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.net Developer Resume Profile


Technical Skills and Abilities

Languages: VB.NET, PHP, HTML, ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX

Database: SQL Server2005/2008, MySQL

Other Skills: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access / Cisco router Internetworking/ Network Security/ PC Servicing and Upgrading/ Object Oriented Programming/Project Management/Database design and Documentation

Abilities: Team player/ great customer service/ conflict resolution ability/ hard worker/ efficient/ accurate/ fast learner/detail oriented/ well organized/ resourceful/ analytical/ excellent oral and written communication/ and project management skills

Employment History


.Net Developer

  • Primary developer for the DHS9190 forms system.
  • Primary developer for the DHS STAR system.


IT Systems Developer

  • Primary developer for UAMS's Kiosks that are staged at various locations on campus to provide a completely electronic means of checking a patient in for an appointment and sending notification to the front desk staff and the billing/mainframe system. The kiosk system was a non-functioning system prior to my efforts.
  • Created a function for the hospital to receive electronic payments via PayPal and also set up automatic reporting from PayPal to be posted to patient's account in real-time.
  • Created a function for patients to electronically upgrade their portal account to view their medical records and pay bills as guided by HIPAA compliance and IT security departments.
  • Created a function for patients to view complete medical records as guided by the Health Information Managements department via JavaScript pop-ups and .net impersonation.
  • Primary developer for UAMS's Patient Portal system where patients can schedule appointments, pre-register for hospital visits, and upgrade their accounts to view medical records and pay bills.
  • Re-coded the complete kiosk system for optimal performance to meet steering committees requirements.
  • Coded the kiosks to take patient inputs which allow new information to be sent to multiple systems including but not limited to the appointment system and the billing system via HL7 standard communications.
  • Successfully pushed new system into production and have begun to work on new functions for the kiosks like allowing patients to pay co-pays and account balances, allow Medicare patients to answer the MSP questionnaire and route the answers to the billing system and integrate the kiosk functionality into the Patient Portal.


Contract IT Director

  • Project manager for Intimaris Integrative Imaging's Radiological Information System including budget, timeframe, coding, implementation, final results, and maintenance.
  • Responsible for initial and ongoing budget with client correspondence
  • Gather user requirements to design and code project based upon SDLC
  • Design and coding of the GUI and workflow elements of the Intimaris Diagnostic Reporting software in Visual Basic .NET 2008, MySQL, and SQL Server
  • Design and coding of the SSL website in PHP, MySQL, and HTML where clinics enter patient information to automatically route into the physician reports
  • Design and coding for all security aspects of Intimaris system including but not limited to web form code security, secure web login with SSL to comply with HIPAA regulations, automatic web routing and page denial via user level.
  • Maintenance of the software and website amendments for seven radiological diagnostic clinics in five different states with technical support for each which processes around 1400 patient per month. Each of these resulting in a report from the Intimaris system.
  • Creation of the Intimaris system has provided the College of Integrative Imaging a serious competitive advantage over other radiological groups which will dominate in a market by eliminating the need for Medical Transcriptionists and costly voice dictation software, implementing template based reporting and checklist processing for physicians, eliminating the need to incur debt for implementation or support. This is backed up by the Radiological Society of North America's implementation of RadLex which is designed to implement template based reporting with standard terminology.


Computer Services/Programmer/Analyst

  • Responsibilities include Personal Computer servicing, upgrading, and building of customer computers, network installation, and programming: systems design, coding, and testing.
  • Lead project manager for the College of Integrative Medicine's physician diagnostic reporting software and radiological information system. http://www.intimaris.com

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