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Sr. .net Developer Resume

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Montgomery, AL


  • Over ten (10+) years of experience in designing & developing web applications, primarily on .Net technologies using .Net 1/1.1/2/3.5/4.0/4.5.
  • 5+ Years of experience in VB6, Classic ASP and FoxPro(Dos), Delphi.
  • Extensive experience in UI development using ASP.NET C#, VB.Net, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, MVC & LINQ.
  • Good experience in WCF, Web Services (SOAP & RESTFUL Services).
  • 5+ years of experience in developing applications in VB 6.0, Classic ASP, FOXPRO Applications.
  • Strong understanding and execution of OOPS concept including but not limited to Inheritance, Object, Class, Encapsulation, Method, Message Passing, Polymorphism, and Abstraction.
  • Has good understanding on multithreading concepts and Socket programming.
  • Extensive experience in writing SQL queries, PL/SQL procedures, functions, triggers, cursors, PL/SQL tables in SQL Server 2008, 2005 & Oracle 9i.
  • Experience in working with Telerik Controls, Infragistics controls and Ajax Control Toolkit
  • Hands - on experience on ORM like Entity framework.
  • Sound knowledge & work expertise on SQL Server BIDS 2005 covering SSIS, SSRS & SSAS.
  • Strong skills in using third party development tools.
  • Proven ability to plan co-ordinate and implement Full Life Cycle Software Development and Maintenance projects.
  • Has worked in a team environment, interacting with Business Users, Business Analyst, Architects, Test Leads, Developers and System Analysts to gather and analyze business requirements and translating requirements to functional and technical design specifications
  • Successfully completed MCSD, MCAD, MCSD, MCTS, Dot Net C# and other few brain bench Certification.


Languages: C#, VB.Net

DB: SQL Server /, Oracle 9.i/MySQL/FoxPro

Development tools (Web & Windows): ASP.NET (.Net 2.0/3.0/4.0/4.5 ), ADO.NET, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, WCF, Web Services, MVC, LINQ, HTML5, JavaScript and XML

Framework: 1/1.1/2/3.5/4/4.5/ MVC 4

Operating Systems: All Windows versions

IDE for Development: Visual Studio

Business Operations: Software Process Improvement, Quality Improvement, Business Intelligence

Version Control: VSS, TFS, SVN

UI Toolkits: Telerik

Development Methodologies: SCRUM Agile, Rapid Application Development

Tools: Used Fiddler


Confidential, Montgomery AL

Sr. .NET Developer


  • Develop and maintain Cares project, which is based on ASP.NET MVC framework and the backend database, is SQL server and uses WEB API for various services.
  • Develop reports as per user requirements from the data in the SQL server.
  • Used various front end frameworks based on JavaScript and CSS libraries like AngularJS, JQuery, and Bootstrap.
  • Re-programming the existing web methods service modules in WEB API.
  • Developed federal mandated rules associated with Medicaid programs as reusable classes in C#, which can be called from anywhere in the application
  • Worked in OPERATIONS/PRODUCTION support of the Confidential Legacy application
  • Worked in ticketing system for the Legacy Confidential . Fixing the ticket which is submitted by the state user.
  • Done Analysis for few PBI and implemented the same as a part of the sprint
  • Attending Scrum daily standup meeting.

Environment: Visual Studio 2015, .Net 4.0/4.5/4.6, ASP.NET C#, MVC 4/5, Entity Framework, j-Query, AngularJS, JSON, Web API, Web Services, HTML, CSS, SQL Server 2008/2012, AGILE /SCRUM

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

.NET Developer


  • Created Web interface layout and design using ASP.NET MVC 4 Framework, JQuery, C# 4, HTML, LINQ, and UI coding in Razor Engine.
  • Designed Web service for Status update for the hotel room, developed the Home page, Admin Pages for the hotel users, search pages for the end users.
  • Used Test Driven Development(TDD)
  • Added a Parallel project in same solution as a Testing Project.
  • Added required code (based on test case) in test methods of the test classes
  • Developed required Controllers, Model data, and other classes development.
  • Integrated the code with page designed by 3rdparty designer.
  • Implemented Data Annotation and Client cross browser compatible validation using MVC 4, ASP.NET validation and JQuery.
  • Worked on Lambda Expressions for LINQ Query Expressions.
  • Used Web grid with JQuery and Razor in ASP.NET MVC 4.
  • Created WCF services for updating room status.
  • Accessed WCF services by creating proxies and also from client side via JavaScript & JQuery using JSON objects
  • Worked on both proactive and reactive performance optimizations with the use of tools like Fiddler
  • Created and maintained all database objects such as Tables, views, indexes, constraints, procedures, functions& triggers.
  • Worked on Query Optimization Techniques for complex SQL Statements.

Environment: .Net 4.0/4.5, ASP.NET C#, MVC 4, Entity Framework, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, WCF, Web Services, HTML, CSS, SQL Server 2008/2012

Confidential, Seattle WA

.NET Developer


  • Followed the agile scrum software delivery methodology for weekly rollout of the application.
  • Suggest the feature design and develop the feature using full stack (UI, middle tier and database), Data Access Layer (DAL) was developed using WCF and LINQ to SQL .
  • Wrote unit testing for the features developed.
  • Performance tuning of C# code, LINQ and SQL queries.
  • Used LINQ queries to update the data
  • Programmed with Exchange Web Service (EWS).
  • Worked in multithreading chat server application.
  • Developed component changes in company website (in house Share Point)
  • Implemented WCF application and their usage in current project.
  • Performed IIS hosting both asp.net application and WCF Services and fixing issues.
  • Bug Tracking and Management in UAT.
  • Worked in open source project control (CodePlex)
  • TFS Installation, conversion from VSS and integration.
  • SDSLC Management in VS 2010.
  • Developed EWS Client Application for Mail Management using EWS API.
  • Worked on developing Mobile version of the application using MVC-4.
  • Support the customer technical queries and fix application bugs.
  • Review the code to meet the software coding standards and best practices.
  • Assist the QA team in feature understanding and bug fixes.
  • Support DBA.

Environment: .Net 3.5, ASP.NET C#, AJAX, SQL Server 2010, Microsoft WCF, LINQ to SQL, EWS API, MVC4

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

.NET Developer


  • Progress. Code reviews, Coding, making builds and moving builds to different test environment and finally moving to the Production (Client) Server.
  • Discussion and conducting meeting with team members as well as the domain expert member Business Analyst as a part of the CRQ implementation.
  • Created, updated, stored procedure and triggers for the new enhancement.
  • Debugged product version with worker processor attached.
  • Active participant in the build process of application.
  • Solved technical problem faced by team members
  • Hands of coding for the library classes. Which includes the functionality changes of existing library

Environment: .Net 3.5.0, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, SQL Server 2005, VS 2005 and VS 2008

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Sr .NET Developer


  • Conversion of ADODB part into ADODB.NET.
  • Understanding existing VB Modules and conversion to C#
  • Solely handled code conversion from VB6 to C# using freeware converter and additional coding and bug fixing derived after the conversion was completed using freeware tool.
  • Conversion of existing SQL query to LINQ.
  • Wrote Lambda expression for querying the object collection.
  • Changed VB class into C# class (which was omitted by freeware tool)
  • Developed helper classes in C# using static classes
  • Developed custom classes for the new functionality.

Environment: .Net 3.5., VB 6.0, C#, SQL Server, VS 2008

Confidential, Harrisburg, PA

.NET Developer


  • Created new database design based on the existing one using Visio.
  • Changed the Entity Relational Diagram and propagate that backend into SQL
  • Developed/Altered stored procedures for both CCrx Application and for the Synchronization Services
  • Compared feature/codes of old version and new version before moving into new version
  • Created SSIS packages using SQL 2008 Import and Export utility (from dev and then from 2008 dev version to staging version).
  • Created reports using SSRS Current physician order, drug list, med activities using SQL server reporting Services 2008)
  • Developed Web pages for creating order and daily preset page using VB.NET
  • Consumed WCF Service(CRUD) for the daily preset using VB.NET

Environment: .Net 2. VB 6, VB.NET, SQL Server 2005, VS 2005

Confidential, Hartford, CT

.NET Developer


  • Proposed written estimations &authored TDR (technical development requirement).
  • Developed Win Forms for entering Exposure and Loss pick data using C# (Converting/Reengineering)
  • Modified existing VB 6 forms as per the new enhancement.
  • Worked/Enhanced with web services (.asmx) and web pages (.aspx) using VB.Net and ASP.Net which returns document properties which are stored in FILENET.
  • Worked with DCOM components which interact with HOST (DB2) and returns policy details.
  • Used with CS Explorer (Tool for managing Template and getting queries and result in File Net).
  • Used CS Explorer as a Multithread Process to get data.
  • Debugged the application bugs and designed & delivered solutions / patches for the same for the applications in multiple testing / production environment (3 testing environments)
  • Worked extensively on SQL Server 2000 database.
  • Created tables, complex stored procedures using T-SQL and performance tuning of SQL using SQL Profiler.
  • Created SAI (unique number for an insurance account) in DB2.
  • Active participant in the build process of application.
  • Used Tivoli to migrate the build package to the next phase / environment.
  • Integrated the code and deployed into all testing phases / environments and supported it after deployment in production
  • Managing code versions Using Microsoft Visual Source Safe 8.0 / 2005.
  • Provided on call support during evenings and some weekends.

Environment: .VB6, VB.Net, C#, ASP.NET, ASPX, Win Forms, .NET 2.0 Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, JavaScript, XML, Infragistics, COM, DCOM, Web Services, OOD, SQL Server 2000, DB2, T-SQL, File Net, CS Explorer, Tivoli, Microsoft Visual Source Safe 8.0/2005, VS 2005/Microsoft Office.

Confidential, Culver, CA

.NET Developer


  • Changes in the functionality classes which was developed in vb.net
  • Worked in XML, XSLT Classes to retrieve the content from SQL DB
  • Code for getting XML data from SQL server Which was used by Action script .
  • Responsible for developing /maintaining Dash Board module

Environment: VB.Net, ASP.NET, ASPX, .NET 2.0 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, JavaScript, XML, SQL Server 2005 Visual Source Safe.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

.NET Developer


  • Developed survey questioner web pages for Fresno County.
  • Developed survey page proto type which will activate after each submission of an application Only for Fresno county
  • Bug Fixing for an existing classic ASP pages.

Environment: VB.Net, ASP.NET, ASPX, .NET 2.0 Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, Classic ASP, JavaScript, HML, SQL Server 2000 and VSS.

Confidential, Cerritos, CA

.NET Developer


  • Part of the design and architecture team for this product
  • Part of the DAL development team using C#.
  • Designed and developed dashboard manager and dashboard components.
  • Responsible for developing /maintaining Dash Board module

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, C#, ASP.net (ASPX), SQL Server 2000, JavaScript, HTML, Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.0, Microsoft Visio, OOD, Crystal Reports 10, Microsoft Office.


.NET Developer


  • Part of the design and architecture team for this product
  • Involved in the development of class-diagrams and business components
  • Completed whole data migration module from Visual Basic to Dot net- Oracle 9i .
  • Designed and coded new connection and meter related module in VB.NET
  • Developed Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures Using TOAD
  • Lead and gave full technical and domain support for the entire module.

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, VB.NET, ASP.net (ASPX), Oracle 9i, JavaScript, HTML, Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.0. Java Script, Crystal report 8

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