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Senior Developer Resume


  • Software Engineer/Programmer Analyst wif more TEMPthan ten years experience in OOP, OOD development and design using C/C++, C#


Programming Languages: VC++(14), C(6), C#(9), VB(3), VBA(1), FORTRAN(1), Prolog (1), SQL(1), JavaScript(6),TypeScript(4)

Technologies /Libraries: OOP(13),.NET{WPF,WCF,WF,XML}(8), Multithreading(10), MFC(6), STL(4), CORBA(2.5), SNMP(2), BOOST(2), OWL(2), COM/ATL(1), UML(2), MSMQ(1), XML(5), ActiveX(1), GKS(1), DAO(1.5), OLE DB(1),Design Patterns

OperatingSystems: Windows Server (10), Windows Vista/ XP/NT/95/3.x (8), MS DOS(6), RSX - 11M(5)

Software/Tools: MS Visual Studio(14), Borland C++(5), AutoCAD(1), Rational Rose (2), Visual SourceSafe (6), MKS Source Integrity(2)

Databases: MS Access(2)


Senior Developer



  • Selection and judgment third party library for file conversion from message attachments . Developing and designing tool for test different use cases (sources types, target types, parallezation, batch mode ), used VS 2019, .Net Core, C#,F#
  • Developed and designed use new ( betta) MS WebView2 control in application for sending emails by use on premise and cloud OWA, used VS 2019, .Net Core, ASP.NET, C#, Azure AD Graph, EWS
  • Developed and designed payment and licensing feature for Outlook Addin, did research for different payment system ant prototyping wif some of them, used VS 2019,.Net Core, C#, TypeScript, Fabric React, WebPack, Azure AD Graph, Azure App Service, ASP.NET, F#,FAKE, Paddle
  • Developed and designed Outlook Addin for saving Message or Message parts to OneDrive, Dropbox, local PC wif possibility to do conversion to HTML,PDF wif option to ZIP it, used VS 2019,.Net Core, C#, ASP.NET, TypeScript, Fabric React, WebPack, Azure AD Graph, Azure App Service, F#,FAKE, Dropbox.NET, JWT, EWS
  • Developed and designed OWA extensions for Financial organization to improve security and usability of OWA. By allowing to assign to the user different level of ability send email wif attachment or wifout, check recipient address wif black or white list, ask confirmation for suspicion actions. Customization OWA signature by allowing create and use many created by user signatures ( originally OWA TEMPhas one signature ), used VS 2015, VS 2019, JavaScript, Typescript, C++,C#, .NET, MS Exchange 2013, IIS, Windows Server 2016, jQuery,WIX, WinJS,EWS
  • Developed and designed Electron based prototype application for sending emails by use on premise and cloud OWA, used Electron, TypeScript, VS 2017, WebPack, Hello.js
  • Developed and designed Fingerprint log in to OWA through TMG, used VS2010 C++, MS Exchange 2010,TMG 2010,NPS RADIUS server
  • Developed and designed different research and prototype projects, used Office 365, VS 2012, VS 2013, VS 2015, VS 2017, UAG, WPF, C++, C#, TPL,PPL, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, WinJS, WIX, TFS, T4,F#,FAKE, Fabric React, Outlook Add-in, WebPack, Redux, Redux-Saga, Saturn, JWT, Azure AD Graph, EWS

Senior Software Design Engineer


  • Developed solutions for processing files.( Visual Studio 2005, C#,.NET, C++, Managed C++,MAPI,WCF, MS Exchange 2003/2007, Windows XP, Vista (x32,x64), Windows Server 2003 (x32,x64), Windows Server 2008 (x32,x64) )
  • Logging service which allows to log ( asynchronously) different type of logging messages in one destination from different processes ( sources) .
  • Messaging service based on Data Bus pattern. Allows to exchange data between different part of process or different processes dat allows developing low coupled software components. Components could attach or detach Data Bus dynamically.
  • Generic Finite State Machine (FSM) class, allows create different real FSM classes which support FSM semantic: Event dispatching, State entry, exit actions, transitions, transitions actions.
  • Generic Messages dispatcher class, allows create real dispatcher classes for specific part of applications by using different classes: Messages, Targets and Message Handlers.
  • DIfferent kind of testing application which halp developing utilites, libraries and applications

Software Development Engineer

Confidential, Redmond, WA


  • Developed application for testing Windows Automotive . (Visual Studio 2003, C#,.NET, CanLib).
  • Developed classes and interfaces for distributing messages between different components of application ( publisher subscriber pattern ) (C#, .Net)
  • Developed CAN messages filters (C#, .Net)
  • Developed CAN channels, CAN node classes (C#, .Net, CanLib)
  • Prototyping CAN channels manager (C++, CanLib)

Software Designer



  • Designed and implemented the following applications and libraries from conception to completion: application manager, system manager agent, back door application, generic Finite State Machine, SHL (Simple Help Library) template library, log system for Common Use Self Service (CUSS) kiosk using VC++, MSMQ,CORBA, MFC, STL,BOOST, COM, Multithreading, SNMP, MS Win NT 2000, and Rational Rose
  • Application Manager - event driven, core application on kiosk; responsible for controlling and scheduling kiosk applications using CORBA interfaces. Wrote design specifications using UML (Rational Rose).
  • System Manager Agent - application for combination SNMP management system of kiosk wif CORBA implemented management system. Application contains table of CUSS application running on kiosk and refreshes this table by getting events from application manager and forward these to SNMP extension agent; also receives commands from SNMP extension agent, transforms them to CUSS commands and sends them to Application Manager using call CORBA interface methods.
  • Developed number of prototype applications using Microsoft VC++, C#, Managed C++, .Net Remoting, ASP.NET, XML, and OLE DB.
  • Converted NT desktop application to NT interactive service dat can create processes during any logon user session (Win XP, C++, C#).

Software Developer



  • Media Reactor - application for management files of different media formats. MDI, event driven application wif reach GUI, gave user wide possibility to manage conversion from one media format to another. (VC++, MFC, ATL, STL, UML, Win 2000, CrypKey SDK, multithreading, and Visual SourceSafe)
  • API to show run time information in debug window of application, which improved maintainability of application
  • Special mode of Media Reactor dat makes it possibility to create scripts of session’s execution, for improving testing of whole system
  • Session manager, media file browser wif filtering of files according to different types of media formats

Senior Programmer



  • Applications for creating specifications for construction equipment. (SQL, ActiveX, MS VB, VBA, MS Access, MVM, DAO, and MS Win 95).
  • Application for optimal cutting of plywood sheets in furniture production (MS VC++, MFC, STL, and MS Win 95).
  • Financial application for preparation of inventory contracts (MS VB, ActiveX, MS Access, DAO 3.5, and MS Win 95).
  • Application for calculation of reinforced concrete sections, algorithms for calculating the balanced line, intersection of geometric figures (points, lines, polygons) and geometrical characteristics of the sections (Borland C++, OWL, VC++, and MS Win 95).
  • 32-bit version of the application for the finite element analysis of construction structures (Borland C++, OWL, Code Guard, and MS Win 95).
  • GUI extension for AutoCAD, VC++.