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.net Developer Resume Profile



  • 5 years of experience in.Net Technologies 2.0/3.0/4.0 , C ,IIS.
  • 6 yrs of experience in BizTalk server 2013/2010/09/06R2/06 concepts such as Custom pipeline component, Adapter setup, Parties, BRE, BAM ,BizTalk configuration and troubleshooting.
  • 8 years of IT experience in Development of Business Applications and Solutions.
  • Extensive Integration experience includes integrating Mainframe HIS , sharepoint, SSIS Packages, WCF, FTP, SFTP,FTPS,SMTP, SQL, Oracle, Rest Service, EDI systems, Schedule adapter , other.
  • Implemented various biztalk design patterns such as Scatter-gather, Singleton, parallel convoy, sequential convoy, Aggregator, Message Broker, Splitter, Content based routing, dynamic routing, calling pipeline components from orchestration, Error handling.
  • Capable in Architecture, Design and Administration of BizTalk SOA Solutions.
  • Installed and configured Biztalk Server both on Single and cluster environment.
  • Good understanding of implementing Service-Oriented Architecture SOA using Windows Communication Foundation WCF , Message Broker.
  • Worked on various Advanced functoids available in biztalk that includes Table Looping, Scripting XSLT, C , Mass Copy functoids, DB Lookup,Iteration , custom funtoids etc.
  • Rigorously utilized Windows Communication Foundation WCF , Defined Contract Definitions, Endpoint Definitions, Client, Service.
  • Good experience in using EDI transactions especially 837I,837P,837D transactions.
  • Hands on experience in providing security to the .NET web portal using encryption/decryption concepts.
  • Hands on experience on Business Activity Monitoring BAM , Enterprise Service Bus ESB and Business Rule Engine BRE .
  • Responsible for installing the MSI packages in both QA and Production Environments.
  • Worked with Entity Framework, Enterprise Library for logging and database calls.
  • Hands on experience in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MVC, Angular.js .
  • Experience leading and mentoring a small team.
  • Used different tools for better maintenance of BizTalk like Message Box Viewer, Performance Analysis of Logs PAL , BizTalk Deployment Framework BTDF , DTCPing.
  • Ability to quickly Acclimatize to ongoing projects and complete the work in a timely manner

Technical Expertise :



EAI Adapters

SQL, EDI, WCF, Oracle, SharePoint, Mainframe HIS , SSIS Packages, FTP, SFTP,FTPS, SMTP, Rest Service, Scheduler, SOAP, POP3, SAP, FILE

BizTalk Concepts

BAM, ESB, XSLT, BRE, EDI, SSO Config tool, WCF behavior, log4net,enterprise logging, winterdom, WMI Script, , XSD Serialization, Flatfile


C , MVC, JavaScript,CSS , AngularJs, AJAX, ADO.NET, ODP.NET, HTML, LINQ,

WCF, SSRS, SSIS, Entity Framework, Enterprise Library 4.0

IDE, Other Concepts

TFS, XPATH , Firebug, Single Sign-On using SAML, MS-Visio, GPG, UML, NUnit, Visio, Fiddler, rational rose, Info Path, Gnupg, x509

VMWare, Virtual pc 2007SP1

Professional Experience:


.NET Developer


  • Involved in installation and configuring of BizTalk Server 2009/2010 that includes adapter pack 2.0, BAM, SharePoint services and ESB framework.
  • Intensively worked with various adapters like SFTP,FTPS, SharePoint, EDI, WCF-SQL,WCF-Oracle.
  • Performed EDI HIPAA transactions 837D, 837I, 837P in BizTalk 2009.
  • Implemented aggregator Design pattern by using the combination of Sequential convoy and calling a send pipeline from orchestration.
  • Used Start Orchestration to carry out various tasks asynchronously like sending emails to a group while simultaneously resuming the workflow.
  • Created a traffic cop singleton orchestration that controls the execution of messages in FIFO fashion.
  • Install and configure the BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.1 components, Monitor exceptions in the web-based ESB Management Console and Create itineraries.
  • Worked on complex EDI maps, used most of the advanced functoids, wrote XSLT scripts, debugged maps.
  • Integrated SharePoint portal with BizTalk, so that business users can override actual threshold values.
  • Calling Various WCF Services Using WCF WS HTTP and WCF Net-Tcp Adapters with Fault Handling.
  • ESB Toolkit 2.1 Hands on Experience Itineraries and Exception Handling Implementation Dynamic Resolution Of itineraries, Dynamic routing in BizTalk.
  • Experience with consuming and Publishing BizTalk Artifacts as Web Services and WCF Services
  • Build and maintain BAM Activities for different flows, Tracking milestones using BAM API's.
  • Create/modify/deploy BRE to facilitate ESB dynamic routing, dynamic transformation as well as itinerary selection
  • Implemented batch jobs for both quarterly purge files, daily update files using WCF-SQL adapter and stored procedures.
  • Created .net component that unzips the original file in a custom pipeline component.
  • Experience in using XSD.EXE tool Creating Serialized Classes using XSD Imports and Object based Mapping using serialized classes
  • Utilized SSO configuration tool for storing and retrieving configuration data dynamically.
  • Implemented automation of SSIS packages by using Message Broker design pattern of BizTalk.
  • Developed Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures and staging tables for pushing and pulling data to/from BizTalk.
  • Provided post go-live support and troubleshooting.
  • Used Microsoft Team foundation server TFS for the purpose of version control and source code maintenance needs.

Environment:-Visual Studio 2010/2012, BizTalk Server 2010/2013, Share Point Server 2010, SQL Server 2008 R/2012 , .Net Framework 3.5/4.0, WCF Services, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, ODP.NET, XPATH, TFS.


- Senior BizTalk and .NET Developer


  • Involved in Full Software Development Life Cycle SDLC and identifying the requirements and defining the business rules to user requirements.
  • Involved in working with BizTalk native adapters like FILE, BAHS 2.0, WCF-SQL and SharePoint using Messaging, Orchestrations, Pipelines and Adapters.
  • Involved in Integrating Mainframe System using the Host Integration Server HIS , Host Applications BAHS adapter, Transaction Integrator TI .
  • Used BizTalk Map to establish the communication between the schemas and also used various advanced functoids.
  • Created SSIS Packages for Data Movement and database maintenance.
  • Experience with T-SQL for writing Stored Procedures and modifying them.
  • Performed bug fixes in XML to flat-file Maps for BizTalk server.
  • Knowledge in development of BAM strategy. Identified Activities and Business Milestones, created views in real time.
  • Developed .Net components and accessed from BizTalk Pipeline components, Orchestrations, Map.
  • Created Custom Pipeline Components Decoder with Encryption/Decryption Components.
  • Implemented Composite operation in WCF-SQL adapter.
  • Performed integrations for both B2B and EAI transactions using WCF services.
  • Worked in 32 bit and 64 bit environments.
  • Handled exceptions in all BizTalk processes using common error handling orchestration for routing failure errors and configured process to send alerts to System Admins.
  • Act as the BizTalk administrator and be the single point of contact for deployments of new projects and upgrade of existing projects.

Environment:- BizTalk Server 2010, SQL Server 2008R2, .NET Framework 3.0/3.5, MS Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite, Host Integration Server, WCF Services, Advanced Functoids, Flat Files, EDI, BRE, EDI, BRE, SAML, GnuPG, X509, Single Sign-On SSO , ADO.NET, TFS.


- BizTalk Developer


  • Developed document specification schemas, maps, envelopes and orchestrations in BizTalk server for Inbound and outbound.
  • Maintained both BizTalk 2006R2 , 2009 projects.
  • Developed automated B2B applications sending/receiving EDI files, which are converted to XML and imported in SQL Server thru stored procedures using SQL BizTalk Adapter. Also worked on other native adapters like FILE, HTTP, SMTP and WCF.
  • Implemented a new EDI solution using Microsoft Biztalk .
  • Published Schemas to web service to handle web service requests with third party partners.
  • Published Orchestration as a web service to handle request from third party partners.
  • Used ADO.NET Command Connection Objects, Datasets, Data Adapters and Data Readers for Data Access Layer.
  • Used Stored Procedures for accessing the data from SQL Database and updating them.
  • Involved in exporting MSI packages to Integration, UAT and production environments.
  • Responsible for maintaining versions of code using Team Foundation Server TFS .

Environment:- BizTalk Server 2006R2/2009, .NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5, C , MS Visual Studio 2005/ 2008 Team Suite, SQL Server 2005/08, Flat Files, EDI, BRE, UML, AJAX, SAML, Single Sign-On SSO , Web forms, ASP, JavaScript, Web Services, ADO.NET, T-SQL, Team Foundation Server TFS .


- BizTalk and .NET Developer


  • Work in co-ordination with the client for Requirement gathering and Analysis to design and develop the new features of the Website.
  • Used BizTalk Design pattern for Decoupling BizTalk Orchestration Processes.
  • Used several configuration methodologies to dynamically change database connection strings and retry parameters using both the BizTalk Service configuration file as well as the BizTalk Rules Engine for higher level business variables as well as for logging and tracing work-flows.
  • Used SQL Adapter to Update, Extract data from the SQL Server Database.
  • Used Dataset and Data Reader to retrieve data from SQL server database using ADO.NET
  • Worked with TFS as a source control software to make the client access the files in the database through command-line without damaging the database.

Technical Environment: BizTalk Server 2004/2006R2, SQL Server 2005, ASP.NET 2.0/3.0, Visual Studio 2005 , ADO.NET, T-SQL, Orchestrations, Schemas, Adapters, Flat Files, EDI, BRE, XML, WSDL, SOAP, Web Services, WCF, UML, Web forms, TFS .


- .NET Developer


  • Involved in the analysis, design and development of the system.
  • Involved in writing the low-level design document using Rational Rose UML .
  • Implemented Validation Controls, Web Controls, Html Server Controls, and Data Grids.
  • Configured many number of BizTalk Adapters File, HTTP and involved in deployment and production roll out.
  • This project involved developing a Client and Server. Implemented using connectionless, Connection-oriented, Iterative and Concurrent Services.
  • Created automatically generated e-mails using SMTP create object of type mail message and add To, From, Body, Subject and send it using Smtpmail.send .
  • Applied the debugging techniques for resolving the issues during integration

Environment:- SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, ADO.NET, T-SQL, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, NUnit

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