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.net Developer Resume Profile



  • Around 8 years of experience professional experience on Application development Application maintenance and Production support.
  • Strong hands on experience in developing Windows and Web applications using Classic ASP, C , ASP.NET and SQL SERVER, VB.NET.
  • Experience in programming with the Microsoft Technology .NET Framework using C , ADO.NET, ASP.NET, PL/SQL, Visual Studio.NET 2005/08/10, IIS.
  • Proficiency in the implementation of Web Applications, and Windows Applications using .NET Framework Class Libraries.
  • Having good Knowledge of Windows Communication Foundation WCF and Web Services using SOAP.
  • Experience in developing distributed applications using Windows Services in C and VB .NET.
  • Strong Knowledge in Object Oriented Programming OOPS Concepts.
  • Designed web pages using Cascading Style Sheets CSS , HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and VBScript.
  • Implemented Stored Procedures and functions for the database operations.
  • Experience in handling various backend data sources like MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MS Access, and XML.
  • Used versioning tool Visual Source Safe VSS , Tortoise SVN for version controlling of the application.
  • Actively involved in 24/7 Production support.
  • Experience in complete Software Development Life Cycle SDLC - Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Testing.
  • Prior experience in managing a team of offshore supporting applications and coordinating the tasks.
  • I was the lead developer for Scheduled Auto Facet team. I was involved in doing enhancements to the application.
  • Using and implementing processes like Incident Management, Request Management, Change Management, Problem Management and Knowledge Management in the project.
  • I have exposure to Financial Services, Life Sciences and Communication Media and Technology domains.
  • In-depth knowledge of relevant software environment and related tools programming language, operating systems, databases, debugging, testing tools
  • Basic knowledge of Sterling Integrator version 5.2.4
  • Experience consists of understanding the requirements and changes in application and implementing them as per the business needs.
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies and good understanding of business processes
  • Efficient in handling intensive onsite client interaction and coordination.
  • Good knowledge of relevant software environment and related tools programming language, operating systems, databases, debugging, testing tools


  • Operating Systems : Windows 2000/2003/XP/7, UNIX
  • Web Technologies : .NET Framework 2.0, Classic ASP, Jboss, VB Script, JavaScript, AJAX,
  • ASP.NET, HTML, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C , WCF
  • Tools : HP Quality Centre, Tortoise SVN, Visual Source Safe
  • Database : Oracle 10G, MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Server 2008, MS Access
  • IDE : Visual Studio .NET 2005/2008/2010
  • Web/Application Servers : Microsoft IIS 5.0, 6.0



Senior Analyst

Location: San Antonio, TX

Aetna Medicaid Administrators LLC Aetna Medicaid is a subsidiary of Aetna Inc. Aetna is one of the nation's leading diversified health care benefits companies. Aetna offers a broad range of traditional, voluntary and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services.


  • Maintain the test data management application which was created using .Net and C and do enhancements.
  • Build utilities to mask the data and create EDI files
  • Responsible for bug fixes of test data management tools built on VB.Net, C and SQL Server
  • Contribute in Status Reporting, Issue Tracking and Risk Management.
  • Support the installation of windows computer programs and systems.
  • Monitor system operation to detect potential problems
  • Participate in design, build, roll-out, and maintenance of Development Architecture processes in alignment with development and testing methodologies
  • Responsible for development, Unit testing integration-testing activities
  • Creating stored procedures, user defined functions, queries and DB objects.
  • Develop deep technical knowledge of the supporting applications to provide effective troubleshooting and support
  • Involved with on-shore calls to understand the visibility, resource utilization and measure the timeline for a particular defect against the retail process.
  • Status reports indicating planned activities, achievements, and in-progress issues

Environment: MSSQL 2008, Visual Studio 2010, C , VB.NET, HTML

Senior .Net Developer

Project: QuestionMark Perception and Financial Studio

QuestionMark - Perception provides a collaborative authoring environment for learning professionals, educators, test publishers and subject matter experts SMEs to create surveys, quizzes, tests and exams.

Financial Studio is the first fully integrated Finance Resource Planning FRP solution for banking and financial institutions. With its highly customizable modules and scalable database, Financial Studio brings together in a single application environment the tools organizations need to manage, measure, and report all their financial activities.


  • Working on upgrading the QuestionMark application to the 5.7 version
  • Configuring the application in the application server
  • Creating assessment/test/users by coupling the application with Learning Management system
  • Creating batch script files for purging and generating reports
  • Work on installing the regulatory patches
  • Changing and importing/exporting business rules
  • Creating, monitoring Control M jobs and troubleshooting the issues with the Close of Business COB day
  • Querying database with SQL, debugging/developing reports and maintaining SSIS packages
  • Writing packages/functions such as FTP operations, executing SQL statements and sending email messages
  • Code reviews and performance testing using Business functionality.
  • Implemented best practices for writing secure and robust code
  • Implemented Build and Release procedure for QC and Production deployment
  • Actively writing technical design document and in designing and documentation of application flows and developed functional diagrams using Visio.
  • Configured Web.config file for ASP.Net web forms and the entire Web Application and also implemented error and exception handling using Try, Catch and Finally blocks

Environment: MSSQL 2008, Visual Studio 2010, C , HTML, ASP.NET, SQL Server Integration Services, UNIX - Shell Scripting

Senior Developer

Location: Washington D.C

Sirius XM is a satellite radio company has multiple in house Supply chain systems. These systems are used to activate, manage subscriptions. These radios are used by Original Equipment Manufacturers, Retailers.


  • Work on the environment setup for in-house supply chain application
  • Be a part of IT application Integration process for multiple Supply chain systems, which are partner specific and are categorized based on Original Equipment Manufacturers, Retail, and Manufacturing partners.
  • Code migrations related to the existing and new applications
  • Automation of manual tasks
  • Working on improving performance of Supply chain applications
  • Handling Environmental issues related applications
  • Setting up monitoring for all the applications
  • Work on Environment and Configuration management related tasks.
  • Enhance all the Supply chain systems to adhere with compliance standards.
  • Usage of tools like TOAD to troubleshoot and manage the existing Stored Procedures and investigate data issues. Monitoring the health of the database using Performance analysis tool and monitoring health of servers using fog light tool.
  • Setup of Compiler server to compile maps and utility tools like Partner Data Cleanup.
  • Setting up of Sterling Integrator v5.2.4 for Telematics QA and UAT environment.
  • Implementation of migration of legacy systems to the new SCORE system for the partners.
  • Environment setup, configuration for Telematics implementation.
  • Migration and whitelist for the partners to use new ports/domain to connect to the network.
  • Implementation for ABG partner for real time activation and deactivation of the radios using web service requests.
  • Disaster Recovery environment build and testing them by mocking production environment.
  • Assist in performing hot fix patch installation/product testing and implementation
  • Analyze underperforming SQL's, monitor the database health using Performance Analysis and help in retune the query.
  • Modify/Write Shell scripts that are used in generating control reports.
  • Configure/Automate jobs in Tidal, which are executed on timely basis.
  • Monitor health of application servers using foglight and helping configure the alerts with respect to the application health check.
  • Release and Deployment- Perform the releases of various applications on Production Environment- Backup of existing code to a predetermined backup location, Copying/Overwriting the new files and folders to the destination, Verification and Validation Check.
  • Analyze and investigate application logs dumps, stopping and restarting the application services as and when required.
  • Problem analysis, Trouble shooting and bug fixes.
  • Setup and configure build machine for developer use.
  • Follow complete Change Management process Development, Test and Production environments from RFC to change closure with necessary business approvals.
  • Involvement in Critical Incidents - Troubleshoot the issue, find workarounds, doing root cause analysis as well as providing the resolution -
  • a Identify the Cause Focus on using technical, analytical expertise and knowledge of the IT environment to resolve incidents quickly while minimizing impact to customers. It can be an application issue, database issue where query processing is slowing down, a network issue where a firewall is giving some port specific trouble.
  • b Go for a quick fix- A workaround is decided on immediate basis that will solve the problem temporarily
  • c Root cause analysis- Facilitate chronic incident identification and escalation to the engineering and/or Development team as situation required for troubleshooting support and root cause analysis. A detailed analysis is carried out later on by all the stakeholders to make sure that the same issue does not occur repeatedly - Preparing RCA Root Cause Analysis for all Severity 1 and Severity 2 incidents and getting it reviewed and approved by Client so that the corrective measures and actions can be taken to avoid the issue in future.

Environment: PLSQL, UNIX - Shell Scripting.

Senior .Net Developer

Praxis is a Pricing and Reimbursement application used to price the pharmaceutical products. The pricing of the pharmaceutical products depends on various factors such as Product division, Development phase, Purchased from 3rd party.


  • As a part of Praxis team I was involved in Production Support and making enhancements to the application
  • Finance and Business operations relates to Business process management.
  • Praxis is a Pricing and Reimbursement application used to price the pharmaceutical products.
  • My role involved in support the reporting part of the application, which had to generate different kinds of reports for the application.
  • The reporting section was developed in .Net framework 3.5 and was integrated with the Java application.
  • Minor enhancements involved making changes to the report formats and create new reports.
  • Involved in Unit Testing and Integration testing.
  • Involved in discussions doing knowledge transfer under time constraints.
  • Implemented error handling with error logging mechanism to track errors.

Environment: C , .Net framework 3.5, HTML, Microsoft IIS 6.0, Visual Studio 2010

Senior .Net Developer

Location: Bangalore, India

P R Contego is a globally accessible, centrally managed tool to facilitate the creation, submission and processing of all valuation for customs price requests. This application is consumed by Requesters to get a quote from Managers providing the value for customs for the product being shipped to a different country.


  • As a part of Contego team I was involved in Production Support and making enhancements to the application
  • Finance and Business operations relates to Business process management.
  • Contego is an application used to find out value for customs for Pharmaceutical products based on the phase of the product.
  • Day to day tasks involve Production Support and addressing tickets raised by the business users and providing assistance without missing the SLA.
  • Involved in taking transition of Contego application from vendor - Infosys.
  • Developed custom User Controls, viz. Progress Bar Control, Text and Button Control, to reduce the complexity in UI coding and provide better look and feel.
  • Been the Primary KR supporting Contego application.
  • Identified the gaps in the documentation and prepared the SOP's such as Change Management/Incident Management/Release Management/Bug fix plan/Technical documents on reports for application/Deployment instruction document.
  • Analyze application/system/user issue and resolving them.
  • Designed, Developed Web Forms using .Net Framework ASP.Net , for the user interface UI with SQL as the Database.
  • Implemented Cascading style sheets CSS and Master pages for maintaining uniformity among all Web pages in GUI.
  • Provided Session Management to preserve the state of session variables.
  • Used AJAX for rich user interface operations and avoiding post back to the server.
  • Developed and used various User Controls and Custom Controls.
  • Edit crystal reports and format them to the new changes requested.
  • Write or modify the existing Stored Procedures.
  • Meeting SLAs Service Level Agreements for Response to issues and for providing Resolutions/Fixes - Ensure production systems and/or applications adhere to the published SLA.
  • To ensure that support is 24/7 available with use of innovative networking monitoring and ticketing tools.
  • Training the team on new features of the software and documenting the training documents.
  • Member of People Tower Team and active in organizing Friday Fun events, Outings, driving performance cycles etc.

Environment: MSSQL 2000, C , .NET Framework 2.0, Visual Studio 2008, HTML, Microsoft IIS 6.0

Software Developer

Stellent is a content management tool used for obtaining scanned images and providing the deduction to the customers. Stellent's approach to template is unusual in that it's accomplished through a visual interface that doesn't require traditional template coding. Instead, you simply indicate the relationships between content elements and what appears on your site. You can also indicate that certain content is available only to particular site visitors.


  • Finance and Business operations relates to Business process management
  • A system for content management Stellent is used for obtaining scanned images and providing the deduction to the customers
  • As a part of Production Support, routine tasks involved monitoring the files and checking for logs, servers and deduction management system
  • Creating/modifying the macros if any issues found in the deduction management system

Environment: Visual basic 6.5.

.Net Developer

Location: Bangalore, India/Hartford, CT

Travelers Nu Auto is a web application used for getting quote for automobile insurance. It also is used to settle claims and reporting. The application provides the varied options to choose coverage's, Options and deductibles to get a quote for an insurance policy.


  • As a member of Scheduled Auto Facet Team I was primary developer making enhancements to the application
  • My role involved extensive support as developer and coordinator for offshore and onshore.
  • Create virtual roots, setup the solution and create VB component class to interact with the Mainframe database.
  • My role involved enhancements to UI and communicating with the intermediate component layer, which in turn communicates with the Mainframe database.
  • Involved in the complete build cycle and also am acquainted to the process of deployment. Have worked on writing batch files to support our deployment and configuration management.
  • Created and Consumed Web Services using SOAP
  • Part of a large deliverable, which involved Code Conversion of classic asp screen to .Net, which later involved AJAX implementation as well.
  • Involved in requirement analysis and in providing estimation using ADM estimator.
  • Worked on writing Stored Procedures for some of the screens, which has SQL database.
  • Worked on developing macros for tracking defects and generating reports with excel. Have a fair knowledge on MS office.
  • Source code and design document Reviews includes walkthrough, inspection and offline.
  • Implemented Cascading style sheets CSS and Master pages for maintaining uniformity among all Web pages in GUI.
  • Provided Session Management to preserve the state of session variables.
  • Used AJAX for rich user interface operations and avoiding post back to the server.
  • Developed and used various User Controls and Custom Controls
  • Worked on filesystemobjects in writing documents on the server and publishing queues.
  • Worked on Calling Web services, working with remote dll's, generating pdf's/docs, export to excel, making configuration changes.
  • Developed the application modules using ASP.NET, VB.Net, JavaScript, HTML and ADO.NET.
  • Held an active role in the technical design of the major implementation in our project.
  • Also involved in setting up developer machines which involved setting up IIS, configuring System DSN's, interacting with COM, creating virtual directory.
  • Worked on building controls dynamically on the screen, an architecture that involves the screen control by the Database team rather than front end making changes always.
  • Worked on creating CCW's for calling Web services from classic asp screens.
  • Consumed Web services.
  • Used AJAX for rich user interface operations and avoiding post back to the server.
  • Designed, Developed Web Forms using .Net Framework ASP.Net , for the user interface UI with the Database.
  • Creating help files / training manuals and mentoring responsibilities for the new hires in the company.
  • Worked to get and post file from FTP, SFTP Servers.
  • Meetings, client interactions, additions, deletions and changes were documented with version control.

Environment: Classic ASP, VB Script. JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, VB.Net, and Visual Basic, .NET Framework 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft IIS 6.0.

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