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Systems Architect - Software/database Developer Resume

Rockville, MD


  • Full Stack software and database developer with over 25 years’ experience, specializing in developing end to end software for the Microsoft platform through all phases of the development lifecycle. Core competencies include:
  • Deep experience in systems architecture and all phases of application development
  • 15+ years’ experience in .NET Standard and Core - C#/VB.NET, ASP.NET webforms and MVC, Entity Framework, TFS, WinForms, WPF and DevExpress
  • 6+ years’ experience in Microsoft MVC (including ASP.NET Core 3+), Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery
  • 20+ years’ experience in database development, including SQL Server (Admin, Design, ETL, Stored Procedures, Views) and extensive legacy application development and maintenance in VB6, MS Access and VBA
  • 25+ years experience in PC hardware, user support/, OS & software optimization and troubleshooting.
  • Demonstrated commitment to delighting my customers, with a “do whatever it takes” attitude
  • Demonstrated adaptability and ability to successfully manage multiple competing priorities


Systems Architect - Software/Database Developer

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Created study database (200+ tables) containing baseline survey, continuous follow-up surveys, linkage and administrative data for over 85K participants.
  • Created biomarker database holding millions of rows of participant lab assay data, standardizing and normalizing extremely diverse and piecemeal data into an efficient and usable data mart to drive research efforts.
  • Optimized all SCCS data stores with automated SQL Agent maintenance, Stored Procedures for real-time adjustments/consistency, and monitoring.
  • Via multiple phases, migrated a multitude of ASP.NET 1.0 Web Form sites, fractured MS Access databases and scattered flat files into modern object-oriented .NET MVC sites accessed by in-house analytics staff, international teams of scientists, and our Jacksonville call center.
  • Developed the SCCS Online Request System (ORS) - a and role driven MVC 4 investigator portal which handles all requests for data, analysis, review of pre-publication manuscripts, and progress monitoring while providing deep managerial review, document centralization and reporting functions. Rewritten in 2019 with ASP.NET Core 2.x and further migrated to Core 3.x.
  • Developed the SCCS Management System (SCCMS) - a and role driven MVC 4 portal which manages all aspects of participant contact, payment, and follow-up; - carefully designed to accommodate expansion due to diverse ancillary study activities.
  • Developed a WPF desktop application for Cancer Staging of participant datasets. A process that once required a week of manual data entry now completes in mere seconds while providing rich data visualization with bar graphs and pie charts.
  • Developed a large complicated online survey for COVID-19 research, including a batch emailer and SMS autoresponder invitation system.
  • Developed a WPF import utility for cohort biomarker lab results. An overly difficult process once taking 2 hours to 2 days can now complete in 10 minutes.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ


  • Maintenance and enhancements to multi-tiered WinPM Hotel property management system and ancillary components comprising .NET 2.0-4.0, SQL Server, Delphi and VB6 COM+
  • Became one of two in-house SQL experts, revamping data access technology of both the WinPM and PlacePoint platforms, removing pre-existing bottlenecks from these flagship products

Developer - Database Administrator/Analyst

Confidential, Tempe, AZ


  • C# 3.5-4.0, VB.NET 2.0-3.5, VB6, VBA, ASP.net and HTML development, WCF & WPF. MS Access & SQL Server database development, administration and analysis
  • Performed ETL processes on various outside data sources (MS SQL, Oracle, UNIX, AS400, Progress, Informix, DBASE/FoxPro, Etc.) into company standard format for data mining/reporting purposes
  • Developed interfaces to multiple hotel property management systems, including Opera, Springer-Miller and VisualOne
  • Developed and maintained in-house CRM and task tracking system, standardizing client transactions and improving response time. Increased customer satisfaction while saving ½ FTE
  • Created specialized data backup system, reducing staff commitment by over 90% and saving ¼ FTE
  • Streamlined data-mining report generation, 1-hour task reduced to 5-10 minutes, per client, saving 1 FTE
  • Automated Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS) analysis, intensive 8+ hour monthly task reduced to 30 minutes, saving ½ FTE
  • Developed VB.NET 3.5 Click-Once application for clients to transmit and manage custom post-meeting html emails to planners, integrating with our survey (GSS) system
  • Revamped Web side of GSS system, converting legacy HTML & ASP 1.0 surveys to ASP.NET 3.5 with AJAX. Initial GSS setup time for clients now reduced by more than half, with true web application capabilities added
  • Creation of an automatic hotel data retrieval system integrating my CRM system with a .NET 3.5 Web Service, Windows Services and WinForms management, saving 1 FTE
  • Developed automated interfaces to share data with third party vendors
  • Developed WPF XBAP guest satisfaction reporting dashboard, charts and reports

MS Access/VBA Developer - System Administrator

Confidential, Hagerstown, MD


  • Reduced reams of paper into a Security Equipment management application - ensuring accountability and providing administrative oversight while saving ½ to 1 FTE per facility
  • Automated shift duty-roster creation, converting a 2-hour daily (per-shift) task into a single button click. Ensuring 100+ correctional posts were filled by most qualified staff available, saving 1.5 FTE per facility
  • Converted error prone manual Timekeeping into an automated system providing supervisors and staff with accurate Family, Overtime, Personal, Sick and Vacation management, saving 1.5 FTE per facility
  • Created comprehensive inmate management system forming the backbone of most department's processes - including tracking of inmate movement, job and programs, medical alerts, payroll, religious service attendance, tickets and visiting history - immeasurable improvements in overall efficiency
  • Replaced inefficient and intensive inmate Visitor Registration system with a streamlined application - ensuring adherence to a complicated schedule, providing visitor contraband alerts/suspension tracking and vast reporting functionality, saving 1 FTE per facility
  • Developed a Threat Groups tracking system to manage gang-affiliated inmates - storing detailed information and multiple images per inmate in an easily navigated GUI, saving 1 FTE per facility
  • Administered and maintained the LAN of 140 mixed NT4/W2K/XP PC’s and two W2K servers
  • Completed three daily backups, configured user accounts/access rights, ensured LAN security, maintained inventory, prevented and cleaned spy-ware/viruses, supported MS Office 97/2000/XP, devised upgrade and purchasing strategies and managed NEC PBX system

MS Access/VBA Consultant

Confidential, Western MD


  • Developed client/server Human Resource and Timekeeping system. Replaced cabinets of files with a manageable system which ensured accountability and compliance with State regulations

Electronic Warfare Technician

Confidential, Norfolk, VA


  • Leading divisional NCO responsible for operation and repair of complex multi-racked EW suite, associated peripheral & computer equipment, and supervision of 7 subordinates. Consistent “4.0” evaluations. Promoted upon initial eligibility at every stage, rapidly outdistancing my peers
  • Chosen as primary US Navy technical representative to the Raytheon Company (Santa Barbara, CA) during testing and pre-approval phase of a next generation equipment suite
  • Received numerous Letters of Commendation for system readiness and was instrumental in my division being rated #1 in the Atlantic Fleet for quality of my and preventive maintenance programs

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