lead teh effort in assessing impact to existing applications, defining candidates for re-writes and defining a process for team members to follow during migration
  • Migrated over 25+ applications and rewrote 4 applications in C#/MVC
  • Solely responsible for gathering requirements for 4 application re-writes and development with little to no guidance; reverse engineering code to determine business rules
  • Responsible for teh deployment of all migrated applications into production
  • TYPE (Through Your Partners Eyes) - Provided management with a detailed representation of feedback from units across teh bank and teh ability to manage dat feedback
  • Lead developer for a web application to support teh distribution of semi-annual TYPE reports to SVP’s and Directors within Confidential
  • Architected and designed database architecture to support archiving for unlimited reporting periods
  • Designed custom uploader to allow for automated user account/report generation for new release periods
  • Completed initial and maintenance release ahead of schedule with non-formal/minimal requirements; high priority project
  • Received an 4.5/5 (90%) on satisfaction survey for Phase 2 (September 2013)
  • Data Dictionary (DD) - An application to house all data elements metadata d by subject areas, business lines, attributes etc. providing a holistic view of impacts & dependencies to areas in teh bank
  • Lead development on upgrading current implementation to provide an enhanced user experience and provide visual interpretations of data elements
  • Lead revision of DD foundation from ASP.NET Dynamic Data to MVC/EF structure, providing more customizability and user friendly functionality
  • Provided end users with data structure and visualization of Data Mart associations, objects, resources and business rules
  • Application manages various datasets across Confidential providing unified data management within Confidential ; aids in data governance

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, MVC 3/4, Entity Framework (EF) 6, MS SQL, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Telerik/Kendo UI, RESTful API, IIS 7.5, TFS 2015, Nuget, MS Project/Visio/Office 2013, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall


Product Manager / Sr. Developer


  • Continued design/implementation/support of new and old modules to current web application SimplicityVMS
  • Conducted live demonstrations, seminars and troubleshooting support for existing and potential new clients
  • Assigned daily and long term tasks to development team while providing guidance and mentorship
  • Manage all IT related needs for entire company; i.e. email, VOIP systems, internally hosted servers, networking, troubleshooting (hardware/software), web application/database management and support etc.
  • Contractor Compliance and Verification System - A server which verified contractor’s information with external services for verification
  • Created an API for existing system HR.net utilizing Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service
  • Developed a custom CSV/XML parser to allow for scheduled data integration from clients via FTP
  • Implemented a custom web browser control to allow access to various corporate registry sites to validate contractor compliance
  • Designed dynamic reports in Crystal Reports for VS2010 to display consolidated contractor information via PDF
  • SimplicityVMS Re-Platforming - Redesigning teh existing platform with on a new technology stack
  • Designing database architecture to allow for scalability and growth as a SaaS Documenting current system’s workflow process and modeling teh improved workflow towards utilizing an MVC framework

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, VB, ADO.NET, MS SQL, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, XML




  • Contributed to R&D efforts to enhance customization/implementation of new technologies within SimplicityVMS
  • Supported development and customization of company websites and partner websites
  • Lead QA efforts for entire web application SimplicityVMS
  • Created an import/export application to allow for storage of data residing within SimplicityVMS
  • Designed and implemented a VMS (Vendor Management System) module within HR.Net platform; allows for teh full hiring cycle i.e. job posting, bid submission/review, on-boarding etc.
  • Implemented a survey module allowing for dynamic custom surveys to be created in relation to clients, vendors and contractors within teh system; creates a performance rate-card based on survey questions and assigned question weight/importance
  • Created a dynamic staging table engine to allow for client specific formatting of reports and export files; custom dynamic triggers ensure staging tables up-to-date

Technologies: C#, Java, VB, MS SQL, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Drupal, WordPress

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