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Lead Consultant Resume

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Irvine, CA


  • Confidential is a Software Expert wif 14 years of experience. Confidential has managed software teams of up to 40 people.
  • Confidential has experience wif scrum and has been Scrum Master certified since 2007.
  • Confidential is a published author wif articles in MSDN magazine.


Specialties: Project Management, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, .Net Core, TypeScript, Angular, Micro - services

Publications: MSDN Magazine (July 2011). Silverlight Localization Tips and Tricks for Loading Silverlight Locale Resources


Confidential, Irvine, CA

Lead Consultant


  • Provided guidance on Scrum best practices.
  • Architectural guidance for teh front-end.
  • Trained employees in Angular, TypeScript, SASS and C#.
  • Served as teh engineering lead for a group of 40 employees (15 developers).
  • Influenced teh design of every major component of applications written wifin teh group.
  • Led teh unit/integration testing effort from teh development side.
  • Led training sessions on material such as Core JavaScript, Sencha UI framework, and Unit Testing. (setechblog.com)
  • Implemented cross - platform web applications using HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS.
  • Designed and implemented application security.
  • Implemented a modern AngularJS based front end to replace a legacy UI.
  • Designed and implemented a WCF REST service layer for client communication.
  • Updated legacy server side code (C#) to minimize bandwidth used and increase performance.

Principal Engineer



  • Architected a leading - edge Silverlight application using PRISM.
  • Led teh development team from design to product delivery.
  • Mentored other developers in Silverlight/PRISM and general UI design.
  • Wrote tutorials and documentation for other development groups wifin teh company.
  • Implemented a dynamic localization solution using Silverlight/WCF/SQL Server.

Confidential,San Francisco, CA

Lead Architect


  • Developed an RSS reader using Winforms wif a UI dat is focused on non - technical users.
  • Performed localization of teh program into Spanish.
  • Developed a flexible, attribute and reflection based plug-in library.


Software Development Engineer IV


  • Worked on teh Confidential Hohm project as teh UI developer.
  • Developed a highly interactive website using ASP.Net 3.5 and ASP.Net AJAX in VS2008
  • Used TDD techniques such as black box testing and mocking to test teh web service integration wif teh website using tools such as MSTest and Moq.
  • Used teh scrum methodology throughout teh project to show progress and schedule upcoming functionality.

Confidential - San Francisco, CA

Lead UI Developer, Project Manager


  • Served as teh PM during teh first few months of teh project while requirements were being gathered.
  • Worked on teh front-end of a multi-tier banking application used in over 80 banks in teh Midwest. Greatly increased teh efficiency of teh UI, teh security of teh back end and greatly reduced teh maintenance cost of teh system by following industry standards.
  • Mentored employees in .Net syntax and Confidential best practices for Winforms data binding, class inheritance, interfaces, user control creation, commenting, unit testing and FxCop violations.
  • Implemented full system traceability using Enterprise Architect to capture business rules in use cases, activity diagrams and class diagrams.
  • Used teh CSLA framework for data binding, validation, and semi - automated n-tier deployment.
  • Continuous integration and code check-in management using Team Foundation Server.
  • Helped managed Scrum meetings and coordinate scrum tasks through teh usage of teh Scrum plug-in for VSTS.
  • Creation of a code standards document based on teh IDesign.Net standards document.
  • Creation of a UI standards documents based upon teh Confidential Vista UX standards document.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Mid-Level Developer


  • Worked on a multimillion-dollar project management website for teh navy (SPAWAR division), writing teh JavaScript, ASP.Net and SQL code necessary for a complete vertical slice of teh application. Teh system went live in September 2006 and will be used until at least 2008.
  • Created a 100% JavaScript document workflow application. This allowed document sign-offs and verifications of document transmissions.
  • Used teh Maverick.Net MVC framework to decouple units of functionality from teh code-behind.
  • Used a JSON transforming class to transform models into JSON for parsing on teh front end.


Business Analyst, Junior Developer


  • Designed and developed a touch screen car inventory system similar to teh CarMax application using Winforms 1.0 to be used in multiple car dealerships in Illinois.
  • Created an e-commerce website for teh sale of computers and computer parts using DotNetNuke.
  • Designed a flexible, generic e-commerce database dat allowed for quick inserts and updates.
  • Created a credit card processing web service for teh company’s merchant account dat allowed teh company’s website to accept credit/debit cards as payment.

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