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Sr .net Developer Resume

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St Louis, MO


  • In depth knowledge on Rest Services using ASP.Net WEB API to provide services to HTTP Requests, good understanding on design, deep functional experience in creating, deploying and consuming Restful Services with WEB API.
  • .Net Professional with around 6 Years of IT experience in SDLC pahses of System Analysis, Design, Development and Testing with Waterfall and Agile SCRUM(Product Backlog grooming, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Reviews, Daily Scrums, Tasks, User Stories and demos to Product Owner) methodologies.
  • Expertise in ASP.NET MVC 5.0/4.0/3.0 and developed the features Views, Partial Views, Strongly Typed Views, Sections, Areas etc. and also implemented Controllers and Controller Actions, Filters, Routing.
  • Well efficiency in Design, Implementation, Consuming and Testing of WCF SOAP/REST, different types of bindings to establish communication between different channels, versions of contracts, validations and serialization concepts.
  • Extensive experience in front - end, user-interface (UI) development, working on user interface applications and professional web applications using HTML 5, XHTML, Bootstrap 3.0,CSS3, JavaScript, JQUERY, Angular 7, JSON, AJAX and XML.
  • Experience in data object models like Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) and Entity Frame Work 6.0/5.0 to retrieve and modify data and developed entity data frame work services.
  • Extensive experience in relational database development, for creating complex database queries, writing Constraints, Indexes, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors and Functions using T-SQL and PL/SQL in Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2008/2005/2000 and Oracle 10g /9i /8i.
  • Experience in developing reports using Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), experience in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Experience in designing and developing Single Page Web Applications (SPA) using Angular4/6/7 and Node.JS with other UI technologies/libraries such as JQuery, Bootstrap and HTML.
  • Expertise in.NET frameworkwith great proficiency in creating applications using Web Forms, ASP.Net Core, .NET Core, ASP.NET
  • Expertise usingAngularAPIs like @angular/http For making HTTP requests, @angular/common Common core things including form validation, @angular/router Routing for the entire app .
  • Experience with project management tool, source/version control such as TFS (Team Foundation Server), JIRA, GIT Bitbucket.
  • An innovative team player proven to work under tight deadlines, adaptable to new software technologies, quick learner, dynamic trouble shooting skills coupled with excellent communication skills and also can work efficiently as an individual.


Programming Languages: C, C++, C# 5.0/4.0/3.0/2.0 , VB.Net

Web Technologies: HTML5/4, XML,CSS3,SOAP, Bootstrap 3.2/3.0/2.3/1.4.

JavaScript: AJAX,JQuery3.0/2.0/1.0,Angular 2,4,7.

.Net Technologies: .NET Framework 4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0 , ASP.NET 3.5,4.0,4.5,ADO.NET,WCF,Web formsASP.NET MVC 5 4.0/3.0, Entity Framework, Web Services,Web-API 2.0/1.0,IIS 7.0/6.0/5.0,ASP.NET Core

IDE’S: Visual Studio 2019/2017/2015/2012 , SQL Management Studio 2012, Visual studio code.

Database Development: SQL Server 2015/2012/2008 , Oracle 12/11g/10g

Version Control: TFS 2012/2010, Git 2.1.0/2.5/2.0 , Bitbucket

Testing Tools: MS Visio, N-Unit,MS-Unit,Browser stack

Methodologies: Agile and Waterfall

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/10/7/8/XP/vista


Confidential —ST Louis, MO

SR .Net Developer


  • Participated in backlog grooming meetings, validate and articulate the requirements into development specifications, collaborate with the peer developers in conceptualizing different approaches for implementation as part of agile methodology.
  • Developed application using Web Forms, ASP.Net Core, ASP.NET MVC, C#, VB.NET, WEB API, WCF in .Net framework 4.5.
  • Build REST based services usingASP.NETWebAPI framework to make the data available to all I9 applications Including I9Express and I9 Anywhere, expected to use on Mobile, tablet devices.
  • Worked with advanced concepts ofASP.NET Core MVCsuch asModelsandProviders,Filtersused for developing backend technology.
  • Used WCF services to establish communication between various internal applications.
  • Developed I9Anwhere Mobile application using Xamarin forms consuming Web services from I9 Mobile API application which is used for uploading documents required while filling section 2 in I9 form.
  • Implemented user friendly and high responsive, elegant user interfaces for I9 applications that fit in all screen sizes using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component-based architecture provided byAngular 7.
  • Designed dynamic client-side JavaScript codes to build web forms and simulate process for a web application, page navigation usingAngular.
  • Created reusable layouts, Iframe, Placeholders for consistent look and feel application wide and creating dynamic web pages using Razor view for high performance and to use among all the platforms.
  • Actively used cursors, functions and calling procedures from one package to another package and created dynamic SQL statements in Oracle using PL/SQL and Entity Framework.
  • Wrote test scripts using C# programming language by accessing class framework provided by N Unit which helps in testing the code in an integrated development environment.
  • Used Postman tool to test WEB API end points to make sure they are giving results as expected.
  • Used Jira for ticketing and bug tracking. Git and Bitbucket is used as a version control tool and Jenkins is used for continuous integration of builds.

ENVIRONMENT: .NetFramework 4.5, ASP.Net MVC 5.0, .Net core, C#, Visual Studio 2017, Web Forms, Web API, WCF, XML, IIS 7.0/7.5, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular 7, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, SSIS, LINQ to SQL, AJAX, TFS,GIT, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Razor views, Entity Framework, LINQ, Xamarin Forms, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, Splunk

Confidential - Waverly, IA

.Net Developer


  • Followed Agile Methodology to produce high quality software to satisfy the customers.
  • Worked collaboratively with a team and involved in development life cycle (SDLC), from design phase to implementation phase, testing and deployment.
  • Developed CIS Web application using ASP.NET Core, ASP.NETMVC, C#, VB.NET, WEB API, WCF which handles request and response of various insurance policy details.
  • Implemented Presentation layer using HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, Angular
  • Used and Designed ASP.NET CoreWeb Service using C# while implementing business logic middleware.
  • Developed web service using Windows Communication Foundation and .Net to receive and process XML files
  • Developed several REST web services supporting both XML and JSON to performed tasks.
  • Developed and provided team with the data layer functions using ADO.NET, Entity Framework to connect to database and fetch data.
  • ImplementedJWT Tokenbased authentication to secure theASP.NET Core Web APIand provide authorization to different users.
  • Developed Single Page Application (SPA) using Angular 4 and AJAX for I9 Scheduling. Used AJAX for exchanging data, updating in website without refreshing the page for decreasing load time and enhance performance.
  • Created reusable templates usingAngulardirectives and worked with NPM package manager tools.
  • Used Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) to implement query expressions to get the data from SQL.
  • Implemented page level error handling using Custom Error pages and Error logs.
  • Used SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) for migrating data from different sources like MS Excel, CSV, Flat File, sources, Oracle database to SQL Server database.
  • Created Data tables and have written Stored Procedures for all the transactions in and out of the database using SQL server.
  • Used NUnit Testing framework for unit testing the applications using Test Driven Development Methodology.
  • Using GIT as source control to check-in and check-out the code, TFS for tracking the status of the work.

ENVIRONMENT: .NetFramework 4.5, ASP.NET CORE, ASP.Net MVC 5.0, C#, Visual Studio 2017, Web API, WCF, XML, IIS 7.0/7.5, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, SSIS, LINQ to SQL, AJAX, GIT, Razor views, Entity Framework, TFS.

Confidential - Nashville, TN

.NET Developer


  • Used AGILE SCRUM development Methodology to ensure teamwork, collaboration and process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project.
  • Developed the ROBO Modeler application as a part of large commercials using ASP.net Core.
  • Involved in creating Restful Web API's for Lookup Services using (Model-View-Controller) MVC architecture
  • Responsible for developing the reusable Components on UI(Views) by developing the Partial Views, View starts, and reusable components for implementing the business rules with C# and OOPS Concepts.
  • Implemented presentation layer using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap for making the UI responsive, Ajax, Jquery.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON, XML.
  • Used layout and partial views to build web pages in Razor View engine using Knockout JS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery and Ajax.
  • Implemented UI interactive graphs utilizing Chart JS, Jquery, JavaScript and Knockout JS.
  • Developed database access components using the Dapperand utilized LINQ to Entity.
  • Worked closely with back end team to implement HTTP calls to Restful APIs and updated fancy graphic element of HTML in Knockout JS.
  • Worked with Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, Functions and Views on SQL Server.
  • Used GIT HUB for Source Code Control, Project Related Document Sharing and Team Collaboration.

ENVIRONMENT: .NetFramework 4.5, ASP.NET CORE, ASP.Net MVC 5.0, C#, Visual Studio 2017, Web API, WCF, XML, IIS 7.0/7.5, Knockout JS, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, SSIS, LINQ to SQL, AJAX, GIT, Razor views, Dapper.

Confidential - Nashville, TN

.NET Developer


  • Involved in Agile software development lifecycle which includes responsibilities like designing, coding, peer review, testing, debugging and supporting the web application in all areas.
  • Used Onion architecture to access data from the data base and show it in the UI.
  • Developed web applications using MVC 5, HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, and CSS which provide data visualization to users.
  • Created UI with Responsive Web Design using JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Created controllers in C# which has Web API methods to accept user inputs and return response in JSON format.
  • Implemented UI using HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular 2 AJAX and Forms Controls to create responsive web pages.
  • Designed and Developed SSIS packages for extracting the data from multiple data source and load into the appropriate tables in the database.
  • Implemented Two Way Data Binding in Angular JS to bind JavaScript object with HTML UI elements.
  • Responsible for creating MVC Razor Engine design pattern/approach to develop as per business need in shortest time.
  • Used Dapper to connect database to middle tier through the infrastructure layer.
  • Creating SQL objects such as Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes, Triggers, Constraints, and functions using T-SQL.
  • Designed and developed an automated process in SSIS to load data on a monthly basis.
  • Used LINQ to build set of operations, parameters and expression during execution a set of data from SQL Server.
  • Deployed applications into test and production environments by using web server (IIS).
  • Used TFS for source code control, document sharing and team collaboration.
  • Performed Unit testing using integration testing, testing of database, Optimization and performing queries.

ENVIRONMENT: .NetFramework 4.5, MVC 5.0, C#, Visual Studio 2017, Web API, Oracle12, WCF, XML, IIS 7.0/7.5, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular JS, JQuery, SSIS, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework 6.0/4.0, AJAX, TFS, Razor.

Confidential - Madison, WI

.Net Developer


  • Worked in agile environment and involved in sprint planning, demo and retrospective discussions.
  • Developed web applications using Web Forms, ASP.NET, VB.NET, MVC 5, HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, and CSS which provide data visualization to users.
  • Implemented CRUD functionality withEntityframeworkin ASP.NET MVC and implemented sorting, filtering and paging withEntityframeworkin MVC.
  • Used Microsoft Entity Framework 6 Code First approach for the Data Access Layer for the ASP.NET MVC application
  • Implemented Server and Client side validations using ASP.NETvalidation controls and JavaScript.
  • Used Bootstrap to style the pages and used navigation bars, submenu controls, font awesome of bootstrap to create the layout of the page and to add icons to the pages.
  • Created UI with Razor views, partial views, and layout templates and responsive Web Design using JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Extensively used AJAX to present a very intuitive user experience.
  • Used data from Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services to plot the graphs.
  • Used SQL navigator to write the queries and to insert new rows to already existing tables as per the requirement.
  • Implemented validation method for form input in web page using combination of normal HTML validator and Angular JS form state and input state.
  • Processed data from flat files excel files, CSV files into proprietary hierarchical data structure system through SSIS packages and custom procedures.
  • Worked with performance tuning tools like Oracle optimizer to improve the database
  • Responsible for writing Oracle Queries, Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes and Performance tuning of the Queries in Toad for Oracle.
  • Used TFS for source code control, document sharing and team collaboration.
  • Performed Unit testing using integration testing, testing of database, Optimization and performing queries.

ENVIRONMENT: .NetFramework 4.0, Web Forms, MVC 4.0, C#, VB.Net, Visual Studio 2015, Web API, Oracle12, WCF, XML, IIS 7.0/7.5, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular JS,SSIS, JQuery, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework 6.0/4.0, AJAX, TFS, Razor.


Jr .Net Developer


  • Analysis of the specifications provided by the clients.
  • Involved in requirement gathering, functional and technical specification.
  • Used N-tier architecture for presentation layer, Business and Data Access Layers using C#.
  • Developed web forms using ASP.NET server controls and validated client side using Java Script.
  • Writing server side code for various web forms and user controls usingvb.net.
  • Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Adapter, Data Reader and Dataset for consistent data access.
  • Writing Database routines, stored procedures and fixing up standard specifications.
  • Unit tested the code with MS - Unit
  • Creating reports using the Crystal Report for the report needed by Middle Office, Back Office users.
  • Identified researched, investigated, analyzed, defined and documented business processes.
  • Involved in enhancing the business layer to provide more interfaces and functions needed for the system.
  • Used a waterfall methodology as the SDLC.

ENVIRONMENT: .NET Framework 2.0, Web Forms, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB.Net Web Services, C#. NET, Visual Studio 2005, JavaScript, IIS, HTML, Crystal Reports, SQL Server 2005, CSS.

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