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Sr .net Developer Resume

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  • Over 8 years experience in object oriented analysis & design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of Applications using Microsoft Product Suite.
  • Experience in the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Experience in Agile development environment.
  • Experience in developing N - tier applications using ASP.NET, C#, VB .NET, Windows Forms, Visual Studio.NET (2010/2008/2005/2003 ), ADO.NET, XML, Web Services, Java Script, and VB Script.
  • Worked with .NET Server controls, Web User Controls, Grid view, Form Validation Controls and Custom Controls.
  • Working Experience in Internet languages like HTML, CSS, XML, DHTML, VBScript, JavaScript.
  • Experience in developing and deploying Web Forms, Web Applications using ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, IIS.
  • Knowledgein building animations for desktop applications using Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF).
  • Experience in developing Web Services (wcf) to expose useful functionality to web users through SOAP.
  • Experience in database technologies like SQL Server, Oracle and Experience in writing Stored Procedures, Triggers, Queries, views, Indexes.
  • Experienced in building web Application ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JSON in client/ Web server environment
  • Experience in SSIS (Integration Service) package design, constructing, and deployment.
  • Good Knowledge in SSRS reports.
  • Experience in various Object Relational Mapping (ORM) technologies such as ADO.NET Entity Framework, LINQ to Entity and LINQ to SQL.
  • Experience in using ASP.NET User Controls, Server Control, Master Pages and AJAX Control Toolkit.
  • Good Working Knowledge in ASP.NET MVC.
  • Created unit test cases using Nunit to test and detect possible problems for related application
  • Expertise in using ADO.NET objects such as SQL Connection Object and Oledb Connection Object, Data Command Object, Data Reader Object, Data Set Object and Data Adapter Object to design data access layer.
  • Knowledge of Web parts controls and Mobile web applications.
  • Knowledge in designing Use Cases, Entity-Relationship Diagrams, Data Models using Visio.
  • Experience in Unit testing.
  • Experience of working with version control tools such as Subversion, Visual Source Safe (VSS), Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • A team player with excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.
  • Capable of learning new technology quickly and adapting to a new environment.


Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP/NT/2000, UNIX, Linux

Programming Languages: C#, VB.NET, C/C++, Java

Database Technologies: MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 , MS Access

Middleware: ADO.NET

Web Technologies: Java Script, VB Script, ASP.NET, HTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, AJAX

Modeling Tools & Methodologies: Visio

Graphics Tools: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photo Shop, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

IDE & Tools: Visual Studio.Net 2003/2005/2008/2010 , Macromedia Dreamweaver

Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0

Other Tools: Crystal Reports, SSIS, SSRS

Version controls: MS Visual SourceSafe, Subversion, and Team Foundation Server.


Confidential, UT

Sr .Net Developer


  • Designed and developed the application.
  • Added functionalities and enhancements to applications for new requirements using C#.
  • Developed Application using ASP.NET MVC 4.0 with Razor View Engine, C# in Visual Studio 2012.
  • Effectively used master pages to create consistent layout for the ASP.NET web pages and merged them with content pages.
  • Integrated JQuery, Ajax, and JSON technologies into client user interfaces for smooth and enhanced UI experience in Razor Views.
  • Enhanced and developed various windows forms, User controls, HTML server controls in C#.
  • Used Data grid for effective data display.
  • Created SQL Server2008 database Tables and wrote Stored Procedures, Views those are required for the application.
  • Followed N-Tier Architecture, designed and implemented corresponding Layers to provide data flow in the application.
  • Used the entity framework to create the Model
  • Created View Models, to encapsulate the all model classes used in different view.
  • Created Controllers to render the Views and get data from Models.
  • Designed UI pages with partial views and Razor Views.
  • Using MVC implemented clean separation of layers like View, Controller and Model.
  • Implemented AJAX and JQuery to create calls to the views and partial views
  • Created models with the LINQ to Entity Framework.
  • Wrote LINQ functions for data access.
  • Followed N-Tier Architecture, designed and implemented corresponding Layers to provide data flow in the application.
  • Implemented Web Grid MVC for more paging and sorting and editing with the help of JQuery
  • Implemented Customize Action Filters for Authentication and authorization.
  • Developed WCF Service and Implemented it in the application
  • Extensively Used ADO.NET to access database objects tables, stored procedures.
  • Used REDGATE tool for deploying database and transfer data on different servers
  • Used LINQ expressions to access data from Database.
  • Used SQL Server Data Tools to create SSRS reports.
  • Managed the created database in SQL Server 2012
  • Deployed ASP.NET applications running at IIS 6.0.
  • Used WPF to create and import data into excel files.
  • Created SSIS package for data extraction from files to SQL Server and replicate it to other servers.
  • Involved in Production Support, Bug fixes and Co-ordinated with offshore team.
  • Involved in SQL Server migration from .
  • Responsible for maintaining versions of source code using Visual Source Safe (VSS).
  • Involved in unit testing and Regression testing.

Environment: .Net Framework 3.5, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, JavaScript, HTML,CSS,C#,SQL Server 2005/2008,wpf,SQL, Visual Studio 2005/2008,SSIS,Redgate,VSS,IIS.

Confidential, NC

Sr .Net Developer


  • Migrating the CIA application from .Net 2.0 to .Net 3.5 framework
  • Involved in designing and development of SOA services using Web Services/ WCF in C#.NET.
  • Migrated all the Remoting Wrappers to WCF using NetTcp Binding and installed it as Windows Service.
  • Effectively handled .Net remoting and WCF running in one Windows Service.
  • Developed and used user defined namespaces along with system-defined namespaces.
  • Effectively handled caching techniques such as client side and server side caching of static objects in order to improve the performance of the application.
  • Effectively handled ASP.NETclient side state management features such as view state, control state, hiddenfields, cookies and query strings.
  • Worked on creating a UI using CSS, and Master Page.
  • Used the ASP.NET Session objects to maintain the state information.
  • Used ASP.NET caching technique to maintain the state information about customers and to keep common data in memory to enhance performance of the application.
  • C# .NET code behind for base page class creation.
  • Developed a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for server-side web application using ASP.NET repeater control, CSS, and AJAX toolkit controls.
  • Utilized ADO.NET to establish connections between server-side web application and Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Implemented the User Controls to use repeatedly.
  • Implemented caching for server-side web application, which cached commonly used datasets to improve database performance.
  • Created Database using SQL Server 2008 i.e. created Tables, relations, Views and Store Procedures
  • Extensively used ADO.Net objects for retrieving the data from SQL Server 2008 database and for updating the data back into the database
  • Dealt with ASP.NET server side state management features such as application state, session state and profile properties using C#.NET.
  • Effectively handled ASP.NET caching techniques such as page output caching and data caching in order to improve thePerformance of the application.
  • Used someWPFInfragisticsxam chartsfor effective charting.
  • Created SQL Server 2005/2008 Tables and wrote Stored Procedures, Views and User-Defined Functions those are required for the application.
  • Experience in Using Infragistic tools for providing better user interface.
  • Responsible for maintaining versions of source code using Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • Involved in unit testing and integration testing.

Environment: Visual Studio 2005/ Visual Studio 2008/ Visual Studio 2010,C#.NET, Win Forms,.Net framework 3.5/4.0, SQL SERVER 2005, SQL Server 2008,Microsoft Visio, Infragistic Controls,TFS, WCF,WPF, Remoting.ASP.NET.

Confidential, Hopewell, NJ

.NET Developer


  • Worked in all the N-tiers of the application.
  • Involved in development of Web Forms, Classes using C# that incorporates both N-tier architecture and database connectivity.
  • Developed ASP.Net pages using ASP.NET Web form controls, User controls, HTML server controls in C#.
  • Enhanced and developed UI functionality using ASP.NET, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Created event driven Web Forms and implemented form validation using Validation controls using both Custom validation and JavaScript.
  • Involved in creating UI design and development by using ASP.NET 3.5 Web Forms, HTML, CSS, JQuery, ADO.NET, AJAX, User Controls and Web Forms with C# code behinds.
  • Worked on Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5
  • Used OOP (Object-oriented Programming) to design Classes, Interfaces.
  • Created N-tier Architecture like Presentation layer, Business Layer, Data Access layer
  • Developing XML web services to retrieve Alerts set on accounts from banking systems.
  • Designed and developed Class Libraries for Data Access, Exception Handling, Logging and Session Management etc.
  • Developed WCF services which involved business logic and control flow
  • Implemented WCF service.
  • Designed User Controls and Master Pages using ASP.NET.
  • Created stored procedures in SQL Server 2008.
  • Used ADO.NET to access data in SQL server
  • Used ASP.NET security infrastructure for authenticating and authorizing user access.
  • Used XML DOM for accessing and manipulating XML documents.
  • Wrote scripts to create Views, Triggers and Store Procedures for data retrieval and integrity in SQL.
  • Used CSS, and clean HTML & XHTML markup for cross browser development.
  • Worked on Web pages cross-browser compatibility and debug new and existing frontend implementations across a variety of browsers.
  • Wrote necessary code to fix and upgrade web application depending on error logs and requirements.
  • Monitoring and resolving tickets for technical issues and followed-up with the customer regarding the issue.
  • Troubleshooting technical issues and maintained high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Involved in unit testing to ensure quality.
  • Used Subversion for source code control.

Environment: .Net Framework 3.5, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Xml, XSLT, HTML, DHTML, CSS, C#,SQL Server 2008, T-SQL, AJAX, Visual Studio 2008.

Confidential, NY

.NET Developer


  • As part of the development team, I was associated with the full life cycle of the project (analysis, trading design, development, testing, and implementation).
  • Involved in Requirements Collection, Design & Analysis of the Customer Specifications, Development and Customization of the Application.
  • Implemented Master Pages, Partial classes, Skins and CSS in ASP.NET
  • Design documents based on agile methodologies.
  • Worked on Team Foundation Server on Projects and work item templates (TFS)
  • Effectively created easy to use, reusable controls and integrated them into ASP.NET web pages.
  • Controlled overall look and feel of ASP.NET web site by defining themes and skins and applying them at page level as well as control level.
  • Effectively used master pages to create consistent layout for the ASP.NET web pages and merged them with content pages.
  • Implemented Ajax Control Toolkit in list searching extended controls.
  • Worked on 3.5 Framework & Ajax Controls in the project
  • Development and Implementation of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
  • Development and Implementation of SQL Server 2005 Integration Services
  • Written complex stored procedures in T-SQL.
  • Implemented cursors and Triggers in writing stored procedures.
  • Design responsive and intuitive user interface for the web usingXHTML/CSSand both customASP.NETAJAXscripts.
  • Effectively used ASP.NET security infrastructure for authenticating and authorizing user access as well as performing other security related tasks using C#.NET.
  • Managed authentication using ASP.NET forms authentication.
  • Managed authorization using windows groups and using ASP.NET roles.
  • Created ASP.NET Validation Controls and Java Script for client side validations in the Web Pages and C# code behind.
  • Worked on integration of code behind web forms development in C#.NET with Data Access layer using ADO.NETSQL Server 2005.
  • Written JavaScript functions for client side code to implement different functionalities in events, validation.
  • Wrote business queries in T-SQL for policy details and commission processing according to sales and developed Triggers, Functions and stored procedures for SQL Server 2005 database.
  • Used Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) for the purpose of version Control and source code maintenance needs.

Environment: .Net Framework 3.0, ASP.Net 2.0/3.0, ADO.Net, ASP.NET, Xml, XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, UML, CSS, Ajax Toolkit, C#, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, AJAX, Visual Studio 2005.

Confidential, Keller, TX

.NET Developer


  • Used .NET Framework 3.0 throughout the project and converted existing code from 2.0 to 3.0.
  • Modifications were made to the existing GUI using WPF for better look and feel.
  • Consumed Web services using WCF and WPF for online transactions using C# and exposed them through HTTP.
  • Involved in development of UI (User Interface) Pages using the HTML, Master Pages&ASP.NET Controls and ASP classic controls.
  • Developed Front End using ASP.Net Web application &AJAX and Code behind files using C#.
  • Developed Web User Controls by combining existing controls for separating the business logic.
  • Designed Custom Controls by inheriting from existing controls and customizing the control as per the requirement.
  • Used Stored Procedures to fetch data from the database and web methods were used to execute this stored procedures
  • Developed core functionality with the ASP.NET MVC Framework (C#.NET).
  • Implementation of client side validations using JQuery and ASP.NET MVC Validation implemented at Controller level.
  • Implemented Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to improve look and feel of the ASP.NET web page.
  • UsedAjax, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS and various web controls to present data to users in a much comfortable environment.
  • Extensively used JQuery, Ajax to reduce connections to the server, since scripts and style sheets only have to be requested once.
  • Used the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques and created classes (in C#.NET) for database access.
  • Involved in developing applications in C# to meet the business requirements using Visual Studio.NET 2010.
  • Accessed employee application web service for the data and used in application.
  • Extensively used Datasets, Data tables and Data views to retrieve and manipulate data and display in ASP.NET front end interface.
  • Designed and maintained database in SQL Server 2005. Created tables, views, user defined functions, stored procedures and triggers.
  • Involved in tuning the application for the better response time of the application, better execution time of views, stored procedures and user defined functions
  • Worked onUIusingAJAXfor making smaller, faster and user friendly web-page application.
  • DevelopedServer side programming usingC#, ASP.NET3.0on .NETarchitecture.
  • ImplementedAJAXin order to provide pleasant client side experience.
  • DesignedXMLSchemasand developed XML gateway.
  • Enhanced application to achieve uniformity through all the aspx pages usingStyle sheets.
  • Responsible for designing and implementing web based reports which are generated dynamically. Provided flexibility to choose the information like start and end dates, organization for generating resource information reports.

Environment: Visual Studio.Net2005.Net Framework 3.0 ASP.NET3.0, C#, JavaScript, HTML,ADO.NET, SQL Server 2005, XML, Windows 2003, IIS 6.0.

Confidential, TEMPE, AZ

.NET Developer


  • Involved in communicating with the clients, gathering requirements for the development of preprocessing logic of Loan Origination module, Routing and Escalation Logic and other web and business tier components.
  • Used web technologies like ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, XML and HTML in designing and developing the web projects.
  • Used ADO.Net for database connectivity, storage and retrieval on SQL Server 2000.
  • Develop WCF Services to allow communication between Presentation layer and Service layer.
  • Developed core functionality with the .NET Framework.
  • Communicating with Windows Communication Foundation service via the endpoints.
  • Defining Data Contracts and Service Contracts in WCF.
  • Worked on service Interfaces in WCF.
  • Used Model View Controller (MVC) architectural Design Patterns for the development of the product.
  • Developed xml documents.
  • Designed and developed the user interface for various tools and implemented ASP.NET /VB.NET validation controls, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, CSS for server and client side validations respectively.
  • Used Win Forms earlier to provide graphical user interface components to the .NET Framework .
  • Made full use of .NET’s object oriented features(C#), event handling, error handling, caching and security feature.
  • Developed Web Services which can be used by a number of clients in getting useful data
  • Extensively used WCF services, thereby achieving complete Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Worked with WCF Service Contracts, Data Contracts, Operation Contracts, Instance Modes and Security of the services.
  • Used Ajax Controls for calendar control and free text box controls on the UI.
  • Used LINQ and ADO.NET for developing data access layer.
  • Worked with data migration. Used tools like SQL Server integration services (SSIS) in transferring data from one database to another.
  • Created Database objects like Tables, Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL Server 2008.
  • Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Reader, Data Adapter and Data Set to object data source fetch and handle user data.
  • Designed and developed reports using SSRS.
  • Provided codes to perform Unit Testing.
  • Deployment of Application on Test and Production server.
  • Responsible for maintaining versions of source code using Team Foundation Server.

Environment: Visual Studio 2008, C#, .NET Framework 3.5, MVC, ASP.NET 3.5,ASP, ADO.NET,AJAX, XML, SOAP,SQL Server2008, JavaScript, LINQ, j-Query, JSON WCF,SSRS, SSIS, and Team Foundation Server (TFS).


.NET Developer


  • Designed and developed the Windows application which consisted of a Win forms GUI with business objects for code reusability.
  • Implemented Object-Oriented Programming concepts of interfaces, inheritance, abstraction and polymorphism.
  • Creating Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based solutions using SOAP messaging framework.
  • Implemented mailing system (Send mail) with attachments.
  • Validated user input on Web Forms using validation controls like Compare Validator, Range Validator, Regular Expression Validator and Custom Validator.
  • Also Performed Client Side Validations using JavaScript.
  • Written configuration settings in Web.config.
  • Developed various components used within the system such as an enhanced string and db grid to allow printing and saving of data, business rules and specialized list components.
  • Used ADO.NET to access SQL Server database.
  • Designed and developed Web-services using C#, ADO.net, and XML to handle online transactions with central database, which reduces the time, required performing data entry and generating reports.
  • Used Data Reader and Dataset for data manipulations and database operations in connected as well as disconnected modes.
  • Manipulated and extended the .NET Base Class Libraries, CTS and User Defined Types to effectively create classes, interfaces, and loosely coupled events that are functionally efficient and appropriate for given programming scenarios.
  • Worked on Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and XSL to format the HTML output.
  • Implemented role based security for the user groups.

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, HTML, DHTML, Oracle 10g, Sql Server 2000, ADO.NET, XML, XSL, XPATH, Log4Net, Visual Source Safe, VS.NET, IIS, Windows 2000/NT.

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