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Consulting Engineer Resume Profile

Lombard, IL


Innovative Senior Software Engineerwith the drive and expertiseto provide software systemsolutions, building .NET server applications in a Microsoft environment C /VB.NET/C . Applications with real-time nature and involve in memory object manipulation, state machines, and MSSQL SQL StoredProcedures . Experienced with embedded environments for communication network nodes as well as prototyping 6802 IO boards. Radvision SIP call control and RTP processing. Trained in SCRUM and developed as SCRUM team member. Certified SCRUM Master and a PMP. Hands-on approach enjoying coding and testing, self driven, leading and contributing at various software engineering levels. Gets things doneon time with quality- takes ownership ofprojects from concept/customer interviews thru to user acceptance. Product/project definition, planning, system architecture and design, code, debug, and test.


  • Software development with C /VB.NET,C/C , Visual Studio 2012, Linux, Eclipse,Windows, MSSQL Srv, MySQL, Win Srvr 2008 and 2012, SCRUM-TFS
  • Software architecture, Requirements elicitation
  • Project initiating, planning,monitoring and tracking
  • Location determination tracking applications
  • MS Project 2013, Visio 2013, Office 2010
  • Public Safety Radio Networks
  • WiMAX, LTE, CDMA data, WiFi
  • requirements/QFD, modeling and simulation, , CMMi, software production process, Opnet, DOORS, Clearcase, ClearQuest, ReqTify
  • Telephony interfaces, VoIP, audio recording
  • SSL, embeddedWireless sensor networks protocols
  • Experienced with direct reports team development



Consulting Engineer

  • Developed a recording application on server with SIP call control for recording using a Radvision SIP stack with C wrappers and C recording control on Windows Server 2012. Implemented the asynchronous Cisco port driven recordings.Evaluated various approaches with working prototypes and design analysis documents.
  • Developed assembly of media call segment, merging of media streams for customer and agent sides, and transcoding of .wav files into wma files on a Media Server. Compared performance of codec types.
  • Developed functionality for controlling call recording in VB.NET by correlating asynchronous media recording ports with TAPI Cisco device specific messages in simple calls, holds, transfers, and conference interactions. Used VB.NET to keep track of all call segment files with details of Cisco Updates during transfers and conferences. Microsoft SQL servers for storage and retrieval of call recording records with C for SQL queries.
  • Implemented a number of load balancing and system availability approaches SRV records, Cisco routing patterns and failover for reducing down time on recording server failures. Designed the system to work with and without CTI or monitoring server.Implemented a quick fully functional Radvision based SIP proxy with load balancing across recording servers. Constructed a load test environment in a virtualized environment with over 300 ports, SIP Hammer load generator, SIP trunks to Cisco and Hyper-V VM's for running client IP Communicator and CTIOS Agent applications.

Project Manager


Responsible for all project management aspects including planning project schedule and features for developing VoIP clients and Google Map applications for the Android platform. Monitored and tracked development and testing. Developed java code under Eclipse using Asterisk VoIP server on CentOS for testing. Followed Agile development process with 2 week iterations.

Elicited requirements for the features of customer contact application. Planned, researched, designed and tracked development. Application developed using Glassfish application server for the J2EE environment. Web based application for browser access.


Senior Architect

  • Led roadmap for internally developed SIP stack and VoIP phone clients. Targeted for video telephony and Push-to-talk devices in public safety. Established collaborative environment for sharing technologies with product groups. Created VoIP solution proposals for opportunities in public safety and in 4G Networks.
  • Developed proposal and secured funding from Corp VP for a 4G Location project. Project resulted in location solution trial for a major US carrier. Enabled WiMAX sales into targeted countries.
  • Engaged and influenced research team to develop TDOA location algorithms for WiMAX , collaborated with product management team for chipset suppliers, solicited help from Alpha networks for demo venue. Assured early demos of product by leading Windows C application development with GoogleEarth and MySQL. Solution is about 1/20th the cost of other competing location products.
  • Led the development of a telephone interconnect product shipping worldwide with projected sales of 20- 30M.
  • Included all aspects of the project from finding opportunity to eliciting software requirements, flow of messages and functionality, reverse engineering undocumented elements, integrating components into system, overseeing software development, system testing, and customer acceptance.
  • Analyzed quality concerns with video streaming over LTE at various interference levels and evaluated algorithms to adopt video resolution - leading to improved video quality. Helped with the analysis of QoS over WiMAX between BE and eRTPS on the MOS scores for VoIP calls leading to unexpected results and provided insight into deep packet inspection on the LTE network side.
  • Constructed a demo environment of location - prototyped MS Communicator via OCS and WCA.


System Architect

  • Developed a prototype of an automated vehicle rental system including in-vehicle RFID's, a J2EE server handling rental transactions and reporting, a windows based Kiosk for customer interaction, and Microsoft SQL server 2005 for transaction data. Team included offshore software development and local system integration and test.Created a tool to improve deployment planning with tradeoffs between down time technical support time and loss of revenue vs. the cost of increasing product availability.
  • Managed software development projects by off-shore groups for successful customer demos.
  • Worked with external customers and their technical staff to determine subsystem requirements for a real-time wireless handheld credit card application.
  • Specified user interface, communication interfaces, and system behavior. Architected solution, oversaw development, and integrated with customer infrastructure for a successful deployment.
  • Enhanced vehicle Fleet Management using GPS and GPRS for delivery of location with an architectural proposal for adding temperature and vehicle status/alert fields.
  • Developed a method for estimating deployment costs of wireless sensor networks.
  • Created and ran simulations for system performance and capacity analysis. Developed application and network protocols for wireless networks improving data integrity and timely delivery of sensor values.
  • Led system performance and stability evaluations in preparation for release readiness.
  • Managed a customer system test team to plan and construct a system test lab and to execute system test plans. Developed data acquisition software modules for simulating sensor behavior.

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