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.net Developer Resume

Boston, MA


Please use this table to list the skills noted in the Required/Desired section of the requirement. In addition, please respond with the years of experience for each skill and the last time each skill was used. Add or delete rows as necessary.


  • Full SDLC experience developing web-based applications and web services utilizing Microsoft .NET technologies.
  • Experience designing and developing databases, database objects and database code using Microsoft SQL Server and Transact-SQL.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Experience with Crystal Reports and Business Objects XI Enterprise
  • Experience with custom application frameworks


Bachelor of Computers sciences.

Employment History

Confidential, Boston, MA February 2011 – May 2012
Microsoft.NET Developer

Prescription Monitoring Program:
Prescription Monitoring Program is a Web-based application developed to maintain a database of Doctors, Patients and Prescription. It is used to efficiently collect, cleanse and manage prescription data. Proactively analyze data to spot suspected illegal activity. Manage e-mail, fax or paper notification user by user. Educate prescribers on the nature and extent of prescription drug diversion and the agency’s efforts to prevent it. Securely share data with other PMP programs.


  • Developed information architecture for building the application. Developed ASP.Net pages and used IIS as the Web server.
  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using software methodologies
  • Extensively used Data Grid, Data List and Repeater Controls to create various reports.
  • Created tables, functions and triggers in T-SQL
    Created client side and server side validations using JavaScript and ASP.Net input validations controls. Maintained the state of session objects, created dynamic menu, used session management. Involved in preparing the Detailed Design document.
  • Extensively used data controls in .Net to display the data.
    Implemented LINQ to SQL for database related operations using C#.
  • Designed Web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Designed the CSS to enhance the interface of the Web pages. Coded using Java Script and AJAX to design Web pages.
    Coded stored procedures, functions in the SQL-Server 2008.
  • Created master page template. Developed data access layer using VS.Net 2008. Involved in weekly project status meeting.
  • Thoroughly tested various modules of the system and fixed the bugs.
    Worked on Windows forms to develop applications for administrative people.
  • Programmed Crystal Reports to generate periodic reports with custom options.

Environment: Visual Studio.Net 2010, C# 4.0, ASP.Net 4.0, HTML, CSS, AJAX, CSS, TFS,SQL Server 2008, XML, JavaScript.

Confidential, Irving, Texas April 2010 – January 2011
Microsoft.NET Developer

Home Loan Defaulters Application:
This project provides extensive information to the attorneys about the bankrupted cases assigned to them. If a person takes loan from CITI Bank and is not able to repay the loan amount then, such a kind of case is known as bankrupted case. Bankrupted cases are normally getting assigned to the attorneys for checking whether CITI Bank can take any legal action on those customers. If so, they will update the case information and send the cases back to CITI Bank stating that it can take further legal action on that case. With this Website attorneys can easily log into the site and check which cases are assigned to them and can download case information in text format.


  • Participated in the Business Requirements gathering, and writing Program Specifications.
  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) developing web-based applications and web services utilizing Microsoft .NET technologies.
  • Involved in GUI design for the project using Master and Content Pages along with User Controls.
  • Used asp.Net Cache Invalidation features in order to provide latest data to the users while navigating through the site. Provided security (Authentication and Authorization) for the site, including Role and User Management.
  • Configured entire site as a secured Web site using SSL and installed digital certificates. Worked on custom attributes.Involved in creating UML Diagrams using Microsoft Visio.
  • Worked on Grid Views to Edit/Display/Modify the cases information.
  • Involved in creating and troubleshooting the stored procedures using SQL Server 2000.
    Used most of the ADO.Net classes like Data Sets, Data Tables, Data Views, Relations, Primary Keys, Auto Increment Columns and Expressions etc.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers and Transactions using T-SQL in SQL Server for quick processing and easy maintenance of the database.
    Prepared test cases and responsible for delivering the product in specified time.
  • Maintained a consistent look-and-feel for the Home Loan Defaulters Application.

Environment:- ASP.Net 3.5, VB, SQL SERVER 2005, ADO.Net, SOAP, Windows XP Professional, Visual Studio 2008

Confidential, NC May 2009 – March 2010
Microsoft.NET Developer

Insurance Management System:
Insurance management system (IMS) is a robust internet and intranet Web application. This system deals with insurance policy, proposal, premium, endorsement, renewal and receipt. This system also deals with the insurance claim information according to health damage, accident. System generates different reports for their operations such as New Policy, Premium, Accident claim and various summary reports. Claim Management is primarily used by the insurance sector intercompany personnel like Inspectors, Claims specialist, supervisor, and managers. This Intranet application also features a powerful search engine and also helps keep track of claims and various corporate activities like report generation, status maintenance etc. Effective Role Based Authorization is enforced on the application.


  • Involved in theSDLC phaseof requirement analysis, design, and development of the web based intranet application tool using ASP.NETandC#.
  • Graphical User Interface(GUI)was designed usingASP.NETand thebusiness logicwas coded inC#.
  • CreatedStored ProceduresandUser Definedfunctions usingTransaction SQLandPL/SQL.
  • Followed3-Tier Application Architectureto ensure flexible and reusability of the application.
  • Design, customization, and implementation ofMicrosoft CRM 4.0.
  • Coordination in Wireless Devices andOutlook CRM LaptopClient.
  • UsedC#, ASP.Net, Win Forms, SQL Server, Web Services, and a custom single sign-on.
  • Wrote theT-SQL Database Triggers, Views, and Indexes.
  • UsedWPF and WCFto communicate between DAL and other business components.
  • Developed & maintainedWebFormswithASP.Net,SilverlightandC#.Net.
  • Developed applicationsleveragingADO.NET,LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework 4, and the Microsoft Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block.
  • Developed LINQ to Objects andLINQ to XMLfor collections andXML generation.
  • UsedAJAXto create better, faster and more user-friendlyweb applications.
  • Followed theModel view controller (MVC)architecture to ensure the flexibility of the application.
  • CreatedASP.NET validation controlsandJavaScript validationsto enforce validations.
  • UsedSQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)for data Integration.
  • UsedSQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)to generate reports. Created stored procedures in T-SQL.
  • Designed and developed rich complexuser interface (UI)inSilverlight, usedXAMLheavily for the user interface.
  • For building workflows within the .NET applicationsWindows Workflow Foundation (WWF)is used
  • DevelopedHL7 interfaces(message parser, message generator) for Eclipsys products. All incoming and outgoing patient data goes through these interfaces.
  • UsedLINQandWCFto communicate between DAL and other business components.
  • Developed WCF Web Services that implement the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL)development using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Environment:C#, ASP.NET3.5, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2008, Web Services, WSDL, Windows XP, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Reporting Services(SSRS), SQL Integration Services(SSIS), CSS, Security, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, UML, IIS 6.0.

Confidential, India September 2006 – May 2009
Microsoft.NET Developer

Physician information and Management System:

Modules include Doctor Appointments & Patient Scheduling & Hospital Registration and Patient ManagementElectronic Medical Records and Referral Management. The sub modules include Vitals, Allergies, Medical History, Social Profile, Visits, Physical Examination, Diagnosis, Lab Order and Result. This completes the one touch access place to patient medical information. Referral Management module includes patient referrals from one consultant to another, lab referrals, expert opinions and depending upon the schedules and availability a physician can fix appointment for his patient to meet another consultant or a lab.


  • Involved in theSDLC phaseof requirement analysis, design, and development of the web based intranet application tool using ASP.NETandC#.
  • Involved in customizing, testing, debugging, application evaluation and implementation. Developed Generic Data adaptors for Health care application. Browser Compatibility has been handled for business solutions. Worked on presentation, business and data access layer.
  • Responsible for Design and Development of Webforms in ASP.Net using C#. Designed and developed C# classes, Used extensively data grids in ASP.Net, Web forms. Developed stored procedures. Developed Javascript to support AJAX.
  • Used extensively user controls and custom controls in ASP.Net, Webforms. Involved in database design and system design, Used ADO.Net for data access, used Data Adapter, Reader, Dataset Classes. Developed stored procedures, triggers and functions. Created stored procedures in T-SQL. Developed a Web service using C#.
  • User management, maintaining users of different roles and workflow. Created the test cases and performed unit testing using for these modules. Designed and Developed Web forms for the patient demographic system.

Environment:- .Net2.0/3.0, ASP.Net(C#), ADO.Net, SQL Server 2005, Crystal Report, Visual Source Safe.

Confidential, India October 2005 - August 2006
Microsoft.NET Developer

Employee Management System:

Automation of Small Scale Industries mainly automates the processes like attendance sheet, leave transactions, overtime, benefits and salary calculations.


  • Involved in requirements gathering, design and development of the system. Created the table structures and integrity constraints in Access database.
  • Designed and developed the user interfaces using VB 6.0. Wrote queries to extract and store the data into these tables.
  • Created daily reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Wrote the test cases and executed the same. Supported the production system.

Environment: Windows 2000, VB 6.0, ASP, Visual Interdev, HTML, MS-Access, Crystal Reports.

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