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Asp .net Developer Resume Profile

Montgomery, A

Professional Experience:

working on a military contract on Fort Bragg, NC. On contact using various ASP.NET technologies. When I came to this contract none of the contractors knew about nor worked with MVC 4 architecture. I was able to introduce and convince the government and other developers that MVC 4 was best direction to go forward with new development and rewrites because it enforced object oriented programming I created all of the Models and Controllers and set up the framework for Views. For this project I used Database First in which the database was being updated as we design the application, so I had to frequently update my models and view models. This project was driven by the database so I used Entity Framework and stored procedures to retrieve, and display data. This was a long term project that I setup so that multiple developers were able to work in a single project. In order to write this program I used Razor engine, Ajax, and jQuery on the client-side. Server-side technologies were SQL Server, and C and Repository Pattern. I was also responsible for reviewing applications for correct functionality and security.

November 2012 to February 2013 on a three month contract with Alabama Department of Transportation Montgomery, Al to develop an application using MVC 3 architecture. I used ASP.Net Razor engine with the application. I developed front end web pages for the application with JavaScript, and HTML. I used an Oracle database and Entity Framework and handled the business rules with stored procedures.


ASP. net Developer

My role in this position was to update and enhance and existing application which used Visual Studio 2008 and 3.0 Framework with ASP.Net 2.0. I connected the front end of the application to the Bach end using a SQL 2005 database. The application was based on N-Trier architecture, Using Master Pages, ASP.Net, heavy html and JavaScript front end.


Contracting company was Expertaslp, my primary duties were to write code for client side applications and wire up crystal reports to be used by the applications front end in real time. The reports were dynamic in that each time it was opened the data was up to date as of its reading. Also, wrote XML/SQL files that were consumed by classes in a multi-layer entity based project, the I used all of the .net platform, C , ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Ajax.Net, JavaScript, JQuery, Master pages, CSS, HTML, JS files, SQL commands and stored procedures were read from a XML file and consumed web services. The database use was Oracle. The IDE used was Visual Studio 2010 and Source control was Team Foundation Server.


where my primary functions is to create, design web/enterprise applications for the Navy. The primary tool used for this project is the 4.0 .Net Platform. With this in mind I used C , ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Ajax.Net, JavaScript, Query, Master pages, CSS, HTML, linq and more to write this application. This project was designed using object oriented principles and N-Tier architecture. At the conclusion of the project I wrote the Certification and Accreditation Packages to get the application put on-line.


My primary function on this project was to redesign, develop and implement the front end web interface messaging module and test other modules. Also, I was the main application tester for the project. I developed all test plans for the testers. As I said my part in this application was to redesign a message module that had a finite number of users stored in a database. End users highlighted their name on the left side of the list click a button to move the names to list on the right side list. When they clicked OK, the names were moved to the TO: list, clicking the send button sent the message. The module had the look and feel of an email application only the users were stored in a SQL database and http was not used, this was built using C OOP N-Layer architecture. The following tools to develop this application AJAX.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML and SQL Server 2008, XML, and Master Pages. The next module was a locations module where a dot was placed on a map and the coordinates were stored in the database along with the name of the locations various items.


Primary duty is to redesign, develop, test and implement an enterprise wide web software application. This application uses C .NET Framework 3.0 to include: C Object Oriented techniques, Data Access Layers, Business Access Layer and Master Pages ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX.NET, JavaScript's, SQL Server 2005 backend database and UML modeling. Also, this application required Common Access Card enablement CAC . Secondary duty is Application Program Manager and System Application Analysis.

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