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Senior Programmer/architect Resume Profile

Rock Island, IL


Proven manager of information systems, with a track record of achievement in systems design and development through the complete lifecycle of applications and systems. Experienced trainer, teacher and recruiter with the interpersonal skills necessary to produce results in a complex and diversified environment.


Programming Experience

Software used daily


Javascript, JSP,JQUERY,


C/C , VB, VBScript,




Active Directory, Win32 API,


Oracle Enterprise System

Microsoft SQL System

Microsoft Visual Studio

Delphi IDE

APEX Developer Studio

Quest Change Director

Microsoft Office Suite

IIS 5.0

SQL Server 2000,2005,2008

Windows Workstation OS

Windows Server OS

Individual Accomplishments

  • Designed C application that replicated data from Oracle DB to SQL Server DB by dynamically creating SSIS packages.
  • Created powerful centralized portals to obtain information from heterogeneous systems in simplistic formats.
  • Designed Easy to use web reporting system allowing end users to generate customized ADHOC reports with minimal effort.

Skillset Snapshot

  • Object Oriented Programmer well versed at creating flexible systems based on re-usable generic types, object and components. Primarily programming languages are C /C .



Senior Programmer/Architect

  • Worked with senior level management to design a Singular system that interfaces with all production software for reporting and control purposes. Main interface designed in C , reporting done in SSRS integrated with SharePoint, main production rates and billing information through SSAS and SQL 2008 as backend.
  • Designed web based ASP.NET C application allowing our customers to view and access their data as it is being processed in real time.
  • Created and installed test environment to allow users to test changes prior to implementation.
  • Designed layout of main third party application amongst servers and SAN to allow for highest possible throughput on IO.
  • Created Client-Server applications using C communicating with Windows Sockets for disseminating information on residing server. Clients were designed to be unaware of server presence, allowing new servers to be added without change to the system, allowing clients to instantly access the new server with not configuration changes.
  • Main production control software designed as plug and play software. Utilizing C .NET Reflection technologies, allowing main executable and each module to be unaware of each other while allowing full communications between each module.
  • Designed Automation Servers using C .NET Reflection allowing for a drag and drop install of new routines. Server object dynamically loads modules based on instructions from client, allowing isolation of communications and re-usability of singular server.
  • Installed Sharepoint system, integrating SSRS and Team Foundation Server. Worked with users to create security model based on AD users and group structure.

DBA Senior Programmer/Architect

  • Designed from ground up new SQL Server system to house the company's Subscriber reporting and financial-based software using SQL2005 Cluster on Windows 2003 system, from disk RAID design to SQL file and storage design for high transactional databases of 300 GB.
  • Instituted all monitoring systems of data for 404/SOX compliance. Created custom reports for monitoring systems.
  • Authored custom maintenance service in C allowing for scheduling of 'looping' maintenance and health checks with custom reports. System was 'self evolving' and required minimalistic intervention for scope of work performed
  • Created permissions application using C allowing Non DBA personnel to access production databases for updates. All non read only access and data design changes instantly reported to DBA.
  • Designed and implemented security tracking system to monitor for unauthorized data and structure changes in database systems.
  • Designed and authored ETL system using C and C-Managed calls to load and process raw financial data from multiple sources into normalized database to facilitate financial reporting.

Senior Programmer/Architect


  • Supported Accounting department's Dynamics GP. Worked with users to create custom integrations, maintained back end database and created custom adhoc queries for third party software vendors.
  • Architected and developedthin client Commissions systemin C allowing for the Accounting Group to efficiently conduct commissions calculations while empowering individuals in field of their current status. System was required to interface with multiple data sources, and contained multiple interfaces for obtaining and reporting data.
  • Designedan ASP.NET C Web-based reporting system allowing users to create custom reports that could be saved to anywhere in our company's network and exported in multiple formats Excel, PDF,CSV,SQL . Reporting Engine could access multiple data source types, provided means for scheduling reporting and allowing users to save custom report definitions and settings for future reference.
  • Created routines to update reporting database servers with data changes in company database structure server using dynamic TSQL
  • Designed C application that dynamically creates SSIS packages to download files from FTP Servers/File Shares, import them into SQL server and perform pre-determined routines on the data.
  • Established rules and standards for SQL data access, designed all interfaces and ORM's for client side data access.
  • Insured all applications met requirements requested by accounting department. Oversaw requirement gathering, design, development, testing, and implementation of all custom applications.
  • Analyzed new systems to insure current environment was capable of supporting applications. Provided feedback with management on usability of new systems.
  • Oversaw internal Sharepoint system. Gathered end users requirements, installation and maintenance. Installed SSRS as integrated feature. Worked with end users to integrate ad users and groups into security model.
  • Designed and created any web parts for custom use in internal Sharepoint system.

Consultant / Computer Programmer

  • Originally tasked with on site visits to clients to insure efficient operation of our software and for training on our systems. Moved to overseeing team of authoring financial routines, and programming internal systems.
  • Created internal customer tracking system allowing for visibility by all departments into the status of a new system to be deployed to a customer.
  • Created system to track all financial inputs requested by clients. This increased efficiency immensely as multiple clients used same financial requirements. Prior to my system, at each request the inputs were always re-authored.
  • Created customer work order database, tracking all customer issues from start to resolution.

Inside Sales / Product support

Worked with customers in the HVAC and Plumbing industry to solve needs of their particular jobs. Transferred in necessary stock to meet sales orders and solve discrepancies in stock levels. Worked with vendors on specifications of product. Creatively filled orders with non-stocking items with multiple stock items that achieved the same desired effect.


Office Manager

  • Oversaw day to day operations of remote branch. Worked with service techs to insure timely response to customer requests and work orders. Maintained inventory and placed orders when required.
  • Designed business system software in MS Access and Visual Basic to control multiple office inventories, i.e., track all product movement track service history of machines.
  • Connected interoffice computers for networking. Scheduled deliveries and service calls and ensured they were logged for history tracking purposes.
  • Billed customers kept pricing current in database resolved customer complaints on a daily basis

Warehouse Manager

  • Oversaw daily operations for warehouse. Scheduled deliveries to customer sites. Tracked all inventory being received and shipped from warehouse. Scheduled delivery and receipt of inventory Eliminated incorrect stock delivery. Worked daily with purchasing director on stock and non-stock inventory orders.
  • Instituted tracking system for warehouse stock, allowing multiple orders to be stored in singular location for ease of access.
  • Re-Organized receiving procedures to increase efficiency for sales staff and customers.

IPLD Total Track Support/Air Loader

  • Worked with all Next Day Air and 2 Day air shipments. Approved by the FAA for auditing, handling, and loading Air Hazardous Materials. Trained new personnel on hardware, software and scanning equipment. Prepared reports and charts for Air Recovery and Location Scanning. Coordinated personnel activities between four areas to insure smooth operation. Insured on time departure of Air Trailer containing all Next Day air parcels. Provided customer service when required.
  • Maintained records for all hazardous shipments, improperly handled packages, and origin scan information.
  • Trained as a Hazardous Material spill responder.
  • Instituted training procedures on handheld pc systems for all existing and new employees.

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