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Asp.net Web Api Developer Resume

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New York, NY


  • IT Professional wif 5 years of experience as Full Stack Developer/.Net Developer/ Angular Developer in Design, Development, Implementation, Testing, and Deployment of Web - based and Client Server in E-commerce, Healthcare domains.
  • Experience in developing Web Applications using Angular 2+, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WEB API, NodeJS, Typescript, Single Page Application, C#, MS SQL Server, MySql, MongoDB, HTML (4/5), CSS, Node.js, JSON, Bootstrap, Template-Driven Forms, Reactive Forms, Entity Framework, Views, Partial Views.
  • Experience in working wif Angular 2+ components, modules, routing, directives services, dependency injection and Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) to create a SPA
  • Good experience wif creating forms using Template-Driven Forms, Reactive Forms in Angular 2+ and implementing Validations using Built-in Validators and Custom Validation (eg. email validation)
  • Extensively used data binding, like interpolation, property binding, event binding, and two way binding and passing data between parent component to child component using decorator, template reference variables
  • Experience in implementing functional REST-API by using Express Framework, creating CRUD in a rest api to allow web server to respond to http post requests
  • Experienced in using observables, subscribe, pipes from RxJs library for fetching and manipulating data from api calls
  • Expertise in developing Modules, Controllers, Views, Partial Views and Action Filters using ASP.NET MVC
  • Experienced in Entity FrameWork, Lambda, LINQ for fetching data from SQL in creating ASP.NET MVC projects
  • Experience in working wif MongoDB, creating MongoDB collections using Schemas, Models and performing basic CRUD operations
  • Expertise in MS SQL Server 2014/2017 DB using Tables, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Views, Cursors, functions and Indexes
  • Extensively used TempData, ViewData, ViewBag, Filters and Data Annotations in developing ASP.NET MVC projects. Strong understanding in Object Oriented Programming and ability in Problem Solving
  • Extensively Worked on Bootstrap, CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Table in CSS to build rich UI.
  • Extensively used teh Version Control Systems, like (Team Foundation Server) TFS and Github
  • Extensively used JIRA for project management and bug Fixing


Languages: C#, .Net, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Python, F#, JQuery

.Net Technologies: ASP.NET, MVC5, .Net Framework 4.0, Entity Framework

Databases: SQL Server 2008/2012/2014 , MySQL, MongoDB

Web Technologies: JavaScript, Angular 2+, HTML, NodeJS, BootStrap, JQuery, AJAX

Development Tools: MS Visual Studio 2008/2010/2015/2017 , Visual Studio Code

Source Code Control: (Team Foundation Server)TFS and Github


Confidential, New York, NY



  • Design and developed a web application using MEAN Stack technologies (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular 5, Node.js) along wif ASP.NET WEB API, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery and other web technologies.
  • Built front-end SPA using Angular 5 and Bootstrap and backend server using ASP.NET Web API
  • Used Services, Observables, and Subscribe to implement data sharing from server to different components
  • Built routing in Single Page Application using Router Module and used Snapshot in ActivatedRoute for getting initial value of teh route
  • Utilized Http protocols to build restful services and used Node.js and ASP.NET WEB API to build Web API, testing API wif Postman on teh Json files which are generated by teh Node.js and Express.js
  • Enabled CORS to allow cross domain access between browser and API
  • Created custom directives in Angular to reusable components (like directive for picture uploads)
  • Used ngIf, ngFor, ngClass, and ngSwitch directives in Angular wif validations for input fields.
  • Used MongoDB to create database, and used Schema and Models of Mongoose to connect between MongoDB and Node server. Create databases and database objects such as tables, stored procedures, triggers using SQL server to manipulating teh data using ASP.NET WEB API requests.
  • Generated JSON web tokens(JWT) for user login and verify tokens in teh backend using Express.js
  • Designed user forms by using Reactive Form and Form Builder and created UI components wif Bootstrap and CSS.
  • Used @input, @output decorator to pass data between child component and parent component
  • Used GIT for Source Control, JIRA for bug tracking and task management
  • Used JIRA to keep track of bugs to reduce downtime, increase productivity, and Communication.

Environment: Angular 2/4+, MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js, HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, TypeScript, ASP.NET Web API, Git, Postman, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio Code, MS SQL Server.

Confidential, Edison, NJ

Full Stack Developer / Angular Developer


  • Design and developed a web application using Angular 4, ASP.NET web api, SQL Server, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Developed SPA using Components, templates, routing, Services, Directives and Dependency Injection
  • Create databases and database objects such as tables, stored procedures, triggers and functions using SQL server to manipulate data
  • Used ASP.NET API to make calls to teh web services/browser using URLs which perform GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE operations on teh server
  • Worked wif Observables for http error handling wif catch and throw operators in RxJS and for asynchronously calling teh server and mapping teh data to teh required format (JSON).
  • Implemented lazy loading in application to improve user app download experience in a poor connection
  • Used angular lifecycle hooks to manage application lifecycle, including ngOnInit (), ngOnChanges () and ngOnDestroy()
  • Built custom pipes to transform data on template and custom directives to change behavior and structure of DOM elements in a flexible way.
  • Used two-way data binding enables data to flow from teh component to template and vice-versa, interpolation to display values from component to template and event binding to call functions as a response to user actions in templates.
  • Designed UI templates using CSS, HTML, Bootstrap and used ng directives like, ngIf, ngFor, ngSwitch to manipulate DOM objects
  • Used GIT and JIRA for bug tracking and task management

Environment: Angular 2/4+, Express.js, Node.js, HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, TypeScript, ASP.NET Web API, TFS, Postman, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio Code, MS SQL Server.

Confidential, West Des Moines, IA



  • Design and developed a web application using ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Entity Framework, LINQ, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, JQuery, Ajax
  • Using Entity Framework to access database wif Database First Approach in application
  • Created tables, triggers, stored procedures using SQL server for inserting/updating/deleting data into teh relational tables
  • Extensively worked wif ViewData, ViewBag to transfer data between controller and view, used TempData transfer data from action to action, controller to controller.
  • Created custom URL, default URL using teh routing system provided by ASP.NET platform
  • Used Authorization Filter to check teh validation of teh user to prevent from non-user accessing
  • Created partial views for navigation bar, and used Data Annotations and Data Filtering in controller to perform more functionalities
  • Used Strongly typed model binding, Form Collection, parameters to pass value from view to controller
  • Worked wif LINQ query, Lambda Expressions for data retrieving and manipulating
  • Extensively used filters to implement cashes teh output of a controller, error handling, and authorize
  • Used HTML halpers to decorate teh UI of web application
  • Created Bootstrap popup wif adding operation using JQuery AJAX to insert data in database
  • Used Unit Testing for testing teh application and Team Foundation Server (TFS) for bug tracking and task management

Environment: ASP.NET MVC, LINQ, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, MS SQL Server 2012, AGILE, Unit Testing, TFS, Visual Studio 2012

Confidential, Iowa City, IA



  • Design and developed a web application using ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, SQL Server, Entity Framework, LINQ, CSS, HTML, JQuery, Ajax and Bootstrap
  • Developing database components to access database from application using ADO.NET
  • Created queries and joins on multiple tables using SQL server for manipulating data in database
  • Good knowledge on Object Oriented Programming(OOPS) Concepts including Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation and Polymorphism
  • Designed UI wif adding more functions like Inline editing, pagination using Javascript
  • Used Action Filters for implementing user authentication, authorization and role based security and created custom action filter attributes for action methods
  • Implemented an interactive Web Application by using JQuery, AJAX (like, popup window)
  • Retrieved and manipulated data from SQL database by writing Sql query in SqlCommand and used Anti-Forgery Tokens preventing Cross site request forgery attacks.
  • Designed UI using CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, HTML Helper methods in razor views
  • Actively participated in Bug Fixing during build, deployment process and debugging and used nUnit Unit Testing for testing teh application.
  • Used TFS for version control and source code management

Environment: ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, LINQ, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, MS SQL Server 2012, AGILE, Unit Testing, GIT, Visual Studio 2012

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