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.net Developer/analyst/architect Resume


  • I have 10 years of professional expertise in the field of software engineering, where I graduated and built my experience as a senior software engineer, system analyst, system architect and knowledge in IT project management.
  • Theoretically and radically my knowledge is based on the axis of Object Oriented Concepts and Object Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE).
  • I have been practically using .Net and all the other related technologies since the inception of .Net right from the time, when it was in Beta version.
  • I worked with VB (4, 5 and 6) and (C, C++ and VC++6) before I started my professional work, then moved to .NET(1.0,1.1,2.0,3.0,3.5 and 4.0).
  • I have good experience in .Net and all the aspects of this tool, which I have used to create Windows, Web applications and Services in both VB.Net and C#.
  • As to the Database, I utilized both Oracle and SQL (2000, 2005 and 2008) where I built my professionalism in Database analysis and design, in addition to programming.
  • Technically, I was contemporary with all the state-of-art technologies of Microsoft, Com, Dcom, Com+ and then .NET remoting and WebServices, smart clients, etc.
  • Academically, I made comparative researches like (traditional programming and OOP), (COM, DCOM and COM+), (Windows DNA and .NET), and smart client.
  • Currently, I am taking my Masters Degree in Project Management.
  • Certifications I have earned includes IT Management and Project Management as well as in Programming and Development.
  • Actively participating and contributing in websites deep technical articles and debates such as codeproject.com.
  • I have a history of building strong relationships with colleagues and clients, enjoy learning about new technologies, and is looking for an environment where my entrepreneurial spirit can thrive.


Programming Languages:C#, Visual Basic .NET, SQL,T-SQL, HTML, VB(4,5 and 6), some Java, C++ and VC++.MVC and WPF. Internet Development: ASP.NET, IIS, VBScript, JavaScript, XML, ,little ASP and JSP, JQuery, Json Technologies:.NET(1.0,1.1,2.0,3.0,3.5,4.0), ADO, Active-X, COM, Ajax, WPF Smart Client, SOAP and SOA solutions, MVC design and development either in .NET or JDeveloper, WPF,UML, OOAD, Multi-tier, Client-server applications, Microsoft Operations Manager(MOM), MVVM, MP, Ants. DBMS:SQL-Server(2000, 2005,2008), Access, Oracle 8i/9i and 10g. Design/CASE Tools:MS Project, Rational Rose, Sybase (power designer), Oracle Designer,SSRS, SQL Audit and others. Operating Systems:Win 2003/XP/2000/NT, MS DOS, basic UNIX Miscellaneous:MS VSS, RapTier, Usecases, OOSE


Confidential June 27, 2011 - Current Position: Application Developer Responsibilities:

  • Creating web pages according to the specification (SFD).
  • Creating, testing and enhancing stored procedures, and classes.
  • Creating tools for the team to use (SP tester, Script generator, Configuration editor).
  • Web development design pages, classes, layers integration.
  • Fixing bugs and issues assigned to me.
  • Building classes and follow the architecture design, integrate the database with the Web pages through many layers according to the design.
  • Participating in building web applications (html, js, json, jquery, C#, Oracle).
  • Creating console applications, win applications.
  • Building Configuration Editor based on WPF only.
  • Major Projects completed so far (Record Retention1, Record Retention 2, Store Profile), in addition to other small projects on the side.
  • Test Performance and Generate Performance Reports using ANTS.
  • Designing and working on SSRS reports local ones only under VS2010.
  • After upgrading our projects from 2005 to 2010, I worked with WCF to convert some of the performance critic pages and replace the code from Serverside to (WCF, JSON) substitute, that is in addition to my interest in reading about WCF last year and my readiness now to get certified if that is required.

Environment: .NET (2.0) C#, Oracle, Toad, Javascript, AJAX, Json, Jquery, CSS, Web forms, html, .NET (4.0) C#, WPF, Windows applications


  • The tools I have personally created by myself helped the team.
  • SP tester, Performance analyzer, Script generator and Configuration Editor.
  • Completing record retention I and II and Store Profile Projects and other tasks.

Confidential January 07, 2007- August 22, 2010 Position: .NET Developer/Analyst/Architect Confidential is where all the banks in the state are managed and regulated; it has a professional IT department. My first task was to build a content management system customized to their needs, and after I built it from scratch along with my boss (Head of Banking systems department then), we made the demonstration to the governor himself. Responsibilities:

  • Developed all needed software applications/websites (.NET).
  • Developed solutions accustomed to their needs (.NET).
  • Database designer. SQL and ORACLE.
  • Was the only .NET developer to develop applications and services using C#
  • System Analyst/Architect.
  • System Architect, I created solutions for some of the problems and volunteered with new solutions to those problems.
  • Tester, all the tests to insure the HQ required by the CENTRAL BANK.
  • Technical writer, for documenting my work for the other developers who might need to make changes in the future after I leave.
  • Team member in developing JSP and Java applications.
  • Key member in teams for managing certain projects (QPAY, SharePoint).
  • Gathered the requirements from my IT manager for the Content management system and the new website they wanted.
  • Designed the Oracle database using mainly Oracle designer.
  • Built the database under the standards put by the database administrator.
  • Mainly created windows services for monitoring systems, alarming, and reporting and data integration.
  • Created tools that monitors and reports about the active directory.
  • Made internal websites that helped many activities in our department.
  • In the last year, a new administrative role was assigned to me in addition to being a developer, and supporting projects handled by Oracle and IBM and that is why I had to learn Unix and new products.
  • Was the one to negotiate with Reuters and Bloomberg about the technical ways to exchange data needed by us from them on the exchange rates.
  • Developed a Windows Service for live time attendance.
  • Developed a Windows Service for Many Administrative Alarm Services
  • Developed a Windows Service Job Reporter Services for the naps team and the database team (like database watcher).
  • Developed a Dynamic website (CMS, DMS)
  • Developed Quiz Web application.
  • Developed Weekly schedule web application that utilized drag and drop in web and helped the operator's team to schedule their shifts.
  • Developed websites for Certification of Deposit application (.NET version and Java version).
  • Smart application called Course designer -but that was not for the bank only during that period.
  • A small project about handling expenses using MVC 2.0.

Environment: .NET (2-4) C#, MVC, JDeveloper, Oracle, SQL (2005,2008), Ajax, JavaScript, ASP.NET, linq , Ajax, Oracle, Oracle designer, Toad, SQL developer, Java studio, UNIX, SOA, Sharp Tier, Smart client, Message Master Enterprise Alert -2010

Confidential August 2006 - January 2007 Position: System Analyst/Architect Confidential is the main warehousing company in Doha. They had systems already in place to automate their processes but they needed to have a new system that lays on all their system which will provide them with overall observation and control capabilities with Dashboards. In addition, they wanted to automate the new workflows that were not yet automated at the time. Responsibilities:

  • System analyst and BPM implementer - 6-month project requiring the analysis and documentation of all the business process. For this job, I was recommended by Ever-Gulf, a branch of EVER America Corporation, one of the key content management solutions providers, in Qatar.
  • Workflow designer, where I designed their workflows.
  • Business Process Documenter, where I documented all the processes in text and diagrams.
  • UML designer.
  • BPN designer, using power designer..
  • Requirement gatherer, I interviewed the key persons there from all backgrounds in all departments.
  • Business analyst who designed the ultimate solution.

Environment: Power designer (Sybase), Business process language (BPL), DB2 from IBM, Visio, Ever suit.

Confidential May 2005 - May 2006 Position: System Analyst/Architect/.Net Developer Confidential is a small steel company that was expanding at the time; they wanted to automate some of their paperwork and day to day activities. Responsibilities:

  • Systems Analyst/Business analyst: where I interviewed the heads of the departments and gathered the requirements and the information.
  • Architect: where I designed the solution, the database, the Object model, the system and document in order to get it approved.
  • Senior Developer.
  • Building of enterprise solution system to automate the paper-based job cycle.
  • Developing various applications that were required to add efficiency to departments within the company (Finance, HR, Sales, Engineering, Project management, Planning and Store Keeping)
  • Determined the requirements, analyzed the system, and documented it using OOSE methodology.
  • I was the one-man-show developer in that project which I built from scratch and wore all hats from the requirements to the delivery.
  • Made also small applications which helped the secretary and the engineer to sort out all their files and projects.

Environment: .NET 1.0 and .NET 1.1, MS.Project, Sql 2000, Power designer, Rap Tier.

Confidential March 2004 - May 2005 Position: .Net Developer/Analyst/ Architect Confidential is a big software company with many branches in the Middle East and India, it was the only FILENET provider in the region (they had one competitor in SA). Responsibilities:

  • Windows Application Developer.
  • Development of Windows applications using VB.NET, VC#.NET and Visual Basic 6 with MSSQL and Oracle engines.
  • Developing web pages in ASP.
  • System Architect for solution for many clients.
  • Designing systems with features based on the customer's requirements
  • Modeling the system into UML diagrams as an architect..
  • Customization of FileNet Document Management System through windows applications to meet client's needs.
  • Creation of third-party tools to enhance and provide easy integration of FileNet to work with client's existing system.
  • Meeting customers to gather the requirements.
  • Building Setup and MSI packages that helped the support team to deploy over 400 computers in a click.
  • When I moved to the system analysis division I was an architect who introduced the UML and the Usecase documents and Diagrams I learnt from OOSE. My methodology was adopted by the company even after I had left.

Environment: CS and IS from FileNet, VB, ASP, VB.NET1.1, power designer, VSS, Oracle, Rap Tier, XML, C#, SQL 2000..

Confidential November 2001 - February 2004 Position: .Net Developer Confidential was probably the only software company in Lattakia during that time. The company's vision and aim was to be the medical leader. It had some customers of doctors and clinics for few products built in VB. I joined the team when .NET platform was first issued. My experience in VC++ and the new knowledge of .NET by then helped me in overcoming all the obstacles in the new environment and promoted me very soon to be the technical leader and the key member in the team. Responsibilities:

  • Guide the team towards the goals of the project.
  • Solve the technical problems they encountered.
  • Design the middle tier, the object model and implemented it.
  • Develop the application, mainly the middle tier.
  • Set the test Scenarios, follow the test methods like unit testing, system testing, bottom-up testing.
  • Discuss and share the System Analysis, System Design and the Application engineering, defining the technologies we adopted.
  • Visual source safe administrator.
  • Developed the code needed for the dongle.
  • Presentation for the team to teach new testing methodologies.

Environment: .NET1.0 and .NET 1.1, Visual Source Safe (VSS), MS. Project, Microsoft Outlook, Sql 2000, Power designer, Rational Rose, Remoting.

As a free lancer, I worked for a project in USA. I worked for a project in Syria.

For these projects I was responsible for gathering the requirements (requirements acquisition), analyze them, design the solution (architecture), develop the application, test it, deploy it, and document it.


Technical Courses

  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering (major in electronics)
  • ITIL foundation Version 3,
  • OCUP (OMG-Certified UML Professional Intermediate), OMG (Object Management Group),
  • IT Project+ Certified, CompTIA,
  • MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), Microsoft,
  • MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer), Microsoft,
  • MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer), Microsoft,
  • OCUP (Certified UML Professional Fundamental),
  • Certified in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML,
  • Oracle ADF for Forms/4GL Developers, QCB
  • Java Programming, QCB
  • Advanced PL/SQL, QCB
  • Microsoft Project 2002,
  • SharePoint Portal Server 2003 admin. and customization,
  • Implementing .NET Security with VB.NET and VC#.NET (Self-Paced)
  • Smart Client Architecture and Design (Self-Paced).

Administrative Courses

  • Systematic Multiple Level Observation Of Groups,
  • Herman Brain Dominance Instrument,
  • The Spiral Dynamics,
  • Strategic Planning,
  • Leadership, Syria,
  • Self-development with Neuro Linguistic Programming,
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Diploma,
  • Effective Leadership,

COMMENTS I am currently taking my Masters Degree in Project Management and Information System Management.

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