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.net Developer Resume Profile

Cincinnati, OH


  • Pursuing Master's degree in Computer Science from University Of Cincinnati
  • Date of Graduation 04/30/2015 currently holding F1 Student Visa.
  • 7 yearsofexperiencein softwareindustry,includingthree years at Infosys Limited.
  • 4 years of website development experience with Microsoft technologies.
  • 2 years of experience with Business Intelligence tools.
  • 1 year of experience with Facets Health care product .
  • Independentlydesignedandimplementedsoftwareproducts.


Languages: C , C,SQL productioncode .

WebTechnologies: ASP.NET Web Forms, AJAX, JavaScript,jQuery, JSON, HTML,CSS wroteproductioncodewiththese .

Advanced .NET MVC :Designed an Inventory and Real State web application with MVC

Business Intelligence: SQL Server Reporting tool wrote code for generating business reports for a real estate web application .

Databases:SQL Server 2005/2008, Sybase and Oracle 10g recently designed ER and RDB model in course work for travel agency .

Intelligent Data Analysis:Clustering, classification and Associating mining with various algorithms.

Unit Testing Frameworks: Rhino mocking and Coded UI frameworks.

SelectCourses: XML SOAP and Rest service , Cloud Computing, Data Warehouse design and Advanced Algorithms.


.Net Developer


TechnologiesUsed:ASP.NET MVC 5 Framework.

  • Inventory Store:Modeled and developed web application to keep records for car store sales.
  • Real Estate:Developed realestate web application for users with different roles, database interaction using entity framework, Asynchronous calls to server with .Ajax method and binding the data in JSON format to html controls, client side scripting with JQuery, responsive CSS and scaffolding the admin pages.


  • Schwab Manager Account App:DesignedandimplementedtheSMACPortal:Didtechnicaldesignandimplementationofaweb applicationusingNET Web Forms which helps Schwab clients to Insert/Update and delete their respective disclosure documents linked with various securities at SharePoint server. Application pulls securities with changed status from database and mail will be triggered to Schwab manager for approval of disclosure documents for these securities.
  • Portfolio Management Tool: Worked on enhancements in PAT Tool:Added multiple securities selection functionality for the user and binded the user selected data to third party grid view controls. Added stepometer functionality to order pages, used rhino mocking framework to mock web service for unit testing and incorporated style cop files in Visual studio and defined custom error messages.
  • Coded UI Framework: Worked on an automation project with coded UI framework.


TechnologiesUsed:Facets Health Care Product, and Sybase Database.

Facets OHSB Product:Responsible for Stored Procedure enhancements in Sybase database.

Worked on a multipleFacets instances involving backend programming in Sybase database.

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