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Sr. .net/c Developer Resume Profile

Deloitte, UsA

Professional Summary

  • 9 years of extensive experience in complete Software Development Life Cycle SDLC including System Requirements gathering, Architecture, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Maintenance and Enhancement in variety of technological platforms with special emphasis on .Net Framework and Business Intelligence applications.
  • Work experience at Crown Casino, Melbourne.
  • Worked at Honeywell UOP at Chicago, IL, USA.
  • Expert in implementing latest technologies like, Entity Framework 6.1, Repository Unit of work, Dependency Injection IOC patterns and used frameworks like Unity Auto Fac.
  • Latest work experience in MVC 5, JQuery, WEB API2 REST Services, MVVM, WPF, WCF etc.
  • Experience in various databases MS SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle, and MS-Access.
  • Extensive experience in tuning SQL, identifying bottlenecks and resolving to improve performance in various levels namely Sources, Targets, Mappings and Sessions Integrated .Net.
  • Extensively used Reporting Tools like SSRS.
  • Good experience in XML and XSLT
  • Experienced with OOP, design patterns, Win Forms, Web Forms, UI design.
  • Domain Expertise in Oil Gas, Finance, Insurance Hospitality.
  • Design for touch screen for Casino Employee Kiosk band request.
  • Developed web applications using Web forms, MVC, WPF, Winforms, WEB API, REST, Studio 2012/2010/2008 , C , VB.NET, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, XML, SOAP, Web Services, Windows Communication foundation WCF Services , LINQ, Entity Framework.
  • Proficient in Web Programming to enhance user experience and performance using JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, AJAX ToolKit, HTML CSS.
  • Extensive experience in SQL Server 2012 and earlier versions, Database design, SQL Query optimization, Database maintenance by using SQL Server objects like Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes, Triggers, Cursors, user defined data types and functions.
  • Implemented ADO.Net data access techniques i.e. SQL Connection Objects, SQL Command Objects, DataSet Objects, DataReader Objects and DataAdapter Objects using DataGrid and DataList in ADO.Net, Twitter bootstrap, JQuery UI etc.
  • Extensive experience developing applications using .NET Framework 4.5/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.1
  • Experience in all phases of software development lifecycles like Requirement Analysis, Designing, Coding and Unit Testing and Regression Testing ,deployment ,User training.
  • Possess strong understanding of Object-Oriented programming/Analysis/Design and Development.
  • Conceived, developed reusable controls. Ability to be creative and take self-initiatives.
  • Working Experience in SQL Server reporting services, Crystal Reports.
  • Capable coordinator of off-shore development projects.
  • Good understanding of creating web content using HTML 5.0 CSS3, Web Storage, Application caches, Canvas .
  • Hands on Experience with Telerik Kendo UI third party controls for ASP.NET

Key Achievements

  • Received Award for application optimization at IBM, which enabled users to do online processing 10 times faster than before.
  • Selected as Employee Spotlight Award at Honeywell.
  • Kaizen award in Honeywell.

Key Skills

Main skills

ASP.Net 4.5,4.0, MVC 5, Web Forms, Web API, C , VB.Net, WPF, Win forms, SQL Server, SSRS

Sub Skills

XAML, IIS, RAZOR, JQuery, JSON, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3,

Entity Framework 6.1, Async Await, Task Parallel library, Multi-Threading.


SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005

Design platforms

MS Visual Studio 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008

Architecture Design

OO principles and design patterns, MVC, MVVM, Dependency Injection/Inversion of control, Repository Unit of work, Unity Framework


Agile Scrum, TDD

Source control

Team Foundation Server TFS , SVN, VSS

.Net Frameworks

.Net Framework 4.5, 4.0, 3.5


NUnit, MS Test Framework, MS Script Control

Prototyping tools

Axure, Balasamiq Mockups


JIRA, MS office 2010, MS Visio 2010

Key Projects


Sr. .Net/C developer


  • Develop SSIS reusable components which are used for generic error logging.
  • Design and develop WCF services which consume these SSIS packages.
  • SQL Server stored procedures, tables, functions, optimization etc.
  • Implementation of producer consumer pattern.
  • Code review and writing technical design documents.
  • Interacting with technical architects and involve in technical design.
  • Provide solutions through code to application team.
  • Provide guidance for using the Batch framework interfaces.

Environment: Asp.Net ,C , SSIS, WCF, TFS, MS Test, SQL Server2012, Entity Framework 6.1, Producer Consumer Pattern, Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 7, Agile Scrum process


Sr. .Net/C developer


  • Used AJAX for more responsive web pages.
  • CSS3 Media queries implementation for partial web page responsiveness.
  • Implementation of Repository and Unit of work patterns which enables in memory cache and transactions in a single go.
  • Implementation of Async-Await in the controllers for performance improvement.
  • Data layer architecture with Entity Framework 6.1, POCO entities.
  • Created partial views and used it in views.
  • Design and develop Web API REST Service which returns data as JSON format, which is being consumed by desktop clients and mobile devices.
  • Develop client application using Asp.Net web forms which uses web services and Web API services.
  • HTML DOM traversal, validations, several JQuery UI Controls using JQuery.
  • Implement swipe login security for EA Employees and Windows active directory security for administrators.
  • Requirements gathering from the clients and writing functional specifications for the projects.
  • Design and review of Technical architecture with the technical team.
  • Consult with project lead on identification of problems and suggest solutions for the resolution of coding issues.
  • Find out new technologies and ideas to add value to our products.
  • Database designing.
  • Create WEB API controllers from entity framework models.
  • Create custom Routes for Web API.
  • Code review and code optimization.
  • Analyzed and designed the prototype pages for the system.
  • Designed and codes the reports using SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS .
  • Developed reusable business components using C , ASP.NET.
  • Used Master page, Styles, Theme, and CSS for consistent look and feel of application.
  • Created multiple Visual Studio Workflows to manage business rules of documents and content.
  • Provided post-production support for newly implemented custom web parts and third party solutions deployed to the farm.

Environment: MVC5, Web API, C , Web forms, AJAX, SSRS, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, TFS, MS Test, SQL Server2012, Entity Framework 6.1, Repository Pattern, Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 7, Agile Scrum process



  • Developed Prototype using Axure tool and conducted review with business users and consultants to secure sign off.
  • Involved in software architecture for the application.
  • Identified use cases and prepared use case diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Designed sequence diagram, class and components diagrams using Visio
  • Performed High Level and Detailed design of Data Model, Data Flow, Entities Relations and Database Design.
  • Design and develop of WCF services using VB.Net.
  • Designed and coded user interface screens using ASP.NET, Web Forms ASPX , JQUERY, JSON, and XML.
  • Designed and coded data access layer component using ADO.NET
  • Designed and coded business components using VB.NET
  • Designed and Developed stored procedures create tables, triggers, functions, views using TSQL in SQL Server.
  • Involved in preparation of Unit and integration test cases.
  • Risk Analysis and mitigation. Performed Unit Integration testing plans.
  • Coordinating with team for Configuration Management while deploying new kits new releases of project or during code drops on different test/production environments.
  • Deployment of the Application in UAT and Production Servers through Remote Access.

Environment: Asp.Net 4.5, Telerik Kendo UI, WCF, VB.Net, AJAX, Web forms, SSRS, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, TFS, MS Test, SQL Server2012, Visual Studio 2013, Entity Framework 5 and Windows 7, Agile Scrum process


Lead .Net Developer


  • Coordinating and team management. Assisting new support engineers, and team member's on troubleshooting techniques, processes and application knowledge, working closely with the clients.
  • Trouble shooting complex problem involving strict SLA implications and understanding customer data and business practices.
  • Reproducing and performing in-depth analysis of customer issues, determine causes, workarounds and long term solutions.
  • Fine-tuning Stored Procedures to improve performance that was achieved by removing unnecessary cursors, temporary tables wherever possible.
  • Created and modified stored procedures, triggers, views and indexes to provide best performance.
  • Identify improvement areas in current technical architecture
  • Performing Integration Testing, QC/UAT/Production Testing and Performance Testing
  • Building Windows Application with ASP.NET, C , JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, CSS
  • Low level and high level design, three tier architecture technical designs, creating UML diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Coding server side and back end development using C SQL Server
  • Memory utilization monitoring using CLR profiler tool.
  • Created .Net Framework C libraries and developed another tool using C to support this project.
  • GUI designing using HTML CSS, and Theme.
  • Used LINQ functionalities for data manipulations between user interface and SQL Server.
  • Creating and documenting technical specifications.
  • Implemented various design patterns to improve the performance and maintenance of the application.
  • Coding at the Model level to communicate between the views on MVC application
  • Creating database tables, relationships and stored procedures, triggers, functions, views.
  • Database modelling and design.
  • Used MS Test Framework for writing unit test cases.
  • Reviewing code and provide feedback to the Product Architect.
  • Provided support to the deployed system till stabilized.

Environment: C , Asp.net 4.5, WebForms, AJAX, VS2012, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TFS, MS Test, SQL Server2012, SSRS, Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 7.



  • Involved in complete Life cycle SDLC of the project.
  • Implement multithreading to make the UI more responsive.
  • Developed .NET application in MVVM architecture following agile methodology.
  • GUI development using XAML, WPF.
  • Writing code in both code behind and WPF interface.
  • Created generic class module to Load/Save/Validate data in the application and achieved maximum code reusability.
  • Writing complicated queries with SQL Server.
  • Writing Stored Procedures, Database Triggers, Views and Transactions handling in SQL Server 2005.
  • Exception handling in SQL Server, temporary tables, dynamic queries etc.
  • Error handling of application.
  • Designed and created complex SSRS reports.
  • Deployment and Distribution of application.
  • Role also requires communicating with and supporting business users and troubleshooting their issues within critical time limits.

Environment: C , WPF, XAML, MVVM, .Net 4.0, VS 2010, SVN, MS Test, JIRA, SQL Server2012, Windows 7


Sr. .Net / C developer


  • Developed the Business Layer UI Layer Components using C .
  • Used Enterprise Application Blocks for Exception and Data tier implementation.
  • Designed and developed web forms to facilitate the storage, maintenance and retrieval of new and existing information systems data.
  • Developed Stored Procedure, Functions in SQL.
  • Extensively used ASP.NET and VB.Net for development of Web pages.
  • Performed verification, validation, unit testing and integration testing of the application.
  • Involved in Reviewing Database Design, Unit and Integrated and System test cases.
  • Reporting the bug matrix and project scorecard to the quality and management team.
  • Created coding standards and checklist for the project.
  • Publishing weekly development status reports to the manager.
  • Interacted with testing, support and quality teams.
  • Involved in requirement gathering with customer and product manager

Environment: WPF, VB.Net, XAML, .Net 2010, .Net 3.5, VSS, MS Test, SQL Server2008, and Windows7



  • Created and modified user controls and aspx pages using AJAX control, web services, C , JavaScript,
  • ASP.NET.
  • Create data scripts to insert data.
  • Created and modified tables, stored procedures, triggers, views and index.
  • Provided support to the deployed system till stabilized.
  • Trouble shooting complex problem involving understanding customer data and business practices.
  • Identify improvement areas in current technical architecture
  • Participated in building the business layer components and coding.
  • Performing Unit Testing and Integration Testing
  • Involved in developing integration services

Environment: Asp.net 3.0, C , .Net 2008, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TFS, NUnit, SQL Server2000, and Windows 2000

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